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Main Greater MCR Transport Projects Revealed Plus £50m Too

Pinch points on Trinity Way included in deal

Published on July 7th 2014.

Main Greater MCR Transport Projects Revealed Plus £50m Too

TRANSPORT for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has welcomed confirmation of the first tranche of a major long-term deal with the Government that will pump more than £350m into Greater Manchester’s transport network over the next five years.

Meaningful transport investment is a cornerstone of achieving Greater Manchester’s exciting ambitions. 

The Deputy Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, today announced that, as part of Greater Manchester’s wider Growth Deal package, it has been successful in securing £50 million of transport investment from the Local Growth Fund (LGF) for 2015/16.

It is the first part of a longer-term deal with Greater Manchester that will result in more than £350 million invested in 12 major transport schemes between 2015/16 and 2020/21, including new transport interchanges, new roads, new bus priority measures and more trams for Metrolink.

Greater Manchester is already set to receive £110 million of Local Transport Block money (agreed in December 2013) and, under the deal announced today, an additional £154 million of LGF money will be provided between 2016/17 and 2020/21.

This funding unlocks a further £37 million of local match-funding over the same period, and supports hundreds of millions of pounds worth of wider economic regeneration across a number of key centres in Greater Manchester.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “The success of our bid to government is testament to the compelling case we put forward and a clear symbol of just how important a healthy Greater Manchester economy now is to the nation as a whole.

“We have the fastest growing economy outside London and, having built up to that over time, it is now essential for us to sustain that position.

“With that comes the significant challenge of making sure our road and public transport networks have the capacity to support the accompanying, and ever-increasing, travel demands both now and long into the future.

“That’s why meaningful transport investment is a cornerstone of achieving Greater Manchester’s exciting ambitions. It is a crucial part of the jigsaw and I am delighted that the government has reaffirmed that so emphatically today."

The Metrolink Deansgate/Castlefield Station under construction

The Metrolink Deansgate/Castlefield Station under construction

Planned projects in Greater Manchester

South Heywood M62 J19 Link Road 

A new link road from M62 junction 19 to unlock access to existing and planned employment sites, including the Heywood Distribution Park/Simplified Planning Zone, and future housing and employment development in the South Heywood area. The scheme involves the construction of a 1km link road between the M62 Junction 19 and the Hareshill Road/Manchester Road junction, a tie-in to the M62 at Junction 19, works to the Manchester Road junction, and widening and upgrading of Hareshill Road. The new link road is fully endorsed and supported by the Highway Agency who, as part of their Pinch Point Programme, will be delivering improvements to the M62J19 junction. The scheme will involve improvements to the roundabout and its connecting slip roads, which will provide better access to Heywood Distribution Park, as well as reducing congestion and improving journey time reliability on the M62 and M66 as a result. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £19.5 million.  

Wigan A49 Link Road 

 A vitally important strategic link providing a connection from the J25 of the M6 motorway network to Wigan Town Centre and strategic sites, which will act as a catalyst for further economic development and growth. A new 2.5km Link Road to complete a dual carriageway link between J25 of the M6 and the southern part of Wigan Town Centre. The scheme provides a new high profile gateway into Wigan town centre from the M6 and links a new employment site, Westwood Park to the strategic highway network. From a new roundabout junction with Warrington Road at Goose Green, the dual carriageway road follows the route of the old railway line to Westwood Park and the town centre. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £25 million.

Salford Central Rail Station 

Improved passenger facilities and additional platforms to maximise the benefit of Northern Hub investment and serving increased demand in a key regeneration area of the Regional Centre. The three additional platforms will establish the station as an important element in the north of England’s refreshed rail infrastructure. The project is designed to double the number of trains able to stop at the station to accommodate growing passenger numbers and improve access to the expanding commercial districts of Manchester and Salford. The improved station will accommodate services on the existing rail network and also those using the proposed Ordsall Chord. In particular the platforms will enable trains from Liverpool, Leeds and Manchester Airport to stop at the station. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £20.5 million.

City Centre Transport Strategy – Inner Relief Route improvements

Regent Road Major re-configuration at the western gateway to the Regional Centre to reduce delays on the most congested point of the Inner Relief Route, thus improving journey time reliability. The Regent Road–Water Street junction is the most congested pinch point on the Manchester and Salford Inner Relief Route (MSIRR). It has been identified as a key constraint to all potential transport packages and strategies for road-traffic to, from, and within Manchester City Centre. The aim of the scheme is to reduce the impact of congestion at the junction on its approaches and at adjacent junctions with a focus on improving capacity on the six main movements whilst also enhancing the performance of the wider MSIRR. This will include the adjacent junctions of Trinity Way/Irwell Street and Chapel Road and the merge from Chester Road roundabout which also suffer severe levels of congestion. Addressing traffic conditions at these locations will be essential to ensure that congestion does not constrain economic growth including plans for significant development in the surrounding area. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £15 million.

Wigan M58 Link Road 

A new link from Junction 26 of the M6 (with the M58 and A577) into west Wigan and Wigan town centre from the M58 and assist in the delivery of a major employment site, Pemberton Park. The proposal is for a delivery of a new 2km single carriageway link road between the eastern roundabout of Junction 26 of the M6 (with the M58 and A577) and the A571 Billinge Road / Foundry Lane junction. This would provide an alternative link into west Wigan and Wigan town centre from the M58 and assist in the delivery of a major employment site, Pemberton Park. The scheme will play a strategic role in reducing congestion along parallel routes, in particular the A577 Orrell/Ormskirk Road and also support development proposals in Wigan South Central. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £12.7 million.

City Centre Transport Strategy – Inner Relief Route Improvement

Great Ancoats Street scheme to facilitate development and reduce congestion around eastern section of the Regional Centre’s Inner Relief Route. The project comprises a package of interventions to support the expansion of the RegionTal Centre and improve the quality of the environment on Great Ancoats Street by reducing severance created by this busy through-route. The proposals aim to improve routeing of traffic around the north-east side of the Regional Centre, including greater use of Alan Turing Way. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £10 million.

Wigan Gateway - Hub - Phase 1

A significant enhancement of the bus station to confirm its presence and sense of place, in order to support the wider delivery of commercial/economic development within Wigan town centre. The Wigan Gateway Hub Scheme will involve the enhancement of the existing Wigan bus station in order to support the wider delivery of commercial and economic development projects within the town centre. The package of works will improve passenger facilities at the bus station as well as clear telemetry with the two rail stations and connections to key destinations within the town centre. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £15.7 million.

Stockport Town Centre Major Scheme

A package of measures to transform the accessibility and connectivity to and around Stockport town centre by all modes and to ease congestion for buses and general road traffic, as part of an ambitious new vision and development framework for investment in the town centre. The package includes a comprehensive mix of transport schemes that will improve access to the area for the more sustainable modes e.g. bus, cycle and pedestrian improvements. The package will also rationalise traffic movements throughout the area by providing additional capacity on some routes to allow traffic to be reduced on others. Corridor improvements to key roads including the A6, a new link road (between the A6 and Travis Brow), a town centre-wide 20mph zone, improved access to Stockport rail and bus stations, bus priority improvements, improved cycle and pedestrian links, public realm enhancements and an upgraded signing strategy are planned. These measures will improve access to key development sites. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £73.2 million.

Ashton Town Centre Interchange

 Development of a new interchange facility within Ashton Town Centre replacing the current ‘island’ style waiting shelters with a single high quality interchange building, incorporating bus and Metrolink within one site to create an attractive public transport gateway to the retail and commercial offer. Development of a new multi-modal interchange facility within Ashton Town Centre replacing the current five ‘island’ bus passenger waiting shelters with a single high quality interchange building. This will create an attractive public transport gateway to Ashton-under-Lyne, incorporating bus and Metrolink within one site. The design of the bus waiting facilities will include a combination of different stand types, which will optimise the amount of land for the new interchange and ensure operational flexibility. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £32.7 million.

Stockport Interchange 

Development of a new bus station to provide improved integration with both the town centre and rail station at this major transport hub and focus for economic regeneration. Replacement of the existing Interchange with a new facility that enhances the quality of passenger facilities, supports the interchange between bus and rail and makes provision for the future extension of Metrolink into Stockport town centre. As well as transport improvements the new interchange will play a pivotal role in supporting the on-going development of the town centre. The Interchange has a key role in supporting the economic aspirations of Stockport and regeneration of the surrounding area, including the office led redevelopment of the Grand Central site. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £41.8 million.

Route 8 Bus Rapid Priority 

Comprehensive bus priority measures on Bus Route 8 (Bolton-Salford-Manchester) to address constraints to bus commuting through this growth corridor to key destinations, including the Regional Centre, particularly from those areas with limited rail connectivity, delivering improvements in quality, frequency, journey times and reliability to support the economic regeneration aspirations of Bolton and Salford. This package of on-highways works will include the development a new bus interchange facility within Farnworth Town Centre, upgraded bus shelters, new bus lanes, bus gates and junction improvements to overcome known pinch-points (including Moses Gate). It also includes a new 1km busway on disused railway track between Walkden and the A580. The infrastructure will be delivered in combination with enhancements to the routing and timetabling of the current local bus network, to include the delivery of a new rapid express bus service for Bolton – Farnworth – Walkden – Swinton – Manchester. This new service will provide seamless bus-rail interchange at both Bolton and Walkden Train Stations; to new P&R facilities on the East Lancs (A580) under the M60 and strengthened linkages between Walkden and Farnworth Town Centres and Farnworth College and Health Centre. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £39.7 million.

Metrolink Service Improvement Package

 Twelve additional trams for the Metrolink network to provide increased resilience across the network, which has experienced a 40% increase in demand in the past three years. These may be used on a variety of lines to provide the capacity needed to address the expected growth in Metrolink patronage and provide additional connectivity and reduced overcrowding for services serving key employment zones. The scheme also covers supporting infrastructure including the installation of a new wheel lathe for the Trafford depot; two substations in the Brooklands and Whitefield areas; and a turnback at Sale to improve resilience of the network. These facilities in combination improve the capability of the network, increase resilience and improve operational reliability. Budget earmarked (subject to final scheme approval): Circa £44.4 million.

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AnonymousJuly 7th 2014.

Shame there's nothing in the transport package for cycling :(

8 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJuly 7th 2014.


ShybaldbuddhistJuly 7th 2014.

Agreed. Also a shame London and the south east yet again get the most when they need it least. Happy with what we are getting but I'd be happier with what the south east gets!

Mark FullerJuly 7th 2014.

There's nothing in this transport package for horse riders, which I find, deeply disappointing.

GimboidJuly 7th 2014.

To be fair, the government granted Greater Manchester £20m for cycling infrastructure a few months ago. Plus there's no reason to think so of the road improvements outlined above won't include cycling provision.

GimboidJuly 7th 2014.

*some of the road improvements

L ArabiaJuly 8th 2014.

I was looking forward to finding something in this package for my camel train which I'm currently disappointed that I have to keep idle in a field near Tottington

Mr BistoJuly 8th 2014.

I'm incensed there's nothing included for my ruddy gravy train, which remains in stock as we speak

AnonymousJuly 8th 2014.

@L Arabia I'd be more concerned about motorbike prioritisation in the city if I were you.

AnonymousJuly 7th 2014.

Call me cynical but doesn't this just smack of a government desperate to appeal to people in the north, having realised that they can't win an overall majority without winning more seats up here. We are well into the final year of the current administration, why were these investments not announced years ago?.... And from an administration with a curious attitude towards devolution to say the least. Michael Heseltine's report advocating devolving £50bn of funding currently controlled in Whitehall was politely received but kicked into the long grass - too scary, too radical, too much of an affront to their own personal fiefdoms. However, it must be said we have come further in the last couple of years than we did during the whole of the last Labour administration as the realisation finally dawns on the whole establishment that Westminster is simply incapable of governing in the country's best interest by controlling everything from the centre.

Mark FullerJuly 8th 2014.

You're quite right to be cynical, politics is a cynical game. But Manchester is being love bombed by the government, and George Osborne in particular. I think that he genuinely likes Manchester, and it helps that he's a local M.P., but the Tories are hoping that a booming and dynamic Manchester, will deliver a political dividend, if not in Manchester itself, in the wider conurbation. This latest transport package is just the latest tranche of infrastructure largess from the government; expect more in the coming years, provided either they ,or a Tory/Lib, coalition are re-elected.

5 Responses: Reply To This...
NickNameJuly 8th 2014.

The government could double even treble the money they are spending on infrastructure in Manchester and it wouldn't sway the vast majority of Labour voters in the region. There is an inbuilt feeling from past generations that Labour is good and Tories are bad regardless of illegal wars one party sent us into and an improving economy one party is responsible for.

AnonymousJuly 8th 2014.

George Osborne does like Manchester - and there's absolutely no political payback for him. He backed the BBC coming here, he fought on Manchester's behalf for the supercasino and bringing political conferences here too. As for transport infrastructure, well Manchester has "always" been looked on more favourably under Tory governments than Labour ones. The second runway, tram expansion, new roads, railway electrification - and finally the refurbishment of Victoria train station too etc etc. Yes, even though they know there is no votes in it for them.

AnonymousJuly 8th 2014.

Let's not forget HS2 and now HS3 between Manchester & Leeds too. Both backed by the Tories, unlike a future Labour government - who now seem determined to ditch HS2, never mind HS3. (Yet instead of praising George Osborne for "enthusiastically" supporting transport infrastructure projects across our region, what does the Labour party supporting MEN do? Run a special 'Comment' piece last Friday, criticising him for refusing to answer a maths question from a Manchester schoolboy instead!)

AnonymousJuly 8th 2014.

Tory party revisionism in these comments I see. What on earth did the Tories have to do with the BBC? They would privatise it tomorrow if they could get away with it. As for the economy well they are good at taking credit for the natural recovery seen in all major economies since 2010, less vocal about the much slower rate of recovery seen in the UK or the fact they lobbied for even more lax regulations on the banks in the run up to the crisis that caused the current mess. Apart from that, we see the spectre of not one but four government ministers making a bee line to the north to promote these relatively minor investments despite the pint being dwarves by that invested in London through the same scheme. Cynical? You can see why some would be.

AnonymousJuly 8th 2014.

... despite the amount being dwarved by that invested in London through the same scheme. (typos corrected)

Paul SchofieldJuly 8th 2014.

I did a double take when I saw LGF funding!

Dave ThorleyJuly 10th 2014.

And not forgetting the latest £100m worth of cuts to Manchester's public services swinging into effect from March.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Mark FullerJuly 10th 2014.

In 2010 Alistair Darling (Chancellor of the Exchequer 2007/10), stated that given the extent of the national debt, that "cuts deeper than Thatcher", would be necessary(although not as deep as those enacted by Labour Chancellor Dennis Healey in 1976). In fact coalition cuts have been gentler than those advocated by Darling. Britain lost it's AAA credit rating in 2013 because George Osborne chose more debt over more cuts following the economic downturn. Osborne has delayed making many of the economies that are needed. Labour will attempt to hoodwink the electorate, but further cuts are coming regardless of who is in power.

Dave ThorleyJuly 10th 2014.

Yeah. But the city is still going to experience £100m of real, actual cuts however you want to dress up some Tory loving twaddle (and I'm not advocating Labour either). We've already been one of the worst cut cities in the country and thousands of workers have been lost. Real cuts, real workers. So remember that next time the litter is stacking up and streets are dirty and we're paying to bail out Osborne's banking mates and their crisis turns into our crisis.

AnonymousJuly 11th 2014.

It is a fact (confirmed by the governments own figures) that more deprived urban areas with greater needs have suffered much greater cuts than the affluent areas. Cuts may be needed but the way the government has gone about it has been cruel, ideological and unnecessary.

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