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MCR Police Reports 28 Sept-4 Oct: WHP Death & TUC Rally Praised

Man dies after collapsing at WHP and police praise 50,000 protestors

Written by . Published on October 3rd 2013.

MCR Police Reports 28 Sept-4 Oct: WHP Death & TUC Rally Praised

Here at Confidential we get regular reports, releases and updates from Greater Manchester Police. This is a selection of the reports received so far this week, not all of them. Some make depressing reading so it's worth remembering Greater Manchester has a population of 2.6m and that recent figures show crime has fallen dramatically across both the region and the country.

Thursday 3 October: 19-year-old student fined for rape lie

A student has been issued with a fixed penalty notice after she lied about being raped.

In the early hours of Tuesday 1 October police received reports that a 19-year-old woman had been raped in Manchester city centre.

After a thorough investigation and CCTV analysis the police established that her movements did not match up with her statement.

After being challenged the woman admitted that she'd lied about being raped.

She was handed a £90 fine for wasting police time.

CCTVCCTV footage proved she had lied

Wednesday 2 October: CCTV of Rusholme man convicted of attempted murder following targeted hit and run

Aqab Hussain, 21, from Rusholme, has been found guilty of four counts of attempted murder following a deliberate hit and run on a group of friends on John Dalton Street in August 2012.

Mr Hussain had been involved in an earlier argument with the group in Silks lap dancing club on Lloyd Street.

Later on in the evening Mr Hussain waited for the group and drove his Vauxhall Corsa towards them at high speed, sending three of the friends hurtling through the air. One man was carried around 100m down the street on the bonnet of the Corsa.

One man was left in intensive care for 20 days and is now severely disabled.

Mr Hussain fled the UK following the incident but was arrested on his return seven weeks later.

He is expected to receive a substantial prison sentence.

Tuesday 1 October: Police reassure residents after abduction rumours

Police in Heywood and Middleton are attempting to reassure residents after a number of rumours and allegations starting circulating around the community of possible suspects in a number of abduction cases.

Since 21 September 2013 there have been six seperate reports of children being approached by suspicious men in the Middleton area.

Some of the reports state that a man was in a car which approached children suspiciously, and in other cases the allegation is that an attempted abduction took place. 

Detective Sergeant Diane Johnson said: "While we are always grateful for information from members of the public which we will always act on, we do not feel there is any substance to any of these reports.

"I would like to reassure people that we have fully pursued all allegations, but despite this we cannot find any evidence that criminal offences have taken place.

"We understand that these reports have been made with the best of intentions, but we suspect that now an urban myth has taken hold and it is important for us to address that."

Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 0161 856 8701 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 



Monday 30 September: Police praise 50,000 TUC protestors

Police have praised all those that attended the mass rally on Sunday 29 September as only two minor arrests were made.

The 'Save our NHS' demonstration, organised by the Trade Union Congree to coincide with the Tory party conference being held in the city, is thought to have brought 50,000 marchers to the streets of Manchester city centre.

Of all the 50,000 protestors only two people were arrested. One 19-year-old man was arrested for breach of the police, and another 36-year-old man was arrested for a public order offence.

Chief Superintendent John O’Hare said: “This was the largest protest Greater Manchester Police have had to manage and I would like to thank those who attended for behaving in a peaceful and lawful manner.

“it was clear the intentions of the organisers and those who were involved in the march wanted to protest peacefully as is their democratic right to do so.

“It is pleasing that with a crowd of 50,000 there were only two arrests for low level offences.

"Our officers performed to the highest standards and got the balance right between facilitating protest and upholding the law."

There'll be an analysis of an aspect of the march on Confidential later this week.

TUC marchTUC march 

Sunday 29 September: More trouble for the Warehouse Project as dealer swallows stash

A 25-year-old man suspected of drug dealing at the Trafford club night is thought to have swallowed his stash after security staff detained him.

The man is now said to be in a critical condition.

On the night of 28 September the man ran off as security staff approached him, having found the man security took him to the security cabin and called the police at around 11.50pm.

EcstasyEcstasyWhen the police arrived and made the arrest the man's behaviour made them suspect that he had swallowed a quantity of his supply to avoid detection.

He was raced to Salford Royal where he is undergoing treatment.

Chief Superintendent Mark Roberts, divisional commander for Trafford, said: “After the tragic events of Friday night it almost defies belief that drug dealers would continue to target this venue and equally that people would risk their lives by taking drugs supplied by people who have no regard whatsoever for their well being and are purely interested in making money."

“The main point to get across is you do not know what is in the drugs you are taking and the potential effects they can have. 

Saturday 28 September: Man dies at first Warehouse Project of the season

At around 4.30am on Saturday 28 September police were called to the Manchester Royal Infirmary following the death of a 30-year-old man.

It is thought that the man collapsed after taking what is thought to be a bad batch of a controlled drug.

Police are aware of five other people that have been admitted to hospital feeling unwell after taking a controlled drug. They are all currently being treated in hospital.

All of them attended Warehouse Project in Trafford Park on the night of Friday 27 September.

Police are asking that anyone else who may have taken drugs at the Warehouse Project and are currently feeling unwell go to hospital for a check up as soon as possible.

An investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death has been launched and enquiries are ongoing.

Detective Inspector Aaron Duggan said: “First and foremost, our thoughts go out to the family of this young man following this tragedy.

“We have now launched an investigation to establish the circumstances leading up to his death.

“It is possible that there may a particularly bad batch of drugs out there in the community and that is a concern to us.

"If you attended the Warehouse Project last night and are feeling unwell, I would ask you to go to hospital for a check up as soon as possible.

“I would always urge people not to take illegal drugs and remind them that you do not know what they have been made up with. They can contain poisons and illicit chemicals that can have potentially fatal effects.”

Anyone with information should phone police on 0161 856 7655 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Warehouse ProjectWarehouse Project

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14 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousSeptember 28th 2013.

Wow hope they find out who was dealing the bad drugs. I know it's easy to score at WHP but I would never buy off a stranger. That's crazy. RIP.

KFPSeptember 29th 2013.

Surely a bad batch of drugs is a contradiction in terms?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 29th 2013.

So true. I love how WHP is putting the spin on it that they have zero tolerance policy for drugs. Laughable. I've seen people openly dealing. If there was no drugs, there would be no WHP. It's a huge part of the experience and they know it. Shocked that they didn't even shut last night to feign concern about the 'bad batch' of drugs. It's all about the money.

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2013.

A dealer swallowed a bunch of his own drugs last night and is in critical condition now. Guess the zero tolerance thing isn't working out too well.

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2013.

All poison....pays your money and take your choice.

AnonymousSeptember 30th 2013.

SENSIBLE DREAM: It is not illegal or expensive to offer drug testing kits to the public!!!! Make this a strategy as soon as possible so people can test their drugs and drive the dangerous elements out of business. The Drug Tzars, even a National Chief of Police said in BBC national news yesterday decriminalize drugs! Make the party people / club kids ecstasy pure and sell it! Crystal meth IS making it into this city and pills are cut with PMA and all sorts of rubbish. Nationally there should be research into safer chemicals (Glaxo Smith Kline), make them chemical cheap, safer from comedowns, good to sell worldwide and 'cure' the recession' on a mass market leader! Regulate cannabis and THC content! No but we are sitting ripe for an epidemic of dirty drugs and criminal exploitation. The statement "“After the tragic events of Friday night it almost defies belief that drug dealers would continue to target this venue and equally that people would risk their lives by taking drugs" is unhelpful as it is foolish. Human beings take substances from Alcohol to Zanax. It's a part of human evolution to use substances and is in our DNA!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 30th 2013.

It is not in our DNA.

AnonymousOctober 1st 2013.

In our DNA....pfffft. Although you have a point. If it's legal (like alcohol and cigarettes) people can choose to use. All can kill you. Pick your poison. There's been 16 ppl at WHP now who've taken dodgy drugs that were bought inside the club. MEN says the license for WHP being reviewed. In fairness, if 16 ppl went to hospital from drug overdoses from a Man Utd game in less than a week there would be hell to pay. Any other place where large groups gather with a track record like that would be forced to shut down. For some reason since it's WHP it's seems ok to carry on. What's it costing NHS I wonder?

AnonymousOctober 1st 2013.

It is in our DNA! We evolved as a Shamanistic people! Monkeys and elephants drink, monkeys seek out hallucinogenic millipedes, as do sloths! Reindeer's eat shrooms! Horses love locoweed! Cats take catnip and wild cats across the world seek mind altering herbs! The mind seeks pleasure and escape!

DavidSeptember 30th 2013.

In the world of Manchester Confidential journalists the Tory conference is not really happening,and is not reported.Bit like Eastern European media in 1980s pretending that Trade Unions and demonstrations did not exist.But the editor of this website claims to be totally objective and fair to all political parties,while only bothering to cover one of them.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Poster BoySeptember 30th 2013.

Do open your eyes and mind David. Or better still why don't you go and get accreditation and file a report about the Conference for Mancon to publish...?

EDITORIALSeptember 30th 2013.

David, we're actually going to be publishing an article about the Tory conference in the coming days. Thanks.

AnonymousOctober 6th 2013.

The WHP is all about drugs. It shouldn't be the most arduous piece of investigative journalism to expose the link between the owner of the WHP and a senior officer at GMP. That's why this place hasn't been closed down.

AnonymousNovember 8th 2013.

I've heard there is plenty of dodgy goings on between WHP and GMP/MCC. Blatantly.

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