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Los Angeles sees sense and twins with Manchester

Angels dance with Mancunians in a waltz of mutual benefit – or something like that

Published on July 27th 2009.

Los Angeles sees sense and twins with Manchester

We may be divided by a stretch of ocean but stretch your imagination and you'll see that Mancs and Yanks have a lot in common. More specifically Manchester and Los Angeles... Well maybe.

The city was identified by the LA representatives as their preferred choice and in their words, one of the ‘greatest cities in the world’.

We've had Beckham, they've got Beckham. We both have Hiltons; ours, the hotel within Beetham Tower's dizzy heights and theirs, Paris Hilton, the dizzy blonde. You say tomato, I say tomato, you watch Hollywood, we watch Hollyoaks. We're two peas in a very multi-faceted pod.

And now, Manchester and Los Angeles have signed a ‘new friendship agreement’ - was there ever an old one? - which will see educational, cultural, business, digital/new media and sporting links promoted between the two great cities.

Paris Hilton

This really is true.

Leader of Manchester City Council Sir Richard Leese and Tom LaBonge, LA Councillor and President of the Sister Cities of LA, formally signed the agreement on Monday.

The Hilton Hotel

But why Manchester? Well, the city was identified by the LA representatives as their preferred choice and in their words, one of the ‘greatest cities in the world’.

Sir Richard Leese has said: “I am delighted to welcome our counterparts from Los Angeles council to Manchester in what will be the start of a mutually beneficial partnership. The synergies and strengths of both cities, particularly in terms of our sport, creative and media sectors present huge opportunities for promoting cultural and economic exchanges between LA and Manchester."

My God, he’s already talking like an Angeleno. Synergies?

LA councillor Tom LaBonge also got to explore key regeneration sites and visit MediaCity UK and SportCity before attending the aptly titled play ‘Everybody Loves a Winner’ at the Royal Exchange. Let’s hope he knew how to wield the dabber.

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AnonymousJuly 27th 2009.

Wonderful news !! Lots of fully expensed trips to Southern California for our elected / unellected officials. Think of all the wonderful ideas they will return with which we will all benefit from. I cant wait.

Ali McGowanJuly 27th 2009.

Unfortunately 'O', America is the only way forward. Europe is so last century. (I have no bloody idea actually, but hey, LA is a pretty cool place and maybe we share the same level of gun crime?) In a slightly less twattish note, the more relationships a city has (within reason) the better. Obviously we don't wana overdo it, but a few strategic partnerships with other big cities around the world *should* be a good thing. Now, how about Melbourne :P

MikeJuly 27th 2009.

No Dave, I think it's like a Brazilian....

JinkiesJuly 27th 2009.

Does this mean we're getting a Hollinwood?

TigerbobJuly 27th 2009.

In honour of this most excellent piece of news, one of our male colleagues has had a hollywood! We should send him over there as our ambassador for all things Mancunian!

mditaJuly 27th 2009.

Arnie would NOT be a good mayor.....he supports anti gay marriage groups and stands for everything we have fought so hard against in the manchester gay community. one of the first things he did is ban gay marriage which had only just become legal in LA......And by the way I spent a while travelling the states and LA is very over rated and dirty!!! Chicago and San Fran are much more like Manchester to be honest.

OJuly 27th 2009.

Why a US city and not a European 'powerhouse'? Very disappointing. Is America the way forward?

Kermit the DogJuly 27th 2009.

I think Arnie Schwarzernegger would be a great elected mayor for Greater Manchester. No I do. Honestly.

OJuly 27th 2009.

I just get so disappointed that we seem to want to align ourselves so much with the USA and not Europe. We seem to get all their social ills but what positives, culturally, will we obtain from a 'friendship' with L..A?Soon we'll have major problems with crack and gun crime... oh wait a minute...

Ben SalfordJuly 27th 2009.

I think this is marvellous news; now we can embrace our cars and get some proper freeways like the Angelinos - forget congestion charging!

steve insidejobJuly 27th 2009.

How embarrassing! Manchester has nothing in common with LA im delighted to say. If we must twin with a US city how about Denver ? They are proper sports fans and much more euopean in outlook.

James T KirkJuly 27th 2009.

From Hollinwood to Hollywood....genius.

anonJuly 27th 2009.

paris hilton - a slender thing that has may people enter and stay in it for the night

AnonymousJuly 27th 2009.

LA is a global city and Manchester nearly is - this could work in our favour, especially with the mediacity-hollywood links. Just need a direct flight now, rather than the 'via Chicago' route.

5aliveJuly 27th 2009.

in response to ste they are quite proficient at cleaning the streets over there and also L.A. being twinned with Manchester is due to the fact that we have similar nightlives and diverse cultures as someone who was born over there and moved here in my teenage years i can tell you that now so i feel honoured by this

AnonymousJuly 27th 2009.

I suspect they may have a lot to discuss regarding badly run administration. I pity the LA'ers, at a time when teachers are being laid off, prisoners let out early, police recruitment halted etc, their council keeps its priorities and concentrates on all expenses trips for the administration. BTW - I remember reading a while back from media idiot (chorlton based naturellement) that manchester was the san francisco of the uk.

SteJuly 27th 2009.

In a way its obviously a coup for the City. Still think being twinned with St Petersburg is more impressive. Can someone in LA teach our city elders how to clean and maintain street environments please?!

DaveJuly 27th 2009.

What's a Hollywood? A haircut.

CartzJuly 27th 2009.

That's right Mike, my colleague was refering to me and I feel all the better for it. Join the club mate, 'Hair just slows you down'!!

JinkiesJuly 27th 2009.

I'm working toop hard, what I meant to say was......... Does this mean we're getting a Hollinwood SIGN.

steve insidejobJuly 27th 2009.

Can we send them Hazel Blears ? They kindly took 'posh' off us.....

Mark LevyJuly 27th 2009.

Well I'm still trying to get my head round this one, however, I hope it brings more tourists over here rather than going to London. We get so few Americans, what a huge boost for our economy it would be!

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