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Liverpool f**ks up again

Biggest Scouse event of the year pulled at the eleventh hour

Published on August 2nd 2007.

Liverpool f**ks up again

Liverpool’s massive Mathew Street Festival has been cancelled. The August Bank Holiday event attracts over 100,000 people and has been called ‘Europe's biggest street party’. The festival includes big name acts on big stages and is famous for Beatles' cover bands.

The decision to pull the plug follows independent advice from London health and safety consultants Capital Symonds, employed by the Liverpool Culture Co, who highlighted the loss of the Pier Head (see Not Strictly Confidential on Liverpool Confidential earlier this week) and the building site that is Liverpool city centre as a major factor in the decision.

In recent years the hapless neighbour city of Manchester has had a tram scheme disappear, the wonderful Will Alsop project, the Cloud, evaporate, countless debacles over Capital of Culture and currently a French farce over a proposed siting of Everton football club. This might seem funny. But it’s not. Thousands of guests will be coming into the region for Capital of Culture next year, many of them will come from countries where a 35 mile gap is not significant. A bad Capital of Culture year will also hit Manchester’s, and the North West’s, reputation.

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Jonathan Schofield - editorAugust 2nd 2007.

One's news, the other's exasperated opinion. We are different cities that need each other, but I should have made it clearer that I was referring to the leadership not the city you're right. Apologies. Still, the fact remains that outside commentators will always equate the two, that's the tragedy of this cancellation.

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

Why is it Mancunians have such a problem with Liverpool? It seems ludicrous that both cities don't work together. How can you criticise the Capital of Culture before it has even taken place. We should be pleased that Liverpool was successful in it's bid for Capital of Culture in the fact that many visitors will come and visit Manchester as well. I expected better journalism from Manchester Confidential I have to say. Stop widening the historic rivalry and encourage Mancunians and Scousers to realise what a fantastic region we live in and to show the rest of the world what the North West of England has to offer instead of slagging each other off all of the time.

Laura CAugust 2nd 2007.

Shall we list the things that Manchester has cocked up with, just this past couple of months alone, Urbis beach, Industrial resolution a shambles, Arctics at LCCC a shambles. Shit happens people, don't know why there has to be an effin war between two great cities, it's pretty pathetic. People in both cities should be glad that you have another seriously cool city not that far away, instead of bitching about which one is better!

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

I have just stumbled on this website, and find it very strange that it encourages it's subscribers to spend it's time slagging of what is surely ANY cities heart and soul and that is it's people.Thankfully I have a choice, and it will be simply not to click onto it again.

Jonathan Schofield - editorAugust 2nd 2007.

Further to my comments, old Lancashire, which includes both Manchester and Liverpool, was made strong because it had two incredible provincial cities. Liverpool needs to be better run so that we have that parity again. A strong Liverpool would be good for Manchester and the region. Maybe after the city centre developments are completed this is what we will have, in which case the leadership of the city will be able to compliment itself on at least one job well done. But the catalogue of recent failure with major projects gets way beyond a joke, adds to the stereotypes and does no-one any favours.

Professor Rob RightAugust 2nd 2007.

Manchester Confidential fully exposes itself as a juvenile and unprofessional publication of the lowest order.Typical of the low standards to be expected from the UK's third city of Manchester!

HelsAugust 2nd 2007.

what a shame. I have been to the matthew street festival over the years as i was born and bred in Liverpool, and it saddens me that it won't happen, at such an important time! it also saddens me that these discussion have turned into such a fecking slanging match! I live in Manchester, i've lived here for over three years. I like it. But sometimes i wonder why i bother when it is such an up-hill struggle. I am proud of where I come from and naturally i won't have it slagged off, but equally whenever im in Liverpool, which is quite a lot of the time, i tell everyone how great manchester is and what a great experience i have had here. i don't tell them about when i've been given a barrage of drunken abuse from some drunk manc in a pub. I tell them my good experiences. So I don't se why someone from manchester can just make an arsy rant based on nothing but stereotypes. Yes the council f&cked up. But Mancheter have got to put themselves in our position, and also accept that the fesival brings a lot of people in 'the area'. Its a big area we live in, bg enough for us both to live next to each other. Give each other break.

NicAugust 2nd 2007.

It's a real shame that this even will not take place. There are surely plenty of other areas in or around the city centre in which the stages could be situated? What about the park and land around St Georges Hall and the museum? The perfect setting for such an event surely? I do feel liverpool has a lot to offer culturally, and the people themselves are wonderful hosts. However, I do think their city council has a lot to answer for and it seems to let its residents down time after time.

Chris PaulAugust 2nd 2007.

PS Liverpool is a great city. I love it. And I have been involved in successful (ISEA98) and less successful (IR2) initiatives to combine talents. Whereas Manchester has been very open to incomers for a very long time I've found some in Liverpool to have very serious "stranger danger" issues and a sense that anyone from 30 miles away offering to do anything is a carpet bagger. I think that is now breaking down. But it needed to.

tamAugust 2nd 2007.

i think you are all a sour bunch of rug rats and you should all be supporting any city in the north west instead of being jealous. Liverpool is a great city and is very welcoming to any tourists or people from other cities. Instead of sitting at home in Manchester worrying about what you havent got you should be celebrating what you have got, also havent you got a scouser playing (Very well) for your team? Wayne Rooney??? lets not be bitter.

LilieciAugust 2nd 2007.

Yup, howitzer shell right through the Size 11s. I'm still not convinced it can possibly be true. I live in Liverpool and love the place, but the people who are running it at the moment need tarring and feathering. Perhaps this latest outrage will - at last - get them sacked.

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

What is it with Manchester constantly trying to put Liverpool down? As a proud scouser living in Manchester I cannot understand how articles like this get to be published. If it references were made such as 'Muslims f**k up again' there would be uproar and calls for a public apology. Does Manchester confidential really think it is acceptable to make derogatory remarks against Scousers(or anyone who doesn't live in Manchester, this is not exclusive!) and not be brought to task?It is petty minded jealousy and a misguided attempt at one upmanship that has, yet again, fallen flat on its face. Grow up Manchester Confidential do is all a favour and report on the facts and keep your childish opinions to yourself.

WillAugust 2nd 2007.

When will you Scousers be man and woman enough to take criticism when it's justified. Nobody's against you as such but when you react like Proud of Liverpool then no wonder the city gets a reputation.

ceefaxAugust 2nd 2007.

Whats the big deal with these festivals, Matthew street is an awful one and D-percussion hasnt got the support as it has gone consistently downhill let alone having to dodge past ketamine fuelled tramps and people lookin like there gonna knife you at any minute. Great day out. A tenner...are you having a laugh, being free was the best thing about it.When people stop enjoying lowest common denominator fun a festival might be created that it isnt better to miss.

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

Its so funny to see a manchester website going on about liverpool- you're so obsessed with scousers, its pathetic. Mancunians are just so bitter. Get over yourselves. I'm sure if someone was slagging off your so-called proud city, you'd argue back (or maybe not)- it's called pride! At least we're not desperate to be the London of the North, we're quite happy to keep our own identity.

rachelAugust 2nd 2007.

"we mingle with people from all over the world and more than ever everyone feels at home" - clearly not given that you are slagging liverpool off, maybe your comment should have read "we mingle with people from all over the worl and everyone feels at home -except for the scousers" , are you united fan by any chance?

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

Much funnier, the rants on Liverpool anyway!

Chris PaulAugust 2nd 2007.

Now now now children. Liverpool does have a serious problem. That is a thoroughly incompetent council runs by Lib Dem muppets, the temporary leader of which was SCRAPPING with rival candidates on election night as they lost 5 or 6 more seats in May.They pulled and then reinstated at 10% budget The Pops, they messed up the Cloud etc (picked by the bull-headed council though it was last of four in the consultation), they only recently advertised for someone to do a cultural policy role supposed to build on CoC08, and now this. They have been infamous in terms of Euro grants failing to spend or producing ludicrous outputs e.g. something like two times the total working population of the city was supposedly helped into work in one EU 5-year plan which is a bit rich. Hatton was a terrible liability and Liverpool Labour got lots of things wrong down the years (e.g. Ireland) but the sooner the new generation get back the better. The current problems are caused to a large extent by the city being broke and running a defecit. This is largely through eye-catching but stupid Lib Dem council tax cuts and freezes as I understand it. They're lemons.

steveAugust 2nd 2007.

I visited this site for the first time yesterday and posted a reply to the retarded and obvious bile of the editor. I have just clicked back here today and I realise that although the journalistic shortcomings of the editorial team are obvious, there is also a lot of very interesting and well argued replies and a few echo my own opinions that Liverpool and Manchester should be working together and anybody and everybody with more than a teaspoon of sense should be trying to change the mind set of the minority who believe the two cities should be divided by hate. Maybe the replies to this article will be enough to educate the editorial team of this website and that will be a start.

Proud of LiverpoolAugust 2nd 2007.

Liverpool hasnt f****d up - a company has. i as a scouser find it offensive, childish, narrow minded, biggoted and not least of which far from the truth. How many other scousers will feel the same way.i have unsubscribed from your sites and will not be re-joining. How cowardly to report the pulling of the Matthew St Festival on Livcon website in a rather different way.Why wasnt it reported the same on both sites??

Gloria1504August 2nd 2007.

If they can't run this event, how the hell are they gonne run anything next year. It will be the capital of non-culture - Oh it is already

ingAugust 2nd 2007.

sorry, please accept my apologies for the typo's above, was just so eager to defend our great city -)

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

D:percussion is only £3 not £10. Sounds like you are past it anyway Ceefax, stay at home with your horlicks you c**t

SteveAugust 2nd 2007.

Is Manchester perfectly run? No and Liverpool is not either and the council is notoriously inept and have been for decades.I am not sure who wrote this article, but why the anti-Liverpool tone that is just a bit too far over the top to be simply the opinions of one of the tiresome moronic I am from Manchester and I hate Liverpool or I am from Liverpool and I hate Manchester brigade.I lived in Manchester for years and I liked it. I had no problem with anybody although it was more hostile than Liverpool, something which has now materialised into a level of shootings and murders that is now that consistent that it is almost the norm there.I don't want to get into a slanging match here because as I say, I have no disrespect towards Manchester and I hate people in Liverpool who do, although they are usually under-educated and incapable of listening to reason. That is why I am a bit surprised to read this article on your website as I thought and still think that you are probably all educated people.We could sit here and list how one city beats the other on certain things such as Liverpool Football Club is the most successful team in the history of English football and that The Beatles are the most successful and influential band to ever record music.However, I would also say that Manchester leaves Liverpool standing when it comes to music with the likes of Joy Division, The Stone Roses and most notably The Smiths and Morrissey as a solo artist at the top of the tree. In fact I would say that The Smiths are even more influential than The Beatles.Manchester is also a better place to go out at the moment, as good as Liverpool is for going out, Manchester is better at this point in time.Manchester United are also ahead of Liverpool FC and I was happy to see them beat Chelsea to the league, as were most people in Liverpool.These are just small points, but if key figures down the years thought the way I did, then Liverpool and Manchester could have worked well together and made the North West of England the strongest place in Europe.

Laura CAugust 2nd 2007.

Alright so pulling the festival with less than a month to go doesn't make Liverpool look particularly clever, but better that than it be a complete and utter shambles. Also whoever was slagging off Liverpool for being Capital of Culture, have you ever actually been there?! And not just to look at the shops or go on the piss? Liverpool is full of culture, there are loads of museums, theatres, galleries, music venues, great sporting teams and venues, beautiful views, artwork in the city, etc etc. Liverpool won it for a reason jackass, they don't just give it out to anyone, FOOL!

ingAugust 2nd 2007.

Yes Tam we have got a scouser playing for us,but if he's that rpoud a scouser wouldn't have stayed in Liverpool. Annontmous, we're not trying to be London of the north, just capital of the north, and do you know what.....I think weve achieved it!

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

I do not understand why Liverpool can be considered a cultural capital, I find Manchester to be home of far more cultures, we are a universal city with no boundries or seperated factions, we mingle with people from all over the world and more than ever everyone feels at home. For years we have been over looked and blemished by cities like Liverpool and Birmingham the latter quite frankly as I am sure many people will agree, is a complete mess, their regeneration projects are far behind those here.Lets end this degenerate oppression.Manchester as far as I am concerend is the most culturally advanced city on the planet.

Handsome JohnAugust 2nd 2007.

Why can't d:percussion just charge a tenner for people to get in? I CANNAE UNDERSTAND IT!

Stupid KevAugust 2nd 2007.

But they are charging to get in D:perc, as they did last year you numpty.

andy mAugust 2nd 2007.

Mancheshester Confidential and Liverpool Confidential are entirely seperate and independent publications and can say and do as they please. This is not a state run Monopoly

markjkbAugust 2nd 2007.

A bad Capital of Culture year will also hit Manchester’s, and the North West’s, reputation. WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? Manchester is just a a slightly bigger Leeds with no character. It has three types of young people the pretentious, scumbags and students. Liverpool is a unique city with culture that dates back further than 1989.

j the elAugust 2nd 2007.

the only good thing to come out of liverpool is the beatles - and they left.

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

Yes people will equate the two, and thanks to your "exasperated opinion" you have just guided 100,000 readers (according to your media stats) who "might think it's funny" to think the same thing. Your feeble apology, tucked into these comments, is not accepted.

tamAugust 2nd 2007.

ing (what type of name is that?) when you learn to speak, i mean type we can try and have a proper conversation. Im sure "our" Wayne would play for Axington Stanley if the pay was good enough! cause he is obviously clever and good at the game and taking you lot for what he can while he can. Anyway ing- dont take it personal im sure you are king of your own castle, haha!

DemandAugust 2nd 2007.

Let's be honest ere, manchester is the bees knees. Liverpool is scum!

RobAugust 2nd 2007.

Hmmm, its good to gloat I suppose. But as this is the final year of DPercussion because of a lack of support I hardly think we can stand here feeling smug.

Jonathan Schofield - editorAugust 2nd 2007.

First off this is not an anti-Liverpool article. It's an anti-those-people-who-run Liverpool piece. We love Liverpool, we love the atitude and the city, we love its edge and that's why we've invested there. But losing the Mathew Street Festival is incompetence of the highest order at the highest level. That event was a great celebration both witty and popular of the best that is our neighbour and now it's gone. It's a crying shame.

Home TruthsAugust 2nd 2007.

I think you'lll find that Jason Harborow "Culture Company Chief Operating Officer" whatever that means or "F@cker Upper in Chief" in layman's terms is in fact a Manc ba$tard not a scouser. While we are on the subject of f*cked up festivals what has happened to Depercussion, the pride of Mancland?

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

Jonathan, if this is not anti-liverpool why refer to Liverpool as a city, not it's council or the culture company, as "Manchester's hapless neighbour" And why not be brave and report the same article in both editions?

DickyAugust 2nd 2007.

I believe Venice,Paris & rome are still in a state of shock over Liverpool beating them to Capital Of culture 2008!!!!

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

yes the article not anti liverpool, but the editors opinion becomes obvious in his uncalled for replies, it should be left to the readers, if you cant make your self clear enough in the original article and need to further justify your stance in the readers domain, well thats not our fault

HAugust 2nd 2007.

Being a scouser living in Manchester I can see both sides.For those Mancs that have never ventured past Wigan (I know there are lots of you), Liverpool isn't better or worse - it's just different.We should all be championing the cause of the North West as a whole. I love Manchester but I'm proud to be associated with an other city as equally diverse and cultured. Instead of ranting about Liverpool vs Manchester we should be supporting each other. I grew up wondering round cavern walks on the August Bank Holiday and it's a shame for everyone that the MSF isn't happening this year. It's about music and culture and celebrating all that the North West, not just Liverpool has. Hopefully this sacrifice will mean that 08 is great for everyone, not just scousers.

keithybabyAugust 2nd 2007.

I heard the scousers were all ****ting themselves over the capital of culture, as it's going to create over 20000 jobs!

Clever KevAugust 2nd 2007.

Handsome John, logistically it'd be nigh on impossible to charge to get into d:percussion - Castlefield's so open it'd be crazy difficult to lock it down and control everyone with paid fences.

AnonymousAugust 2nd 2007.

Manchester Confidential F**ks Up!How funny you report the story so differently in the Liverpool edition. (See http://www.liverpoolconfidential.com)I subscribe to both Manchester and Liverpool confidential and would expect better than this shoddy headline grabbing, journalism from the team at confidential. Clearly revelling in this event, which is very worrying for Liverpool's residents and business owners, and referring to Liverpool as "Manchester's hapless neighbour", will I am sure delight your advertisers and subscribers in Liverpool confidential. I would urge Liverpool confidential subscribers and advertisers to remove their subscriptions and business from your two-faced, "hapless" publication.

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