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Let's have the screens back for Wednesday

Confidential thinks Mancunians should be able to watch 'their' European Cup Final, despite Rangers row

Published on May 16th 2008.

Let's have the screens back for Wednesday

Wednesday 14 May, 2008 was an exceptional day, a one-off, a singularity. Some things just don't happen again.

And it wasn't anywhere near as bad as a lot of commentators are making out. Despite there being more than a hundred thousand Rangers' fans in Manchester, the number of arrests, was very low. More importantly the Police never lost control.

Wednesday was all about visitors to the city, next Wednesday will be all about the Red half of Manchester, about a substantial amount of its own citizens.

Council Leader, Sir Richard Leese has said that we will bid again for major events. These will no doubt require big screens in public areas of the city.

But from being brave and resolute in the face of criticism, the Council has decided to backtrack on having screens showing the Champions League Final.

At a press conference on Thursday morning Sir Richard Leese said: “it would be unacceptable to have big screens after what happened [with Rangers].” That it: “wouldn't be fair on the residents.”

Confidential doesn't agree. The city centre is the hub of the city, it's where public celebrations should happen. Presumably that's why residents chose to live here, for the amenity, but also for the action. This isn't the time to be faint-hearted.

When you get knocked down, you get right back up again. Indeed the city did very little wrong on Wednesday.

Therefore we should bring back the screens, maybe two or three, and celebrate a major Manchester moment.

Wednesday was all about visitors to the city, next Wednesday will be all about the Red half of Manchester, about a substantial amount of its own citizens.

Manchester United have only been in a Champions League Final twice before. The last occasion was nine years ago. These events don't come along too often.

Wednesday might have been a shock to the system, but it was exceptional. The crowds for the Champions League Final would be tiny in comparison, nobody would be sleeping in the streets after travelling two hundred miles. People wouldn't be up with the dawn, drinking at 7am, after sleeping on a bench, all night. It is a work day after all. Of course there will be drunkeness, of course there will be raucousness, but this can be managed. Remember the police never lost control of the situation on Wednesday despite the huge number of fans.

A possible compromise would be if United were to put a screen in Old Trafford, as Rangers did in Ibrox. But that's by the by. We have to be able, as a city, to manage popular events such as screened football matches in the heart of the city, a place which is accessible to all. And we have to demonstrate we can manage such events.

A return of the big screens probably won't happen now for the Champions League Final. That loss of heart is a big shame. Almost a dereliction of duty.

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guinnersMay 16th 2008.

The council should give us our screens so we can enjoy a carnival atmosphere in our own city for the CL final and then lobby the government to build Hadrians wall even higher so the Rangers fans can never come back! The uneducated, sectarian, neanderthal battered mars bar eating, beer swilling muppets.

BenMay 16th 2008.

Why do we need big screen to watch a game? There are plenty of pubs where the game is available.Up the reds.Love united Hate FC

AndyMay 16th 2008.

How many times did the BBC mention that the Great Run was allowing Manchester to "get back on its feet"? I wish the media (not MC of course) would try and develop some other interests aside from hyperbole. And now the council has fallen for the same trick. Manchester wasn't knocked off its feet by a few drunk morons, just visit Peter Street on a Friday night, and as for the council allowing last wednesdays fiasco to affect our own celebration? Shame on the council. That decision will be far more damaging to the councils reputation in this city than a malfunctioning big screen and some over lubricated jockos.

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

Haven't people not learned their lessons already? It's literally been a few days - even if months had gone by this would still be a bad idea - its seems lessons haven't been learned if they put the screens back up. When Manchester looks like Sheffield (in other words a smelly dump) I hope those who supported the big screen ideas stand by their support.After the shocking behavious with the world cup shennanigans a few years ago - the big screens should never have come back - there will always be a minority spoiling it for the majority but that's a harsh fact of life - especially in the UK, just look at how magic mushrooms are now a class A drug because of a minute number of people who weren't careful with them.Everything about this just screams disaster.

guinnersMay 16th 2008.

I beg to differ Katy but if 150,000 people urinating and vomiting in the street while pestering local women who are trying to work before smashing up everything in sight is a minority then i'd hate to see Glasgow on a Saturday night when they are all out. And before you ask I was in Manchester on Wednesday and saw it first hand!

KayleighMay 16th 2008.

Its out of order.... plus it will make things worse not showing it in the town. y should we have to suffer for what other people have done? manchester council shouldnt have let them in in the first place.

TessaMay 16th 2008.

Why should the Scottish Louts spoil it for the Man Utd Fans? We will not trash out own city, we have more respect that that!!! Please can we have our screens back on Wednesday evening???

Sir Alex FergusonMay 16th 2008.

Is Sir Richard Leese a City fan? Me thinks yes!

NingeMay 16th 2008.

As a city centre resident I'm quite glad that the screen won't be showing the match as I lost two nights sleep from the UEFA final, and my city still smells like anus two days on. Although I do sympathise with those wanting to watch the match, and feel that Old Trafford would be the ideal place to show it.

Absolutely notMay 16th 2008.

I agree- big screens = big trouble! If you think that Manchester fans (and there southern conitngency ) are saints, thinks again! Give the poor people that work and live in the city a break!!!!!

DebsMay 16th 2008.

Just read on the BBC site that the beer tents within the fan zones were selling beer in glass bottles - is that true? Then surely the companies, Carlsberg, I presume should be brought to task as I was unde the impression that was strictly not allowed. At D-Percussion last year I'm sure the Tuborg was all in plastic bottles. And how about Castlefield for a location for the screens? D-Percussion shown it is a good area for open air events.

Rob m3May 16th 2008.

I know, this just get more silly by the hour. We live in a world were city fans are joining in this rant to help us re claim our city (good luck in europe next year by the way blues - thats why we gave you those six points!!) what does that say all you suited and booted council wallers? Anyway WHEN we have won the cup!! its a different matter. i am over the big screens fiasco because like lets face it if the screens failed us there would be tears. better to buy a six pack and a big bag o crisps and hot foot to a fellow reds house!! however woe betide them if they deny us the champions bus parade. thats just stupid. to russia with love ...UNITED!!!!!!

Dan, M15May 16th 2008.

The most disgraceful thing to arise from Wednesday night's ugly scenes would be to NOT display the Utd. game next week."We ar tha peepul!" - err, no. I think you'll find that WE are the people; the proud people of this great city. When I look in the mirror in the morning, apart from thinking "I really should have a shave, but can't be ars*d", I think "I'm proud to be Mancunian" and I have no doubt that there are many more who share the same bleary-eyed sentiment. With this, I can confidently predict that a mass of Mancunians enjoying a proper 'carnival atmosphere' in the city centre would behave and treat its streets with respect.Regarding the big screen not working, one Rangers 'fan' was quoted yesterday with saying "Shame on you Manchester". SHAME ON YOU MANCHESTER?! WTF? You come to our city, litter the streets with empty bottles of Buckfast, urinate in our doorways and vomit on our pavements, only to label Wednesday's unfortunate technical difficulties (and Manchester as a whole), a joke. Shame on YOU.Anyhoo, that was yesterday's news. Let's show them how we do it in our neighbourhood to further reinforce Manchester's reputation - we know how to party like no other.We don't need to be sozzled to watch football. We like to see what's going on. What's the point of trying to follow the whereabouts of two balls?!Oh, and if we do get what we surely deserve (screens that do work please), the best way to avoid any bother would be to deny access to 56,000 pint Carlsberg tankers. Thanks.

SimoneMay 16th 2008.

Why let a few out of order Ranger's fans ruin it for Utd fans? It was a one off event, it won't be done again. 9 out of 10 Rangers fans behaved but like with any football match you always get the arseholes who love trouble. I am not a Utd fan but I think not showing the game is causing an atmoshpere between Utd and Rangers coz us Mancs will blame them. At the end of the day the police did a great job, it was never gonna be easy to manage all them people so don't ruin what could be a great day!

Kev PMay 16th 2008.

Oh great, exactly what we need - More massive screens and huge gangs of thugs ruining the city centre. You made the right decision Richard!

Miss KMay 16th 2008.

I think that Manchester council needs to rethink and put up the big screens! We respect and love our city not like the Rangers fans who came and trashed the city on Tues & Weds. We won't be on the streets drinking at 7am like the scots so why punish us for their behaviour and the Councils and Police's total cockups!!

rob m3May 16th 2008.

There is , a guy called Mike on this posting has set one up. See above.

RubyMay 16th 2008.

I think Contraction in Terms and Kaz should get a room already

zeeboyMay 16th 2008.

I agree with you completely, but dont think the council will back down, and there is now talk of this jepordising the olympic bid!! I also think that if we did have the screens up and managed it properly then that would go someway to rebuilding the reputation of the Manchester council which at the moment is at a low

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

Why can't the match be shown at Old Trafford?? City Centre businesses, residents, non loving football folk then won't be affected, (other than the usual traffic problems), the City Centre can receive the good hosing down that it desperatly needs after the disgusting behaviour of the VISITORS on Wednesday, and we can all show our support for one of England's greatest football teams. Come on United you need to support your supporters now after the years they've supported you!!!

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

I would normally be game for this, but there will likely be more trouble with the (and I'm not proud of this fact at all) some of the City fans causing trouble. I'ma big city fan and I know what we are like and I worry that this might happen here. The only reason the Rangers game went down so well is becuase there wasn't a massive crowd of the rival team invading Manchester...

Simon TurnerMay 16th 2008.

I just can't see the appeal of traipsing into the city centre to stand with hundreds of other people all going "oo, ah, Cantona", banging into each other, drinking ****ey warm beer, a million miles from a decent toilet, when you could be sat at home watching it. Also, at home, if the match is boring, you can switch over to the F-Word.

Glad You've Come LoveMay 16th 2008.

Wednesday's gonna be top with or without the big screens. I'm not a fan to be honest I know it was 'Ingerland' but i watched a match outside the Triangle during the last World Cup and it was horrible. Speaking of horrible bring on the Rentb*ys!

BJMay 16th 2008.

What makes me laugh is the Liverpool Confidential printing. "Manchester f***s upTHIS sort of thing would never happen here. We shall expect a massive report anytime in the next few months, heads rolling, six-figure pay-offs and another long, rumbling ruck afterwards".I'd take a look at you capital of culture before you even begin to comment on Manchester. I live in Liverpool because of where i work. Manchester f**ks up. Liverpool is a f**k up. Run by clowns, have more success with a bunch of school kids running things here!

Thoroughbred MancMay 16th 2008.

I can't believe I've just read on the news that when United win the European Cup, they'll be no parade either?!Remember this decision next time you vote people (would you stand by your decision Mr. Leese, in the face of an election?). And for those city dwellers who are complaining; GET OVER IT, IT'S A CITY CENTRE fer cryin' our loud! These are one off events; if you want peace, move out to the 'burbs!

BillybigballsMay 16th 2008.

The Glaswegian fans trashed the city because it was not theirs and so they knew they wouldn't have to face the consequences.The Utd fans will probably feel the same, seeing as they're mainly from Surrey....joke!Seriously though, it is a disgrace that the council will provide for money spending tourist who end up rioting but refuse to fork out for the very people who pay them tax all year round. Double standards.

MarkMay 16th 2008.

I've made a representation to the council and discussed with the company who provide the screens how much notice they need. They're at pains to suggest that the signal feed was the problem and not the screen.Anyway the said they only need a couple of days notice to setup the facility so lets keep plugging away at the council. Sign the petition at the above link and email the head of Manchester City Council, Mr R Leese here r.leese@manchester.gov.uk to express your dissatisfaction.Dear Mr Leese, I, as a resident of the City of Manchester, would not wish the events of 14 May 2008 to mean that our enjoyment of the event next week in Moscow be diminished. As such I request that you persevere with plans to show the event as a live public broadcast at key sites within our city.

TamarMay 16th 2008.

There is no big screen outside Lime Bar anymore, it was cancled. They are showing it inside though. :)

MUFC2WINMay 16th 2008.

Oh great!!Now if Utd win the double, they won;t be doing a trip on the open top bus!!Manchester City Council are a waste of space and penalising US in OUR city for the reckless behaviour of the Scots.They'll be laughing like hell at us. Not only did they ruin the city that night, they've ruined it for us!!Nice to see our council can't trust our residents ...SIGN THE PETITION EVERYONE!!!!!

SHUNTMay 16th 2008.

Kilt lifting, red hand of Ulster Buckfast botherers.

Contradiction in termsMay 16th 2008.

Isn't calling another person bigoted, bigoted itself?

EduardoMay 16th 2008.

mancunians love their city, they wont behave like animals, bring back the big screens! mancunians know how to party in an orderly way!

KazMay 16th 2008.

That's a great point Dan, M15. But people should also then realise why the supporters couldn't dispose of rubbish more appropriatly (same goes for the fowl smell as there was not enough portaloos). And this means that a large group of United fans would lead to the same smells and mess!

ClarkeyMay 16th 2008.

Of course there will be riots...When United get hammered by chelsea they'll be "thousands" of Day tripers crying in the streets....

kfairyMay 16th 2008.

Give them a big screen - at Old Trafford or maybe a big park like Heaton Park. The businesses in the city centre have a wasted days takings to make up (excluding those who sell alcohol). I don't like football, bt I think the fans should be able to enjoy themselves - just somewhere wher it doesn't affect the rest of us.

benMay 16th 2008.

I think after what happened this week anyone even contemplating re-introducing the non-working screens should have their head examined. I'm also surprised that Man Con after it's clucking editorial about how awful the Rangers fans were should promote a campaign to get the screens back. Are you mad?! It might come as a bit of a surprise, but not everyone is interested in football and we'd just like our city back please - not another weekend of boozy louts taking over the streets and public spaces.

JoJoMay 16th 2008.

As a lifelong city fan and season ticket holder I am disgusted that the Red half of the City can't celebrate & enjoy getting into the Final. Why should a load of Scottish hooligans spoil it for the people of Manchester? I remember even the Blues were cheering Manchester on in Barcelona especially as we were at Wembley a week later! Come on Council show some Mancunian spirit and get the screens on!

Contradiction in termsMay 16th 2008.

Kaz, your post was pretty sensible too :) unlike our clueless Council.

Jerry the catMay 16th 2008.

it is a shame about the screens but really why are Trafford Council not doing anything as a Manchester rate payer why should we have to stump up for everything, except of course if it was Manchester city then that would be a whole different ball game, whatever happens good luck on Wednesday to united.

Jonathan Schofield - editorMay 16th 2008.

Drake, currently we're involved with challenging the current state of Piccadilly Gardens and Castlefield and winning. We've recently held GMPTE to account over the ticket machines and supervisors, we've got into a big fat disagreement over the Lindow Man exhibition at Manchester Museum. On any number of issues we constantly, sometimes satirically, provide an alternative viewpoint and voice to the traditional media powerbase in this city. Supine? No we're not, but when we actually believe something that accords with the Council then we say that too. In this case with the screens we don't agree with them. I was in the city on Wednesday night and nothing I saw led me to believe there was a going to be a full scale riot. Thanks for the comments though. Bring on the screens we say...or at least let's force United's hands to show the game at Old Trafford.

MikeMay 16th 2008.

Lets show Glasgow next week that we get knocked down,but get up again.More importantly Football can be enjoyed without alcohol,eclipsing the previous wednesday.

rob m3May 16th 2008.

You know what though?, it has been such as hassle with all the toing and frowing that all i want is time to enjoy the build up now. And that tenner gives me a seat, a guaranteed view and the option of wearing a football top. You would be surpised at how many of those variables have not been considered by others. A ten minute walk, few beers before hand and bobs your community nurse!!

KipperMay 16th 2008.

I'm a City fan and I think its disgraceful that the screens are not going to show MUFC. Why should the fiasco created by the council for the Rangers game stop United fans enjoying the game in the city centre. The council were to blame pure and simple, after all they only had 3-4 years to plan for the event they bid for. All football fans in the city should join force and demand that this ruling is reversed.

RedDanMay 16th 2008.

I've just heard on the radio that the MEN Arena will be showing the game live. It's a tenner to get in but at least someone's doing something 'bout it. City Council ain't bothered after all are they

NoelMay 16th 2008.

Its a special day for Manchester next week, as we deserve to enjoy it in our city!Its important that we are able to show we can handle such events and this is a perfect oppotunity for the council and ourselves to show what we are made of. Big screens? Absolutely, it would be a crazy decision not to, and a chance to create that "special" atmosphere for ourselves.

youngMay 16th 2008.

I'm going watching it in Glasgow. I'm going to get bladdered all day, piss all over the streets, throw some bottles at the police and then go home nursing a MASSIVE hangover. Who's in?

DavyMay 16th 2008.

Big screens in the city centre aren't a good idea. Fave spots would be Old Trafford (FC or cricket ground) Men, Lowry or even Trafford Centre. The pubs and clubs will have the tellys tuned accordingly

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

If Glaswegions feel that way about Mancunians and Manchester get out of our city and go back to your own country!

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

It's a shame the rangers fans have spoiled things for the United fans but I completely disagree - while the council may have done an excellent job in clearing the litter so quickly, Manchester still reeks of p*ss and the pavements are so thick with scum and dirt (coincidentally caused by dirty scum from Scotland) that it's going to take weeks if not months to bounce back from this.Manchester clearly at the moment can't handle events such as this, does anyone not remember the world cup incident a few years ago? Can't blame the scots for that.I do really believe that if United or City were in the UEFA cup instead of rangers, the degree of chaos would have been lower, but lets be realistic, whereever you are are from and whoever you support - get a big group of football fans together with alcohol and there's going to be trouble.For the people who have to live and work in town - of which there are thousands - this should not happen again, regardless of which team is playing.There's TV's, there's pubs, there's the football ground - it's just not worth it just to please a few fans, it's not on.

BungleMay 16th 2008.

Why would ben be worried? Such a top red would be in Moscow surely?

A manchester gal!May 16th 2008.

Im not a football fan, nor have I ever written a rant before but this has riled me so much. The National News portray Manchester as a city that couldn't cope, when in fact we were the hostess with the mostess, whilst the rangers fans drank, pissed and snorted coke on the streets we worked and let them party, smiling at them enjoying our city. To now say that we cant enjoy a Manchester game for Manchester people is a disgrace. I have emailed Mr Leese as have my colleagues, I know I don’t need to go on - the amount of rants makes how we the people of Manchester feel quite clear.

UnrelatedMay 16th 2008.

Duwargred. What is it exactly that you hate about the Glazers? Whilst they have been in control, United have won 2 Premier League titles and are in the Champions League Final for the first time in 8 years. They have spent far more money on players than the plc would have ever allowed and Untied have the strongest squad in the Premier Leauge if not Europe. Not only that United are playing some of the best football most have ever seen, scoring 4 or more goals in no less than 12 games this season.So why is you hate the Glazers again?

AeronMay 16th 2008.

I'm not a United fan. I'm not even a great fan of football. But I completely agree the screens should be brought back on Wednesday. And I live in the city centre.

CMay 16th 2008.

A tenner each to watch it in the MEN arena. What an absoloute CON. This city is a joke. Any chance of giving something back to the PEOPLE without looking to make a quick buck?

NoWayMay 16th 2008.

Cheer your own team in your own home and stop ramming football down our throats. I don't want marauding louts on my doorstep again thank you very much.

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

If Glaswegions feel that way about Mancunians and Manchester get out of our city and go back to your own country!

JoanMay 16th 2008.

This is the problem with football postings - have you seen them on the Evening News site? Usually Man Confidential has a good level of debate with the odd nutter, but when football takes over it all changes. Come on folks, reasoned articles and long words.

Peter KirwinMay 16th 2008.

I agree with the suggestion that the match be played on big screens inside OT. Surely this is the most sensible solution (probably would have avoided much of the trouble re: UEFA Cup Final if this had occurred at OT also) - Is there a reason why this does not (is not) happen (ing)???????

DylMay 16th 2008.

I'm off to Moscow, but my friends and family and all you guys should be able to watch it on big screens back here. Its a disgrace to think we are worth less than Rangers fans, the Police probably wont be required to achieve as much over time and the City isnt expected to make £25 Million on Wednesday, maybe thats the reason. Shame on the council, makes me sick.

JKG99May 16th 2008.

Damn Right!! The council need to have some faith in its own people - we are proud of this city and for some Scottish Louts to ruin what will be a day of celebration for the (red half) of the citys residents would be a travesty! Come on Richard have some faith in YOUR OWN people!!!

Dan, M15May 16th 2008.

I don't think they can position extra bins, especially in/around crowd focused areas, as they could be used by terrorists for planting bombs and other nasties. Don't quote me on this though!

CPMay 16th 2008.

I agree! This is an event that the City Of Manchester needs to be proud of and it needs to be shown on Big Screens. Shame on the Council if they bottle out.

forzaMay 16th 2008.

The parks would be a great idea, the town centre would be a great idea, why would we want to smash up our own great city.Note to Glazer admirers: help yourself to a coffee love.

happydriverMay 16th 2008.

Well said Ben! I'm Scottish and I'm ashamed of what happened in Manchester this week. I've lived in Manchester for nearly 30 and it's a great place. Unforunately, I really hate football and this week has only fuelled my disgust. However, just because some mindless fools from Scotland can't behave it's no reason to penalise Manchester football fans. Let the screens be used!!!!!!

rob m3May 16th 2008.

As you can see the confusion caused by the council's messing around of plans has ensured that the planning involved in finding a venue to watch me reds win the cup as ben akin to full scale military operation...oh well all sorted now. ...О на соединенный manchester!! принесите назад чашку!!

Petition StarterMay 16th 2008.

If anyone agree's we should not be punished for what the small minority of rangers fans did!Then sign my petition and lets get those screens back up for next wednesday and cheer are team on to glory!www.gopetition.co.uk/…/mpions-league-final.html…

jdwood76May 16th 2008.

Next Wednesday would be the perfect opportunity for the people fo Manchester and its City Council to show that it's own citizens can behave & celebrate a great sporting event, without the need to be drinking since the crack of dawn to enjoy themselves. One small point this weeks incidents though - where were the Glasgow police spotting potential trouble makers?? You go to any foreign football match and there are police spotters both at the departure points and also mingling in the crowd trying to identify known hooligans.Go on Karny & Co...show some civic pride and allow us, the residents to cleebrate our football team in our city!!

salfordredMay 16th 2008.

We'll do what we did last time. watch it pubs watch it at home, come in to town afterwards. climb up the f**king townhall. who are we? Red army...........

wmcfMay 16th 2008.

will the screens work this time. manchester council and gmp where woeful. and the riot police attacking innocent fans was shocking to see . got no problem with the police jailing the neds that where throwing bottles etc but to see children women oaps getting hit with batons was a disgrace. gmp riot police are scum

RubyMay 16th 2008.

Again the mass of comments above speaks volumes, I agree with the statement that the worse thing to come out of all of this, is the cancellation of the big screens. These bigoted rangers fans continue to cause turmoil, even after they have left the city.

Rob m3May 16th 2008.

twas my point but for this 'no football shirt' embargo. but. . .now i'm off to mark's 'Lime' bar now as one of his lovely staff has just confirmed on the phone that colours are allowed. big out door screens? who cares? mines a pint!

JonMay 16th 2008.

Ture manchester was a mess.. I was there.. Supporting my team!!But looking around "WHERE WERE THE BINS"?????NOWHERE is the answer.. all these people moaning didn't even attend so how do you know the truth..I witness police hit people who were with children just trying to get out of the way! no need for it all..ALSO I witnessed people wearing NO colours causing some trouble and these guys never had a scottish accent!

joanneMay 16th 2008.

Why shouldn't we be able to support our team in our own City.....More facilities like screens in cities may mean there isnt the need for 100,00 fans to travel across the country without a ticket!

JohnnyMay 16th 2008.

As a Manchester City Centre resident who pays council tax, I would like to thank Glasgow Rangers fans and Manchester City Council for taking away my right to watch my football team, in my City!

Snake PlisskinMay 16th 2008.

Speaking as a United fan I must say I am disgusted with our council, how dare they punish their own citizens instead of the Scots.....maybe they should Ban Rangers Fans from travelling away from home, but no they take it out on the innocent as usual....what next we cant shop because the buskers are leaving a mess, its a farce and personally I think they have made an even bigger problem for themselves.....

Scottish MuzzyMay 16th 2008.

I think a bit of perspective is needed here. I am a Scotsman who has lived in Manchester for the last year, and have developed a very healthy dose of civic pride towards this great city. But I think a few of the people who have posted messages seem to have overblown the case. For starters, I think if us Scots were wishing to be judged by someone we would look towards the Swiss, and certainly not the English. Lets not forget that trashing cities is a regular occurence whenever your mob (you know the ones- the Ingerlund neanderthals) descend upon foreign shores. So if I provide you with a step of ladders, do any of you fancy climbing down from that moral high horse? Thanking you. Second of all, when an army of over 100,000 fans arrive in a city, its going to kick off. Us British like to give it the big I Am when it comes to drinking, when in reality we're pretty pish at it. Put of group of British men together, stick some beer in front of them and count down the seconds until things go wrong. It's as predictable as Man City mediocrity. As for these city centre residents, what exactly were you expecting when you moved into town? Some leafy garden of eden where booze, drugs, violence and sex were the vices of others? Of course its going to be noisy, smelly and rowdy- its a city centre, the place where big events take place, and people congregate. Yeah, some rubbish was left behind but lets not forget the £25 million pumped into the economy over what, two days? What's the biggest scandal- piss-stained streets (just like any other Friday or Saturday night) or hotels charging three times the amount they normally would? Get a grip and strap on a pair. All the fans singing the sectarian songs? Appalling. But this is football remember, not cricket, not underwater polo, not Japanese tiddlywinks. Go to any ground in the country and you'll find offensive songs, be it United singing songs to the scousers about their knack for killing Italians, or any other club singing Munich songs to United. This doesn't make it acceptable, but trying looking a little closer to home before condemning others, especially when some of these posts have been guilty of perpetrating the same casual racism and bigotry. Wait for it, wait for it, any minute now... and there we go, RANT OFFICIALLY OVER!!

John McrMay 16th 2008.

I cant believe that local people should not be punished for the acts of stupid mindless idiots from another country! The people of manchester would not treat their own city with such disrespect so bring back the screens!!

rob m3May 16th 2008.

as far as i am concerned, we have got the screens back. Bless you MEN arena for attempting to bring the heart back into the city. Whats a tenner between friends? that will make up for the cab ride back from me mates anyway!!

Denise4480May 16th 2008.

Why can't we have big screens, the point about it not being fair on residents is rubbish, like myself if people choose to live in a big City Centre like Manchester we surely expect noise and big events taking place, thats what City Centres are for and I agree the big screens should be brought back for the Manchester United Game. Why should the people of Manchester suffer because of the minor troubles caused by some Scottish fans.

KatyMay 16th 2008.

I am scottish and a Rangers fan and I am ashamed of the small MINORITY of fans who cannot behave themselves whilst travelling to watch their football team - I do take offence to Tessa's comments about scottish louts - we are not all tarred with the same brush.

AMCMay 16th 2008.

Couldn't agree more. Bring on the big screens!!!

sarah milnerMay 16th 2008.

I agree that we should have the big screens

KazMay 16th 2008.

I think that you all need to step back, breath and consider the facts! 1) The biggest reason that the council have announced for not have a large screen is that it is NOT fair on all the pub/ shop owners who had a manicly busy day this week!! They will barely have had a chance to restock.2) Perhaps another factor is that the council have looked at their project management skills and realised why they can't cope with big screens. Things went wrong with the Mancunian crowds watching the England matches this summer and Gers fans were promised 3 screens yet only 1 actually worked. The violence from A SMALL MINORITY was uncondonable but we can't forget the project management disatsers because of the reactions of some drunken idiots.3) I saw how messy the streets were, but I also saw no easily accesible rubbish bins! More poor project management.3) Please can you stop insulting all Glaswegians. If we were to tar all Mancunians with one brush then people would think we had a city full of gun wielding criminals!!

DottieMay 16th 2008.

Aren't both Sir Richard Leese and Sir Howard Bernstein City fans? I wonder....

theTMay 16th 2008.

Robert Stephenson is bang on - I don't for one minute think the game was ever going to be shown on a big screen - it was certainly kept very quiet if there were any such plans, there's no money to be made from the council tax paying locals from Manchester staying in their own city (the same locals whom I assume paid for Wednesday's screening). This council never do anything for locals unless there's a chance of it bringing in people (ie cash) from outside the region. City's albert square "curry do" was paid for by Shinawatra, DPercussion is heavily sponsored to name a few. The Rangers debacle was a very convenient excuse, I bet the council were grinning like Cherie and Tony on speed when it all kicked off. As far as I know there aren't many "residents" around Albert Square that would be disturbed by a big screen, perhaps Mr Leese would care to elucidate on this and show us evidence that he was planning to spend a few quid on the people who pay his expenses, erm I mean hard earned wages....

RUmadMay 16th 2008.

I'm sorry, but did anyone see Manchester city centre yesterday? The litter? The stench of stale been and urine? I'm all for a party, but large groups of football fans just don't seem able to "celebrate" without leaving a significant degree of collateral damage in their wake. Does anyone remember the scenes in Exchange Square during the World Cup? And how the screening of matches in the city were promptly abandoned as a result? Those weren't out-of-towners causing the damage to our city. This year we've already had the UCI Track Cycling Championships, FINA Swimming Championships and Paralympic World Cup in Manchester - all major sporting events. Chaos and disruption caused? None. When football fans can learn to act like civilised human beings with just a little respect for others and their surroundings then I say hoist the big screens back up, but until then let's not subject Manchester city centre to yet another football fracas.

p***ed united fanMay 16th 2008.

I can't believe that we can't watch the match on the big screens because of a hand full of p***ed up scots...}:-[

guinnersMay 16th 2008.

The easiest way to manage any crowds if 'fingers crossed' screens are erected will be to eject from the city any numptys wearing jesters hats, tophats with bells on or any shirt saying we have won the league 10 ten times when it is frikkin 17. That way we ensure only genuine United fans are present.

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

Unrelated - are you serious? The Glazer's have put the club in over $1 billion of debt and priced thousands of Season Ticket Holders out of OT. They haven't spent a penny on players that hasn't been recouped from sales. If they weren't at Untied we could invest far more in the team and not have to bleed the fans dry. Any success is despite them, not because of them. Back to the main point of course there should be screens. There would be very little or no trouble on Wednesday.

MarkMay 16th 2008.

I run a bar in town called Lime and while I understand why some bars take that approach over shirts, you are more than welcome to come along in your United shirt and enjoy the game with us.

Simon TurnerMay 16th 2008.

I just can't see the appeal of traipsing into the city centre to stand with hundreds of other people all going "oo, ah, Cantona", banging into each other, drinking ****ey warm beer, a million miles from a decent toilet, when you could be sat at home watching it. Also, at home, if the match is boring, you can switch over to the F-Word.

SalMay 16th 2008.

I can't believe the Scots got the big screens and as a result of their behaviour on Weds the locals are going to miss out on watching our own match in our own city. Pathetic. From a very angry city centre resident.

NoWayMay 16th 2008.

in response to "Rob m3", I appreciate that not all football fans are thugs - they're not the one's I'm worried about. It's the ones that cr*pped in my doorway and trashed Manchester city centre that worry me. And don't say "it's all the Scot's fault". I was on Exchange Square during the World Cup and saw what our home boys are capable of.

Rob m3May 16th 2008.

I know, this just get more silly by the hour. We live in a world were city fans are joining in this rant to help us re claim our city (good luck in europe next year by the way blues - thats why we gave you those six points!!) what does that say all you suited and booted council wallers? Anyway WHEN we have won the cup!! its a different matter. i am over the big screens fiasco because like lets face it if the screens failed us there would be tears. better to buy a six pack and a big bag o crisps and hot foot to a fellow reds house!! however woe betide them if they deny us the champions bus parade. thats just stupid. to russia with love ...UNITED!!!!!!

MalteserMay 16th 2008.

"the Police never lost control" - so that explains the riot police running up Newton Street with the fans in hot pursuit and my friend's shop having two of the windows kicked in by disgruntled fans? And who pays for the damage? Not the chairman of Rangers, that's for sure. I don't see how you can say the same thing wouldn't happen again with United fans - alcohol + football + crowds = trouble, no matter which team they support

TessaMay 16th 2008.

This online petition has gone to all my friends over Manchester so heres hoping we get our screens back.... Thanks Mark!!!

Miles BarterMay 16th 2008.

Surely big screens for United should be in Trafford.Longford Park maybe?Why should Manchester pay for these things when Trafford gets the rates from the Theatre of Hate and Lou Macari's chippy?

TeddyBearMay 16th 2008.

Going down to Manchester to watch your team play in the uefa cup final with all the fans was the best day ever despite the bitter end. The buzz is something you just can't get sitting in the house watching the TV. Man U fans should not be punished for a minority of idiots causing bother! Show those idiot 'fans' that they won't spoil your fun!

FiggyMay 16th 2008.

Lets not lose sight of the fact that 42 arrests out of 150000 estimated fans is less that Manchester gets on a normal weekend. Although I am saddened by the CCTV footage being shown across Britain, it's funny why the media have failed to release alternative pictures of police brutality on innocent Rangers fans BEFORE this kicked off.

KazMay 16th 2008.

Contradiction in terms, never was a more sensible thing written on this rant!

rob m3May 16th 2008.

There is , a guy called Mike on this posting has set one up. See above.

DebsMay 16th 2008.

I will never understand why people would prefer to be stood in a huge crowd in the city centre, being elbowed out the way, gawping up at a screen probably barely able to make out whats happening when they could just go to their local and watch it. God I sound old...!

Scottie dogMay 16th 2008.

Rather like naughty children - football fans have shown time and time again that they can not be trusted to behave like grown ups. Why should the council put up screens after what happened? If the same thing happened again - who would be to blame? The council of course. Plus we all have to pay for the policing and litterWhat is United lose? People moaning about it on this site should get a grip - just watch it at home - why do you have to watch it with a load of strangers? Go and phone up United to put up big screens at their expense not ours

Oh no not againMay 16th 2008.

We have just recovered from 200 000 Glaswegians in our lovely city, the last thing we need is the centre full of Cockneys and Southerners this Wednesday, surely the Yernited fans can just watch the game at home with their jellied eels. ;)

Robert StephensonMay 16th 2008.

I wholeheartedly agree and question if there was EVER a plan to show the utd game next week on any big screen. I think that the events of last wednesday are just being used as an excuse. i think its disgusting that every bar i have telephoned to ask if they are showing the game have all either said that they are not or yes but 'no colours'. this is manchster not benidorm. I would even go as far as to say that I doubt city supporters would not feel that reds fans shouldnt be able to show their support through their wearing of colours. the whole thing stinks and still leaves me 5 days befor a match contemplating watching it on my own in my flat so i can get drunk and wear my top without fear of upsetting anybody!!

MarkMay 16th 2008.

Why do people keep acting as though a god-given right to watch football on a massive screen has somehow been taken away? having a screen up to show a football match in a public space is a treat, a privilege, not your bloody due as a supporter. So the council haven't treated you this time - big deal! It's not like they're saying you can't get all your mates around - 50 of them if you like - and watch it all together in your house while getting as pissed as you want. Where has this false sense of entitledment to public spaces and big screens suddenly come from?That's exactly what hacked me off the most about the Rangers fans' behaviour. So many drunken idiots (a large percentage of whom were clearly too smashed to see a screen properly anyway) were slurring and screaming 'disgrace, disgrace, it's a joke' in the streets when the screen went down - i was like, "Hello?! It was put here for you as a bloody FAVOUR, you ungrateful gits! You think you're doing US a favour by being here, or something? What the hell *are* you even doing here anyway, without tickets? Pish off!"So lets not get hypocritical about this next game. It's NOT a given that big football matches should be allowed to take over a city for a day. Football is for football stadiums, the pub, or your house. That's quite enough space for it, ta.ps, speaking of the Rangers fans and their pathetic excuses for terrorising my neighbourhood (I live on Newton St) - I love how many of them have tried to justify the animal behaviour by claiming bad organisation and the screen failure were to blame. Er, yeah - but the screen failed for *everyone* watching it, however I didn't see any Zenit fans kicking the sh*t out of my neighbour's car five streets away from the failed screen, you effing TOOLS!

smithcvsMay 16th 2008.

The reason some people riot is because they have been deprived of what they deem to be their rights. They are used to everything on a plate. If you haven't got a ticket, stop at home. Why should others pay through their taxes to provide you with a screen and clear up your mess afterwards.

Rob m3May 16th 2008.

in response to 'no way'... the choice to sit outside, sit in a bar with a man u top on OR join friends at their house is all. At the moment we only have one. Bit of a poor show really dont you think? not every football fan is a thug. they come in all shapes and sizes. COME ON YOU REDS!!!!!!!!

Rob m3May 16th 2008.

twas my point but for this 'no football shirt' embargo. but. . .now i'm off to mark's 'Lime' bar now as one of his lovely staff has just confirmed on the phone that colours are allowed. big out door screens? who cares? mines a pint!

DrakeMay 16th 2008.

Yay, how many inaccuracies can Confidential pack into a couple of opening paragraphs? Wednesday night was actually worse than most 'official' commentators are saying. THe Police DID lose control, as anyone listening to the Nitenet system would know. THey also withdrew from crucial areas of the city. Things could have been far, far worse of course, but it was no thanks to GMP that they weren't. The number of arrests being used as demonstration that it wasn't that bad is ludicrous. How many COULD have been made? How many offences were ignored? Confidential used to campaign against misinformation from the COuncil and GMP (remember the 'how many policemen are in the city' campaign?). Why is it now so supine and willing to believe the nonsense being spouted from MCC and GMP? NIce to see Manchester using a line from a Leeds band though.

JOE DEMPSEYMay 16th 2008.

As i walked into City centre at 7.30am on that day all I saw was Rangers fans drinking or already drunk. Why were the laws of our city relaxed for over 100,000 people? Where were all the police? I work at the top of Market street and I saw 4 members of GMP all day! There was no control at all! The Scots were left to do as they pleased, it was a disgrace. I spent the day getting pissed fans out of my store and my staff being abused, bottles thrown! This would not happen with Manu fans as we have more respect for our own city, un-like the Scots!!

TessaMay 16th 2008.

Anonymous.... How can you say the Rangers game went down so well? Are you blind???

Goodbye JocksMay 16th 2008.

Why aren't Council workers out there jet washing the streets (like they do every night in Barcelona) - no wonder the city smells awful even without the jocks beer and urine. Why are we catering for outsiders when we aren't allowed to watch our own team on the big screens. PS Rangers - it was only a mickey mouse competition, you got hammered by FC nobody - goodbye!

Dan, M15May 16th 2008.

I agree with your frustrations with the litter issue, Kaz. Rubbish strewn around the fan zones was inevitable, but their brazen attitude to dropping massive amounts of litter on streets far away from those areas was unacceptable. However, the litter issue is something the council would have to factor when accommodating a large crowd anyway, so I don't think the situation could really be helped. You should see the Old Square in Prague on New Year's Day! Litter aside, it was the defecating in the streets that was most disgusting. Again, their attitude became increasingly brazen as the day progressed (and after they 'burst the seal' from too much early drinking!). I even saw a woman crouching down in a street opposite my office near Chinatown! Rivers of urine is never on anyone's wish list.

Thoroughbred MancMay 16th 2008.

31,000 runners and thousands more spectators will take to the streets of Manchester this weekend, putting Manchester once more in the public eye. Let's keep it there by allowing US MANCUNIANS to enjoy and celebrate in OUR CITY next Wednesday!I was in Manchester (Deansgate) for the United Treble parade and it was one of the crowning and proudest moments I've ever experienced. And NO trouble. The atmosphere was magnificent. As was our city in the face of defeat after the failed 2000 Olympic bid (remember singing 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life' in Castlefield, anyone?).

Thoroughbred MancMay 16th 2008.

I can't believe I've just read on the news that when United win the European Cup, they'll be no parade either?!Remember this decision next time you vote people (would you stand by your decision Mr. Leese, in the face of an election?). And for those city dwellers who are complaining; GET OVER IT, IT'S A CITY CENTRE fer cryin' our loud! These are one off events; if you want peace, move out to the 'burbs!

durwargredMay 16th 2008.

Get the screens on!!!!! or lets go to Glasgow and watch it and p**s on their City! Most Gers live in England anyway!LOVE FC & UTD hate Glazers!!!!!!

Tim CrimesMay 16th 2008.

Earlier someone mentioned D-Percussion. Now lets not forget they are not allowed to have it any more as the residents complained too much (why they want to live in the city and then complain it is lively is beyond me). And this was a successful, popular and largely trouble free event. The wider concern is that more and more public events are being cancelled or not allowed. We have to fight for our right for public spaces and more importantly to be able to actual use them for something interesting

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

let's get a petition together and send it to 'em - bring the screens back !!

AnonymousMay 16th 2008.

Is the match being shown on large screens at Old Traford? If not why not? I'm all for United fans being able to watch the game in their own city.......Salford!!!

Ryan GoodfellowMay 16th 2008.

why punish man utd for rangers behavor? man utd fans wouldnt behave like this,let alone in there own city!!

Dan, M15May 16th 2008.

Err, Jon, I think you'll find that "all these people moaning" did in fact attend... how could we not?! We were AT WORK, as usual. We were going about our business, as usual. This city hasn't risen to such heights after the 1996 bomb because half of the population is allowed to take time off every time there's a football match in sight.

TessaMay 16th 2008.

I have heard there may be a big screen outside Lime Bar at Salford Quays, does anyone know if this is true?

Sir AlanMay 16th 2008.

Football - you're fired!

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