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Ladbroke's Odds For MCR Mayor: Leese 3/1, Moyes 200/1

The bets are on for who will lead the region in 2017

Written by . Published on November 3rd 2014.

Ladbroke's Odds For MCR Mayor: Leese 3/1, Moyes 200/1

ACCORDING to Ladbrokes, 'Sir Richard Leese, is the early front-runner to be the first directly elected Mayor of Manchester, according to Ladbrokes. The current Manchester council leader has been installed as the 3/1 favourite with a number of other local Labour politicians also fancied as potential runners by the bookies.'

It's all amusing stuff despite the fact Ladbrokes don't seem to be aware this post is for a Mayor for Greater Manchester not just the city of Manchester. 

Ladbroke's also say if the voters prefer a more independent voice as Mayor, then Danny Boyle at 16/1 or, Lord help us all, 'former Happy Monday's dancer and now political activist' Bez at 33/1, might fit the bill. 

Matthew Shaddick of Ladbrokes said: "We think that whoever gets the nod as Labour candidate must be favourite. On the other hand, David Moyes is available, but we're not sure the Mancunian public will want him back in charge of anything anytime soon; we're not expecting a rush of bets, even at 200/1."

It's all amusing stuff despite the fact Ladbrokes don't seem to be aware this post is for a Mayor for Greater Manchester not just the city of Manchester. 

Ladbrokes' latest betting*

Who will be elected Mayor?

3/1 Sir Richard Leese

5/1 Tony Lloyd

6/1 Jonathan Reynolds

6/1 Sir Howard Bernstein

8/1 Graham Stringer

12/1 Tom Bloxham

16/1 Jim McMahon

16/1 Danny Boyle

16/1 Hazel Blears

25/1 Sir Gerald Kaufman

25/1 Sean Anstee

33/1 Bez and his bees

33/1 Terry Christian

50/1 Maxine Peake

50/1 Gary Neville

66/1 Sir Alex Ferguson

90/1 Danger Mouse

95/1 Karl Pilkington

100/1 Morrissey

200/1 David Moyes

250/1 Sir Robert Peel (deceased)

300/1 Team GB Cycling (Each morning a cyclist will set off from the Town Hall of each of the ten boroughs of Greater Manchester stopping off to ask people their concerns. At 2.07pm the cyclists will convene at a big round table in the middle of the National Cycling Centre and thrash out policy for the county dressed in full lycra and wearing those weird Alien-head helmets.)

666/1 Gordo

*Some additions have been added to this Ladbrokes list.

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24 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousNovember 3rd 2014.

I think all the people who detest what he's done in terms of Piccadilly Gardens and Library Walk will think differently. He ain't getting my vote!

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AnonymousNovember 4th 2014.

What's wrong with Library Walk? Don't get what all the fuss is about myself. Picc Gardens on the other hand...........

AnonymousNovember 3rd 2014.

Moyes at 200-1 and Bez at 33 - 1 they really do think were stupid don't they.

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AnonymousNovember 3rd 2014.

Leese is the favourite so maybe we are?

AnonymousNovember 3rd 2014.

Red Nev. No question!

AnonymousNovember 3rd 2014.

Whatever the decision on Library Walk, I'd assume Leese would be dismissed for wasting £3.5 million of council money.

AnonymousNovember 3rd 2014.

Put a brick with a red rosette on it, and it'll be voted into office. Given that the powers of the PCC will transfer to this new role, we all know that Tony Lloyd will get it.

rinkydinkNovember 3rd 2014.

Why does bloody Bez always appear on things like this? It's embarrassing

AnonymousNovember 4th 2014.

What a disappointing list. Same old stale bread throwing themselves around the filling to strangle it with the dry old interests.. So no difference then? No real progression? And the usual suspects will pass power between them like a baton. Don't know what expected to see, but would be good to see some new eyes and exciting charismatic leaders... but...

Zee ZedNovember 4th 2014.

Please not Tony Lloyd. I voted for him for PCC and that salary he's been paid a bigger waste of money than Library Walk. He just agrees with everything the Chief Constable says. I tried to complain about this only to find they share the same PR staff who don't bother telling him when people disagree with his mate.

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AnonymousNovember 5th 2014.

He certainly had a big smile on his face at the press conference on Monday, even though his PCC job is about to be scrapped. All very suspicious - is he Labour's preferred candidate already?

AnonymousNovember 5th 2014.

DJ Dave Haslam would be a good candidate. He's politically minded and very 'right on' too, so the council would love him along with the city's feckless folks, and the arts would get much more funding. The thing is though, he'd never 'sell out' and wear a 'bourgois' suit, shirt and tie, nor would he want to meet people he didn't thnk were cool, so he'd probably never want to be mayor anyway. Keep it real, Dave.

AnonymousNovember 5th 2014.

What about "Christmas Spokesman" Councillor Pat Karney? Surprised he hasn't thrown his fedora into the ring.

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rinkydinkNovember 6th 2014.

There is no way he'd win. I hope!

AnonymousNovember 5th 2014.

The referendum will be a total waste of money as whoever is nominated by Labour will get elected - might as well just install them as dictator and save the money for their inflated salaries!

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AnonymousNovember 5th 2014.

The voting turn out is so low that if a small percentage of stay at home voters, decide to vote on this than labour could get a nasty shock, but it will take some of the people who never vote but regularly complain to do something about it.

Trish KarneyNovember 6th 2014.

I'd feel much better about this if it wasn't a party political thing, and have someone who passionately cares about Manchester and would evangelise about the City. Someone like James Stannage, for example.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousNovember 6th 2014.

James Stannage? Are you winding us up Trish?

AnonymousNovember 6th 2014.

Not at all. Rather someone who was passionate about the city, and a bit of a maverick as opposed to someone like Blears, Peel etc who would trot the party line as opposed to stand up for the city.

Alex24November 6th 2014.

Or maybe someone reasonably well educated with a firm grasp of economics and urban development. Really hope no MCR caricatures run - we're past that now.

AnonymousNovember 6th 2014.

I'd much prefer someone that was apolitical, that had gone through the school system and works in Manchester. Someone who knows and is passionate about the city. I believe people would be behind someone with that background.

DavidNovember 6th 2014.

You are all suggesting Manc candidates who might or not be popular in Manchester but this is NOT a mayor for Manchester but Greater Manchester.These people have zero appeal in Bolton or Bury and Wigan and that nearly one million of the votes.Also these places have lot more non Labour voters

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Not that David!November 6th 2014.

In with all angry witterings you've managed to make a reasonable point. Well done you.

Poster BoyNovember 6th 2014.

Nice quote from Howard Bernstein on ManCon in 2011; "In Greater Manchester, we have demonstrated that for reform to be successful, it requires a genuine bottom up approach rather than one that is driven top down from central government. Independent research led by the Institute for Government has demonstrated that there is little support for a Mayor for Greater Manchester" Whatever could have changed...? Palm. Crossed. Power. A credible independent candidate removed from same old undemocratic party political cabal is required.

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