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Anuj Bidve Murder - News And Comment

Fifth arrest over one of the most shocking crimes in Greater Manchester's history

Published on December 28th 2011.

Anuj Bidve Murder - News And Comment

THIS is the latest police report on one of the most shocking crimes in Greater Manchester's history. It was posted at 9.54 am on Monday 2 January. Our comment piece follows report. 

A man has been charged with the murder of Indian student Anuj Bidve. Anuj was shot shortly before 1.35am on Monday 26 December 2011, as he walked along Ordsall Lane, Salford.

He was taken to hospital for treatment to his injuries but died a short time later.

Kiaran Mark Stapleton (28/01/1991), from the Ordsall area has been charged with murder.

He is due to appear at Manchester Magistrates’ Court on 2 January 2012.Three other people who were arrested on suspicion of murder have been bailed until March 2012 pending further inquiries.

A fourth man, aged 19, has had his bail cancelled.

Assistant Chief Constable Dawn Copley, who has overall command for the operation, said: "This remains a complex investigation and the fact we have charged someone does not mean the investigation is complete.

“As such, we are still asking for the public to contact us with any information they may have, and there remains a £50,000 reward outstanding.“

Anuj’s family, who are still in India, have been made aware we have charged someone in relation to Anuj’s murder and officers from GMP are currently en route to India to support the family in person.

“We know that the family are extremely distressed that Anuj’s body has not yet been returned to them. We have been in close contact with the coroner, who is anxious to release Anuj’s body to his family at the earliest possible time.

“The defence team has the right to apply for a second post mortem and following charging, this discussion is now taking place between the coroner and the defence.

“We will continue our high visibility presence in the Ordsall area and again I urge the local community to continue talking to us. So far we have received a fantastic response and this needs to continue.”

This was the original article from the last week in December.

Police investigating the fatal shooting of a student in Salford have now made five arrests.

We know this incident has attracted huge interest not just in Salford, not just in Manchester, but across the world. 

A 16-year-old boy and 17-year-old boy arrested on 27 December 2011 on suspicion of murder remain in police custody for questioning.

A third teenager, aged 17, presented himself to a police station at about 10.30pm on 27 December 2011 and was arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in custody for questioning.

In the early hours on 28 December 2011, a fourth man, aged 19, was also arrested on suspicion of murder and he is currently being questioned. 

Now a fifth person has been arrested in connection with the shooting. In the early hours of 29 December, police arrested a 20-year-old man on suspicion of murder. 

At 1.35am on Monday 26 December 2011, police were called to Ordsall Lane following reports a man had been shot. Officers attended and a 23-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound having been shot at close range. He was taken to hospital but later pronounced dead.

Chief Superintendent Kevin Mulligan, divisional commander for Salford, said: "This is a fast moving investigation and we now have four people in custody. Those people will be questioned throughout the day by detectives and it is important we do not speculate on the possible motives for this murder. However, I would still appeal to anyone who has information about the murder to come forward. While we have made arrests, this is just the beginning of our investigation and we need people to come forward with anything they know. I want to take this opportunity to praise the response of the Ordsall community who are clearly outraged by the murder of this young man and have come forward with information that is greatly assisting the investigation.

"We absolutely need this support to continue.

"There is a large police presence in the Ordsall area and that will continue over the next few days. It is important we maintain that presence both to provide visible reassurance to residents who are undoubtedly concerned.

"A dedicated family liaison officer is in regular contact with the victim's family in India to keep them fully updated and offer support at what is a traumatic time for the family.

"We know this incident has attracted huge interest not just in Salford, not just in Manchester, but across the world. I want to stress that we are continuing to work with all our partners and key community contacts to keep them informed, and as soon as any developments in the case are made we will share these publicly."

Anyone with information is asked to call the incident room on 0161 856 5448 or the independent charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.



The murder in Ordsall is one of the worst in Greater Manchester in years.

All murder, all violent crime, is literally extraordinary, and always vile, but this weaves in extra elements

First off the seemingly casual nature of the crime cries to heaven.

New facts may emerge but so far what we know is that 23-year-old Anuj Bidve, a visitor to our city, was asked the time by a male on Ordsall Lane and then shot in the head and killed. Whether the question was a way to establish foreign identity is speculation at the moment, but the police haven’t ruled out a racial motive.

But how can any individual and his friends have so low-esteem they have to give themselves validity by snatching the future of another for no cause at all?  

Whatever the reason for that self-hatred we must blame no-one but them. Poverty or poor education doesn’t make the vast majority of people random murderers, personal decisions do.

We can examine the sort of life the perpetrators led when they are identified, their family backgrounds and their education, their frustrations and failures, their lack of opportunity, but those aspects of their lives can never justify this act. This is something they did all on their own.   

The fact the victim was our guest in Salford and Manchester, an innocent, hoping to enjoy our city and add the memories of his visit here to his life experience is also nauseating. We are all tarnished by association.

This happened in our city.

Salford is Manchester and Manchester is Salford, the other towns in Greater Manchester knit into the centre. If it weren’t for a frankly bizarre administrative history then Manchester and Salford would be a single entity. 

Salford Council Leader, John Merry, has said, the murder has brought shame on Salford.

It’s brought shame on the region.

The response of Anuj Bidve's family in India, the testament of friends, of professionals in Lancaster University where he was studying microelectronics, is moving. (And by the way, the response of Ordsall residents as shown in this MEN article is moving, click here.)

It's clear from those who knew him that here was a young man who was curious about life, open to what it could offer.

Here was a good man it seems, a gentleman - the exact opposite of those who killed him - who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time one morning on Ordsall Lane.

A horrible, pointless and brutal putting out of a light. (JS)

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Javaid MirDecember 28th 2011.

These Bastards need stringing up !

C BDecember 28th 2011.

Javaid...er...wow, very intelligent. That's a pathetic comment. Long prison terms and life for the one that pulled the trigger is enough.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

CB I wonder if you'd feel the same if your family had been blow apart by such a crime? Perhaps the leniency you preach is the reason we have kids carrying guns?

AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

the whole thing is just terrible

AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

An apt warning for from the past?

I believe anti-Semitic incidents (50% occurring in Salford) makes Greater Manchester "by far the worst area" for this HATE CRIME in the UK now too?
Greater Manchester, Manchester, Salford or whatever - not so "tolerant & liberal" as we would all like to believe, eh?

AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

Its people like you C B, who have made this country what it is today a Nanny state.
Locked up in a nice cushy cell all mod cons, and probably out in a few years. Just look at that lads parents on the news, and have a rethink !

AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

Is anyone really surprised about this one? If so, walk the streets of Salford with a foreign friend (if you have one) and count the abuse coming your way...reputations are not build on rumours, they're build on repeated experience.

As far as I'm concerned Salford is a no-go area for non-Brits, end of.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

If you're white, you are met with the most threatening homophobic abuse.
If you're non white, you are met with the most threatening racist abuse.
Yeah, just for simply asking the time or directions on the "friendly northern" streets of Salford. Incredible!

AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

Parts of Salford are no go areas day/night & whatever colour skin or creed you are...and that includes Salfordians!!Salford has more than its far share of ferrel people who claim to be Salfordians.
On behalf of the good people of Salford,GMP please capture these bastards and let the Courts give them the worst penalty they can .....Life!!!

AnonymousDecember 29th 2011.

EDITORIALLY REMOVED. Idiotic generalisations such as this debase the debate and clearly comes from a fool so it's been removed. People honour the man who died please by trying to be a little restrained and discussing the issues - no name calling eh? Think before you type.

Andrea McCabeDecember 30th 2011.

What nonsense - Salford is not a no-go zone. And particularly, this part of Salford is not a no-go zone either.

Yes, this happened on the outskirts of Ordsall but this area is a part of Greater Manchester that people visit in their thousands (Sainsbury's, KFC, McDs, the casino, the hotel opposite).

If had happened all of 25 yards away across the river would the press/comments be saying that this had brought shame on Manchester but not on Salford?

Salford (for various historical reasons is a huge geographical area) and to say that areas of Worsley, Eccles, Monton, Irlam, Cadishead are no-go zones is ridiculous.

This part of Salford faces the same urban issues as places like Hulme or Longsight.

Let's hope that the GMP have already caught the people responsible and let's send our thoughts and prayers to this young man's family and friends.

AnonymousDecember 30th 2011.

When this youths identity is revealed I bet he has a history of crime as long as your arm ,the problem is these type of people have no fear of the system they think they are untouchable,I bet this lad even bragged about what he had done.

AnonymousDecember 31st 2011.

I feel ashamed to be from Manchester. I cannot comprehend what makes some people so twisted and evil. I feel sick reading about this mindless murder.

I truly hope when the murderer is convicted, they face the harshest punishment available. Unfortunately I feel our legal system is far too weak.

Furthermore no punishment will bring Anuj back.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 31st 2011.

Tim from London says the bright students from Asia etc are coming here to study in a superior world class country/environment.
Obviously the Indian students and his mates that strayed into the ordsall estate manchester werent that bright. One got shot in the head and paid for with his life. Indian papers were screaming with headlines about how a student from a well to do rich family got shot etc etc . There are plenty of such Indians enrolling in nameless uni's in UK for a 10-20K fee . They do not realise that they are just circulating money into the UK economy and these uni's and the surroundings they are in are absolute shitholes. They are better off studying in India itself. Most of UK now is descending to a slum status and hope the Indians stop thinking about it as a paradise where they can study and get jobs. Its just full of yobs and drunken trash and definitely no prospect of jobs even for the indigenious british graduates.

AnonymousDecember 31st 2011.

Think I've reached the stage where it seems too much effort is made trying to understand why anybody would commit such senseless acts.
I've lived in Salford/Manchester for most of my life. The number of unprovoked attacks in Gtr MCR reported these days, having a job where I travel to different parts of Gtr MCR on public transport and a hostility I see and experience, I can't say I feel safe.

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