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Joe Akka of Panacea jailed

Posh bar boss gets 13 months for attacking customer

Published on April 20th 2007.

Joe Akka of Panacea jailed

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JohnApril 20th 2007.

Stick to the friggin point does have a point, we've wandered off the point somewhat, seduced by the delights of lampooning a bar that sets itself up to be sophisticated whilst attracting a clientele with all the sophistication of a used teabag.However the point that Mr. Point himself misses is that had the judge perceived this as an unprovoked incident then both the sentence and compensation would be woefully inadequate for the level of injury sustained. It's become fairly obvious that the 'victim' did provoke Joe and whilst I'm totally against violence I can see that a Jewish guy who probably endured years of racist abuse in the Lord of the Flies like environment that passes for the educational system in this country is probably carrying around a great deal of suppressed rage just waiting for the likes of Mr. Docksey to press his buttons. Technically it's no excuse but the reality is that we are all programmed by our past experiences good and bad. Maybe the verdict was that rarest of things, judicial wisdom, with the judge awarding Docksey just enough to sit at home printing National Front leaflets.

andyApril 20th 2007.

Can't quite believe you have chosen to publish this crap. How pretentious!!! Are there not more important things happening in this city?

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.


ZoeApril 20th 2007.


AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

To all of you that have something negative to say about this man and his bar clearly have nothing better to do than sit infront of your PC's reading the SH*T that comes from the media and then commenting on it. Stay out of it or even better, stay in your low life shanties where you clearly all belong and to all the guys and girls at Panacea, keep it up. Your all fantastic and those of you who have negaitive things to say......stay the F**k at away!!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.


AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Tom. Youv'e just hit the nail on the head! Mr Docksey apparently suffered his horific injury by banging his head on the paving stone - if that was the case Joe Akka would not be liable!!!! Your obviously a close friend of Joe's and money is all that your lot are bothered about!! Mr Docksey no doubt will have a long recovery process to go through before any money can compensate his injury.

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Has anybody spared a thought for Wayne Dockseys parents? Joe will be back with us in a few months, Mr & Mrs Docksey will never again have the same son back with them!! I think we can clearly see from the cctv that Joe Akka lost it, how dare anyone stand up to him? Big of him though isn't it when he is surrounded by bouncers! By the way, big wall of silence fell over Panacea that night some people were obviously reminded where their loyalties should lie! Not with a dying man on the floor outside!?!?

SarahApril 20th 2007.

I do think it was right that Joe went to jail as he broke the law but as a witness the night of the attack and a good friend several members of staff allow me to clear a few matters up. I saw exactly what happened that night. The guy wasn't asking for his coat back, he certainly did not get kicked in the head and he most definitely did abuse staff in the bar downstairs. He was rightly asked to leave after being given several warnings by management, including Mr Akka. I have no doubt that he only consumed a small amount of champagne as maybe he had no need for any further stimulant. The extent of his injuries was horrific but was as a result of him ricocheting off the parked car and not as a result of the force of Joe's punch. Panacea is pretentious but in my experience only those who have been refused entry feel the need to slag it off. I spend a lot of time at Panacea and it is very rare that there is any trouble. It is very difficult to maintain this in any bar (see Cocoa Rooms). As for it not being the best bar in Manchester I am curious as to what other venue could be said to rival Panacea in terms of standards, quality of service and innovation. Tiger Tiger perhaps?

Another innocent victimApril 20th 2007.

There seems to be a trend emerging in Joe Akka's behaviour...Last night whilst enjoying some quiet drinks with professional friends, I was approached by a short guy dressed in a disheveled cream shirt who proceeded to remove a friend's Porn Star Martini from the table. At the time, my friends were visiting the ladies room, and I was simply an innocent woman sat alone. I felt isolated and intimidated by his aggressive and unreasonable behaviour. When questioned as to why a 'stranger' (Akka) was trying to steal my friend's cocktail, I was told that it had a 'tea spoon' in it. My calm response involved explaining that this cocktail and the previous four that my friend had bought, had all been served with a spoon. His reply was 'I'm taking your drink'. I said 'I'm afraid not'...'it's my friend's'. Within seconds, I was approached by a small 'bald bouncer' who escorted me - without explanation - off the premises. I explained that I was with three friends who would all be concerned as to what had happened to me. I remained cool, calm and collected as I left as the bouncer threatened to physically remove me - 'drag me out' - if I did not move there and then. About ten minutes later, my friends who had not been informed of my whereabouts exited the club to look for me. We proceeded to attempt to discuss the reasons as to why exactly I had been asked to leave. And of course, during this time, there was no sign of Akka. The bouncers had no rational explanation (hmmm, surprising!) as to why I was asked to leave..and as we were very aware of Akka's violent behaviour towards women, we thought it best to leave. We left £50 worth of drinks on the table - I only hope that Akka got his spoon in the end!!....

lisaApril 20th 2007.

nabeel you are a w*nker. nuff said!!!

NikkiApril 20th 2007.

I am greatful that justice has been served (still think it's a short jail term for giving someone lasting brain damage!) I have experence of this man who is known for his violent outbursts ....Ive seen it first hand. He is also a very sexist man who laughed in my face when I applied for a bartenders job, because I am female (and might I add an award winning bartender..so shows what he knows!) My thoughts are with the family of the man who suffered at the hands of this egotistical pig.

SamApril 20th 2007.

To the last person who wrote: if your a girl, did Joe dump you at some point?! You seem very bitter! or if your a bloke, did you get turned away at the door one night as you weren't quite good enough to get into Panacea?! Love the way your all big enough to slag Joe off on here, but not quite big enough to leave your names!!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Do you people not have work to do !!!!!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Three things...1) Terrible journalism2) Violence deserves punishment3) This man should never be allowed to be in a position of similar respsonsibilty again

SearsApril 20th 2007.

Marcus, we are not entitled to an opinion because we don't know Joe? My disgust at what he did would be the same as if I saw anyone do that, be it stranger or someone I knew well.Sensible business man? I remember that was one of the core things taught at Harvard 'smack your clients, get banged up and you'll be heading up your own airline in no time son'.What ever happened to my England?

ianApril 20th 2007.

Oh, just one more thing for the record.Who said Docksey had claimed he couldn't work (or run?). He said he would be unable to do stunt work. Who said there was a fight? There is no evidence of this.Who said Docksey was abusive, drunk or high? There is no evidence of this either.Yes Robin Hood was 15 years ago - who said that it was the last time he had earnt?Who said Docksey had caused the trouble - show the evidence of this.And as for the injury, I personally feel it would be rather unlikely to sustain such damage from a fall and banged head.Wayne Docksey was ejected and then attacked - FACTIf he had not been attacked he would not have sustained the injury to his skull and clot to his brain. FACTHe was in hospital for 3 months and his injury still causes him problems - FACTHe will not be able to work in some of the areas he has relied on for his living - FACTAkka was found guilty - FACTThis incident should never have happened - FACTPeople should be safe to go out, get drunk and be ejected without being attacked - FACTAnd answer one question honestly - would you swap places? Go out, get attacked, sustain injury, 3 months in hospital, recuperation, plate in head, deafness etc in exchange for £10k I'm absolutely certain that I wouldn't.

city commentatorApril 20th 2007.

Panacea is full of monied scallywags and ridiculous looking cheshire set women. Amongst the premium bars of Manchester it has earned a reputation for being full of class-less wannabies. The nouvea rich If you are ever in need of an excuse to hate mankind, Panacea is well worth a visit.

KarenApril 20th 2007.

I have never read such utter rubbish!!!!(you idiot tom.)Try to work yes and get back to normal yes get on with his life after a traumatic 9 months yes why should'nt he. I have worked in the rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury for quite some time and know what I am talking about not like you Tom who does'nt have a brain!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Think its time everyone moved on from this story, its happened and its been dealt with.....END OF. There are bigger stories of far greater consequence going on in the world that deserve your attention. MOVE ON.........

NeilApril 20th 2007.

I think there's a lot of pro-Panacea and pro-Akka people on here missing the point entirely. As a regular of Panacea, I know that most of the anti-Panacea comments are as true as the pro-Panacea comments. The problem that people are missing (especially if they try and put an arguement forward without watching the video or hearing about the court case) is that this wasn't some thug in Brannigans or Squares. This was a licensed bar manager who punched a guy who has his hands in his pockets asking for his jacket back. The video actual saves Akka because it doesn't show the bit where he alledgely kicks or stamps on the guys head as he's down. The reaction from the people in the queue (including the doormen) obviously shows that this wasn't simply a punch followed with head hitting kerb. And if it was a bar manager or doorman in a less trendy bar dishing out such physically unprovoked violence, there would be far more people on here shouting for the license to be revoked. I will not be revisiting Panacea after watching that video. It's a shame becuase it is a great bar - I'd rather my money goes to more respectable people, regardless of how 'sorry' Akka may be.

fair and balancedApril 20th 2007.

Anonymous says.." strange that a lot of these rants are were posted by anon people, particularly the rants that claim this thug has had a raw deal, friends and associates do you think, hmm I wonder."said by someone who called himself annonymous..says it all

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Why does everything in this country have to become a racist incident? As far as anyone knows racsim was not even mentioned in court, if it had the media would be all over it! Please stop writing this c**p it's total rubbish!

Lucy is an idiotApril 20th 2007.

lucy is a prat i agree. put her with joe akka and you get dumb and dumber.hey lucy why dont you tell me, what happens if your dad was knocked out By Joe or your brotehr? What would you be saying then. Get a brain you mong!

Mike HuntApril 20th 2007.


TomApril 20th 2007.

£10,000 isnt going to go that far when you consider his last film Robin Hood was approximately 15 years ago! Perhaps all concerned for him and his well being, would like to chip in and help out, (including Philip Burke) but before you do part with your HARD EARNED cash, you should be aware, Mr Docksey has been working and was seen running up and down the court's stairs, so everything is not quite what it seems, but then he could aways go out and get drunk again...!

annieApril 20th 2007.

Joe Akka for President. Leave the Doc alone. You have just shown how inteligent the conversation must be in this club. 1. He was hit on the left side. 2. His right side serious injured.Could it be because as he was hit he was knocked off balance (as any boxer would know)banged his head on a car and then hit the floor.Or are you saying it could not be Joes fault as he hit him on the right side so therfore the sever injury was not Joes fault. The explanation therfore must be he was hit fell, and was seriously damaged, this may not have been Joes intention but he also at the time was not in the real world either. The Doc was replying to some one who must have said you can get this sort of injury falling. I also work in the NHS and would suggest possibly falling from a great height would cause this type of injury slipping off the edge. Not being pushed/punched or bounced out of a night club. Joe may be sorry it should act as a warning to others who want to bounce people around. We are not ninja turtles. We do bleed and die at the hands of our own species. To the rant that says they are discusted that we express our opinions,its called free press.

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

to "so much love".....just to make it clear sweetheart, joe is good looking, and part of one of the best bars in manchester, but he is not loaded.

DinkyDinkApril 20th 2007.

Oviously all the people who have something positive to say about this whole sorry mess, also have nothing better to do!!?? Where's the logic anon?

DeborahApril 20th 2007.

why was Joe a coward? I have seen the footage. think its all been blown out of proportion. Just another night when someone is pissed causing trouble. UNFORTUNATE

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

joe akka is a first class wanka and nothing else and i hope and pray that one day he gets his what he deserves and more.and as for all these lovely girls sticking up for him.please get a life and cop yourself on everybody joe meets he thinks there all below him anyway so why you should all worry i don't know.what a loser he is.

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

joe was also seen punching a woman in the face, knocking her out in the street, is this a case of small man syndrome??

VictimApril 20th 2007.

I have for the very first time seen this page and am disgusted by some of the postings and also lifted by a few others. one that stands out is:A MAN IN THE KNOW says.." I've just read all these rants and I'll admit to feeling sick to the stomach. That anyone feels its right to give their personal judgement over the case without knowing all the facts is juvenile. A bad thing happened, a mistake was made and is being paid for. That a man was escorted out of the premises for abusing staff is true, that a man was then racially abusive is true, that another man lost his rag and hit smoeone (which is inexcusable) is true, that a man fell to the ground after consuming more Champagne than is normal (3 bottles) then hit his head on a kirbstone is true, that this case has been going on for months with the victim asking for HUGE amounts of compensation before going to court is true, that justice has been done - this was a bad thing is true.... the rest written by bitter people who think they're too important to queue when a venue is full, have a word with yourself...."I do feel the need to state some facts and dispel some the lies being posted on here.On the night I did not abuse anyone including the staff and my attacker, was not in any way or have ever been racially abusive to anyone including my attacker, I did not comsume large amounts of any type of alcohol, in fact i had only consumed a half a glass of champagne that night, not 3 bottles, I did not hit my head on the kerbstone unless I passed through the parked car that was between were I was so visiously attacked and the kerb, I have at no time ever mentioned any compensation to anyone other than my legal team. My attacker was sentenced to a pityful 13 months in prison but served less than 10% of that sentence after the Crown Court Judge stated in court that a minimum of 50% of the sentence must be served. I do hope that the man in the know has a word with himself and then sends me a long overdue apology the victim who it has taken over 3 years to be able to read and face his and the others totally inacurate rubbish. I would challenge anyone to go through a week of what I have had to go through for the past 3 years. My life is and has been for what seems like forever a living hell and all I have ever asked for and still want is justice for the totally unprovoked attack upon me. I have and still do find it impossible to find anyone in possesion of the full facts and knowledge of the effects of my injuries on myself and those close to me, who truthfully believes that justice has in any way been served yet.

LucyApril 20th 2007.

MESSAGE TO PHIL BURKE: you have credited yourself with too much intelligence, and the readers of your article with not enough. Surely no one is naive and stupid enough to believe Mr Docksey had done nothing wrong to be removed from the premises in the first place. Star of the films? or not, every one should conduct themselves in a proper manner and should consider other people on their nights out. The court heard in detail from Mr Docksey and the prosecution his events of that evening - THE COURT THREW IT OUT!!!! As Mr Akka pleaded guilty to a lesser charge, he never had the opportunity to give his evidence, bring witnesses, or give any reasons that provoked him, SO AGAIN YOU ARE WRONG, both sides of the events were never heard in detail! He was sentenced for assault, but he shouldn’t be in prison for throwing a punch in temper, just because the instigator fighting back sustained more horrific injuries, which you so carefully detailed as though it excused his behavior. I've been the victim of an aggressive drunk, it’s not funny, it’s frightening, I would have hit him with everything I had if I’d been able, good job. I didn’t, I could be behind bars if he had fallen and hurt himself! What a wasted opportunity Mr Prat in not reporting the dangers of drink, rather than taking advantage of the situation to air your own personal grudge. When will we learn, enough is enough Mr Prat, it is not ok to go out, get plastered and cause trouble for everyone else. Mr Akka, put his staff and customers safety before his profits by removing someone he felt was a threat, despite the fact he was spending money at the bar. He didn’t go to work with the intention of hurting anybody, it was a situation that was laid at his door and everything is so easy in hindsight. Sorry, I’ve just realised I’ve called you a Prat throughout this article, when really your a Burke! Let’s hope there’s no fighting at the football tonight, the prisons won’t cope!!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

this whole site is anonymous....so technicaly, most of the comments here could be from manchester confidential trying to get a rise out of people, or family members from either side......it can be seen from may different sides......whats amazing is that earlier this morning, there was a large comment written, that i read, that stated what actually happened inside panacea on that night, but has amazingly vanished off this rant area....free speak.....yeah right.....manchester confidential, you're obviously trying to spin this rant by omiting certain rants...i thought that was not what this site was about....guess i was mistaken!!!

DIndexApril 20th 2007.

So Much Love. Are you on a promise when Mr. Akka gets out of the nick? Panacea is most definately NOT the best bar in Manchester, it persistantly attracts trouble. Mr. Akka may be good looking and he may be 'loaded' but that does not give him licence to attack one of his customers. I'd would love to meet you to discuss world politics, global warming, the African debt etc. But I fear that may be too shallow a discussion for your obvious intellect. You could always teach me how to write in text though - bet your 'phone's a nice pretty pink one

spudsApril 20th 2007.

You lot are all a bunch of toffe nosed goons, this type of thing happens every night in brannigans and the square, and no one even mentions that. I dont agree with it but it only comes to light when its in some snobs bar. The cctv footage isnt all it appears to be anyway because you dont know whats been said and anyone can have a bit of red mist depending on the situation.I think justice was done with the fine and the jail term, but why doesnt anyone (ie the police) try to stop the other 150 severe beatings that the gorrilas in the ropey bars every night?I think that anyone who goes in these places, (posh or not) deserves everything they get if they cause trouble

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

strange that a lot of these rants are were posted by anon people, particularly the rants that claim this thug has had a raw deal, friends and associates do you think, hmm I wonder.

SOMUCHLOVEApril 20th 2007.

panacea is still and will always be a gr8 place to meet up with friends and have a good night out

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Well said John. As a restaurant owner and someone who worked for 10 years in other city centre restaurants, I am well aware who the bad guys are. So are virtually all other restaurateurs, club or bar owners in Manchester. Why are they not barred from certain establishments? They put too much money in the tills, that's why.

DeborahApril 20th 2007.


GavinApril 20th 2007.

Wayne Docksey is sat on a big fat payout for causing trouble, i agree it should have gone straight to the hospital, as for the guy refering to the queue - if there was so many witnesses to a kick in the head - why was it thrown out - thats because IT DIDNT HAPPEN!! The crowd groans when he hit his head on the pavement. Everybody saw the CCTV that the prosecution wanted you to see, so dont be so niave numb nuts!!!!

QueenbeeApril 20th 2007.

Leave Joe alone, he is a very nice man, who I met many years ago, have been out on social drinks with and have never ever seen him act, in a manner that I found dis-respetful, of vicious.Get to know people before you judge them on a story in the newspaper.

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

I heard Akka is getting plenty of spooning in the Big House . AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH Brace yourself Joe

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Can someone please tell me where the link is to the cctv footage? I'd like to see what happened for myself. Thanks.

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

I witnessed the attack on the lady on john dalton street, no charges were filed as when the lady regained conciousness she lashed out at a police woman


The Pro Joe Akka Comments are funny. The funny thing is your all wasting your time. A man with a brain, unlike some of you, i.e. the JUDGE has sentenced Joe Akka to jail. That’s why he is sat in Strangeways or wherever Akka has been sent to, RIGHT NOW, hopefully learning from his MISTAKES. We don’t punish people with out just cause. We don’t send people to prison because we are bored. We do it to protect the innocent and serve the public trust. We do it to uphold the LAW. So all you idiots can rant and rant, Joe this and Joe that. Joe is the nices friend I’ve ever had. Who cares? He may be nice, but he is a coward and a bully. He is wrong and relentless. His vindictive in his actions. He is sickening. He is simply WRONG!!!!! And to defend him to the hill is a joke. And suggest that the victim was overly intoxicated; the victim was high blah blah blah.... Who cares? Even if the victim was hypothetically, on cocaine, ecstasy, vodka, gine and champagne all night long. You can not, CAN NOT, hit him. Ejection fine. But not attack him. Not knock him to the ground and leave him there to die. Your pro-akka points are, sorry to say, not relevant. Fact is Joe is in prison and Joes has paid the price for being unable to control is anger, once again apparently. There is NO DEFENCE, he is GUILTY as charged. HE IS A CRIMINAL! Regarding the comments against Panacea as an establishment. Who cares what type of people go there? If you don’t like the place, don’t F**KING go!!! Simple solution to all your frustrations, voice your opinion by all means, but on a relevant basis. So many irrelevant points, it makes us sick. Grow up and follow the story, stick to the points, don’t use this to voice your personal grudges. And while we on sticking to the points, can Manchester Confidential not raise the question or debate, with regards to the door securities involvement in the incident? Can they not be considered negligent for not calling for an ambulance or not assisting an injured man or not restraining the criminal Joe Akka from carrying out his evil actions?If you don’t like Panacea, don’t go there. If you feel the actions of Akka reflect equally on the Panacea brand, then avoid it. But to make reference to the type of people that frequent the establishment is irrational and irrelevant.

Phil BurkeApril 20th 2007.

Trendy PanaceaNight Club Owner Jailed Members of Manchester Pub & Club Network were disgusted and shocked to hear about the ferocious attack on Wayne Docksey enjoying himself in the trendy Panacea club , Mr Docksey, 54, suffered brain damage and a fractured skull and doctors later removed a blood clot the size of a fist from his head. Joe Akka, 31, who runs the trendy Panacea club in Manchester city centre, knocked James Bond stuntman Wayne Docksey to the ground with a single punch to his head.Mr Docksey who has appeared as a stuntman in a string of Hollywood films including the 1977 Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and works as an animal handler for TV and film crews.The court heard he was on a night out with members of his family one night last August when they went to Panacea, which is a favourite haunt of celebrities and footballers. Champagne He had drunk a small amount of champagne and claimed he was then escorted out by two doormen for no reason. When he was outside the club in John Dalton Street, he was hit by 31 year old Akka and he fell against a parked car before hitting the floor.The judge sentenced him to 13 months in prison and ordered him to pay his victim £10,000 compensation. He was also told to pay £2,000 in court costs.Phil Burke Spokesperson for the Network said that such unnecessary violence used by the Venue manager Joe Akka was clearly an abuse of power and it was a utter disgrace and this sort of violence will not be Tolerated in or around any licence venues in Manchester City Centre And Since the late 1990s Manchester Pub & Club Network with Greater Manchester Police and their city safe unit and along side Manchester City Council in cracking down on all types of thuggish behaviour affecting the night time economy , Furthermore because of all the hard work done by everyone we are proud to say we have seen a vast increase in both visitors and businesses coming back into our vibrant city centre simply because of its thriving party feel safe atmosphere, and every weekend we are attracting well over 120.000 people to one of the safest cities centre in the country. We hope these events at Panacea will not damage the very good and hard working reputations of many of the pubs and clubs owners and their staff Manchester Pub & Club Network would like to stress that Panacea has never be involved in the Network and has never been a member of our organisation

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Give it a rest, none of you are lawyers (i hope!)hasn't this all been dealt with in Court already!! what is the point in debating over it after the event!? maybe you should all request a copy of the Court transcript it will solve the pro-Docksey -v- Pro-Akka debate once and for all.

FiApril 20th 2007.

That last comment from Phil Burke says it all for me. Panacea think they are above themselves by choosing not to be a member of the Pub & Club Network

LogicApril 20th 2007.

Bet the non aging Arny Hira and Co off Ithika are rubbing their hands. But there again to Arny's credit or dicredit he's only small, cant ever see this situation happening with the little hobbit! Oops, sidesteeping too! Regardless to say, I agree, please let's all stick to the point, what Joe did was wrong hence why the courts decision is to make an example out of him salmming him up and giving him a criminal record. He is now a criminal and should not be allowed to act as a director of the Play Works Ltd(Thats the company that operates Panacea. Furthermore the venue should have their license reviewed and their door team re-apparaised. The decision is final, there is no debate. No one can take the law into their own hands. No one. Escort the person out, and thats where it ends. And the only people who should be involved in removing people from venues are SIA approved secruity or the police. I will not be frequenting Panacea ever again, and think people should think twice about going to an establishment which still continues to support criminals, (not libel fact) like Joe Akka. Steven Walker bettter read Manchester Confidential because he needs to do something about his damaged brand and the instability of his management. AVOID PANACEA!!! Manchester still has Living Room, Cloud 23 and the beautiful Manchester 235 and the new Ithika. Stay away from this establishment unless they change their policies!!! You wouldnt buy blood diamonds would you?

FiApril 20th 2007.

gr8? People who write in moronic text language just about sums up Panacea's clientel

LeeApril 20th 2007.

1. Nu-Manchester is a largely pretentious city. The Northern Quarter reeks of pretention with the über cool artsy types who whore themselves to anything obscure and ‘different’ while Panacea, Circle, and Sugar picks up a different type of pretentious more akin to everything bling. Let’s not use this unfortunate event to further individual agendas because it’s all fundamentally the same. 2. Joe Akka is actually a nice bloke, but he can have a temper and that’s what you saw on the video. His actions are inexcusable but he’s also been very unfortunate. He was insulted by a drunken Docksey and when he lashed out with a sucker punch the sequence of events which followed turned it into something far more than one could have ever imagined.3. This Docksey fella is far from innocent in all this. Nobody gets thrown out of Panacea without reason. You might be refused entry without reason but once you’re inside then for all intents and purposes, you’re in for the night. He was abusive and forcibly ejected from the premises because of that. I don’t think Joe is the first person who has lashed out at someone after being verbally abused. I’m not saying that violence is an acceptable method of dealing with, but when people are in that situation plenty have lashed out, without such an unfortunate consequence.

MikeApril 20th 2007.

Mr Docksey is only after one thing and that is compensation.Mr Akka pleaded guilty and was honest throughout,he did wrong and he will live with that for ever.

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.


Wont be going there again!April 20th 2007.

Joe Akka Pleaded Guilty, but in self defence - Can someone show me the part where Wayne Docksey attacks Joe? Thought Not - It never happened.

so much loveApril 20th 2007.

Another anonymmous bitter bar owner or wanna be club promoter having a pop.Free Joe

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Having known members of the Akka family for many years, I have to say I was very surprised to hear of this incident, but the fact remains that a man was seriously injured, and consequences will have to be met.I have no desire to watch this so called video that is doing the rounds, and frankly why anybody else would want to is beyond me.The fact remains that in the eyes of the law, a crime was commited, and punishment has been dished out.If people choose to stay away from Panacea now, then that is entirely up to them. I must admit that even before this incident, I was dubious of Panacea, as bad news just seemed to follow it around. Maybe its now time for a overhaul?

MikeApril 20th 2007.

To those disgusted that the CCTV footage has been leaked, once evidence has been used in court proceedings, it is thereafter treated as being in the public domain. That's how people managed to get hold of it.

JohnApril 20th 2007.

Well Mark, I wouldn't worry too much about the legal implications of publishing rants that accuse people of taking coke. Anyone who goes out in Manchester as often as you and I is well aware that the Manchester bar and club scene is awash with coke. One bar manager told me that he estimated that anywhere between 50 and 75 of his clientele were on it. It's not limited to any particular demographic either there are plenty of pension age cokeheads as well as 19 year olds. The ubiquity of this drug is undoubtedly one of the major causes of the levels of violence in this town but it rarely gets mentioned. I've worked in the music industry for many years where it's just not done to point out that taking charlie is pathetic rather than cool. A major contribution to making nights out in Manchester safer would be to bar all the dealers. The licensees know exactly who they are as noted by one of your edited out correspondents who was complaining of the pimp and his entourage sweeping past to the front of the queue. Perhaps the powers that be could compell establishments to install those electronic drug sniffers rather than the totally unused disabled lifts that the PC brigade force on everyone.

mikeApril 20th 2007.

I see my comments have been deleted!I guess Joe still has friends who are keeping him safe, he is a thug he's done this before and will again, I know this will be deleted but seems Manchester confidential is really Manchester Propaganda.

BoltonredApril 20th 2007.

What a change from the first story you published on this issue, when you appeared to be defending Mr Akka!! After seeing the CCTV footage I am disgusted that he had the nerve to say that Mr Docksey was about to attack him. You abviously have a relationship with Panacea and have felt the need to publish this short article to compensate for the utter cr@p you wrote in the first place.

Hugh Jarrs - ManchesterApril 20th 2007.

Criminals deserve to be locked up, simple. You can’t go round punching people, idiots defending him, imagine if he did that to your brother, father, cousin, best friend.... Would you stand for it then? Would you f**k? Fair enough you may be his friend, but the man made a mistake, he was unlucky, but most of all he was cowardly wrong. This is a joke. There is no debate. What don’t you understand about our justice system? Is it there for a laugh? Why do we have police? Why do bars have security? It's for them to deal with not vigilantes or egotistical arrogant individuals. NO ONE, NO ONE AT ALL is above the law.Panacea has lost my business and my friends business and my family’s business. Watch the video footage, its sickening, Joe Akka makes me sick, and I can not believe the judge has only sentenced him with 13 months, I hope the victim go after him for further damages. I think the police should re-open the case and investigate the involvement of the security. If they didn’t call an ambulance who did? If they didn’t is that negligence? I'm not a lawyer but it needs to be addressed and quickly... I will personally making a complaint to Michael Todd on Monday afternoon.PS: I agree there are some stupid comments made above, people need their brains and intellect testing together with their logic patterns!!!!!

Won't being going there again!April 20th 2007.

There are a lot of ladies supporting Akka on here! Are you hoping your support will be personally appreciated on his return? Good Luck to you all, There are not many people who would want to be with someone who has the ability to descend into a red rage for no justifiable reason. Furthermore, someone has mentioned that Akka is not loaded, I agree, it's all a front!Also, for those of you commenting on the injury without havng a medical degree, an injury on the right side of the brain is caused by a blow to the left side of the head, the brain was hit with such force that it was pushed to the otherside of the skull, that is where the damage was inflicted. Finally, I am very reliably informed that there was no footage inside the bar of any altercation with Mr Docksey, Joe Akka was playing school boy bully. He's now in the biggest all boys school in Manchester, I hope he learns his lesson!

NabeelApril 20th 2007.

Joe SMakka @ PAN A SEE YA!!! Brillaint!!! Genius! Why dont we see how powerful this tool is and voice our complaints to manchester licensing to revoke the Pana See Ya license to 11pm.... hahahah get the Canon from the church on John Dalton Street to make another complaint, hes got some seriass influence with licensing. Why not email them your self: For general enquiries Phone 0161 234 4512 Fax 0161 234 4412 Email licensing@manchester.gov.uk Textphone 0161 234 4919 Address Manchester City Council The Licensing unit Room 1012 (level 1) Town Hall Extension MANCHESTER M60 2LA UK This bar deserves to be shut down or boycotted. And if the police and the licesning dont re-assess this then need to be investigated too!!!"

SaskApril 20th 2007.

panacea is not overpriced... the skill put into the cocktails is worth laot more and the bar tenders are all fantastic.. those of you saying you will never go are probably just complaining because you cannot get in!

Lisa is really brainy....April 20th 2007.

your a bright girl arent you lisa? good argument there. guess your a big support of known criminals then? People get this in your heads JOE AKKA IS GUILTY AS CHARGED. HE IS A CRIMINAL. AND A COWARD. HE IS A BULLY THATS WHY HES DOING TIME!!!!

so much loveApril 20th 2007.

I understand thera are a lot of people bitter about Joe Akka - but lets face it he is part owner of THE best bar in manchester,he is good looking and loaded.He made a mistake and he is paying for it.But he will be back and more succesful than ever.Sorry but its true

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Joe Akka had it coming to him, it was unfortunate that it was at the cost of an innocent guy who's only crime seems to be to go out to Panacea, spent a stack of cash (let's face it its not cheap), have a few drinks and then have the bad luck to meet the delightful Joe. It's karma - this guy is a really nasty piece of work - manipulative prick without a clue how to operate or manage bars and he should NEVER BE ALLOWED TO WORK IN SUCH A POSITION OF POWER AGAIN. FYI I understand he did not hold a personal license anyway and although bought Panacea outright from IRC & SW last year, operated the venue under his company Playworks Ltd and was never a hands on Manager as that in its self would be below Joe. I understand he has just bought Brassingamens in Alderly Edge, and its beyond me how someone with a CRIMINAL record could be allowed to operate one venue let alone 2 - especially given the nature of the conviction. He is not stupid and clearly got away with only 13 months because he had a good lawyer who advised him to plead guilty to lesser charges - as he has had for former charges in the past. As for those of you who think Joe ' takes pride in looking after his customers???!!!' and that this was a great miscarriage of justice - you clearly do not know the Joe Akka that i have known for a good few years. He is a known control freak and i have witnessed his anti-social behaviour many times in the past. I can only presume Emily and Lisa have had romantic liasons with Joe (or want to) to have such misguided opinions of a man who is one of the biggest bullies I have ever met. And for those who also have had the pleasure of meeting the real Joe Akka we can take pleasure in knowing that Joe and his expensive cosmetics and designer suits will be in for a pretty nasty 6 months...

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

to the gately gooner........... clearly you are a highly intelligent human being..........

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Joe Akka already had a criminal record before this attack. Working in pubs and clubs it is inevitable that you will come across people who are drunk and lairy so surely these people have to have the temperament to do their jobs without losing it like Joe did. I agree that he should not be given the responsibility again. Should he have been sllowed it in the first place with his record? I think not...

KimApril 20th 2007.

I'll start by wishing Mr Docksey a speedy recovery from his horrific injury. But lets be honest, his injury was caused by a FREAK ACCIDENT when he fell and hit his head on the PAVEMENT and NOT from a punch as certain press would have us all believe, but when have they ever been interested in the truth over their sales figures?! Lets hope the ruling hasn’t opened the flood gates to anyone wanting to make money off the back of some one else's success. The roles could easily have been reversed, as it was a FREAK ACCIDENT who hasn’t raised their voice or hand in provocation. Be honest, why was he asked to leave ?Why was he escorted off site? and what did he do or say to provoke such a gentle natured guy into acting so totally out of character. I would have given Mr Docksey more respect had he held up his hands and taken responsibility for the part he played in this incident, instead of hiding behind his injuries, because they don’t excuse his behavior. His eagerness to take full advantage of photo opportunities and interviews, seemed to be his biggest priority and it left a feeling that there was something very distasteful and dishonest about it. Not once did Mr Docksey take the opportunity of thanking the hospital, family and friends who helped him in his recovery, but suing was mentioned?!! Joe was the only honest person as he held up his hands and has taken full responsibility for his part - not the actions of a coward. Joe is one of the good guys, its easy to make an example of the good guys, its harder to catch the bad ones!

Emily (used to work at Panacea)April 20th 2007.

I feel sorry for all these people who have nothing better to do then slate Joe without all the facts, I myself worked front of house of Panacea for 8mths, and have continued to go there every week since I left!, the door team have always been polite and courteous to all people who come to the door not just regulars or people that look right (which by the way is not bling or designer gear, its how you work what your wearing.. rock on primark)… you all see it from the other side, you don’t know how many arrogant drunk w***kers come to that door, slating the door staff telling them ‘who the f do you think you are’ threating to ‘knock em out’ etc etc, just because they are being turned away, and might I add in a polite way, asking them to step away from the door, Joe is the one that put all of that into place, he never accepted fighting in his club, that’s why there wasn’t any, only around Xmas when drunk lawyer and solicitors started to act the big I am harassing people!! Joe takes pride in looking after his customers; there is no reason why he would attack this man without being provoked, believe me he is not the type of person that gets wound up easily. As other people who know him have said he’s accept what he did was wrong, and that is why he pleaded to the charge. To the people who say he’s a bully and an arrogant person, you have no clue, you don’t know him and does the fact that you have obviously been turned away from there really make you feel that bitter??... if it does I suggest you take a long hard look at yourself, and asses your life because its rather pathetic!!!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.


AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Tom, Wayne Docksey was not seen running up the court steps as there are no steps to run up, unless you are refering to the two steps to the witness stand where it is impossible for any able bodied person to run up!! As for you Lucy! Did Joe Akka have a barrister to state his case in court or was he left alone to defend himself? Thought not. THE ONLY REASON SECTION 18 WAS THROWN OUT OF COURT IS BECAUSE YOU CANNOT SEE THE FURTHER ASSUALT ON CCTV. AND THE ONLY REASON HE PLEADED GUILTY TO SECTION 20 IS BECAUSE HE HAD NO OTHER OPTION. THE WALL OF SILENCE FELL OVER PANACEA THAT NIGHT AS STATED EARLIER. THE WITNESSES WERE NOT THERE WHEN THE POLICE ARRIVED, THAT IS WHY THERE WERE NO FURTHER WITNESSES IN COURT TO TESTIFY THAT JOE COMITTED A SECTION 20 OFFENCE. PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE RESPONDING!!!! Also, Wayne Docksey was followed to court on the day of the trial. Not only do you pro Akka people defend him you are justifying intimidation of a witness! Get Real, if this was your family you would have a totally different perspective on things. Have some respect for Waynes family, what ever you think of Wayne, his family have to live with the rehabilitation for the rest of his life.

Gatley GoonerApril 20th 2007.

Mr Akka's crime was that he didn't go far enough. Everyone who frequents Panacea merits similar treatment.

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Obviously Joe Akkas Business Partner!!! I'm only reading as much as you, lovie!x

ianApril 20th 2007.

Please, think carefully before you write your message. One man was attacked, suffered serious injuries and his life will never be the same. And some people seem to think that it is fine to justify this attack. There is no excuse for physical abuse. People should be safe to walk the streets, go out to bars and not be attacked by strangers - let alone the owner of the bar itself. What kind of people are you to say 'he's a lovely bloke'? Surely lovely blokes don't do this type of thing. Not the lovely people I know anyway, they turn the other cheek, walk away from trouble, rise above insults - and behave like adults, not animals.Wayne Docksey did not deserve to be attacked, he did not drink heavily that night (his blood alcohol levels were measured at hospital prior to treatment) there was no evidence to show that he caused trouble in the bar or abused staff. It's people who think that it is fine to use violence who cause places like this to be unsafe. Examine your comments, how would you feel if your father or brother went for a night out and came home 3 months later with a dent the size of a tennis ball in his skull. Would you think the other guy was probably justified in his attack? I think not - grow up and get some common sense!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Joe Akka only pleaded guilty to a section 20 charge because he had no way of denying it,unfortunately the cctv did not have enough evidence to prove the section 18. The Grevious Bodily Harm committed by Joe Akka was all captured on his own cctv. The only thing I find absurd about all the pro Akka people is that you actually think this makes him honourable. Do you all really believe that if the cctv footage had not shown what it did that he would still have pleaded guilty? come on, you can't be that stupid...Can You?

AliApril 20th 2007.

Two grown men fighting in Manchester on a saturday night is not pretty but not unusual. One fuelled by anger and beer, the other fuelled by provocation but both equally guilty of fighting. It only becomes serious when the guy removed from the premises, falls and hits his head on the pavement. Common sense surely tells us all, that doesnt suddenly make him the victim, nor does it make the other guy that was provoked any more guilty, just because he had less injuries. There is something wrong, disturbing and very worrying for all those who work in security, bars or in night clubs, who have to deal with aggressive drunks, or wannabe gangsters every day, when there is a justice system that allows the guy being provoked to take ALL the blame, whilst the instigator is allowed to hold court at a press conference, trying to convince his audience he was an innocent victim, when quiet clearly he was not. I do hope Mr Docksey is not rewarded further, with a large pay out for his aggressive behavior, as his T.V appearance was quiet enough! I'm sorry for his injuries, but they do not make him less guilty of causing a problem. I wonder, would the incident have gained any publicity at all and would the punishment have been as servere if Mr Akka was not quite so successful??! Its sad that those with a personal grudge have taken such delight in Mr Akka's situation, but then life is full of vindictive people, who really dont care about the truth, but are more interested in bringing down someone more successful than they would ever be.

NeilApril 20th 2007.

Sarah - or should I call you Mr Ben?How could you have witnessed the incidents outside yourself and also seen the incidents inside? It's impossible. The CCTV shows that only 5 people (Akka, 2 bouncers, the victim and some lad just leaving before them) could have seen everything. As for Panacea being the best in town, its all down to personal opinion. I live in Zurich and for me, Panacea is the closest any trendy Manc bar comes to the stylish European haunts. Doesn't make it any better than Temple Bar, Troff or Brannigans though as it's all down to whatever takes your fancy. A little balance needs to be shown. ManCon shouldn't publish all the anti-Panacea messages, likewise - all the pro-Akka/Panacea brigade have to watch the video before sticking by 'he's a lovely lad' tirade.

annieApril 20th 2007.

Suzy get real! you dont do this to another human no matter what they are doing inside the club. We now have Doormen who are better trained than they used to be to avoid this type of behaviour. You dont employ a dog and bark your self. This behaviour is becoming all to commen on our streets. I was born and bred in Manchester and do not want my city brought to this. We are past the days of 50/60s, Mafia controlling the clubs I hope this place closes down. MCC licence board wake up. some one who can bring a sence of behaviour which we should see in our clubs and bars.13 months was not enough for the life this guy will have to lead from now on. Brain damage is a disabilitating condition. If all those who support this management style saw some one in the street kicking a dog would they stop it or cheer, they need to do some soul searching over this. What a great ambassador for the Manchester night scene.nottt. I hope that he does his full term and that injured guy sues thru the criminal justice system.

LucyApril 20th 2007.

TO THE FIRST ANON: When someone pleads guilty, they do not produce any witnesses or evidence, thats how the justice system works. You dont need to be in court to know that - you just need a brain cell!!

ianApril 20th 2007.

I think it's time this rant was closed. It's going nowhere. Some people seem hell bent on defending violence and I guess that sums up our society. As for two men fighting, I think I missed that part, could you please point me in the direction of the footage. Unfortunately I only saw the part where Docksey was attacked, didn't actually see him hit back. Oh, maybe that was off camera too!Grow up, shut up and get back to reading Hello and wishing you were a 'celebrity' too dear.

TomApril 20th 2007.

NOTE TO THE IGNORANT: you shouldn't go around shi**ing on someone elses door step, slip in it and then expect to be rewarded, unless of course the guy owns Panacea, coz you cant get money out of a paving stone!!!

AVOID THAT PLACEApril 20th 2007.


SarahApril 20th 2007.

Used to be a regular at Pan,sorry have to agree. Not going to support an establishment like that anymore. Close it down!

get senseApril 20th 2007.

its like in football, if someone comes in first, then the person retaliates, for some reason we want to jump all over the reaction and forget what provoked itthe provoker was a guest in joes bar and abused joe racially , so like a burgler that breaks in and is caught in the street, sometimes retribution is deservedlets who looked at the real trouble maker who started this, and ended up with £10,000 compensation

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

Surley he should loose his licence? This is a disgrace he completly misused his position as the licence holder should he not ensure customers get home safley after selling them strong drinks in his bar? What is a further disgrace is the people want to defend this cowardly unprovoked attack. Have you seen the CCTV footage, if you have then you will understand that he has no regard for human life his customers or anyone else. Leaving someone for dead is not really what a nice person would do. Of course he admitted it the whole thing is on camera. What happend to the internal footage?

SBeaulieuApril 20th 2007.

I really can't believe what I am reading here. All this 'you don't know what happened inside, you don't know what Docksey said, he was racially abused' etc. I can't think of anything that anyone could say that would justify going after him and smacking him like that. If Docksey did say something really bad or racially abused him so what? This was a very very p**sed up bloke. I would just rise above it and let the old boy stagger home. Please tell me what mere words could be justified in putting soemone in hospital. It worries me that there are people out there that really do believe that calling someone and name can be justifiably met with putting someone in hospital. I hope one of these people calls someone a name one day and wakes up in a hospital bed. It's like name calling at school; sticks and stones will break my bones etc. I don't remember being called a name at school and then giving someone a good slap every time. I played rugby and cricket and there was lots of sledging there but you rise above it or laugh it off. But I suppose if you are trying to save face and have a few bouncers behind you then why not. Now, if Joe had punched this bloke in self defence and this 'FREAK ACCIDENT' had happened that's another story, but he went after him and attacked him! That is not the actions of a nice, caring guy. As for the 'FREAK ACCIDENT', if Docksey was walking along the pavement and slipped and banged his head then yes, it's an accident, if he gets hit by lightening then that is a 'FREAK ACCIDENT', but he was punched pretty damned hard and this caused him to fall. That is not a 'FREAK ACCIDENT'. Many people have said how drunk Docksey was and he had drunk three bottles of champagne. Well guess where he bought them and guess who made money out him buying them?They encourage the guy to get well oiled and when he becomes a nuisance they put him in hospital.I just think that both these people, in many different ways, are a couple of losers really.All this Panacea is classy, cool, full of Manchester's great and good is hilarious. I'm lucky enough to have been all over the world many times and have been to some serious moneyed 'classy' places and let me tell you Panacea isn't one of these. It is a parody, it really is. The people in there are typical nouveau riche, northern orange skinned working class made good types and wannabee's. Most people in there look like a bunch of chancers to me, real big fish small pond. It really is quite funny to go in there though because most people in there just don't get it, tey really don't. It was the same with Sugar Lounge. It's no different to any other boozer in many ways though. Just because it has an expensive, if somewhat trashy, interior doesn't change this. A bloke drinks way too much, becomes a nuisance, gets thrown out and gets a good hiding by the landlord. It could be the roughest pub in Benchill or it could be Panacea. There both the same but dressed in different clothes. Right I'm off to Panacea.

Master BatesApril 20th 2007.

Emily is talking through her fandango! Quote"Joe takes pride in looking after his customers; there is no reason why he would attack this man without being provoked, believe me he is not the type of person that gets wound up easily." ERR, Didn't someone have the ear bitten off? Didnt Wayne Rooney lamp another footballer? Err is Joe SMakka banged up in Prison? Did you know Joe SMakka already had two previous complaints against him for physical gbh and abh that were never charged? Is it not true, not one but two ex employees of Panacea have bought forward civil complaints against Joe? is it not true Tony the doorman was fired by Joe becasue he didnt help Joe bully that old Man, for which he is locked up in prison for. hey, I feel sorry for joe, I feel sorry for the victim, but you cant take the law into your own hand. Lets hope Joe Smakka has learnt his lesson with this mild punishment, otherwise next time he will be going down for a longer time, or if hes even unluckier next time, the guy who he picks on wont be so weak and fragile or drunk and at a disadvantage and will reciprocate as good as he gets. But that wont make things right!!! thhe police and the law makes things right. The door security are supposed to make things right. All we have done on here is whine about how bad or good Joe SMakka is!

AnonymousApril 20th 2007.

to Nikki...many women are employed at panacea. Clearly you have a personal problem with joe, for whatever reason. Lets leave it at that shall we dear, and not be childish with personal vindictive comments.

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