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Jackson’s Barf

Second planning application for Castlefield building rejected

Published on January 17th 2008.

Jackson’s Barf

As reported on Confidential last week the re-submitted plans for the Jackson’s Wharf site in Castlefield came before the planning committee in the Town Hall today (17 January). They were turned down. The owners of the site Peel Holdings, who also own the Trafford Centre, now have six months to appeal the decision.

Those fighting against what they saw as the over-whelming presence of the Ian Simpson designed building included broadcaster Mike Harding and Councillor Pat Karney.

Cllr Karney told Confidential that together with Harding he would be seeking a meeting with John Whittaker. “It would be good to see if we can get together and think of some alternative and more creative uses for the site. Mike (Harding) has an idea for a canal museum for example.”

As for the second rejection by the planning committee Cllr Karney commented, “It shows how much people were against the proposals. That never happens.”

A Castlefield steering committee is currently being assembled to give this vital and historic area of the city centre muscle in the decision making process.

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

cllr.pat karneyJanuary 17th 2008.

Thanks to everyone for the shed loads of nice mails on this.I will reply individually over the weekend.A big thanks to all the Castlefield residents who helped us achieve this historic decision---Also Pride of Manchester,James and Mike.I spoke to Mike afterwards and we will try set up the meeting with Peel's owners---so watch this space.Lastly cos I am so busy in Harpurhey big big thanks to Anthony McCaul for all his liason with residents.He is my main contact in town.PAT

Northern Quarter MancJanuary 17th 2008.

Dave - your comments are really helpful. We don't want to see the Jackson Wharf building left empty, the issue is what goes there. So if you want any crap to go up then join the Peel fan club. However, it is about time as a city, we put a stop to any building going up and actually think about what goes up and where.

Ali McGowanJanuary 17th 2008.

Thanks to everyone who filled in comments on the council's website with regards to the planning application for this building. Cheesey I know but 'Power to the people'! :)

Anthony McCaulJanuary 17th 2008.

This is a great vitcory for common sense and I hope Peel will take residents' strong views into account, work with us and not go down the Appeal route - any decision about the future of this site should be made in Manchester and not by faceless Whitehall Bureaucrats.The Castlefield Coalition is a really exciting prospect and gives real power and voice to residents and local businesses to have a say, take charge and drive their area forward in conjunction with the Council and others. Here's to powerful, positive change and the Renaissance of Castlefield. To get involved e-mail anthony@citycentrelabour.org.uk

Jonathan Schofield - editorJanuary 17th 2008.

Let me add my congratulations to the team here. The building was wrong for the site in question. But just as importantly it draws attention to the whole issue of Castlefield. This should be alive with people, as well maintained as a central London park and the obvious choice for a slow-it-down, take-it-easy stroll in the city centre. And as for Mark M here for God's sake man move out from the conspiracy or ulterior motive nonsense and grow up. Bit of optimism fella, bit of joy eh? This was a good result.

regen08January 17th 2008.

How I laughed when I read in the paper that the spokesman against the plans in the committee meeting was none other than James Hickman. Mr Hickman was featured in the MEN Homes section a few years ago, proudly showing off his new apartment in... yes, that's right, one of the truly atrocious Citygate buildings. (If any development ruined the character of the area, it is this one). This is why I view the uproar with utmost suspicion as too often it reeks of hypocrisy and NIMBYism rather than a heartfelt desire to see the best possible outcome for Castlefield.

Pablo SanchezJanuary 17th 2008.

Congratulations! After all the hard work that so many have put in this is a great result and has (slightly)restored my confidence in the Council.Let's keep this up with any other innapropriate developments whether they are in your backyard or not. I'm all for the continued development of Manchester and believe that something should be built on this site but it has to take into account the context of the area and local opinion and not be a cynical attempt to shoehorn loads more flats into a small space.Whilst I like some of Ian Simpson's work he must listen and realise that he cannot just churn out the "same old" with the view that his work is amazing and will get passed.In summary a rare victory for common sense!

Northern Quarter MancJanuary 17th 2008.

I was at the town hall today and the original meeting - I am delighted by today's outcome. It is quite clear everyone is against the ugly building being built. Even though Mr Chairman was for Peel to be given the green light, it was wonderful to see the council all voting against the new plans. It's about time the money machines are stopped in their tracks (although I respect Peel for some of their previous work in the city). It's encouraging to see Ian Simpson not getting his own way too. Although I love the Urbis, his more recent work, such as the Hilton, isn't what Manchester is about. Castlefield is a key part of the city, the history and heritage must be the main priority. Personally I think Mike Harding's idea of a canal museum is a brilliant idea - great for the local schools to visit, especially as it is within walking distance or a fun barge ride to the Science and Industry museum. This battle isn't over yet as I'm sure Peel with appeal, but I for one will be getting behind Mike Harding and Pride Of Manchester's campaign and with the fantastic support from James Hickman, Councillor Karney, Councillor Ramsbottom and the Castlefield residents, the right decision will be made.

Miserable old gitJanuary 17th 2008.

Whilst sharing in the enjoyment at the rejection of Peel's plans for Jackson Wharf, surely the last thing Castelfield needs is another museum. That's all they can think of in Liverpool. I also share Rob Adlard's scepticism about why a non-Castlefield resident, and Labour party hack, is leading a campaign for a Castelfield resident's group. Manchester's problem is that its Labour-led administration has been far too cosy with the developers for far too long, and the sad results are all too visible.

cllr.pat karneyJanuary 17th 2008.

Bandwagon bollocks--we led from the front.

RobJanuary 17th 2008.

Many thanks to the guys who put the effort in against this.I live in the area but have been working away and was gutted when I saw the green patch fenced off an knew another nail into Catlefield's coffin was on its way. St George's island was enough for my confidence in Planning to be destryoed completed. Good to see a bit of positive news.

NickJanuary 17th 2008.

Excellent news! Big thanks to the Pride Of Manchester team, Mike Harding, James Hickman, Pat Karney, Anthony McCall, Marc Ramsbottom and Paul Shannon and all their hard work, without which this monstrosity might have been agreed. Well done everyone, now lets see what else we can come up with.

mark mJanuary 17th 2008.

does cllr Pat sit on the same bandwagon?

a davisJanuary 17th 2008.

its nice to see that people still care what gets built next to their homes. to be fair, its not a bad looking building though. just a shame that so many worse looking crap has been put up in the city centre - like that piece of ***t with the pointy glass corner, or most of the stuff in the "green quarter" or even the majority of stuff being built next to great ancoats street. the simpson scheme is a far superior piece of architecture. you'll be lucky if you get better... and who will visit this canal museum exactly?

Rob AdlardJanuary 17th 2008.

Its great finally that people have spoken out about what they want their area to look like, too many bad planning decisions have already been taken. I live in a listed 5 storey building that now has a new building twice its height on one side, and planning given for a 26 storey tower very close to another side. We should bring something positive along from this and surely collaboration is a strength. With that in mind, why are people being asked to email a Labour campaign to form a residents group for Castlefield? If residents were able to put objections together and go along to the meeting, and be represented by the locally elected Lib Dem councillors, why is someone not elected for the city centre, and not a Castlefield resident putting, together and chairing the Castlefield residents group. I hope it will be a broader group than that, otherwise it will be weaker because of it, and not in the best interests of residents.

mark mJanuary 17th 2008.

to get involved please email labour WHAT? bandwagon ass

DaveJanuary 17th 2008.

Well done guys. The derelict pub, the squatters and the weed filled terrace make a massive contribution to Castlefield. It's good that you've been able to retain them.

Ali McGowanJanuary 17th 2008.

PS: Mark M and Dave - thanks for your ***really*** positive input. Did either of you bother to help out with this cause? I'd be interested to hear how.

Anthony can't spell!January 17th 2008.


Anthony McCaulJanuary 17th 2008.

Rob - while you simply talk, we act. At the Castlefield meeting Pat clearly said that he was going to Chair the Castlefield Coalition Steering Group until the group was well established then the group would choose their own Chair. What I want to do is encourage as many people as possible to get involved - this is a really exciting project with residents and local businesses taking the lead. This isn't the place for a spat and its a shame you're trying to score cheap political points.

Craig BuckleyJanuary 17th 2008.

Here here! McCaul - if anybody is guilty of opportunism, it's your creepy puppet master, Cllr. Karney. Let's look at the facts: He's not a Castlefield Resident and not a City Centre Councillor. Yet somehow, he feels that he is the most appropriate person to lead the Castlefield group? I think not. I was at the meeting where, as you say, Pat 'said that he was going to Chair the Castlefield Coalition'. He ignored Rob Adlard, marginalised Mark Ramsbottom, and used the whole process to score points for your campaign.You people make me sick.

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