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Graham Stringer, MP: 'Let's Be Honest About Racism'

The MP for Broughton and Blackley on the Asian sex offenders and the attitudes of Sir Peter Fahy, Roy Hodgson and David Cameron

Published on June 18th 2012.

Graham Stringer, MP: 'Let's Be Honest About Racism'

Graham StringerGraham StringerWHEN Enoch Powell made his ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech in Birmingham on 20 April 1968, his main objective was to stop the House of Commons passing the second reading of the Race Relations Bill on the 23 April.  In this he failed. However, such was the bigotry of the sentiment and the venom of the language that he has succeeded in polluting and polarising debate on race for nearly half a century.

His failure to do this leads to resentment within the white community who have come to feel that the police and the establishment believe that only white people can be racist.

This after all was a senior and serious British politician who thought that immigrants were ‘agent provocateurs’, MPs who supported anti discriminatory legislation were the equivalent of Nazi appeasers and immigration would inevitably lead to violent interracial conflict.  

Enoch PowellEnoch PowellThe impact of Powell’s speech can be the only explanation of the dissembling comments from Greater Manchester Police Chief Constable Peter Fahy (see main picture) following the recent conviction of nine Asian men for sexual offences against white underage girls.

He said the girls were attacked because they were vulnerable, not white. ‘“Overall, our feeling is that if these girls had been of Asian or black backgrounds it couldn’t have made much difference to these men.”’

Well Chief Constable go and look at your own policy statement which is based on the McPherson Report, following the murder of Stephen Lawrence. A racist incident is there defined as any ‘which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person’. 

Mohammed Shafiq of the Ramadan Foundation, the Judge in the case, the victims and their families as well as virtually everybody I have talked to think the attacks were racist; ergo by the police’s own definition they were.

To say that there are racists in the Asian population is no more remarkable than saying there are white racists. It would be wrong and a libel on the Asian community to draw a conclusion that the Asian community was racist. It is not.

Fahy’s justification for ignoring his own policy is bizarre. “I don’t want to undermine a whole community by saying “the Pakistani community has to sort this out””. I can think of no reason why the Chief Constable would instruct the Pakistani community to “sort it out”. His job is to catch rapists, child abusers and other criminals and if there is a racial element to the crime to call it as it is.

His failure to do this leads to resentment within the white community who have come to feel that the police and the establishment believe that only white people can be racist. This leaves fertile ground for the English Defence League, the BNP and other extreme right groups. The exact opposite of what I expect Fahy’s objective is.

Roy HodgsonRoy HodgsonIf Fahy is misguided the new England manager, Roy Hodgson, seems to have lost touch with football reality in his desire to avoid a row about race. Rio Ferdinand, the manager tells us, has been left out of the England squad for football reasons. This means that he believes that Ferdinand is the eighth best English centre half.

Every other observer (including me) think that over the last six months he has been the best or at least equal first with John Terry. But here lies the rub, John Terry has been accused by Rio’s brother of making racist comments and the England manager’s real judgement is to exclude a player who is mixed race because he wouldn’t be compatible with a man under suspicion of racism. It appears that Roy Hodgson, a decent man, has slipped into a racist judgment and then maybe distorted the facts in order to avoid a more intense dispute about race.

In the omni-shambles of the Conservative cabinet it is difficult to know why any of them are still there. However the decision of the Prime Minister to send Baroness Warsi, Co-Chairman of the Conservative Party, to Sir Alex Allen the Independent Advisor on Ministers Interests but not to refer Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt to him is blatant prejudice.

David CameronDavid CameronHunt is in breach of the Ministerial code. His defence of his special advisors close collaboration with Murdoch’s News International is ignorance. He claims to not know what he was up to but this itself is a breach of the code. He has a responsibility to supervise him. So Hunt is guilty either way but David Cameron has defended him with his Parliamentary majority.

Warsi on the other hand is being accused of fiddling her expenses three years ago. In this she is in a similar position to at least four members of the Cabinet who had to pay back thousands at the height of the expenses scandal.

Baroness WarsiBaroness WarsiIf Warsi had the right to go to an industrial tribunal she would almost certainly win a case on the grounds of racial and sexual discrimination.

In 44 years after foul racist utterance of Powell we need honesty and clarity over race. The obfuscations and evasions by significant figures in our society are just helping the real racists. The 1968 Race Relations Act was a small step forward in anti discrimination legislation it stopped landlords putting up signs saying ‘no blacks, Irish or dogs’. We now need a large step forward of more honesty.  

Rochdale Sex OffendersRochdale Sex Offenders

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36 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

DavidJune 18th 2012.

For all it's complaints about the Library developments,the political bias of Manchester Confidential is very very clear.Only politicians from one party get coverage.

How about having non Labour politicians writing a column,people who actually might be able to reflect and articulate people's criticisms of Manchester council policies?.

AnonymousJune 18th 2012.

When all's said and done the taboo issue for most politicians is sexism in our society which is just too hard for Graham & co to mention. The World Health Org states that more women are killed and disabled by their partners or ex's than by traffic accidents, malaria, cancer and war. 2 women die each week at the hands of their partner or ex. Rape Crisis are sinking under the weight of calls. These crimes are not to do with racism - they are to do with misogyny. Let's fight it together, women & men. But before we can do that - we need to talk about it.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
CBJune 18th 2012.

D'ya think? No the big issue is not so much sexism or racism but culturalism where bad aspects of culture, almost always associated with religion, demonstrate an unwillingness to change and an unwillingness to publicly criticise narrow-minded and stupid leadership.

AnonymousJune 18th 2012.

but sexism and maltreatment of women and girls is present in all cultures, races, ethnicities, religions and classes.

AnonymousJune 22nd 2012.

Totally agree - the Rochdale case was about misogyny, plain and simple. Though somehow, I don't expect to hear Graham Stringer addressing that issue any time soon...

Jonathan Schofield - editorJune 18th 2012.

David you're off the mark here. I've asked the other MPs locally to write - well those of a different hue - from Graham Stringer.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
DavidJune 18th 2012.

Exactly how many of those in Manchester are not Labour MPs?.Virtually nil.That makes it very misleading of you to suggest that other parties just cannot be bothered writing for Manchester Confidential.

AnonymousJune 20th 2012.

Regretably David if other parties thought they had a hope of getting elected here they would probably be queueing up to write for confidential, they dont fancy their chances so would rather put there efforts into other citys where they have a chance

Steve5839June 18th 2012.

Nice intellectual spin, but he is so far off the truth it is amazing. He needs to have the contact with people who believe that benefits are for all (despite what you have paid in) no need to speak the language of the country - you can get a “paid for” interpreter, when challenged for whatever by authority because of your actions – always say you are picking on me because… and always work in a cash business, you then don’t have to pay tax. None of the above is racist, just a statement of the facts.

I am also not saying that a lot of our indigenous population are any better, but let’s not have any more of this left wing ivory tower nonsense.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 20th 2012.

Who exactly are our indigenous population?

AnonymousJuly 16th 2012.

Ask the BNP Anon

Justin KershawJune 18th 2012.

Graham Stringer should be applauded for addressing this issue, however it seems a bit rich coming from a member of a party which has cultivated this culture of over zealous political correctness, in which we are now burdened with. It is also the party, which for 13 years , almost indiscriminately opened the floodgates for immigration, to appease the guilt of the 'liberal elite' over British colonialism.

AnonymousJune 18th 2012.

not sure what happened to my first post but it went something like this:
The real problem here, which no-one wants to mention is sexism, not racism. 1 in 10 women say they have been raped and a third sexually assaulted, but the Mail says 80% are too afraid to report it. The World Health Org states that more women are killed and disabled by male partners or ex’s than in traffic accidents, malaria, cancer and war. In Britain 2 a week die at the hands of their partner or ex.
Graham could do something really good here by getting us all talking about how we can tackle sexism + rebuild respect for girls and women - Black and White.

Frank TalkerJune 18th 2012.

Problem is that only Whites can be Institutional racists since only they control the institutions of the 52 White societies in the world. Whites pretend this is not true to claim that Blacks are just as racist as Whites, when there is no historical evidence to support such a claim.

Instead, Whites claim that when Blacks rape Whites it is racist but not vice versa. There is also here the usual nonsense that Whites can be anti-racist when there is very little evidence of that, either.

HarryJune 18th 2012.

Frank - on the contrary, there have been incidents recorded of White, Black and Asian racism. E.g. London has seen gang warfare between black and Asian gangs. Then there are Jewish racists and probably Chinese I shouldn't wonder. And the most surprising (to me) is the racism between Afro-black Caribbeans and Africans.

HarryJune 18th 2012.

In respect to this incident, Mr Stringer seems to be calling "racism" where there actually is no evidence of it. Neither the Police nor the victim's legal representatives have claimed the abuse was racially motivated. The suggestion is that the girls were targeted because they were vulnerable, and the population statistics also suggest there will be more vulnerable white girls than Asians to be found on the streets.

1 Response: Reply To This...
UrbanefoxJune 19th 2012.

I don't think there's clear evidence that the girls were targeted on the grounds of race, however, I would say there are reasonable grounds to infer racism played a role. Principally, I think that the 'social' aspect of the Rochdale incident leads me to think that the acceptability of abusing vulnerable white girls was reinforced by shared racist values. It's certainly not clear cut.
What the article, in my opinion quite rightly, calls for is an open discourse about racism in ethnic minority communities and an acceptance that racism is not a'white problem', which you raise admirably in your last post.

AnonymousJune 18th 2012.

to repeat - girls are assaulted, exploited, raped and murdered - because they are girls. The root cause is sexism, not racism. No amount of debate and going round in circles can change the nature of misogyny in black, white, asian, christian, muslim, working, middle, upper class/caste etc etc

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 20th 2012.

yes but thats not the debate the article is trying to encorage.

AnonymousJune 18th 2012.

Only last week middle aged men were prosecuted for exactly the similar crimes except they were middle aged and white. How does that fit into "its an asian problem".

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 20th 2012.

Sex abuse isnt an aisan or a white or a black problem. Its an accross the board problem. However in this particular incident there may also have been a racist element to how the victims were selected.

AnonymousJune 19th 2012.

The bottom line is Pakistanis can't come to this country & rape anyone, if they want have sex with children they should stay in Pakistan, where it's common practice to marry underage girls. End of.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 20th 2012.

Well thats just a plain racist characterisation of Packistani men.

SmittyJune 19th 2012.

Jesus, is it a full moon? Cos some of the crazies have definitely come out to play on this thread.

AnonymousJune 19th 2012.

Same old divide and rule scam im afraid, why dont people get it by now? How can such a small island need more than the 65m people we have already? Why did we have an ever increasing influx of more and more folk from all across the globe under the last government? Typhoid and TB epidemics will become all too common soon if we are not careful as a result. Have we ever been in full employment here in the UK? No. So why the invitation to everyone and anyone? None of it makes sense. Labour brought in as many immigrants over as possible under the guise its great for the burgeoning economy under the "they do the crap jobs we wont pretext" and then when we fall on hard times its "blame the foreigner" whilst those at the top carry on with the spending sprees as per the many of the labour MP's who were in power at the time, our very own Gorton MP Kaufmann made sure he cashed in thats for sure from memory. How long has this been going on exactly? We need more answers i think. Graham at least doesn't own a second home, but he needs to open his eyes a lot wider as to the fact that Blackley, Crumpsall, Moston and surrounding areas are becoming dumping grounds. Manchester is one big United Nations refugee warehouse without any regard for the home owning honest locals who dont seem to have a say in what is going on here. In fact, the only ones benefitting it would appear are the slumdog lazy greedy landlords happy to exploit their own people. I'll show you around Mr Stringer and i'll lend you my glasses. Labour in my opinion has deliberately caused much resentment amongst foreigners which wouldnt be so bad if they hadnt encouraged such large numbers into the country with their wide open door policy. Our own crazy (labour) council in todays M.E.N wants to bring in 80,000 more people too!! What on earth are they thinking? Havent they seen the housing list and schools waiting list which are bursting at the seams? Do they care about OUR quality of life? Seems not. Is Sir Richard Leese in need of some common sense medication? I reckon so.

Karen GalstonJune 19th 2012.

Heres a question: How many white men rape black women compared to the disgusting amount of black/asian men who rape white women. Therein lies the debate. Then look at the reason why.....is it to conquer the white "trophy" woman? Which, if that was the case (and maybe the University should conduct a study into this??) then surely this would be "reverse" racism confirmed??

3 Responses: Reply To This...
SmittyJune 19th 2012.

Is it not disgusting when white men rape black women? What a bizarre statement.

In actual fact child abuse (which is what Stringer is discussing) is evenly spread across all demographics and races. The most likely person to carry out abuse is a close family member.

And, since you want some facts: here they are. 81.9% of sex offenders in England are white, 9.9% are black and 5.6% are Asian. This is broadly in line with England's ethnic breakdown. What it certainly demonstrates is that if you are the victim of any type of sexual crime, it is highly likely that the offender will be white.

Sexual crime is not a race issue - it's a blight on all of our communities. This particular case is difficult because it is a very complex set of circumstances. Race plays its part, but it isn't the determining factor.

gimboidJune 19th 2012.

"How many white men rape black women compared to the disgusting amount of black/asian men who rape white women."

I have no idea? Do you? Do you have any statistical proof of what you're talking about? Links to evidence, please.

AnonymousJune 20th 2012.

As Karens view itself is racisit lets not encourage her to make up some facts to support it

Samantha HallwoodJune 19th 2012.

Why does everything come down to race? Putting things in a straight forward way, adults should not have sex with children- end of!!!!!

AnonymousJune 19th 2012.

...I think ManCon should probably take this page down before (a) I launch into a rant about how ridiculous and idiotic this article is (seriously, there's a lot of provocation up there); (b) Hodgson's lawyer gets on the phone about him having "slipped into a racist judgement" (I literally couldn't believe that rather particular segway); c) somone says something very controversial on this message board.

MariaJune 19th 2012.

I think the point of this entire post is that people feel its acceptable to openly talk about racism from white people to others but the idea that blacks or Asians or anyone else can be racist towards white people is not discussed. Due to issues such as segregation and everything that has happened to step away from such issues like the forceful measures that have been set up against any hint of racism from white people (ie not black board - wipe board, baa baa rainbow sheep) racism from white people has become an even more massive issue. Dont get me wrong I obviously dont agree with ANY form of racism but I think its interesting that in the case of the men in Rochdale of all the young girls the men could of abused and had access to they chose young white girls. I would guess they probably had far easier access to young Asian girls yet they only targeted the white ones. I think that for anyone to try and state that there are no racist acts from Blacks or Asians against white people is madness. There is historical evidence of EVERY type of race crime against every EVERY race. Also to anonymous, yes Rape and sexual abuse is a massive issue, but seemingly not the one being discussed in this article. The fact that the incident in Rochdale happened at all should make the police take notice that this is not a one off incident and there are probably groups like this all over Manchester and the UK, targeting young girls, WHATEVER race they may be.

1 Response: Reply To This...
gimboidJune 19th 2012.

Please prove that any incidents like 'baa baa rainbow sheep' and 'whiteboard, not blackboard' EVER actually happened in reality. Reading it in the the Sun or hearing about it from your idiot friends doesn't make it true.

Karen GalstonJune 20th 2012.

Gimboid, how about some comment/opinion from yourself? What do you think about the article? Maybe you could do some homework and provide us with the answers?

1 Response: Reply To This...
gimboidJune 20th 2012.

Do some homework? So you're expecting me to find evidence to support YOUR assertions? Are you for real?

AnonymousJuly 11th 2012.

Let's be honest about overly appeasing the Asian community for fear you may lose their vote. Racism in modern day Britain is the brainchild of labours far left, it is used by them as a tool to gain votes. The tool is their trump card, used and abused, for better and in most cases for worse, but if anything it is mostly one sided.

In the case of Stephen Lawrence it was used for the better and thankfully his killers have finally been brought to justice. what a shame it wasn't used when The fifteen year old white Scottish boy (Kriss Donald) was kidnapped tortured and burned alive, by a gang of Asian men in a racially motivated attack, the gang were caught sentenced to life and the whole case was swept under the carpet.
And why we ask, because it happened during the reign of his holiness pontius Blair.

Now! let's be honest about racism.

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