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Gorilla Bans Stags and Hens

New comedy club will refuse entry to large pre-marital parties

Written by . Published on September 24th 2012.

Gorilla Bans Stags and Hens

NEW Trof venture Gorilla on Whitworth Street West is starting a new monthly comedy night – Group Therapy Comedy Club - from Saturday 29 September.

Raucous stag and hen parties won’t be laughing though as they are officially banned from attending the night. This is the first comedy club in Mancheter to ban large single sex stag and hen parties which are often the staple audience at comedy clubs up and down the country.

GorillaGorillaLong time show producer and promoter Rosalind Bell has worked with the likes of Phil Jupitus, Adam Buxton and Milton Jones and is behind the new comedy club.

"Other weekend clubs rely on stags and hens to fill their seats and spend at the bar. But they can spoil the night for everyone else, including the comedians.”  she said. "It’s a bold move, but we put the comedy first and we’re confident that audiences will respond to that."

The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club on Oldham Street allows stag and hen parties as long as parties that number over ten people pay a deposit per person which is returned as long as no disruptions are caused during the show.

So if you’re a hen or a stag looking for a laugh remember – the frog is friendlier than the gorilla.

The debut Group Therapy Comedy Club will feature comedians Andrew O’Neil, Dave Longley and Alun Cochrane.

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27 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

DavidSeptember 24th 2012.

Trot is the equivalent of Hoxton,a home for many upper and middle class young people,hiding their backgrounds,with contrived accents and Oi Polloi style clothing.Would these largely working class women spoil their night out?.It is pure class snobbery from the management of the venue.

Manchester likes to portray itself as a socialist/liberal city but there is still a lot of unspoken bigotry.There was enough of this in city centre clubs the 1990s,with venues not wanting a black crowd.

When Mr Schofield views were rubbished about Library walks,on the grounds,of his being middle class,many people came to his defence.I hope in this case people will boycott any venue,that seeks to discriminate against any section of Manchester society.

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Daniel HarrisonSeptember 25th 2012.

I'm all for it. It's got nothing to do with class snobbery, it's about not wanting a night ruined by large groups of people who have been drinking all day.

Put your soapbox away.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2012.

David, your argument doesn't stand up at all. You seem to be saying that only working class people have stag/ hen parties. Which is clearly bull**it.

You claim that this is "discrimination" - Rosalind explains that on the contrary, it's to avoid excess heckling from large groups. Having had comedy evenings I've been at ruined by large rowdy groups, I appreciate the thought and consideration Gorilla are giving to the rest of the audience.

You, however, appear to be an idiot. Listen to Daniel and put your soapbox away.

RosSeptember 25th 2012.

I'd just like to state that it is only Group Therapy Comedy that is banning stags and hens, we don't speak on behalf of Gorilla.

RosSeptember 25th 2012.

I'm also glad that most people seem to be getting that it isn't a class thing.

MichaelSeptember 25th 2012.

David how dare you equate what we're trying to do with racism. That has to be one of the most ridiculous parallels you could possibly draw and is pretty offensive to boot.

I'm all for debate and it's fine to have an opinion or not like what we've done, but saying something like that does absolutely nothing for your standpoint.

Wanting to be contrary or show off how much you think you know about social engineering shouldn't be an excuse for you to spout such utter drivel.

Andy KempSeptember 25th 2012.

David is a regular on here and has, shall we say, a singular view of the world

Poster BoySeptember 24th 2012.


AnonymousSeptember 25th 2012.

I enjoy the trof venues for their excellent food, beers and atmosphere. I wear some clobber from oi polloi, am a working class boy from Salford and would like to think there's nothing contrived about me in any way, shape or form (especially my accent). There's nothing wrong with wanting to enjoy a night out without having a load of pissed up balloons spoiling it for everybody else. There are plenty of places in Manchester that cater for this kind of crowd and see nothing wrong with trying to create the right kind of vibe for a new night (and it's been great publicity for them, to boot). I'll be there on Saturday and will be glad of the fact that I'll be watching it with people who are there for the right reasons, regardless of where they are from or what their background is.

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RosSeptember 25th 2012.

Brilliant! Thank you for getting it.

MichaelSeptember 25th 2012.

Look at our website - http://www.grouptherapycomedy.co.uk/

DavidSeptember 25th 2012.

In this day and age people should not be banned on mass from venues on the grounds of the way they be perceived to act ,rather than the way they are actually acting.of course it easy for Trof to ban them,as they are outside their target demographic .Wil they be having blanket band of any large groups of students.I hear they tend to get very drunk and shout a lot.
It's about time all these fascist door policies were banned and not just with this venue.All those other clubs and bars,like Living Room,with their pseudo excusivity,with some woman with a clipboard outside.Which turn people they don't want,on the excuse they not members.Of course it all lies,but it is unfair,and blatant discrimination based on sex,age,race or dress.Any venue which did discriminstes against any group of people should be stripped of its licence and closed down.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 25th 2012.

The thing is, no one would know they were a hen/stag do (as opposed to just a bunch of people who happen to be out together) if it wasn't for the way they acted - balloons, matching outfits, loudness and so on (been on several recently - went to the "hen do" part of town deliberately). I can't imagine that any venue would turn away two or three groups of five or six people acting normally. So that just doesn't hold up.

And having been stuck at a comedy night in Amsterdam which was totally ruined until the comedian stopped and shouted at the stag do that were ruining everything, I am perfectly happy to go to a place with that policy.

AnonymousSeptember 26th 2012.

If you don't like the policy at Living Room there's always Label next door.

AnonymousSeptember 25th 2012.

Maybe the answer is pop up clubs for stags and hens.

Joseph DentSeptember 25th 2012.

At least some places are keeping Manchester clean...

RobbsySeptember 25th 2012.

Gorilla is my local, so I will probably attend the comedy nights - and a lack of stags/hens can only be a positive thing

to say this door policy is "fascist" is laughable - venues can decide on the clientele they want after all (within legal parameters, of course)

stags/hens should go to Blackpool, which is admirably geared up for their distasteful antics ;)

MichaelSeptember 25th 2012.

I'm going to go ahead and say I don't think David fully believes everything he (mis)types. For future ridiculous statements though Dave, it's 'en masse' - we're not banning anyone from going to catholic rituals.

Hope to see you other folks there on Saturday!

tiredSeptember 26th 2012.

Having lived in the city now for twelve years, the single most horrific trend is that of the Hen parties. They are not influenced by demographics, they range across the classes and have one common denominator. They drink too much too soon, cannot control their drink and cannot handle it. Not one doorman will disagree. The stags are rarely too much much trouble. The sight of a woman crouching with her knickers round her ankles urinating between two cars, outside my apartment whilst another was masturbating some random bloke in the next doorway, will live with me for a long time. They are grim.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 26th 2012.

your wank bank sounds grim...

urbann3rdySeptember 26th 2012.

nice one Gorilla

Mark FarrarOctober 1st 2012.

Good. I live round the corner form this places and the last thing we want is such trash screaming and carrying on in our neighbourhood. We dont want them in the village either the phrase s--t on your own doorstep applies here.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
DavidOctober 1st 2012.

How terrible for your idyllic gay lifestyle to be disturbed by noisy women.Everyone should be welcome everywhere,but you seem to want to ban these woman from the village,would you be happy if venues banned you on the grounds you 'might' upset someone by kidding your boyfriend.I am sick of snobbery of gay men like you.

Mark FarrarOctober 3rd 2012.

David you say snobbery, but is it not snobbish to assume that these (working class) women are only able to enjoy them selves in a gross and inapropriate manner and therefore must be allowed and even encouraged. I expect better standards from all people when they visit our city. BTW Ive yet to see a group of gay men or women of any class behave in the manner that these stag/hen groups behave on or off Canal Street and I mean never!

Mark FarrarOctober 3rd 2012.

David I forgot to mention that the idyllic life you refer to, does not just happen. It exists because people know how to behave. Many 'non gay'users of the village will say this and thatswhy they go there. Ps I dont know about "idyllic" but its a concept worth pondering over.

Duke FameOctober 31st 2012.

Goodness, I fully support the gay movement of the past looking for acceptance of different lifestyles but by the same token, surely you can accept people enjoy themselves in different ways.

MagurdracOctober 30th 2012.

" BTW Ive yet to see a group of gay men or women of any class behave in the manner that these stag/hen groups behave on or off Canal Street and I mean never!"

You're having a f*cking laugh!

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