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Ghost caught on camera

Reader snaps spooky mystery on Confidential tunnel tour

Published on November 19th 2010.

Ghost caught on camera

“Have you seen this?” said Confidential reader Aine Dowling.

She’d just been on our tunnel tour under the Great Northern Goods Warehouse. She’d taken a picture and found a ghost.

This picture looks as close to the real deal of a spook caught on camera - whether it’s Cedric or not - as any in Manchester’s history

Or at least something very, very odd.

People who are open to the supernatural see ghosts everywhere. For instance a speck of dust as it moves on an air current and caught in a camera flash becomes an ‘orb’: a ball of otherworldly energy left by the souls of the departed.

Really? Orbs we reckon are a bit rubbish.

Aine’s picture shows much more than this.

It shows an arm, a back, the nape of a neck. It could be a coincidence of dust, a flash from some other snapper on the tour affecting the image caught here.

Could be.

Or maybe it’s a ghost captured on camera: a digital projection from over there to over here.

And there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

A couple of years ago Confidential was down in the tunnels with a local psychic society. The tunnels follow the drained Manchester and Salford Junction Canal and the group were in the same place as shown on Aine’s picture.

Confidential editor and guide, Jonathan Schofield, asked sceptically, “Are you getting anything?”

“Oh yes,” came the reply, “there’s a man down here from around a hundred years ago, he’s with us now. Maybe he drowned in the canal. He’s called Cedric and he likes the company we provide.”

We told the lads at Great Northern security about the picture of the ‘ghost’. They told us how another set of psychics down there had detected in that same area a ‘vortex between the living and the dead’, in other words some type of supernatural door. That sounds insane, but we’ll pursue the group and chase down the story.

Still wow.

This picture looks as close to the real deal of a spook caught on camera - whether it’s Cedric or not - as any in Manchester’s history.

It’s also beautiful, a figure composed of thousands of pricks of light, like an astrological chart showing the figures of the constellations picked out in stars (click here). Like stardust.

By the way there are more Great Northern Tunnel tours coming up. Click here to book and for details.

We also now have more underground tours of Manchester, deep down under the old city centre on a site that’s been occupied for perhaps as much as a thousand years. These will look at the history and stories of an utterly fascinating area of the city, and reveal surprising stories again of a supernatural nature, in the vaults and chambers down there. To book click here.

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14 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

Sounds like a very cunning marketing ploy from ManCon to me!

EugeneNovember 19th 2010.

looks like a cobweb to me

bored of tunnelsNovember 19th 2010.

it's dust. deffo just a marketing ploy for mancon's poor quality tours (how much cash is that making you?!) tonnes if the tour i went on is anything to go by

Andrea WNovember 19th 2010.

From the little image I couldn't see what you were talking about but enlarge it and I get it. Whatever it is I agree it's beautiful and reminds me of something Antony Gormley would do.

BORE OFFNovember 19th 2010.

Loved the Tunnels, always very informative thanks for Jonathan and his guides.

Bored of Tunnels (yawn) must be a competitor of Man Con as everyone on my tour loved it

Jonathan Schofield - editorNovember 19th 2010.

Bored of Tunnels. We've taken thousands of people down there and scarcely had a complaint, nor can I remember one from you when you went down. Now the picture is genuine. I saw it on Aine's phone immediately as the group came out of the tunnels. It fascinated me so I asked for Aine to send me the image. Of course we used it to market the other tunnel tours we have coming up. What is wrong with that? We'd be stupid not to. Maybe you don't read the book reviews in the Sunday 'papers which after the review ask you if you want to buy the book, usually at a discount from them. Don't always look at the world with a suspicious scowl my friend, it'll make you look like a pig as my gran used to say.

I''ve seen BoredNovember 19th 2010.

And he looks like a pig

J E SibberingNovember 19th 2010.

Is that in the section under Manchester Central, near the two 'we don't know what they are but they're probably something to do with building the station' liftshaft-kiln type brick things?

mmm maybe it's someone that was buried in the Great Bridgewater Street Chapel burial ground, that was disturbed/destroyed when they built the Great Northern?


AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

I've had to spend 3 weeks in London. I've had enough of tunnels for a while.

John14798November 20th 2010.

Could it perhaps be the ghost of Gordo's dignity after Come Dine With Me?

BobbyMNovember 20th 2010.

My question is what on earth did Aine intend to photograph in the first place? What's in the background that was the intended subject? There isn't anything, so it makes it look like the photo was taken to specifically show the 'ghost' which, of course. couldn't be seen... Mmmmm.

AgricolaNovember 21st 2010.

Bobby don't know about you but I'm always taking crap pictures especially in the dark or when I should have turned the flash off or left it on. You must be some kind of genius to get every one right.

Lelouch LamperougeNovember 24th 2010.

Looks like somebody's back wearing a tux or something,but when enlarged,it looked like a face,almost a skull,I could almost see the hollow eyes.I also notice those small,white molecules,I find them creepy.

sarahsmumNovember 28th 2010.

Marketing Ploy - I don't think they need Marketing Ploys, I've tried a few times to get on these tours with groups from work and they've always been booked up xx

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