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Food hygiene scores updated - the dirty half dozen

Koffee Pot and Yang Sing improve but who's left on zero?

Written by . Published on August 22nd 2011.

Food hygiene scores updated - the dirty half dozen

IN APRIL, we gave you the low-down on who’d scored what in the city’s food hygiene ratings.

We thought it was about time for an update – especially as two low-scorers had got themselves retested and improved their ratings, and several more have been awarded scores they should be ashamed of.

"As it stands, Manchester currently has six eateries with a zero. Some well-known places are also loitering near the bottom of the list, meaning major improvement is necessary."

Our initial report, which included pubs, takeaways, cafes, restaurants and even top notch hotels, revealed the many eateries and food and drink outlets that had been tried, tested, and had ultimately failed surprise food hygiene inspections.

Venues are rated from 0 (worst) to 5 (best). The Koffee Pot in the Northern Quarter, had scored a disappointing 1, but several months on, it’s been revisited by the city’s inspectors who awarded it the maximum score.

Koffee Pot manager Chris Devlin said the first inspection in April flagged up several problems with general maintenance and upkeep, including cracks in the floors and hand basin.

“We’re all clear now and we’ve turned things around,” he said. The Koffee Pot was given its lowly 1 mark for hygiene, although no issues were raised about the cleanliness of the overall facilities. “There were only problems with maintenance really,” he said. “We did exactly what we were asked to do, and when we received the second visit four or five weeks later, everything was fine.”

Well-known Chinese restaurant Yang Sing, on Princess Street, had fared even worse, scoring the minimum of zero.

They told Confidential they promptly invited inspectors back, however, and have now managed to score a mediocre three.

They claim a faulty boiler meant the restaurant scored nothing for the condition of the structure of the buildings, which includes the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities, according to the council’s inspection guidelines.

Margaret Gore, PA to restaurant owner Gerry Yeung, said that the restaurant’s boiler broke on the day of the inspection, meaning the inspector was ‘forced’ to issue a rating of zero.

Yang Sing was given a few hours to get its boiler up to standard, which involved taking the faulty parts to Preston, and putting the boiler together again, ‘praying’ it reached the required temperature. Gore said the hot water was ‘back on within hours, by that time the inspector had gone.’

“Obviously we now intend to improve our score again,” she said.

As it stands, Manchester currently has six eateries with a zero - Al Shifa Kebab House (Cheetham Hill Road, M19); Chicken Hut (Ashton New Road, M11); Good Friend (287 Moston Lane, M40); Ismail Grocers (Northmoor Road); Prime Pizza, Bury Old Road M8 and Yummy Chinese Chippy (Burnage Lane, M19 1LH).

Some well-known places are also loitering near the bottom of the list, scoring one out of a possible five, meaning major improvement is necessary. They include: Archie's Shake Bar on Oxford Road, Jem & I in Didsbury Village, Crazy Wendy's in West Didsbury, El Rincon De Rafa in the city centre, Jam Street Cafe in Whalley Range and Rice Flame Bar and Grill on Deansgate.

Encouragingly, more than 600 of the venues inspected scored top marks, however.

You can search the full list here – put your favourite in and see how they score, if they’ve been tested yet.

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28 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

JoanAugust 22nd 2011.

Interesting. I put in my postcode and found Emmeline Pankhurst. Poor result though: she'd be furious. Would also like a list of the increasing number of places which include nuts in their recipes without telling you. Thought that had died out.

paulAugust 22nd 2011.

I think El Rincon have given up the food has gone down hill too

SmittyAugust 22nd 2011.

Our local chippy, Bernie's in Blackley Village has got five stars, which is brilliant and well-deserved. It's a proper, family-run chipper and the fish and chips are second to none. It is, needless to say, spotless. Anyone who lives north of the city should make the trip! At the junction of Slack Road and Andrew Street. He normally closes up at about 7.30ish, so go early to avoid disappointment!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
BobskibobAugust 22nd 2011.

totally agree, great little family run chippy, always fresh, perfectly cooked and great friendly staff ....everything a proper chippy should be !!

Paul ReynoldsAugust 23rd 2011.

Use to live there and still drive down now for it,Best chippy around

IzzyAugust 22nd 2011.

No mention of the score received by Damson?

Local BureaucratAugust 22nd 2011.

Damsons isn't in Manchester, Izzy. They're in Stockport. Each borough has its own list.

Simon BinnsAugust 22nd 2011.

Also, some local authorities publish scores; some don't. Manchester does, fortunately.

AudreyAugust 22nd 2011.

This report is brilliant, well done to all of the inspectors who have carried out this job on behalf of us the public. I would be mortified to find out that the food I had paid to eat had been cooked, stored, served or handled in poor conditions. Its a shame we stick a BIG RED FAIL SPOT on the shop window.

1 Response: Reply To This...
BobskibobAugust 22nd 2011.

I think they have to display their score ...I've seen it on a few shop windows ...but usually the ones who get a four or five

AnonymousAugust 23rd 2011.

Strange how ManCon have a name and shame food scores article but never reported when their friend Pilling scored 0/5 for Damson. Wonder why.

1 Response: Reply To This...
EditorialAugust 23rd 2011.

Aaaah. Damson's is in Stockport not Manchester. These are Manchester local authority scores.

AnonymousAugust 23rd 2011.

I know that, I can read. Given the big stink Pilling created in the local papers, where was your report?

You clearly feel that hygiene scores are worth reporting on.
I would have thought that a prestigious restaurant's kitchen nearly being closed down was worth commenting on.

AnonymousAugust 23rd 2011.

if you click the link in the article above, then put in Stockport for local authority and then the name of the place i.e. Damson in the business bit click search n scroll down a bit. You get your info.

Ursula Ackah shared this on Facebook on August 23rd 2011.
DaveAugust 25th 2011.

Does anyone know why El Rincon scored so low?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 25th 2011.

Because it's a bit grubby in the kitchen, I imagine...

Paul GallagherAugust 26th 2011.

Hygiene rating unfortunately have very little to with hygiene itself. Restaurants that are not just clean and hygienic - but virtually up to operating theatre standards in a hospital, have scored 2 and 3. Some completely irrelevant paperwork had not been completed or other banal reason. The chefs or proprietors attitude will also play a part. An experienced professional, who does not suffer fouls gladly, may not score as highly as an 18 year old manager in Macdonalds. In general this is the reason why high class restaurants have lower scores than say the local chippie. The better the restaurant, the less they are bothered by scores, since their customers tend to be more educated and worldly - and so pay scant regard to the score system. A low score, however, can ruin a carryout or chippie. It is a shameful and disgraceful scheme.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Joan LomasAugust 26th 2011.

I suggest the know-all but know-nothing author of this pompous comment educates him or herself on how the rating system works, what it looks at and the purpose of it. As a customer who frequents both high class restaurants and local chippies I find it useful to check up on standards before I spend my hard earned money. In my experience glitz and glamour does not necessarily equate to high standards of hygiene, which by the way Mr. Gallagher, is what the hygiene rating scheme is about and my understanding of it is that those with 3 stars are good on hygiene and those with 5 are excellent.

Paul GallagherAugust 26th 2011.

Joan, I didn't mean to upset you. Can't fathom how "pomposity, glitz and glamour" was unearthed. Anyway, that is besides the point, isin't it? The comment was highlighting that many restaurants graded 3 are not only as hygienic/less chance of catching food bugs as some grade 5's - but in many cases substantially more so. I just don't think people should get themselves worked up about grades. Bear in mind the FSA points out that no grade represents a danger to your health - otherwise the place would be shut down. The FSA also go to great pains to stress that any restaurant can achieve a 5 or a 0. In fact, restaurants fluctuate from 1 to 5, and vice versa, in a matter of months. Have noticed some hot food carry outs displaying scores, but checking out a restaurants score would be the last thing on my mind. We live in a free country and if a number 5 does it for you - so be it.

really?August 26th 2011.

You think you do. Wait and see what happens when you dis the monarch or kill a swan... :-)

SaffronAugust 27th 2011.

Still no Chaophraya this time round. Any idea why?

NickAugust 30th 2011.

well kebab shops and places like 'yummy chinese chippy' are likely to be shoddy... but what about the places we really need to know about...? publish a full list of bars / restaurants in the city centre with their scores like you did a few months back. i'd be interested to see where places like 'choice' are ranking these days...

2 Responses: Reply To This...
IzzyAugust 30th 2011.

Click the link Glenn, type in name or postcode and it brings them all up - even those in Stockport :)

Paul GallagherAugust 30th 2011.

Ratings are published on the FSA site - so if you want to see them that is the site to go to - why they should have to be published anywhere else beats me.

AnonymousAugust 30th 2011.

Choice scored 2 by the way....

Geoffrey WarnerSeptember 12th 2011.

I e-mailed the council for a copy of the inspector's report on the El Rincon de Rafa 244 Deansgate, Manchester.(Thursday, March 24, 2011) under the F.O.I. Act. This was because a works night out has been planned there and it only got a “1” rating... Was pretty bad! I suggest to Mr Gallagher that he does this too. That way he can have an informed opinion.

This scheme is a fantastic idea..Pity It's not mandatory for the businesses to clearly display their rating at the entrance, thereby enabling people to easily make an informed choice.

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