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Equitas gets the job done

We all know the feeling. We open our eyes and it’s Monday morning – and we have to go to work. Our heart sinks, and we bury our head under the duvet, in the hope that if we hide for long enough Monday will go away and forget all about us.

Published on November 30th 2006.

Equitas gets the job done

We all know the feeling. We open our eyes and it’s Monday morning – and we have to go to work. Our heart sinks, and we bury our head under the duvet, in the hope that if we hide for long enough Monday will go away and forget all about us.

But Monday, complete with its board meetings and ‘to do’ lists always catches up with us, and we find ourselves sat in a traffic jam at 8.30 on our way to a job that we hate.

Are you truly happy in your job? Don’t just say yes, think about it for a moment. Are you spending your days doing what, if given the choice, you would really love? Or have you just fallen into a career that pays the rent? You only live once (as far as we know), so you owe it to yourself to spend your days doing something that you enjoy, not something that fills you with dread when you wake up on a Monday morning.

Or if you think you’re in the right industry, are you at the right company? Could you be getting better somewhere else? If you have your doubts about your current job, get in touch with Equitas Recruitment. More than just a recruitment firm, Equitas adopt a ‘partner’ approach, really getting to know each individual candidate, and client; helping you to work out what career path would be best for you, or how best to meet your staffing requirements.

Whether you're an entry level graduate or a board level candidate, Equitas hold your hand throughout the entire job hunting process, helping you with your CV, and putting you forward for positions that they truly think you will be suited to. Equitas visit every company that they work with, to find out what exactly the position will entail and who the chosen candidate would be working with, to ensure that they get it right first time.

Even if you aren’t really on the look out for another job, you never know what else is out there. You have nothing to lose by getting in touch and letting people know you exist, just in case the perfect job in the perfect company with the perfect salary turns up one day knocking on your door.

If you think that your current job just isn’t cutting the mustard, then let Equitas do the hard work for you,
Click here to register your CV with them, and begin looking forward to your Monday mornings.

Have you got a question that needs answering? Read on to see Equitas’ most popular questions that people ask when they contact them.

Is your question not there? Simply fill out the form below to submit your question to Equitas and the best ones will feature on Manchester Confidential.

Question and Answers with Equitas

Q: I am thinking of moving to a new company, but they have given me a start date quite early. Do I have to work my notice period?

A: Legally, you are bound by the terms of your contract, which typically would require you to work your notice period However; depending on the role you are moving to, you could be placed on 'garden leave' (effectively paid leave, during which you are technically still-employed), or if you have holidays due, you can subtract those from your notice period. Most employers are, though, happy to negotiate with you individually, so don’t be scared of asking!

Q: Am I too old to move jobs?

A: The jobs market is changing significantly, and (though the recent EU age directives would not allow you to say) "you cannot put an old head on young shoulders". As long as you are in employment, you are never too old to move jobs or to direct your career. The question really is more, do you feel able to handle the move? If the answer is yes, go forth and do so!

Q: How can I get a pay increase without seeming greedy?

A: The key here is to present your employer with a clear cut case. Document your job, your key areas of skill, what you have contributed to the company (ideally with figures), and what you hope to do moving forward. Your aim is to show that you are a valuable resource for the organisation, and that you feel your current package does not reflect the value you are adding. This exercise will also show you whether or not your feelings of needing an increase are, indeed, warranted. There is no sense being unfair with your employer, but given that people are a key resource for most businesses, when presented with the relevant information, you are sure to get your voice heard.

Q: Everyone keeps telling me I have to move to London to get ahead, is Manchester really so bad for jobs?

A: Manchester, and England's north-west as a whole, are seeing massive influx of organisations at all scales ranging from the financial sector, to media, retail, and more. It would be a lie to say that London isn't the core of the UK's employment market, however, Manchester is rapidly becoming a city of opportunity, with significant numbers of people, at all levels, leaving London to work here, enjoying the relative benefits in terms of lifestyle versus salary. Ultimately, this is an issue where everyone has an opinion, and unfortunately, the vast majority speak without the necessary background information. The key is to speak to your recruitment consultant, understand what your career path is, and make an informed choice.

Want to submit your recruitment quandry?

Fill out the form below and Equitas will try and solve your problem.

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