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Miliband Promotes Manchester MP Lucy Powell

The Labour leader hands Powell the position of vice chairman for his general election campaign

Written by . Published on November 6th 2014.

Miliband Promotes Manchester MP Lucy Powell

LUCY Powell, MP for Central Manchester, has been handed a key role in Ed Miliband's general election push.

Powell became Manchester's first female Labour MP in November 2012 in a by-election that saw her take 69% of the vote.

Powell, who previously managed Miliband's leadership campaign, has been given the position of 'vice chair' of the election campaign making her responsible for the day-to-day running of Miliband's push for leadership in May 2015.

Powell has also been bumped up from shadow childcare minister to the shadow Cabinet Office.

Lucy Powell with comedian Eddy Izzard on the campaign trailLucy Powell with comedian Eddy Izzard on the campaign trail

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Miliband's reshuffle has been triggered by Jim Murphy's departure. Murphy resigned from the shadow cabinet on Sunday 2 November to focus on his campaign for leadership of the faltering Scottish Labour party.

Powell became Manchester's first female Labour MP in November 2012 in a by-election that saw her take 69% of the vote (11,507 votes). The by-election followed Tony Lloyd's resignation to run for Greater Manchester's Police and Crime Commissioner - a position he currently holds.

Powell said of her promotion: "I'm going to unblock the system to make sure that our operation is serving all of those fantastic candidates and our fantastic front bench and Ed as our leader."


Read Confidential editor Jonathan Schofield's interview with Powell just before the 2012 by-election result.

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Poster BoyNovember 6th 2014.

MIA. Central Manchester's MP. And that will be 69% of an 18% turnout. Truly a representative of the people.

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AnonymousNovember 6th 2014.

Shush! Don't mention the turnout.

AnonymousNovember 6th 2014.

It works out about 13% of the electorate, 87% of the electorate didn't vote for her. On that showing she hasn't a mandate to run for a bus, let alone run an important constituency in a major city.

AnonymousNovember 6th 2014.

It works out about 13% of the electorate, 87% of the electorate didn't vote for her. On that showing she hasn't a mandate to run for a bus, let alone run an important constituency in a major city.

JoanNovember 7th 2014.

But more of the electorate voted for her than voted for anyone else and, under the first past the post system which we've had for years, that's what resulted in Lucy becoming the winner. Low turnouts are worrying, but nobody has invented a system which represents non-voters. It's not possible.

AnonymousNovember 7th 2014.

The problem with the system is the poor standard of politicians that get put forward. They pretend to listen to the electorate and then toe the party line doing, in this case, Milliband's wishes. Powell should be listening to all 100% of the electorate and voting in Parliament they way they want not just the way Milliband wants on a particular day to further his political ambitions. Low turnouts are not worrying Joan they are a national disaster for democracy. Politicians, local and national, are responsible for this. It is they who need to change their attitudes and practices, not the electorate. They system would be fixed Joan if politicians stopped pretending to listen to the electorate and actually did what the electorate wanted. The major parties are so bad at this and this is why UKIP are doing so well. Joan, as you can tell from this rant, I am intensely interested in politics but I don't vote anymore as it is my way of protesting against the system we have that ignores that we are a democracy and the MPs in Parliament/Town Hall are OUR representatives and should be doing OUR wishes and not just toeing the party line. On another point, when are Labour going to reveal the real leader. Milliband is a joke isn't he?

AnonymousNovember 7th 2014.

Any potential MP who doesn't secure at least 51% of the vote of the entire electorate should not be allowed to take their seat in Parliament. They would have to go away and amend their message and policies until they are in a position to secure the 51%+ of the electorate. On only 13% of the vote this woman does not represent me as my MP.

AnonymousNovember 6th 2014.

Is this part of her 'commitment' to the people of Manchester Central (which was previously her 'commitment' to the people of Manchester Withington)?

Trish KarneyNovember 6th 2014.

I wish Eddie Izzard would stick to what he's good at: wearing lipstick and being unfunny. Perhaps if he wants people in Manchester to vote for some identikit Oxbridge Blairite career politician, then he should spend a few weeks in Moston speaking to the local people asking what Labour have done for them.

1 Response: Reply To This...
SketNovember 7th 2014.

Why should he ? Do you only do your dayjob and not get involved in anything else at all? Must be a bit boring.

Mark FullerNovember 7th 2014.

Lucy Powell is understandably on a high having just been promoted, a considerable achievement given that she is a new M.P. But the last quote in the article is highly delusional. Labour don't have a 'fantastic' front bench-rather a discredited one, and Millie is not seen as a credible leader of the Labour Party, let alone a prospective Prime Minister.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousNovember 7th 2014.

Indeed. If the front bench is so fantastic, it's odd that Miliband and the party seem to have been making every effort to marginalise their profile in recent months.

DavidNovember 7th 2014.

Not a great fan of hers but it good if more local MPS reach senior position,all parties have few northerners in top positions.

WayneNovember 7th 2014.

Listen Milliband could promote a cabbage on a stick and it would get a job in labour run manchester she's a non entity but as usual mancunians have no say in this corrupt council I mean it run by a convicted child beater (lees) and a chief con under investigation ..the place is corrupt and I blame everyone in manchester for voting them in ..enough said

2 Responses: Reply To This...
DarrenNovember 7th 2014.

Why not blame the 80% who didn't vote? If a quarter of those people got off their arse then Labour might have to work for something for a change.

AnonymousNovember 7th 2014.

Political parties need to engage with the electorate, find out what they want them to do and then actually do it. Too many, if not all, just do enough to be elected and then do what their party orders them to do. If politicians did do what people wanted more people would vote. The problem is that what the electorate wants is at odds with what the politicians want to do. So people have given up voting.

James SmithNovember 10th 2014.

Talk about backing the wrong horse.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousNovember 10th 2014.

Milliband gone by Christmas anyone?....

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