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EXCLUSIVE: Water Taxis (WAXIS) for Manchester?

Great idea arrives on Confidential's doorstep courtesy of a reader who ranted

Published on June 13th 2009.

EXCLUSIVE: Water Taxis (WAXIS) for Manchester?

This is an interesting one.

In response to our interview with the head of Metrolink, Philip Purdy, a chap called Steven ranted.

He’s from Manchester Water Taxis.

No, we’ve never heard of them either. But what he wrote was exciting.

This is what he says about his project: ‘www.manchesterwatertaxis.com is a business that I've set up to hopefully address some of the issues you've raised (in the article and the rants about Metrolink).

‘I plan to run water taxis or 'WAXIS' as I've nicknamed them between The Quays and Victoria Station. The service will be launched in December 2010 in conjunction with the opening of Media City UK.

‘The service will run every eight minutes from 6am until midnight, 364 days a year, and will I hope offer a stress free alternative way to travel across the city to those already on offer. Tickets will be available from the internet, pay point affiliated shops, the skippers of our WAXIS, and hopefully GMPTE travel shops.

‘I'm also planning on becoming a member of the System One Travelcard scheme so people can hop off a train, tram or bus straight onto a WAXIS.

‘I was going to hold off bringing attention to Manchester Water Taxis until next year but this article has generated so much debate I thought it only right to let you know first what I'm doing and hopefully to gauge your thoughts to my service.’

We’ve asked Steven to get in touch with us about this.

But it is a superb and very obvious plan for making Manchester’s infrastructure more efficient and interesting.

More pleasurable too. It’s got historical form as well, with the river being full of traffic until the second half of the twentieth century.

That traffic used to be for pleasure as well as trade and communication. A river boat service will be a massive boost for tourism as well as an extremely practical way of travelling between The Quays and the city centre. The former area should gain bags more life as a result.

There’s lot’s to see as the River Irwell becomes the Manchester Ship Canal. You start with a medieval Cathedral, and journey through a canyon of offices and apartments much enhanced in recent years by development on the Salford side of the city centre. Then you progress past the Civil Justice Centre and the People’s History Museum on the Manchester side, past Granada and MOSI to where the views open out at Pomona, on under the shadow of Manchester United to the striking profiles of the Imperial War Museum North and the Lowry. The journey concludes at the towers of Mediacity.

It’s a dramatic route that shows Manchester has some geography. We think it’s a river journey to stand up to any in Europe’s second cities.

Good one Mr Steven-whatever your name is.

Dreams like this are always good to have but this one we trust and hope will become a reality.

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97 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

RobJune 13th 2009.

I've done this journey a few times as part of an after work event on a barge (City Centre down to Sale and back) - it's a really good journey, you get to see that bit of Manchester in a different light once you've done it - and I wish the bloke the best of luck with this.

Manchester Water TaxisJune 13th 2009.

Hi Senior Citizen yes it our plan that SC's and students will be able to use their passes on our WAXIS

ray johnson watermarque MarineJune 13th 2009.

cas you have If you cant back it up Im alwys aviable if you want to see me By the way I was in blue chip sales mangement when I was younger ,there is no need to cut and thrust to get things done maybe the recession is hurting people more than we thought ?

CasJune 13th 2009.

That Heron is called Harry, I used to have an apartment at the Edge overhanging the water and he was always there. Sally the swan is much nicer, she would come outside at the same time every evening for bread, honestly I loved that swan! ManCon was it you guys I've just seen in Don Marco reviewing it?

DesignbydaveJune 13th 2009.

At the risk of getting involved in what may appear to have become a bit of a personal attack. I felt that I needed to have my say in this matter. I am the designer who has been working with Steve for the past 6 months or so. I created the identity and we're currently looking at advertising and marketing material. At the end of the day, i don't know the ins and outs of the story. But I trust Steve 100% and believe in his idea. I love this City and want things like this to happen. So to me, it's imperative that we all get behind good ideas. At the end of the day, isn't that what Manchester is all about? Good luck Steve.

ermJune 13th 2009.

I stand corrected. Thank goodness for Maths.

FiJune 13th 2009.

The post above is interesting - there were people on this site, regular ranters, who were offering to back this guy - I did wonder why it had not been done before - the Peel Holdings attempt failed - now it's a little clearer

mJune 13th 2009.

May I suggest that with 82,000 visitors per day and virtually non-existent public transport links, Steven targets leisurely ferrying people to and from the Trafford Centre. A canal arm to connect it to the ship canal is already under construction and if you could attract 0.01% of those visitors you're shifting 820 people per day. Any other passengers will be a bonus but also a minority, I'd expect. I hope it goes ahead though.

CasJune 13th 2009.

And the reason it's taken you 20 years is?

KershanJune 13th 2009.

“I can see this being huge. Especially in London. Did anybody see the Top Gear race to London City Airport? Clarkson went from one end of the city to the other in a boat. No stress and no congestion. Great idea. Good luck with it.” ... um, that's precisely because no one else IS doing it ... if everyone did do it, it would be congested. But that's not to pour cold water on the idea - it's got to be worth a try.

John S. LockeJune 13th 2009.

Water great idea!...ahem! Even got a theme tune for it ... 'Ferry 'cross the Irwell 'cause this lands the place I ...' So on and so on.

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

Old Trafford was the home of a huge club but these days it is the home of just another "selling club".

CampaignerJune 13th 2009.

Steve gave a presentation at our recent Manchester Waterways Forum and he seems dead serious about what he is doing. It's not an easy task - the boats have to be specially made to order and are not cheap - but he is going about it all in a very businesslike fasion. The key of course is the opening of media city at the other end of the route. Personally I think it's a great idea and I could actually see it being used partly by locals but also often by tourists/weekenders.As several ranters have pointed out, it's an idea that has been suggested several times over the years. Let's hope Steve can finally make it a reality.

ckvJune 13th 2009.

If the congestion charge proposals had included some innovative and original ideas such as this then maybe more people would have voted for it. Sounds like a great idea and so blatantly obvious when you think about it. I just hope it happens so those money grabbing vacuous cretins at Metrolink get what they deserve.

Ray Johnson Watermarque MarineJune 13th 2009.

All the 20 years in boat business not all bad and is good for me and my company in exports (jobs for locals as well) Ill keep quiet now if your interested can always look on the websites another is http://www.sea-bee.com (the sydney water taxis which I brought to Manchester to build for export )

BenJune 13th 2009.

I wonder if this might be a perfect avenue to cash in on tourism? I'd be quite happy to stand on these waxi's, guiding visitors along the canal. "If you look to your right, you'll note three men injecting heroin, and to your left you'll see Hazel Blears relieving a hard up business man..." etc...

CatalaJune 13th 2009.

This is absolutely a brilliant idea! I wouldn't be able to use it on a day to day but for sure it would be perfect to take any visitors that come to the city and show it from a different prespective. Can't wait until it starts operating.The smell thing... well, it happens. Have you been to Venice?

Robin SkylarkJune 13th 2009.

Sounds amazing! Unfortunately I won't have any cause to use it in my day to day, but would definitely take a trip down to the Quays and back. Think of it!

east lancsJune 13th 2009.

Dave, you might want to get the URL correct then; on Steve's business card it's .com ;o)

CasJune 13th 2009.

I've seen the Irwell flood, makes you realise it's actually a proper river if you know what I mean, I had to rescue my dog from it years ago! The smell thing, Italian rivers all stink and they still use them so we'll just have to hold our noses :-)

Bill JohnsonJune 13th 2009.

Bring the idea forward, this is stunning. I hope you can get the money.

secret squirrelJune 13th 2009.

What are the speed limits going to be? Currently I believe it's about 4mph on canals (which also have locks), bit more on non tidal rivers...is it really feasible for commuters? The Thames clippers are catamarans (low wash) running on a tidal stretch of the river. (no speed limit ?)

ClareJune 13th 2009.

The Heron is called Henry, and he doesn't live by The Egde, nor by Blackfriers St. He lives by The Sorting Office at the Victoria Station end of Deansgate. Although I am sure I have seen him flying over near Cornbrook tram stop...

SallyanneJune 13th 2009.

''Loves it''.....what a great addition to the city.

GrangeJune 13th 2009.

Anonymous, Anon is wrong and I agree with you. Cracow though is hardly a great urban river journey, it's ok. Manchester's compares to Glasgow easily and several others I've been on - especially if there is somewhere to highlight the historical significance on the new boats. The writer is right to mention the tightness of the river becoming dramatic as it opens into the Quays which has about three good buildings all of which are best seen from the river. Old Trafford rears over all this like th Hungarian Parliament over the Danube. We're Manchester, a city of middle and working class, from a modest but ovely Cathedral to a huge football club seems apropriate.

ray johnsonJune 13th 2009.

Cas you obviously know some of the story for the full story contact me At the end of the day where will the boats come from anywayThe water taxi we have here in MANCHESTER I was due to launch in conjunction with Steve on the Irwell he was only at my factory the week before to get to me to hold off that launch KNOW I KNOW why and I guess you do to By the way the impressive business plan will contain a lot of what I gave steve from the start You sound like steves boss maybe if I call his work office you will answer Now you shut up and get on with it see you havent posted your real name either

CasJune 13th 2009.

To the boat builder: so you've had 20 years in the boat industry and build boats here in Manchester and send them as far as Sydney, yet in those 20 years you haven't been able to sort out the 'red tape'. Yet this guy has got further than you with it in what you say is a year! Business is about taking ideas and making money from them, after all you didn't invent the concept of a boat yourself, did you? Stop making yourself look silly and full of sour grapes. You may be the ultimate geek of boats and Steve Caldwell may not know a canoe from a ferry, but it's him pushing for this to happen. The people of Manchester seem to want this to happen, do you suggest we all until you can be arsed to deal with the red tape or actively seek investment? So either sit back, shut up, and wait for him to fail as I'm sure you hope, or put up and start a rival scheme.

Manchester Water TaxisJune 13th 2009.

Ray sincere apologies that you found out about the launch in the way that you did but things took off at such a break neck speed after my post on Manchester Confidential I got caught up in the media frenzy. The facts of the matter are that I approached you did I not after my initial research into water taxis and you replied to my email suggesting a meet. Upon further reseach it soon became apparent that the boats you were offering were not suitable for The Manchester Ship Canal. Any readers who would like to see the boats Ray has one offer pelase check out his website www.worldwatertaxis.com/SeaBeewaterTaxiRIB.htm… whilst these are great for Florida or more tropical climates I'm afraid they wouldn't work for our great City. Hence I found an alternative vessel suitable for the task. There are several other reasons Ray that I felt the boats you have on offer would not be suitable for the venture but I'd much prefer to discuss these in private and will give you a call shortly but trying to launch my own business whilst trying to hold down a job isn't the easiest of things to do and having to reply publicly to your rant really hasn't helped matters

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

Mr Palin, having been to the above and many more I think you're wrong. A great river does not a great river trip make. History and character come into it, on both of these we can stand up to them.

ray johnson watermarque MarineJune 13th 2009.

that presentation would hve been with some of our boats I am sure plus if this is ll going to work Anyone that does it will need boats Which we have in stock and a new Full electric Hybrid version designed with river transport in mind needless to say I cant get hold of steve either

Trev CollinsJune 13th 2009.

Benc, for 200 years this was the hardest worked most industrialised river in the world. I like seeing wildlife but I like human life as well. Bring on the boats and find the heron some sheltered accommodation.

WebyJune 13th 2009.

Oh, and another thing. The smell when the water level is low after a dry spell can be a problem, too.; )

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

just had a look at his website,, would be great if they could stop at the bridge just down from Castlefield too,,,, near the urban splash / St George’s island apartments.... plenty of people living here could use them too, i know i would!!

CastlefieldJune 13th 2009.

Hands off Ali, I've already emailed him!

DaveJune 13th 2009.

Anonymous - Mersey Ferries run a regular trip between the quays and the liver building.. takes about 4 hours! Interesting journey though.

CasJune 13th 2009.

I'll shut up too!

SiJune 13th 2009.

Allan Beswick was talking about this on Radio M/cr this morning. Was he referring to Mr Steven or is someone else proposing the same idea?

GrahamJune 13th 2009.

How long does the journey take? Surely this is an important detail if it's to be used by commuters and not just by tourists.

Clever AJune 13th 2009.

These Waxis will do 8 knots and take twenty mins max I've heard.

A Salford Pirate (mateys call me Jim Peep)June 13th 2009.

AAARRRRRR I hears your plight Ray, hoist ya colours and set sail, we'll have im matey. Keel haul the scurvy lout and make him walk the plank, send him deep down arrrrrrr to the fishes and yar Morrissey Jones 'locker. That'll learn him

mark garner the publisherJune 13th 2009.

Best idea all year this Jonathon, let's get these fellers in and back them all the way.

ray charlesJune 13th 2009.

I cant see it myself.

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

'It’s a dramatic route that shows Manchester has some geography. We think it’s a river journey to stand up to any in Europe’s second cities.'Really? He's obviously never been to Lyon, Krakow or Glasgow then but it should be an interesting trip. I look forward to it.

Bill CobbettJune 13th 2009.

Great idea - could be part of a sustainable solution to transport in the city but let's have some details:journey time, cost, speed and energy use?Sadly I don't agree that it will be a particularly great journey - at least not compared to the Swan River, Sydney Harbour, the Venice Lagoon, or Havana harbour! But we can't have everything...

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

Cool, I for one would absolutely love that!!

WebyJune 13th 2009.

I used to work overlooking the Irwell opposite what is now the Lowry. Have any of you seen the Irwell in flood? It happens more often that you might think. If WAXIS Stephen plans to run his service 364 days a year, I hope he has some large white-water rafts for such occassions.

Jonathan Schofield - EditorJune 13th 2009.

Ray, Steven, I think you've both had your say now. So please debate the point off Confidential. This isn't the place for it. Good luck. All we want is the water taxi service to be in place and work by the time the BBC arrive and we'll be right behind it.

JamesJune 13th 2009.

Here's a novel idea - Why not dig some tunnels under the city and have a tube train system? It can't cost that much and I'm sure the staff who operate the trains will love it so much they'll never go on strike and inconvenience members of the public...I had that Gordon Brown in the back of my cab once...

JontyJune 13th 2009.

Excellent idea. I'm all for it.

CasJune 13th 2009.

Ray, you can believe the following or not, I'm not really bothered but you should read it and think on a bit! I read on this site Steve's idea regarding the Waxis, and I've been looking for something a bit quirky to invest in so contacted him, he quickly got a business plan round to my office that I am working through. I was impressed by the fact he seems to know his target market, had a punchy name and punchy website. He's got very far with the red tape, which usually makes me want to walk the plank! Over the past week he's done press interviews and was top story on BBC local news website one day, which is great for him and would be investors. He seems a real can-do sort of guy which again is great. I'm sure there are numerous problems and obstacles in the way of Waxis but his enthusiasm and the fact he now has madia coverage will help overcome them. Now compare that to where you're coming from Ray, constantly moaning about the UK, suggesting that being interested in making money is wrong, throwing obstacles down and making accusations toward Steve. I honestly think your accusations are based more on sour grapes than anything else. Anyway, why would anyone want to get involved in business with yourself, given the negativity above. I can just imagine the 2 hour phone calls where you'd be telling me a hundred reasons why something hadn't got done! It reminds me of a salesperson who once complained 'I've been chasing that customer for 6 months and ***** comes along, speaks to them once, gets the deal and my commission!, that isn't fair' In business it's not about time put in but end product Ray. I'm glad you've obviously done well and provide local jobs but if I was you in the above situation and thought my idea had been 'stolen', I'd be embarassed, shut up, go and beat myself up for a bit and then make sure I won.

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

This is like The Apprentice, M and Erm I'm taking you into the boardroom.

A RealistJune 13th 2009.

Great news, common sense solution, as long as it's affordable then good luck to them.

Levi StreuthJune 13th 2009.

What an excellent idea. Let's all support this one.

designbydaveJune 13th 2009.

RE: East Lancs and the website address...Sorry to be pedantic but the website address is actually correct on Steve's cards. It is http://www.manchesterwatertaxis.comSo thumbs up for printing.com although i did have to check a couple of times to make sure! Just don't want people going to the wrong place if they're looking for the waxi's.Ta!

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

Why doesn't he just wait until Steve launches and recruit a pirate gang? Lurk in those bushes down the river and relieve commuters of their Blackberrys etc!

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

This water taxi Idea has been stolen by Steve Cadwell s over the last year he has posed as a client for future builds or even joint venture , we build the original water taxis here in Manchester and he has been around taking all the details from us and passing off as his own idea, we build Eco friendly water taxis mainly for export as red tape in operations for U.K tend to be too lengthy .At this moment we are building boats for Malaysia and UAE .we have water taxis in Stock now ready for Launching on River Irwell if anyone is interested ? Hybrid Drives or full electric as options also available We Own the rights worldwide for the Sydney water taxis and again built here in Manchester See http://www.worldwatertaxis.com or our new company web site http://www.watermarquemarine.com

RICHARD NASHJune 13th 2009.

Great idea may i suggest a stop at the mark addy landing stage to serve spinningfields/deansgate? this is allready used as a point for ferrying passengers to and from the quays on utd match days and is very popular.

LemonsJune 13th 2009.

If you would run it up to Eccles - Monton - Worsley along the canal then I'd use it everyday. What about running this route at rush hour?

Jenny SmytheJune 13th 2009.

Amazing idea. Has 'Steven' priced the tickets yet?

SausagesJune 13th 2009.


east lancsJune 13th 2009.

Cathy, I'm assuming that was meant to be funny. As the arbiter of mirth, my word is final!

ChickJune 13th 2009.

This idea was floated (sorry) by Peel Holdings around three or four years ago. Any idea what happened? Personally, I think the idea is great and I hope that Steven can aquire the backing and support he needs, fingers crossed Steven, keep us up-to-date

Jonathan Schofield - EditorJune 13th 2009.

Ray, if you want to get in touch with me call Manchester Confidential on 0161 228 0044, but this sort of thing does nobody any good. I'll remove part of your rant above as getting too personal.

Darren ScottJune 13th 2009.

great ideas, used a similar system in Venice from the airport to the city and it was a lot quite and gives a unique view of the city.

CasJune 13th 2009.

Ray, oh yeah we're really hurting. That'd be why we've got pockets full to invest eh? Ray, be aware that anytime soon when a business associate or potential client types your name in Google, these rants will show up. And stop being so bloody bitter, you're horrid.

bencJune 13th 2009.

still no comments about wildlife and pollution folks? my only concern. if the waxis are belting up and down every 8 minutes or whatever, i think its safe to say the heron (amongst other birds etc) will be a thing of the past...

MathsJune 13th 2009.

Starting point = 82,000: 10% is 8,200: 1% is 820: 0.1% is 82: 0.01% is 8.2:

TaranJune 13th 2009.

It would be interesting to know whether there are just two stops i.e. at the beginning and the end, or others, which in, what, a twenty minute journey add too long. Also how many boats would you need and at what capacity? This is a supern idea, but it seems ambitious and I understand that. It has to have frequent journeys otherwise people wouldn't use it.

ray johnsonJune 13th 2009.

Paul M I have always been of the old school of as handshake is what was needed before it gets contractual, never had any problems with anyone outside u.k .certainly learnt this time.Still has to become a reality and thats a long way off , I did do some research on the actual waterway over two years ago in conjunction with an adviser to a well known bus company as a feasability study, that did not go any further due to various reasons which were discovered. Hope it does work though whoever gets to do it ,it livens up tiered and non utilised areas

fiJune 13th 2009.

I notice Steve has gone very quiet - let's hear his side of the story

bencJune 13th 2009.

A good idea and exciting. My only issue is pollution of waterways that we are still cleaning up. As a city jogger, I often run from castlefield to the quays and over recent years I have enjoyed seeing the wildlife population growing. This could be a major disruption to fish birds, anglers and who knows what. Also I presume there are speed limits on the waterways...?

paulmJune 13th 2009.

Ray, I learnt the hard way that you need formal, contractual relationships. I'm sorry you feel you've been ripped off, but if Steve et al have done something illegal, then you have recourse. Otherwise, I'm afraid (like it or not; I don't) that's just business mate.

senior citezen!June 13th 2009.

Will S.C's be able to use free transport pass?

Bill OddieJune 13th 2009.

I too work overlooking the Irwell, and even as far upstream as Victoria station the water can get a bit "Choppy" after the lightest of rains on Winter hill and the West Pennines, where many of its tributaries form. It is a wonderful idea though. one of my favourite sights on the river recently has been the Heron that lives under the huge Fig tree, growing on the narrow muddy embankment next to the travelodge on Blackfriars st.

Ali McGowanJune 13th 2009.

What a truly superb idea. I wish Steven all the very best and if you want some investment, give me a shout!

designbydaveJune 13th 2009.

RE: East Lancs.Cheers mate, but I had nowt to do with the business cards. Steve needed something pretty quick and opted to go down the Printing.com route. Yes, we've had discussions! There will be some nice stationery design done in the coming weeks which I will be handling and I will be sure to get the URL correct. (he says, desperately checking the website address!)

Gloria1504June 13th 2009.

Brilliant idea - whys he not launching it until Dec, 2010 - methinks someone might just nip in and steel his thunder here......

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.


mJune 13th 2009.

Ok so I lied on my CV about the Maths degree. It's not about the outcome it's the quick thinking, bolshie attitude and sheer arrogance. Numbers only count if preceded by a pound sign anyway, which basically makes my mistake irrelevant. Come on Sir Anonymous. I left my job at Asda for this opportunity.

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

The whole waterway structure for water transportation needs people that know about boats! How to build them, how to operate them, how to service them, and what their limitations are “Entrepreneur and idea stealers” who just see MONEY $£€ signs, getting grants and investors money lined up just don’t get it right for the right reasons I have seen it so many times here in U.K after 20 years in the boat business.

ermJune 13th 2009.

0.01% is 82

James TringJune 13th 2009.

It would make more sense if the anonymous ranter stated his name if he really thinks the Waxi idea was stolen. Then we might believe him. Also it would help if he could try and write in clear grammatical English rather than like an eight-year-old child doing an essay of 'what we did on our holidays'.

AdamJune 13th 2009.

Why won't anyone take me up on my idea of Gondolas? A gondola to Heaton Park from the city would be so amazing.

Happy DaysJune 13th 2009.

GREAT IDEA - I think there are probably loads of questions to answer which is obviously why Mr Steven hadn't brought the whole thing to the fore before this. Lets just support a great idea and see what he comes back with. Ideas like these are what keeps us moving forward even in times when congestion seems to be an issue no one is capable of sorting out without massive infrastructure changes. I would much prefer a journey on the water and one which doesn't rely on the Metrolink service !!!!

cathy ward-o'dochertyJune 13th 2009.

I was going to keep my plan under wraps until next year and all the dots have been crossed and the crosses dotted, but given the response below i see now is the time. My company 'creative catie's balloon traffic' are planning on providing inexpensive balloon journey's running every 7 minutes from Stretford, Chorlton, fallowfield, Salford Quays and Gorton into Manchester city centre (hopefully landing on Piccadilly gardens if we can obtain permission) where we will pick up passengers for the return journey.There are still some difficulities to be overcome of course, such as finding out a way to make balloons fly against into the wind, but I imagine this will only be as difficult as getting boats to float both ways up (and down) a river (or, in this case, canal).if anyone would like to invest perhaps they can contact Manchester Confidential who have my e-mail address?

LanatrasJune 13th 2009.

It occurs to me that Raging Ray is quite entitled to launch a rival, if he feels so disgruntled...

BattyboyJune 13th 2009.

This is a fantastic idea. I do think the location of the stops is key if they're to attract commuters and agree with an earlier comment that a stop between Spinningfields and Exchange Quay would attract a lot of people who live in the Castlefield/St Georges/V Building area. Given the areas this would be linking - Spinningfields, Media City and the Trafford Centre - it would be a disaster if the property developers behind these developments didn't get behind this idea, along with the council and GMPTE. Come on Manchester, get behind this guy and stop wasting your energy thinking of reasons why it might not work.

CasJune 13th 2009.

Clare, that's his brother silly!

crazyjohnJune 13th 2009.

Water way to get away. It takes at least 30 minutes to get to the Quays (I've done this before on a works jolly) to near the Lowry Hotel

fiJune 13th 2009.

Yes but, there is no other option in Venice is there? How else can you reach the lagonfrom the mainland if not by water taxi?

John McrJune 13th 2009.

Great idea, cant wait to nip to the waxy rank...

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

Funny I had exactly the same idea some time ago and wondered why no one else had done this. Could it even go as far as connecting to Liverpool via the canal? Not sure of the practicalities of this but Im glad that someone is having a go at this. It does seem a waste of a resource not to use the river and canals for transport, I would imagine its probably got green credentials over road traffic as well.

Jane Harrad-RobertsJune 13th 2009.

I'm from Chester. Waterways are underused in all of the UK's cities. This idea is brilliant & Manchester is perfectly placed to take it forward. Please don't let a few arguments stop its momentum. Timing is perfect if you need it sorted for Media:City. Get Peel and British Waterways involved and a private sector initiative rolling before the NWDA. You all need to work together to achieve it.

DigJune 13th 2009.

I can see this being huge. Especially in London. Did anybody see the Top Gear race to London City Airport? Clarkson went from one end of the city to the other in a boat. No stress and no congestion. Great idea. Good luck with it.

CasJune 13th 2009.

Ray, I wouldn't post my real name as there always the chance of making a twat of yourself isn't there?

AnonymousJune 13th 2009.

Cas This was supposed to be a joint effort so far with my company I only knew this guy went public when I saw on the web site I held back my launch with my water taxi because we were supposed to be launching on the joint effort .sour grapes !!! What I have come to expect in U.K Watch the Irwell there will be a water taxi running before the end of this summer and with Hybrid drives we have perfected in conjuntion wioth another U.K company No I didnt invent the boat concept but the rights for manufacturing the sydney style boat cost me over £100k and a lot of investment making it suitable for MCA reulations and CE marked and as said before our main market is in Export which is what our country needs at this moment in time Cities around the world that have water running through them are ALL as far as Im aware owned by the towns councils and or state which makes the RED Tape easier to sort out

ray johnson watermarque MarineJune 13th 2009.

I now know ,what and who you are from your post .Makes sense ,and yes the real people are hurting from the resession I guess you are not one of them take that whichever way you want Still no real name or contact then ?

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