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EXCLUSIVE: Panacea facing closure

City council tells troubled bar to clean up or shut down

Published on November 22nd 2010.

EXCLUSIVE: Panacea facing closure

Greater Manchester Police is trying to shut down Panacea after manager Joe Akka was glassed there last weekend.

The city centre bar has been told to beef up its security after a string of violent incidents inside and outside the bar. It has been given a month to clean up its act or face closure.

The bar will now have to employ a minimum of seven door staff during Friday and Saturday nights and five during week nights.

The police has insisted that the bar increases the number of door staff it employs as well as installing CCTV to keep an eye on punters in its VIP area.

The bar will now have to employ a minimum of seven door staff during Friday and Saturday nights and five during week nights. Management and staff at the bar have also been told to monitor customers’ alcohol consumption in order to avoid a repeat of Saturday night’s violent attack.

The measures were laid down in a court hearing yesterday morning and Akka will be back before the council’s licensing committee on December 15 to decide the bar’s future.

Inspector Mike Coombes of City Centre Safe said: "An application was made under section 53 of the Licensing Act for a review of the licence for Panacea following an assault in the early hours of Sunday 14 November 2010 and other incidents at the bar over the last 18 months.

"An interim hearing was held before the council's Licensing Committee, at which we sought closure of the premises, however additional licensing requirements were put in place.

"There will be a full hearing within the next 26 days to decide the outcome of our application."

Confidential was unable to contact Akka at the time of writing.

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38 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

Total disaster if this happens. Where will all the WAGs, gangsters, rappers, under-performing-fottballers and chavs go on a Saturday night for heavens sake? No Ithaca, no Panacea. Watch out Alchemist

AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

Forget about the CCTV pointing at the punters. Point the CCTV at Akka. Or has everyone forgot that he kick a man's head in (Literally)?

I hope this horrible bar gets shut down.

CASSONNovember 19th 2010.


StandardsNovember 19th 2010.

How is this an exclusive if it was read out in an open court?

A Dr WhoNovember 19th 2010.

Just think of the impact on the MANU and MANC players fitness as well. Close Panacea and it could be a Manchester 1 2 in the Premier League!

AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

It's all over the MEN too, so not exclusive

MENNovember 19th 2010.

Actually it was on Man Con first, then the MEN picked up on the story.

AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

The photo accompanying this story just about sums up this vile place

emmawhitefiledNovember 19th 2010.

Oh dear god - we're going to have a surplus of idiots now migrating to another establishment - at least with that hole still open it keeps all the not rights in one place!!

M30November 19th 2010.

Completely agree, Emma.

Panacea has all the class of a drunken hen night in Stockport, and all the sophisticated allure of an airline salad.

Keep this tacky place open so all the wannabe gangsters, "playas" and freelance hookers can be corralled in the same place.

Temporary HeroNovember 19th 2010.

They'll just go back to the circle, who cares.

Pan-a-SEE-YA crap bar.

AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

So the general concensus is that no one cares if this den of iniquity is closed down then? My only worry is where the plebs will gather now, where do I avoid?

simon baker-smithNovember 19th 2010.

good, close it down. get the failed page 3 models and b team footballers out of a great city. places like this are just full of people on benefits who save up their giro for months to look good buying a bottle of cheap champagne for one night. scum bags.

MaggsNovember 19th 2010.

Surely Joe Akka is not the licence holder?? that man is a menace and doesn't seem to learn by previous (massive) mistakes!

diegoNovember 19th 2010.

has anyone writing all these comments about how vile and how not arsed they are actually taken the time to have a drink in this bar?

AnonymousNovember 19th 2010.

@Diego. Yes, once. Once is enough in my opinion

diegoNovember 19th 2010.

Fair shout anon, just cant understand why everyone has got their knickers in a twist about this, if you hate the gaff dont go there, manchester has more than enough nightlife to cater for whatever your looking for, panacea panders to a different crowd who enjoy going there and having their version of a good night out, as long as it doesnt impinge on your night out then just steer clear of the place and stop ranting about how awful it is. Pointless.

J E SibberingNovember 19th 2010.

I can't see how Akka could possible hold a Personal Alcohol Licence and/or be the Designated Premises Supervisor, with his criminal record. Is he the owner?

B LiarNovember 19th 2010.

I heard that a bloke with five bellies and an equal number of chins went in there one night accidentally wearing football boots. He was immediately thrown to the floor by screaming,orange coloured women and shagged senseless.

PancettaNovember 19th 2010.


Gordo didn't know what had hit him...

AnonymousNovember 20th 2010.

The hearing on the 15th Dec should be in public. Will ManCon attend? The full papers will be available a few days before the hearing.
Incidentally there is a bar up for a review in the Print Works also. It getting common now!
Bars with lesser problems usually agree with 'Licensing' change to conditions confirmed automatically by the committee but they are publicised.

AnonymousNovember 20th 2010.

So people ranting on here are accusing all people who drink in panacea of being pretentious, judgemental etc etc well aren't you all being exactly the same by thinking your better than everyone that goes in there and tarring all panacea customers with the same brush? A little bit hypocritical don't you think. I am a very successful career woman (who has never and will never claim benefits in my life Simon) and I have been a regular at panacea for years now. Yes you do get a few idiots in there every now and again, as you do in any bar in the world, but that's their personal choice to act that way and it's my choice to ignore it and have have an amazing night with my friends. The staff of Panacea including the managers and owners have never been anything other than extremely courteous and friendly to me and my friends (both guys and girls). In the whole time I have been going there I have hardly seen any trouble so I feel safe to enjoy my night, enjoy the amazing music and let my hair down after a busy week. Last week was a rare occurrence in panacea and it was handled so well by the staff that I was in the bar and hardly saw anything. People on this sight just need to learn to start enjoying their own lives and stop being so bothered about other peoples. 

Qui, Moi?November 20th 2010.

The anonymous person who describes herself as 'I am a very successful career woman (who has never and will never claim benefits in my life Simon)' is definitely being pretentious. No person should describe themselves to project any sort of percieved sense of superiority. Its for the people around you to accurately describe and attribute your status in society.

GordoNovember 20th 2010.

@qui, Moi? I think I know her and she is as she describes herself. Very funny lady as well.

Qui, Moi?November 20th 2010.

Ah Yes, but my comment is not about whether someone is or is not. It is about who says so and what denominator is used to judge that. My perception or anyone else's may not necessarily agree with the statement she made,or it might (as you do). I just think that using an opportunity to describe oneself as success,in the context of this story when nobody had indicated that she personally was not, is a clear indicator of pretence. (succesful or not, nice or not).

EvoNovember 20th 2010.


John HarrisNovember 20th 2010.

The merits or otherwise of Panacea as a bar are neither here nor there.

Anyone with a shred of common decency should refuse to have anything to do with it while convicted thug and all round sleazeball Joe Akka is involved.

musherNovember 20th 2010.

the spite and bile in these posts are laughable. i mean, really really sad.

AnonymousNovember 21st 2010.

I live just round the corner from this place and often take my friends who visit up from London for a drink there for the experience. The objective is to enjoy half an hour of watching the most tasteless and worst dressed slappers in the country strutting their stuff.
Half of them can't walk on their high heels and the other half are wearing uggs.Good fun.
Once we have done this we go to eat at one of the many excellent restaurants in and around the Manchester.

J E SibberingNovember 21st 2010.

Anonymous successful career woman, I doubt very much if your claim that 'last week was a rare occurrence in panacea' is true. The licensing authority don't just warn they might close a bar down on a whim, or due to a few minor incidents. It takes some quite major hassle, often over a long time span, for them to recommend a closure, and the views of the local police are always taken into account.

DiscerningNovember 22nd 2010.

Anonymous bragging "successful career women" are surely reason enough to avoid this Fritzlesque hellhole.

AnonymousNovember 22nd 2010.

Indeed, anonymous bragging 'succesful career woman' has failed to see the irony of her rant. Ambulance & police were outside Panacea on Saturday - again.

Ali McGNovember 22nd 2010.

Any bar that needs SEVEN door staff sounds like trouble from the off... (a good bar should need NO door staff, but these are the crime-ridden times in which we live). The question of course is that posed by Emma, above...

Ali McGNovember 22nd 2010.

By the way, what the hell is wrong with saying you're successful? Cut the lady some slack! Sometimes you have to blow your own trumpet, cos no one else will blow it for you.

DiscerningNovember 22nd 2010.

When I read "Successful Career Women" and Panacea, I think of Wilmslowite fortysomething women with orange leatherette skin and a small recruitment consultancy.

DibigoNovember 22nd 2010.

It's the same rants everytime a story about this place, or Rosso, or Circle, or somewhere like it appears; 'wannabees, chavs, clampets, hookers, z list celebs, reserve footballers', etc etc. The place isn't really my thing either but why do people have such a problem with it? It's close to hatred! I can only assume it's fat ugly bitchy girls who comment. The type who've been turned away in the past for being too ugly, become even uglier and now come on here and claim to be proud not to go. You should eat less and move more. The men who slate the place, I can only think they would love to pull one of the birds in here but can't.

Smyth HarperNovember 24th 2010.

Anyone who lines Akka's pockets should be ashamed of themselves. For all the Fanaceas ranting, the reason there's such bile about it is because Akka is a thug and his vile little bar brings down the city.

sarahsmumNovember 28th 2010.

Arr Dibigo .... I'm no "fat ugly bitchy girl" and this comment alone sums up the attitute of the clientel I encountered on my one and only visit to Circle. What an utter hell hole.
I'm in full agreement however that closing this venue will only move it's punters onto some other venue, hopefully no where I enjoy visiting.
I'll just finish this pastie, pop on my PJ bottoms and fake Uggs and nip down the pub - grow up Dibigo.

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