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EXCLUSIVE: City's food and drink police hotspots

Simon Binns exposes callout rates in city centre venues

Written by . Published on January 7th 2011.

EXCLUSIVE: City's food and drink police hotspots

So how does your favourite venue fare? Cafe Istanbul, Odd Bar, Rosso, Red Chili, San Carlo, St James Club or perhaps Brannigans?

Confidential has obtained the complete list of licensed venues in Manchester city centre that required police callouts during 2010 - you can check out that list in full in the right hand column opposite of this story and after the yellow box with the top ten list.

Indie club 5th Avenue received the highest number of police visits. And the top ten list contains one branch of Burger King and one McDonalds, plus venues in the Village and the Printworks, and loads of bars and clubs. No restaurant comes anywhere near the top ten list although many feature in one way or another. Eating out is a trouble-free experience it would appear.

The full list features two lap-dancing bars both with low callouts; Fantasy Bar 2, Long Legs 3. All 15 branches of Starbucks required police attention at some point or other. The Press Club, scored a paltry 14 visits, probably because customers were too drunk to cause any problems.

Costa Coffee on Market Street had more callouts (31) than Panacea (22) a bar that nearly had its licence taken off it last month after a fight broke out there in November.

Two of the top three visited places are in The Printworks, which as a standalone venue actually racked up more call outs than any other place – 295 - but we chose to keep it out of the top ten as it could have covered a number of locations, inside and outside of the complex, and our top ten covers specific places.

Fred Booth, the centre director at The Printworks, puts the case for the defence: "The Printworks is Manchester's most popular and successful entertainment destination. Our venues have a collective footfall of nearly 10 million people annually and this doesn't take into account the millions of people that pass the scheme visiting some of the city's other popular entertainment destinations. These figures are more indicative of the location reference given at the time of a call to the police and not a reference to specific incidences.

"We take the safety and security of our patrons extremely seriously, indeed many of our venues, including Tiger Tiger, are regularly recognised by Greater Manchester Police as examples of well managed licensed premises in the annual Best Bar None Awards."

Inspector Mike Coombes of Greater Manchester Police, gave us this comment:“The city safe policing team works closely with the Printworks and other licensed premises across the city to ensure people can enjoy their nights out safely and responsibly.

5th Avenue

We should underline that the city centre is generally a very safe place to go out and enjoy yourself. Remember the list here reflects the total number of police callouts and could have been caused for a variety of reasons: an argument, a theft, a fight or a simple misunderstanding. The actual number of arrests per weekend is usually very low.

Still, the list makes for enthralling reading. Take a look below. So how does your favourite venue fare?

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST of several hundred bars, clubs and restaurants.

Here’s the top ten of bars, pubs, restaurants and other food and booze places in the city centre. The data covers January 1, 2010 to December 7, 2010.

1. 5th Avenue, Princess Street 173

2. Opus, The Printworks 162

3. Tiger Tiger, The Printworks 119

4. Revolution, Deansgate Locks 103

5. New York, New York, Bloom Street 94

6. The Ritz, Whitworth Street West 92

7. Burger King, Mosley Street 87

8. The New Union, Princess Street 80

9. Yates’ Wine Lodge, Portland Street 71

10. McDonalds, Oxford Street 70

CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST of several hundred bars, clubs and restaurants in alphabetical order.

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33 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

ADJanuary 6th 2011.

Its a shame we dont know how many of the call outs were violence related.

Not surprisedJanuary 6th 2011.

Great article ManCon - keep up the investigative journalism.

I am not surprised at most of those - 'skank pits' doesn't come close.

NY-NY - sh1t hole. Likewise the New Union. Opus and Yates...ugh. At least this reiterates what we have long suspected...rubbish bars and clubs attract plebs who can't handle their booze!

andydoorJanuary 6th 2011.

Very interesting i wonder how many times the police were called to bars in the northen quarter? can we get hold of the full list?

andydoorJanuary 6th 2011.

found it!!

Jonathan Schofield - editorJanuary 6th 2011.

Find the CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL LIST text above to get the list of more than 300 venues in the city centre in alphabetical order.

EARL OF DIDSBURYJanuary 6th 2011.

This is such a boring non story who cares !

Anti-Aristocratic Ass WhipperJanuary 6th 2011.

Earl of Didsbury - shut your pie hole you miserable bell end...I bet you spend your days listening to Morrisey on loop and drinking neat gin.

Good article - I've had a look at the full list and I'm surprised at how rough the gay village is! No surprises about the Printworks - they should enclose it in glass and rename it Manchester Zoo.

LFCJanuary 6th 2011.

Brilliant article, very interesting read and gives people a chance to see which venues really need police assistance more than others. However it must be pointed out that some of the incidences take into account where the incident is actually taking place eg an incident which has occurred from a venue in the printworks may spill over to outside the birdcage and it would be the birdcage who would have this sited against them as where the arrest and incident took place. But good article.

Martin nJanuary 6th 2011.

More of this please Mancon

andydoorJanuary 7th 2011.

how long did it take for your freedom of infomation request to be fulfilled?

Lady GreyJanuary 7th 2011.

Great article Mancon, I love of the 295 printworks visits, 119 belong to the Behemoth Tiger Tiger! Scumbags! One comment - put it in an Excel spreadsheet, much easier to read and sort into order of scumbagness!

Mind you, San Carlo had the same number of visits as Satan's Hollow.....

M30January 7th 2011.

I'm amazed that Paradise Factory has has six visits from the police considering it closed about five years ago.

Also, no doubt that this will give the beards and skinny jeans brigade more ammunition to turn the Printworks into a concentration camp.

Amiss in RainbowlandJanuary 7th 2011.

Nevermind Printworks, was suprised at the Village hitting close to 900 overall =/

Simon BinnsJanuary 7th 2011.

Just to clarify, the 295 call out to the printworks is additional Yo the call outs to bars located there. The printworks covers a large area inside and out though, which is why we chose to keep it separate

AndrewJanuary 7th 2011.

Interesting article, and well done getting the information and making it available. Though I hink to be really useful, it needs further detail regarding the nature of the callout.
I wonder if ambulance call-outs would match this pattern?

folkdeejayJanuary 7th 2011.

Good to see Band on the Wall is, since re-opening, a peaceful haven.

Had many hassle free nights there - from folky stuff to full on clubbing....and non of the loud, orange, mirror-loving wag wanabbees...seems they are all too busy getting arrested/bottled on Deansgate.

AndyJanuary 7th 2011.

As someone who works at one of these rather offendingly titled Hotspots I would like to point out that these figures are taken completely out of contect. I would like to reiterate the views of Fred Booth(printworks) as in my 20 year experience people often use bars as a reference point, not often does anybody check to see which bar they have been in or indeed been ejected from! As GMP will attest the bars with the higher callouts are often the ones who take the licensing directives seriously and work proactively with GMP and the City Safe Initiative to reduce crime in and around their venues location. Why should we be chastised or criticised for using our Nite Net radio to alert Police to an assault in the taxi queue 50 metres from our venue? This would be a much more informative article if you had gone much more in depth and got all the facts.

Big DavebowskiJanuary 7th 2011.

Sorry to impart some actual knowledge of Manchester here but 5th Avenue is open 5 nights of the week isn't it, and with most nights being very busy it stands to reason that as a licenced venue it would have the most call outs.

I'd be interested in seeing how the table looked if the call outs were divided by the number of nights the venues were open during the time the list was compiled. I think it'd look very different.

Bar BrawlJanuary 7th 2011.

Seems to be a few omissions, Blu missing as are a few others. Surely they haven't got through the whole of 2010 without incident?

AnonymousJanuary 8th 2011.

As one of those on the list, with only 2 call outs for the year, I have to agree with the lack of detail. Our 2 call outs, 1 being a break-in, 2 being our power went out and set our alarm response off (even though we called the Police to pre-warn them). The list without any detail is pointless and provoking.

AndydoorJanuary 8th 2011.

Thanks Big Davebowski, arent most of the venues open at least 5 if not 7 nights a week. But yes a bit more info is always usefull.

CZECHPLEASEJanuary 8th 2011.

I was wondering where Bluu was, but as I used to work there, I can't actually think of a time when we had to call the police. Certainly a few threats to do so but don't remember ever needing them to come out.

EditorialJanuary 8th 2011.

We asked for the reasons behind the callouts to be refined but this was the only way the Police would present them. That's why we've put the caveat above: '(they could have been) caused for a variety of reasons: an argument, a theft, a fight or a simple misunderstanding.'

AnonymousJanuary 8th 2011.

HIGHLY inaccurate figures. Factless.

Andy JowettJanuary 8th 2011.

Sorry, but what is so HIGHLY inaccurate about them?

NQ doorstaffJanuary 8th 2011.

well working in the NQ which generally has a very selectice door pocilcy on all the doors not to let in any printwork rejects (smiles)seems to work i must say the only venue ive noticed police at is walrus every other weekend infact whether it is police or an ambulance or both normally is ...its the only bar with 5 door staff which is unbeliveable considering how much trouble they have...and reference to the above bluu ive not seen any police presence there

EARL OF DIDSBURYJanuary 8th 2011.

Drunken students using up valuable police time one suspects

Leroy DavisJanuary 9th 2011.

It doesn't surprised me that the village has one of the highest call rates for GMP ,is as been the same for the pass number of years you only have to look at the type of customer the bars attract , and the problems you get in them , for example if you want you bags or coats stolen go for a drink in Churchill's, if you want to end up in a fight then it spirit bar or mixed with under age drinkers then bar View and Crunch Bar are the places to be in ,or why not try the village off licence where you can by anything cheap and tatty ,these comments are backed up by the figures recorded by GMP under the data information Act

Ever time we go into the village you are met by beggars selling the big issues , thieves and scum bags trying to sell you drugs, these people normally hang outside spirit bar at one end and bar view at the other end , or if you fancy being hit over the head with a chair then Taurus is the place to be , this is a restaurant who as always refused to play ball with GMP , by not removing their street furniture or by allowing their customers outside with glass, many a chair has been thrown into the canal late at night by drunk cusomters because the different venues have refused to store their table and chairs correctly inside their venues after the cut of times etc
furthermore you have taxi firms which dont only rip you off after a night out but if you fail to pay you get battered by the drivers , you only have to look at the track record with manchester cars drivers who have been arrested for assult on their customers

The police should get tough with the village and crack down on certain venues what have clearly taken the piss over the years , instead of turning a blind eye because its the GAY Village. anywhere else would be prosecuted for the same

Finally the village should be paying for the police just like the Printworks did many years ago when they suffered problems

TickleJanuary 9th 2011.

Definitely no ulterior motive in that rant eh Bobby. Not at all.

Kate MountainJanuary 14th 2011.

Love it! Keep it coming Mancon!

AnonymousFebruary 11th 2011.

what an irresponsible way to report these figures. This could have been really good and really useful with just a little analysis. Without a breakdown of what the police call outs are for this leads to assumptions about venues that could be HIGHLY INACCURATE. Good idea but badly executed..

sculdoggFebruary 28th 2011.

Not suprised about the Printworks! I live next door to the printworks and see fights every week. The police aren't called out enough in my opinion!

The only cause of this is young people (students, or not) drinking too much. The NQ is more expensive amd attracts an older clientele.

I wonder how many times the police were called to Sankeys or Warehouse Project...?

PedroMarch 5th 2011.

Bobby B - if you rip somebody off, of course they're going to want to hit you, why should cab drivers be any different??

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