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EXCLUSIVE: Ask the Chief a question

Next week we interview Chief Constable Peter Fahy and we want your questions about policing in Greater Manchester

Published on June 2nd 2009.

EXCLUSIVE: Ask the Chief a question

The policing of Greater Manchester is something which concerns us all. It goes to the heart of the matter when it comes to quality of life.

So it pleases us tremendously that we have secured an interview with Chief Constable Peter Fahy.

The interview takes place on 19 June but we want the editor, Jonathan Schofield, to go to the meeting armed by you - with your questions.

So whatever is concerning you about policing across the region let us know with a comment or question below.

Anything and everything is up for debate: car crime, detection rates, drug initiatives, police attitudes. You name it.

We should get answers too.

Fahy is a plain speaking and interesting man. He grew up in East London and joined the police in 1981. Prior to taking up his post with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) he worked in Surrey, Hertfordshire and West Midlands and served for five years as Chief Constable of Cheshire. He took over GMP in autumn last year. He has had wide experience of policing inner city and rural areas. Throughout his career as a chief officer he has been a strong advocate of police reform and innovation. He has experience of leading murder investigations and major complaint enquiries.

He has big plans for policing in Greater Manchester. He wants to make sure that while GMP continues its good work with investigating the big crimes and targeting the monsters at the top, it doesn’t take its eye off the ball with issues lower down the criminal pecking order. The smaller scale offences are often more destructive of civic life after all.

To this effect his aim is to have police officers working right at the grass roots, showing their faces, not just the bumpers of their speeding vehicles; he wants them to be a voice not a siren. He’s already had success with direct street policing in Gorton South ward.

But to expand this he has to get at the mind-numbing bureaucracy of policing. Fahy doesn’t want officers stuck in offices, doing laborious paperwork that removes them from the public’s eye, from the frontline. Thus he’s experimenting with officers phoning in crime reports and these being copied down by staff at the station. This keeps the police on the streets and in our neighbourhoods. It’s a good idea and just one of many Fahy is trying out.

We’ll talk all these over with the Chief Constable. But this won’t be a bit of marketing fluff for GMP we will ask tough questions.

But what do you want us to ask?

Get filling in that rant box below would you?

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97 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Peter HarrisJune 2nd 2009.

1. Why so few stop and searches compared to London, when the terrorist threat is supposed to be far greater in Greater Manchester than in London according to an article on Mancon the other day?2. If the law was not such an ass, what would be your prosecution percentage to arrests? What are you doing to change the law in favour of the victim and against the protection of the perps?

DigJune 2nd 2009.

The 'claim culture' within the police is a disgrace. It's on a par with M.P's expenses. Officers regularly sustain injuries at home, in the gym, playing football etc then claim the injury was suffered on the job arresting somebody or chasing somebody etc. Then they put their claim in and kerching, a few weeks later they get a nice little injury bonus and a few days off work. The police are probably fraudulently claiming more money from the public than anybody else. Erm, alledgedly.

BenJune 2nd 2009.

Yes - it's a little known fact that a species of swimming goat's reside underwater just off the coast of Cornwall.

Roger DeanJune 2nd 2009.

The Criminals and the Criminal Classes have no respect for the Police so why should the Police have any respect for the Criminals/Classes.The police are on a "Hiding to nothing" If the Police deal with Criminals aggresively and without all the Red Tape PC that they are immersed in, then more Criminals would think twice when embarking on ventures of Violence and Crime. Recently, an American NY Policeman came to Manchester and explained their "No Tolerance" Policy. It works over there. The Police are far too restricted in what they can and can't do. Naturally we don't want a Police State but we certainly don't want a Society dominated by the Criminal Classes !!!

John HooperJune 2nd 2009.

Why not apportion five officers to every ward in Greater Manchester and have them walk the streets, the parks and talk to the shop owners, the businesses and the residents, nip in pubs and ask questions, show that the police care and are there to prevent not just cure. I'm sure a shift system could be worked out.

CastlefieldJune 2nd 2009.

And this comes from the gent wanting to eat his left bollock? Can we stop turning a blind eye to the drug taking and selling in Piccadilly Gardens? Please.

Simon Carrington.June 2nd 2009.

Why don't you give each police constable their own small area to cover and then site mini portable stations somewhere within each area with a small cell and little office linked to the main stations and encourage them to to be seen around that area and become known to all the locals and let them get on with looking after their own patch whichever way they see fit. Officers need to be back on the beat and in touch with the locals. This will stop the crime and is the way forward.

RikrokJune 2nd 2009.

Serious question now.Can Mr Fahy explain why there is regularly a traffic cop positioned just under the bridge where the M56 motorway turns into Princess Parkway and reduces the speed limit to 40mph?There is a speed camera in the built-up area about 200 yards down the road and this stretch of road is a 3 line carriageway still with no housing.It is my opinion that traffic cops just sit there solely to catch motorists who are slow at reducing speed where the limit is un-necessarily low anyway. It is a scheme aimed only at increasing revenue from fines.It disgusts me and I would appreciate his "straight answer" on this one.

Ben, SalfordJune 2nd 2009.

I live on the edge of a sink estate (Ordsall). The children off this estate are completely ferral and take great delight in smashing our car windows. No one dares tackle these kids as they're always in packs and for fear of reprisals. How can they be tackled?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

What do you propose to do about the chavs who are always hanging aroung the piccadilly gardens area?

TTJune 2nd 2009.

Mark, you might have thought it was very effective and to the point but if you don't know what it was aimed at then it just seems a waste of time however succinct it was! I thought it was to do with the members of the Gooch Gang being put away. But not 100% sure of this either. I reckon it's something else. Maybe for not forming gangs of vigilantes? Or maybe for continuing to pay our council tax for nothing?

MarkJune 2nd 2009.

Crispy40, I think the Thank You campaign was just after the terrorism thing up Cheetham Hill had been foiled. Thats what I read from it anyway and I thought it was a very effective and 'to the point.On the note of questions for the Chief Constable, apart from the ones already raised regarding getting them out of their Vauxhall Vectra VXR's on Bury New Road every Saturday night (neatly behind the nearest billboard/ hedge/bus stop etc) and faces on our streets, do you think Confidential could video record the interview and upload it for us to watch after? Also, could the Chief Constable advise, why the Air Support Helicopter unit, seems to always fly so low, so late at night? To save the chief quoting the website, I know it has no tail rotar to reduce noise, but it still ridiculously loud. Or is it just that I live in close proximity to Strangeways and they need to 'check in' there every so often? It seems like a high tech piece of kit on the GMP website, so surely it has the same capabilities, flying at higher levels for post 11pm operations?

M30June 2nd 2009.

If you're bothered about loud noise, why live in one of the busiest party areas of Manchester?

ScunnerJune 2nd 2009.

Why are people allowed to wander around the streets with dangerous dogs unmuzzled, and more often than not unleashed?What does Chief Constable Fahy do to ensure his officers display their police numbers on their epaulettes at all times?

BenJune 2nd 2009.

Send them to North Korea

G GeeJune 2nd 2009.

Let's get more cavalry. Can we have patrols on horse back in every ward in Manchester?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

a few months back on moat road wythenshawe we saw policeofficers, pco's n vehicle patrols, lots of them n it woz wonderful coz the devil dogs, offroad bikes, loud music, n youths congregatin all vanished 4 da duration n i njoyed peaceful safe feelings for da 1st time, thanx

PaulaJune 2nd 2009.

Why has my pensioner mother been robbed again in broad daylight in a supermarket. The first time a couple of years ago by a drug addict, when she did the identity, she couldn't view him wearing a hat, despite that was what he was wearing when he mugged her, she also knew there was something distinctive about his teeth, but could not see them either. The perpetrator had more rights than the victim. The last incident the day before she was going on holiday she was harrassed by an Eastern European man whilst the Eastern European woman stole her purse out of her bag. Despite them being on CCTV I doubt you will catch them. Indeed several years ago, when I had my purse stolen out of my bag, I was told by the officer dealing that I should have been a police officer as my enquiries were more productive than his. No one was ever charged. No surprise there then.

Hazel SutheranJune 2nd 2009.

Can we see a visible presence in the city centre please.

Burt CodeineJune 2nd 2009.

What is Sting really like as a person?Having parks lit up a night might be a help (not really something the police can help with unfortunately). Even in deepest, darkest Oakland in the US, there parks are lit up at night...Piccadilly Gardens does have a certain menace to it (noticed this quite obviously last night). Much as I wanted to take in the sheer amount of different people I felt a glance in the wrong direction would warrant some 'back chat'/'fisticuffs'. Having a tardis parked permanently conversely doesn't seem to help...

CarolynJune 2nd 2009.

Why does anyone complaining of loud music from neighbours late at night get told it is not a police matter - there is no point telling the people suffering this anti social behaviour to phone the Council the next day as it is too late then when you have lost a nights sleep and you cant function at work the next day because you are so tired. Surely this would be better dealt with at the time when it is happening ??

dimpsJune 2nd 2009.

Why are there plenty of posters warning about opportunist thieves, opperating in this area but you never see a community support officer or standard officer patroling, there is an estate where in the past few weeks there have been 4 car jackings and 6 burgalries that I know of all we keep getting are posters, when my car was stolen I had to find it myself, which involved gettin an ex car thief to hotwire it as I have no clue how to hot wire a car, where are our Bobby's on the beat???????????????

carlyJune 2nd 2009.

I was car jacked outside my flat in salford a few weeks ago with the two lads getting away with my house keys, phone, handbag etc aswell as the car leaving me stranded with nothing and extremely scared. Luckily my neighbours took me in but it took 1 hour for the police to arrive and they only sent a young female officer on foot. Are the police just under-staffed or is car jacking so common in salford now that they just don't bat an eyelid?

east lancsJune 2nd 2009.

Dunno where you get that from mate, Withington Road is not "full of prostitutes" by any stretch of even my overactive imagination. Years ago that might've been true but it's certainly not now, not at all. What rubbish.


the citizens of manchester/greater manchester are finding that the services we expect from a police force is going backwards instead of fowards many of the rants echo this so it appears your job is to oversee all of this how can we trust that any actions you think need apply will be forthcoming.as for recruitment to show intergration can you really believe this makes any difference. the police force as a whole needs to be shaken up so does this mean any officer not tolerable to a multi racial society will not only be disiplined but be sacked.in your opinion is there still institution racism in the force and if so what are your plans on this.to show solidarity with your public you have to gain their confidence.this also applies to the wider community where confidence in the police is low or indifferent including the gay,lesbian,bisexual community for the force can be on one hand supportive and take it away with the other.i'll leave it there for now

SteveJune 2nd 2009.

"he wants them to be a voice not a siren."As a "fan" of GMP from the United States, I have been impressed by the proactive approach and the muscle that GMP has brought in the past to the "heavy hitters" - namely, drug and gun crime. I think that Chief Fahy's desire to make his Force visible in neighborhood is admirable, and, hopefully, will be a real deterrant to burglary and vandalism. I do feel, though, that in a larger constabulary, sometimes the siren can be mightier than the voice - particularly when dealing with drug and gun crime - because some people just don't know how to behave properly. It's necessary to TAKE them off the streets, instead of TALKING THEM off. Part of the "lustre" of the Force has been a message that "if you deal in drugs or guns, you're going to pay". So, when it comes to people putting their own interests, by violent crime, over the good of the whole, what is GMP's "business plan"? Are there operations in place?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Why is it that police are quick to point out areas that are victim to crime but aren't prepared to do anything about it - get some competence in the police force!!!

paul jJune 2nd 2009.

Lots of adverts on the radio recently about the public calling gmp supporting community policing, would it not be more a better initiative to have local officers knock on every door introduce themselves and engage the public - after all its the public who have lost faith in gmp so the onus is now on them to prove that they can do the job and its the fastest way of getting to the grass routes

LouJune 2nd 2009.

I have just noticed a "lie amnesty" to bring down the crime figures in manchester.Wouldn't a "please let us know" campaign be better, in which we tell you about all crimes??? I know people who have had cars brioken into and haven't reported them as they chose not to put in an insurance caim. Or stuff stolen but haven't reported it as it won't make a difference. Maybe these things should be reported so that the police know the true crime statistics. Instead of reducing crime figures with such campaings, why not just actively work to solve cases/ make arrests/ patrol more effectively?

paulmJune 2nd 2009.

Erm, you pretty much negate your conspiracy theories by posting as anon, and offering no examples nor evidence.

JoJune 2nd 2009.

Is there any point in reporting crime these days? Or is it still a waste of time?

AndyJune 2nd 2009.

Can goats swim?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

How much of our money is paid to police officers on sick leave ? and why is the sick leave culture so strong within the GMP ?

BenJune 2nd 2009.

I'm looking forward to how open the answers to these issues will end up being. Or if they'll just be heavily PR'd nonsense - skirting around the main problems at hand and promising change in a short term effort to appease the masses.

miserablemikeJune 2nd 2009.

Where are the real police officers? The ones that you could depend on? The ones that you can call and they turn up quickly like the emergency services? Where are the Police officers you can trust? Why are crimes not being investigated? Why do criminals seem to get really light sentences for proper crimes? What are the Police doing to tackle corruption?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

The day after our house was broken into we received a letter from them to say that the case was closed - it seems that the letter was generated far quicker than there response to a neighbour reporting dodgy activity before the house was actually broken into - criminals are more protected - the chief should be embarrassed by that ...

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Can the police investigate the bouncers at Brannigans? The word on the street is that they give people a good kicking and then throw them out of the back door on a regular basis...

Anthony GibsonJune 2nd 2009.

I would like you to ask the Chief some deeper questions: what are his views on the nature of society now and its lawlessness, are we living through a really bad time or are we shaped by the media pursuit of stories, and relative to other ages, we've never had it so good?

Drew PeacockJune 2nd 2009.

What are your views on these PCSO's?..Isn't it a cheap and half hearted attempt to put some form of uniformed visual presence on the streets?...Would it not be better to put them all on admin duties and get those officers on admin duties working 9 to 5 days back on shifts and back on the streets?...Real Police Officers doing REAL Police work.

BatmanJune 2nd 2009.

What's the GMP's stance on vigilantism?

JohnJune 2nd 2009.

Please ask him to explain why Hazel Blears has not been arrested for obtaining by deception when a benefit claimant submitting a false claim would be.

AnnoyedJune 2nd 2009.

I'd quite like to know how despite 20 or so police officers 'hanging out' at the bus pick up point after the Oasis gig on Saturday there was absolutely no control whatsoever. People were getting pushed out of the gates into what can only be described as carnage. The gates were all in the wrong place, there was no order in people getting on the buses, no clear directions, no queuing system until it was too late. I'm surprised no one was really hurt. Then once it had quitened down and people got themselves in an orderly queue whilst the police all stood gormlessly at the front of the bus queue doing nothing, why was there still a delay and nobody allowed on the buses. After about two hours of waiting to get on a bus, one guy stepped forward, seemingly pretty calmly and offering no kind of threat whatsoever, and had the nerve to ask a policeman what was going on to which the response was a pretty violent push and a shove from the police officer, who had been standing around doing nothing useful, who completely lost his head and nearly pushed the guy over a fence. Not quite sure how police behaviour like this is acceptable, and how it can be justified that so many police were on hand to obviously keep things flowing well, and keep things under control, and were so completely useless.

BenJune 2nd 2009.

I'd like to know why CCTV isn't more widespread around the northern quarter and behind shudehill in particular. On Easter sunday, I was mugged in broad daylight, fortunately only loosing my phone - however the Police had absolutely no footage of that area...surely areas like this should be heavily monitored? I certainly wont be walking around that area at night, let alone day again

BenJune 2nd 2009.

What do you expect?! It is Brannigans after all - many of the customers more than likely deserve it

tannetteJune 2nd 2009.

When reporting that Crime Figs are down does he realise that the majority of members of the public are aware that these figs are manipulate. Does he also realise that many also believe that crime figs are probably getting lower because some people feel that reporting certain crimes are an utter waste of time???

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

After a crime which is reported by phone I get a standard letter saying something like ". . .the incident has been fully investigated . . . no further action will be taken unless new evidence comes to light."Could the Chief Constable define a full investigation as from the letter, and my experience, it seems to be someone answering a phone and giving a crime number!On one occasion no one came to look at the damage to my property, I realise it probably wouldn't have done any good but why didn't the letter say ". . . it is not worth us wasting our time investigating this crime. . ." or ". . .we do not have the finances/resources to investigate this crime. . ."On another occasion I was asked to bring what was obviously stolen property to a station rather than the police come and see where it had been stashed/lost.

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Why is Picadilly Gardens still a place you don't want to walk through when it's getting dark, despite the bars and restaurants there?Why are there so many kids in Salford roaming the streets during obvious school hours?Why is anti-social behaviour on Metrolink platforms (I'm assuming seen by the CCTV cameras) not checked out quickly - e.g. 15 year old scallies waving golf clubs and armed with a rottweiler and an alsation?Why are there still unlicensed taxis operating in the City Centre?Why don't I see any police walking around places that people other than 'Hen do/Stag do/Scally/Brits abroad'-types frequent? (i.e. not just Peter Street)

Conrad BlaxterJune 2nd 2009.

Do you believe that police are public servants or have they become more important than the public. I was reminding a police officer of this not so long ago when I didn't like his attitude, and he said we are not pubic servants so don't talk to me like that.

LynnJune 2nd 2009.

What a lot of sense you make Sharon. I totally agree with everything you have said.

BenJune 2nd 2009.

The one thing I love about the messages on that LED is the ones like "beware, pick-pocketers around," nine times out of ten, the person who reads that will automatically check for their wallet - showing would be thieves exactly where to target!

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

I work for a family law firm and am curious to know why the police try their hardest not to intervene in situations of harassment but instead refer them to a family firm. Whilst I am fully aware of the law surrounding no-molestation orders the legal aid board statistics show that these issues are more effectively dealt with by the police and funding is often very difficult to get, thereby leaving the victim very vunerable. I myself have personally experience of reporting harrassment to the police who attempted to refer me to a family law practice rather than warn the person under the harassment act. It seems the police are there to tick government boxes rather than actually assist with crime. Again, I attempt to report an incident of violence to the police and had to wait 4 hours before I was seen to. No charges were brought on this occasion.

east lancsJune 2nd 2009.

Can he arrest Roger Dean for crimes against the English language?

Stow NairJune 2nd 2009.

J, try some febreze mate. You won't stink of green then.

BenJune 2nd 2009.

It's going to take a lot more than protests to get the world population to stop effing their own planet up the backside

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

What kind of General drives a think tank? He'd be better off in a Challenger tank of justice or something

NigelNoMarkJune 2nd 2009.

Thanks to the officers involved in drastically reducing the number of shootings in the last year, unfortunately it’s all down to perception. I haven’t seen one police officer in South Manchester in 3 months. This is really the point. There aren’t enough police on the beat.2 coppers rode up on their bikes and advised that the roll up cig I was smoking better not be a joint otherwise I would be arrested. The last time I was assaulted on Piccadilly by some random, I reported it on my mobile and no one came, the portacabin was closed and I was stood for 20 minutes without seeing any law enforcement officer. Then, when I got home, 2 hours later, 2 coppers from a different police station (city vs. Hume/Moss side) arrived to take a statement with no info on the perpetrator or whether a car had even been sent out. Then theres the crack dealer who lives opposite. Alas there is the documentary showing the coppers in training being racist. The coppers involved in assaulting people in the cells, the copper allegedly involved in murder, the corrupt coppers involved in drug dealing. The coppers parked on double yellow lines while they have some food. I didnt see the Thank You campaign but it surely couldnt have been about the anti-terrorisim op in cheetham hill where they arrested loads then let them all quietly go. Brilliant. No, thank you.How about this; Is becoming a vigilante wrong?

CasJune 2nd 2009.

A week or so ago, two apartments in my small apartment building were broken into, the police have not asked any other residents if they saw or heard anything or had any suspicions, in the way this kind of investigation used to be carried out when I was a child in Salford! Is it that GMP no longer bother to investigate burglaries or is it that city centre apartment residents are not taken as seriously as a three bed detached in Chorlton? As we pay a heavy council tax!

Gorton RafJune 2nd 2009.

what is the purpose of the PCSO's as they're basically prefects with no powers and arnt a detterent at all.If your going to have acopper on the beat have real ones with powers of arrest.

JinkiesJune 2nd 2009.

Could we have more actual police in our city, I know the community bods provide a good service too, but they just don't inspire the same confidence a proper copper does.

SharonJune 2nd 2009.

just so no one is confused as there are suddenly 2 sharon's I am from the bobby on the beat rant and will further change my name to sharon1

DescartesJune 2nd 2009.

More on that police hut; why does the LED sign on it scroll things like "Be afraid, there are people around that want to stab you in the face", ok maybe not that strong but it's always something about being paranoid, couldn't it say something more positive? 'Manchester GMP, arresting criminals, protecting the streets' maybe?

BillyJune 2nd 2009.

Does the Chief Constable think education, dominated by a middle class view of 'being nice' and 'self-expression' stemming from the 1960s, has let our children down and left them in areas where the economy has declined, where there's joblessness and family dysfunction, unable to find the self-discipline to restrain themselves.

DigJune 2nd 2009.

I got my info from a few coppers I know. I didn't say they're all at it. I know there's plenty of good ones. There's also plenty of sneaky ones abusing the system like M.P's. All coppers know it's going on. Ask your friends about it. You'll be surprised & shocked what you learn if they are willing to tell you what they know.

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Why does the force still cover up corruption and conspiarcy of their own?

PaulJune 2nd 2009.

Its just a PR stunt there was a thing in our local rag i sent in my problem got a reply saying he would be in touch soon two months later dick ****

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Will he treat the Hazel Blears fraud case with urgency? It is sending the wrong message to other criminals that handing back the loot is all that is needed to avoid prosecution.

JJune 2nd 2009.

Why when walking through Piccadilly Gardens and Market Street can I smell the drugs people are smoking when there is a Police hut less than 50 yards away?

scoteeeJune 2nd 2009.

Why do most coppers have cropped haircuts? skinheaded tatooed coppers is the norm now...

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Where the Hell are all the beat coppers? Like somebody said above, patroling the nice areas? We have blatent drug dealing here in the Northern Quarter, we had to witness violence on Monday as these individuals carried out their business. This is a regular occurance and the police have been informed on more than one occasion but I can't tell you the last time I saw a copper round here. Could we also have an explanation as to why some unthinking individual has made a twilight zone of parts of the Northern Quarter as Sectors A1 and A5 of the police don't seem to know where the demarkation lines are? Also, the policeman who used to be responsible for round here seems to have gone AWOL. Even CityCo havn't got his new mobile number! Get this situation sorted. And when it's sorted, make sure what's in place is CONSISTANT and LONG-TERM.The general feeling, I believe, is that the police need to concentrate on the thugs and the disruptives. Don't go arresting OAPs to hit your targets. Grow yourselves a backbone and a massive pair of wotsits. We're sick of weak, ineffectual policing.

Longtime mancunianJune 2nd 2009.

In response to the question about the chavs in piccadilly garden, i think that apart from their lack of fashion sense they are the least of the city centre's problems...

G GeeJune 2nd 2009.

Let's get more cavalry. Can we have patrols on horse back in every ward in Manchester?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

I live in Levenshulme where there has recently been a series of sometimes violent muggings. I have lived here for 2 years and have never seen a policeman patrolling the streets. In fact, I seem to see them walking in more affluent areas more often- do they prefer to stay away from the high crime areas as its not so nice a place for a stroll?

mJune 2nd 2009.

I would like to know is it ever possible to get to speak to the CC in person as I have an issue I would like to discuss with him and him alone, with total confidentiality guaranteed.

rob shevlinJune 2nd 2009.

charlies nightclubharter streetcity centrea regular lads party venue and choice of chinese single menweekdays and weekends 4am kickout timethey simly turn out groups onto the street right outside two blocks of residential flats they shut the door, the bouncers watch as often groups of drunk people shout scream and fightThis problem has existed for the whole 4.5 years i've lived in a flat right beside the entrance to the cluband hence why flats in our blocks are difficult to rent for more than 6 monthswe want their license removed. or at the least cut back to 1am

crispy40June 2nd 2009.

What was that "thank you" advertising campaign on posters all about?? What was GMP thanking us for? And how much did they spend on a campaign that didn't seem to say anything??

Katrina ShepherdJune 2nd 2009.

Climate change is already responsible for 300,000 deaths a year and is affecting 300m people, according former UN secretary general Kofi Annan's thinktank, the Global Humanitarian Forum. By 2030, the report says, climate change could cost $600bn a year. Given these facts please could you share your thoughts on if it is a crime to prevent a great crime in the context of climate change protesters.

LouJune 2nd 2009.

Why after a large number of house and car break ins last Christmas (Didsbury Point) was there only a letter pushed through 50% of residents doors to warn them? also, the police patrolled the area once a day for two weeks (at 6pm) and then disappeared. Surely more should be done to reassure and protect residents?I had to receive information second hand (and proably inaccurate) information from a neighbour and an am not reassured by a severe lack of police presence anywhere in my area.

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Regarding customer service, could I ask about why - after some three years of being intimidated by her neighbours with a number of incidents actually being dealt with by the police and (eventually) leading to a prosecution - was my distressed mum was given a dressing down by a police officer for being too emotional after a recent repeated run-in with these ASBO idiots? From my point of view, that kind of attitude makes me want to deal with the problem myself yet we are instructed not to do this. We're currently frustrated by the largely ineffective police being disinterested and disgruntled by having to do the job that we pay them to do and feel (evidently like many of the posters above) that those of us that stay within the law do not necessarily have the police readily fighting our corner.Also - picking up on something from Sleuth - with regards to large-scale events and the police issuing retailers with instructions to limit the sales of alcohol locally, is it necessary for communities to be inconvenienced by such modifications to enable the police to have any kind of control in these circumstances? And, if this is the case, should these events be refused the go-ahead on the grounds that your force is incapable of policing them without further disrupting residents?

mJune 2nd 2009.

Good Luck to you Mr Fahy responding to some of the topics on here. I would like to ask what are you doing to ensure that the long term work and ideas that Michael Todd put into GMP and Greater Manchester will be continued, I know that you came into GMP amid a rather turbulent and extremely sensitive time and that you do not wish to live in the shadow of Michael [Todd] but to be fair to the late Chief he did have some very good ideas for the future of GMP and Greater Manchester as a whole, how will his legacy live on. He paid a great service to UK Policing, giving most of his life, but has never really been given the recognition he rightly deserved. I know that GMP must move on under your guidance but it would be a crime for his work to be cast aside.

FlakeJune 2nd 2009.

I'd like to know why so many officers are ignorant of the law on photography in a public place, and why so many missuse the terrorism laws to prevent innocent people enjoying their hobby?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Why are ethnic minorities so under represented within the GMP ?

Dan RennocksJune 2nd 2009.

Couple from me:1) My council tax bill this tax year states the GMP have received a 7.5% increase in funding from C.T compared to the previous year. Considering this is more double the increases granted to the Fire Service and Council and is more than double the current CPI rate of inflation, what is this increase being spent on? What tangible transparent targets have GMP set themselves to justify such a vast increase?2) What reversals or alterations in underlying social trends or behaviours would provide the most significant future benefits in terms of crime reduction? Is GMP in consultation with the government and other appropriate agencies (social services etc) on such issues in the hope of proactively tackling the root causes of crime rather than just reacting to it?

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

I saw a car being trashed by a bloke with a baseball bat outside my house- the police seemed puzzled as to why I had reported it when it wasn't even mine. They came knocking on my door two days later and basically said 'was it your car? No? Well erm... thanks' and wandered off without even taking a description of the man.In contrast, I deal with Cheshire Police through work and they keep you updated and informed at every step. You even get a direct dial number to the officer dealing with the case. Sounds like GM need some good old fashioned training in customer service.

SharonJune 2nd 2009.

There will be no drop in crime until the sentences and the prisons are made tougher. I sympathise with the police; they get very little support from magistrates/judges and the prisons are too soft in my opinion. But I do agree that there are far too few Bobbies around.

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

Why don't they seem to police anymore? When our car was stolen the thieves had left loads of finger prints on a white lunchbox and a massive bunch of front door keys and yet the police just told us to bin them. When my house got broken into they caught the suspect with my computer in the back of his car yet 'didn't have enough evidence' to charge him and let him off. My boyfriend and his housemates got threatened by an armed gang who broke into the house and the police told them they were making it up only to ring back several months later and beg for their statements because it had happened again to someone else. And I have been followed and threatened by a stalker for the last few months but although they said they'd speak to this person I'm not sure that they have because everytime I ring the PC that is 'dealing with my case' is out, ill or on holiday and apparently no one else can get the information and discuss it with me. The money from our council tax that goes towards the police has gone up yet we're STILL not getting any value from them. They are just glorified record takers. I have no faith in them anymore.

SharonJune 2nd 2009.

A return to the days when everyone in the locality knew the bobby on the beat and kids looked up to him with respect would not go amiss. If a presence is felt people may feel safer. Response times and attitudes need to change. I have watched how police officers talk about people on the real police programmes and it helps to have an open mind and not judge people. They need to be approachable but authoritative. Crimes need to be seen to be punishable and the general malaise when dealing with what is called 'petty crime' i.e. burglary/car theft etc needs to be stamped out and taken seriously by the police, showing the victims that they respect the trauma they have had to go through and that they intend to do something about it.

east lancsJune 2nd 2009.

Katrina, I'm intrigued. Could you give us an example of such an incident please?

Smyth, GMPJune 2nd 2009.

Hi folks, I work for GMP in the communications section. The chief's looking forward to the interview next week and the issues raised so far are certainly interesting. Keep them coming - he likes tough questions! Ben, we promise it isn't going to be heavily PR'd nonsense - the chief doesn't do that, and anyway people see through it and it doesn't work!Some of you have mentioned the "thank you Greater Manchester" posters and I thought it might be useful to give you a bit of clarity on those as it's in my area of business. They were put up after the Gooch gang was sent down for the murders of Tyrone Gilbert and Ucal Chin. We obviously had to wait until the court case was concluded before we could do it and. There was a bit of a turnaround time to produce the proper posters and we'd booked the space, so we put up the "thank you" posters as a bit of a teaser, in order to maximise our use of the space and make sure we were making the best use of public money. Obviously the problem with a teaser is that not everyone will see what they're being teased about so sorry if it caused some of you to scratch your heads. For info about the case, which the posters supported, visit www.gmp.police.uk/…/thankyoumanchester.html… . We've also got a video on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch… . Cheers, Smyth Harper, Acting Deputy Director of Communications, GMP.

AnonymousJune 2nd 2009.

If prostitution is not allowed, how come Withington road in Whalley Range is full of prostitutes? Everyone seems to know about this so surely the police is aware of this too? Do they get any social protection?

rosieJune 2nd 2009.

east lancs is obviously not looking as hard for them as anon......

chasJune 2nd 2009.

This Government has introduced over 3,000 new laws in the last ten years, most of them are for petty offences. Wouldn't the police be more effective if they concentrated on REAL crime?

BenJune 2nd 2009.

Febreze?! Surely a nice spritz of Gautier would be far more effective and not as effing vile?

Beth AllenJune 2nd 2009.

Good one Anthony. And what about the limits of the police role. Where should police powers end? Have we got too few or too many police?

My GranJune 2nd 2009.

well, My Gran wants to know why that nice constable doesn't help here with her shopping anymore...

CarolineJune 2nd 2009.

I would like to know why police will be there in record time if you're doing 34mph in a 30mph zone but take 30minutes to respond to an emergency call to an old lady's flat where a burglary is actually in progress? To me it seems like our police are scared of our criminals.

Sam TylerJune 2nd 2009.

If all Manchester coppers were like Gene Hunt, there would be less crime

dimpsJune 2nd 2009.

Oh I know where all the police are hiding!!! The have been hibernating waiting for the Oasis concert I live in Middleton work in Salford I drove down middleton road past Bowker vale and though Rhodes saw 12 officers in total oh and a van full in Saisburys carpark opposite Heaton park, Now we have had car jackings armed robberies in family home and not seen anywhere near that amount of police, are they all going to vanish once the concert has finished??

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