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Disaster for Manchester: Sir Richard Leese steps down

City's best council leader perhaps in its history takes a break following assault charge

Published on April 14th 2010.

Disaster for Manchester: Sir Richard Leese steps down

Confidential has been given this information by the Council: "Manchester Council Leader, Sir Richard Leese has asked for a period of leave to sort out family issues. His role has an impact on his family and he wants to sort out his private life.”

No timing has been put on when he may return, but Confidential understands that June after the elections seems a likely time for a re-assessment of the decision.

What we are certain of is that Sir Richard Leese carries political weight throughout the country, he is the most important city leader outside London by a factor of ten, he is a visionary in terms of how he sees the city and how he leads the city.

Sir Richard Leese is taking this action after being arrested and cautioned for assaulting his stepdaughter.

In a statement he's said: "I've asked the Labour group and party to allow me a necessary period of time out, as long as is needed, to resolve serious family issues. This request has been agreed and the deputy leaders will be taking on my responsibilities. My wife Joanne and I and our family would appreciate it if we could be left in peace during this period."

Sir Richard spent almost a full day in custody after his arrest on Monday night. This followed a call from his home in Crumpsall with a claim of assault. The alleged victim was his 16-year-old step-daughter.

Greater Manchester Police said: “At 11pm on Monday police were called to a house in Crumpsall, following allegations a 16-year-old girl had been assaulted. Police attended and spoke to the girl, who had sustained a very minor injury to her ear. A 58-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of common assault and has been cautioned.”

At Confidential we feel this is a private matter for Sir Richard Leese to sort out.

But when he has, we want him back leading the city.

Of course we are not condoning assault in any way.

But what we are certain of is that Sir Richard Leese carries political weight throughout the country, he is the most important city leader outside London by a factor of ten, he is a visionary in terms of how he sees the city and how he leads the city.

Our interview earlier this year (click here) underscored his gravitas, his intellect and his compassion for the problems Manchester faces, whilst showing clear thinking about the direction he believes the city should travel in and a deep understanding of how culture, business and education can assist the city in attracting investment.

We sincerely hope he can sort out his family problems and we sincerely hope he's back in his proper place in the Town Hall very soon.

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Sad newsApril 14th 2010.

He's a good man, and has been great for Manchester.

Leigh ScottApril 14th 2010.

bloody kids nowadays eh?

mike15366April 14th 2010.

Hope he manages to sort out his issues soon as he's been brilliant at putting Manchester back on the map.

Dave SpannerApril 14th 2010.

Mike, Manchester's always been on the map, since around AD 79 I think, when it was called Mamucium. Whatever's gone down, hope it gets sorted.

Sue DonimApril 14th 2010.

Complaining about Sir Richard - the cheek of it!

That girl needs a clip round the lug'ole!

NeedtoknowbasisApril 14th 2010.

This terrible news for the city. Richard is a cut above the leadership in the region, he's national standard.

John14798April 14th 2010.

If he was going to give someone a clip round the ear, Pat Karney would have been a better choice.

Pity he feels the need to step down, he's a bright, decent guy - a rare commodity in local government.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

Hang on a tic. (EDITORIAL COMMENT: We can allow this sort of guesswork to stand so we've removed one or two sentences here). We can't just say, well it happened at home so let's forget about it, I'm quite shocked Manchester Confidential are suggesting that. What other crimes are we suggesting are brushed under the carpet? Hitting a kid ok? Kicking your dog not? - Not wanting to go ott but like is said, we just don't know what happened. So before pledging support it may be an idea to at least attempt to find out.

Leigh ScottApril 14th 2010.

@ anonymous- Ban the bra!

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

It's hardly a disaster if it's proven that he has been knocking his daughter in law around...

ManCon: 'he is a visionary'

What a load of tosh.

Drew WalshApril 14th 2010.

We must get him back as soon as possible. Rare to find somebody as talented and committed anywhere. Someone who has refused other better paid offers to keep fighting our corner in Manchester is rarer still. Not condoning, but not forgetting all the evidence of decent caring man either.

Jenny WrayApril 14th 2010.

For God's sake anonymous, he might well be wrong. But at the same time it can be a disaster for Manchester if we lose someone so committed to the city, and can deliver on projects too.

richard19121April 14th 2010.

"What we are certain of is that Sir Richard Leese ...is the most important city leader outside London by a factor of ten..."

Please explain this nonsense hyperbole! It sounds like journalism from an episode of Brass Eye. Does he keep you in a job or something?

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

Ok, Manchester Confidential, perhaps this way of wording may fit more with the general theme of mourning; It is just as much an assumption to think he was probably in the right as it is to think he's totally out of order. Personally I don't want someone representing me who feels it's ok to slap his stepchild, obviously we don't know if this is the case and this is the major point. As we just don't know, let's wait. Scotee, what has this to do with women's lib? Enlighten us on that.

Jonathan Schofield - editorApril 14th 2010.

It might be an idea for people to read the article we did on the Council Leader in January to gain an insight into his worth to the city. You can access the story through the click here button in the final paragraphs in the story above.

Young...ishApril 14th 2010.

This is such a shame. I first saw the story on the BBC news site this morning. @anonymous yes you are right, we don't know the full story so why should ManCon withdraw their support without the full facts. Your argument works both ways. The fact she sustained 'Very minor injury to the ear' suggests that it's one pissed off teenager taking out a lot of frustration, so I can understand why ManCon still give him their support, and I second them.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

Whatever the outcome, this is a guy who is hell-bent on introducing a crippling congestion charge into the city, on top of already drowning SMEs in unecessary (but money-making)red-tape and legislation.

CASApril 14th 2010.

What an utter idiot. Has a great job, even a knighthood, and is regarded very highly by a lot of people. Yet, sadly, he was unable to stop himself striking this young lady. Whatever the provocation this is obviously wrong. I'm not sure it's better or worse for him to have been sober or not. I just can't see a way back for him to be honest. I've had a peek at the mostly hysterical comments on the MEN but one makes a good point. He launched a domestic violence campaign in Manchester with the line 'Violence in the home will not be tolerated', this is probably the reason he has to go, he'll just have this follow him everywhere now. He's also got quite an uncomfy homelife now too and whatever the provocation was, he's brought it on himself.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

That article is so gushing in uncritical praise. Another example why this place is essentially substandard journalism packed out with adverts.

Yes, he's done a lot of good for the city that I live in. A visionary? I almosty choked on cringe. Perhaps he can heal the sick by merely looking at them...

AgricolaApril 14th 2010.

'Police attended and spoke to the girl, who had sustained a very minor injury to her ear.' Cas, do you really think he suffer forever because of this.

Kevin CleverApril 14th 2010.

Anonymous I think these are called comment pieces.

CASApril 14th 2010.

Yep, he will suffer forever. However unfair that may be, he may actually deserve it though. If he stayed, we know what politicians are like and local ones are even worse, it'd be like feeding time. He would also have to be kept away from certain areas of work. Few high level political careers end well.

LagavulinApril 14th 2010.

I hope his step-daughter thinks she did right in involving the police in that case Cas.

CASApril 14th 2010.

Well we don't know do we? Although unlikely, this may have been the straw to break the camels back. I know what could have prevented it though, him not giving her a slap! If he hadn't have given her a slap then he would still be in his job and his homelife would resemble normal life rather than warfare. He did that, the idiot. We all know kids of that age can be wild but slapping a 16 year old girl is never going to end well really. However, again this is more unknown and the girl may be a nice levelled headed child.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

Could have been his wife that called the police.....

WooodyApril 14th 2010.

I think its atrocious that Cas and others are speculating on what happened when they have no idea what took place in the house and have no idea into the character of the girl.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

Ok, so we don't know the full story, fair enough. But, if it was something so easily explainable as "it was only a clip round the ear, any parent might do the same", then why on earth would he step down?<br><br>I don't want to speculate, but it must've been something pretty serious to make him quit the council.

CasApril 14th 2010.

WOODY, have you actually read what I've put? As I've made pretty clear we don't know what happened. The only thing we do know is that he assaulted her.

YumApril 14th 2010.

Great council leader. Great loss. Let's talk about his record in that area. Let's work out whether he'll be a loss to the city. And the answer is YES.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

i agree with cas. domestic violence is NEVER ok; and accepting a caution (legally) requires accepting some guilt.

BoultonApril 14th 2010.

This is silly, what sort of lovely lovely households have you lot grown up in? Family life is fraught on occasions, we all know this don't we. Family life is no place for the police if we're talking a row and a slap. Jesus I should be prison now, given my occasional annoyance with my kids, so should my dad, and my mum, and their parents too. All those preaching here, please measure against your own family life.

Tric ky WooApril 14th 2010.

Accepting a police caution is an admission of guilt so he had no choice but to resign. End of.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

Family life is fraught on occasions, you are entirely correct. However you don't get out of that by slapping someone. Again, we just don't know and there are as many people assuming the girl is some sort of delinquent as there are assuming this all makes Leese a bad man. Personally I don't think it is ok to slap your kids or partner.

CASApril 14th 2010.

That last bit was me, didn't mean to tick the anon box!

DescartesApril 14th 2010.

Cas, it's generally not ok to slap anyone - none violence shouldn't just apply to your kids or partner ;)<br><br>That said, I had my bum spanked when I was naughty as a kid, taught me to respect authority, my parents, and learn the consequences of being overly mischievous or setting things on fire. It's no coincidence that the less punishment kids get the more out of control "the youth" are getting.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

Cas, I think comparing a kid getting a slap to domestic abuse is pretty harsh, and also cheapens victims of domestic violence. Let's get real about this, if he hadn't taken the caution and stepped down it would have crippled the labour election campaign in Manchester. He's taken a bullet here, which in my view puts him higher in my estimation - and I say that not as a labour supporter. the bloody police should never have arrested him in the first place. My mother, and most parents I know, would be in the clink if you were automatically arrested when you slap a kid.

CASApril 14th 2010.

Just to be clear, I'm not advocating general slap happiness as long as it's not your kids or partner ;) I know what you're saying, I had my bum smacked too! However it was always the serious talking to's that really made me behave. A smack on the bottom is one thing, a slap about the face is quite another.

Christopher BryanApril 14th 2010.

Great one Cas.

"It's OK because I only slapped my son's arse and Cas says that's fine".

No one knows what's happened and have no right to start fabricating scenario's.

I propose giving Richard Leese a slap on the arse and welcoming him to get back on with the job.

CASApril 14th 2010.

The only thing we do know is that he was arrested for assault, admitted this, and was cautioned.

AnonymousApril 14th 2010.

no, we do not know anything, so we can speculate anything. You could even say that the daughter might have been asked by conservative or newspapers; or he might have.. Let's stop shall we?

Duke FameApril 14th 2010.

He should have resigned after the Con charge farce, if he's our best council leader, it says very little about the rest

Karen HApril 14th 2010.

Duke, you narrow minded fool. Look at Battle and Stevens his deputies they have no gravitas or national profile. They are so far below Leese's capacity you worry for the city. Then there's Ashley the Liberal Leader who shouldn't even be the leader of Levenshulme Council if it had one.

Steven AgranApril 14th 2010.

The Congestion Charge is not Leese's legacy it's the transformation of the city into a credible European city. Look at the big picture people

Duke FameApril 14th 2010.

He's a 2 bit council clerk, council clerks do not define cities, the only council clerk I know from history is T Dan Smith & I wonder if Leese's was similarly motivated re. con charge as Smith was

AngelaApril 14th 2010.

How very typical of Manchester Confidential. Yes, we don't know the whole story but the fact is that had this happened to someone that Mcr Con weren't too keen on this piece would have been very different. And the same goes for all the supporters and well wishers of Leese. A load of hypocrites-the lot of you.

BaylissApril 15th 2010.

Angela what lovely logic. So you support people you don't like but then don't support people who do like. By any measure Leese was a success for Manchester. By any measure his immediate successes are not as distinguished. That's what Mancon seem to be defending.

KitApril 15th 2010.

This is admirable from Mancon. They have come out with a view on the loss of Leese to the city straight away rather than dwelling and gloating like some Manchester press in the demise of good leader through a domestic incident which led to a 'very, minor injury'. Domestic violence is wrong, but let's look at the word violence. Also let's remember the strains and pressures of family life. Were our parents saints, if we are parents have we been saints?

KitApril 15th 2010.

Duke Fame is a fool. If he can't recognise the achievement elsewhere in a man's career but in a one eyed way only sees the policy he didn't agree with then he's simply not very intelligent. To imply corruption is the action of a scoundrel.

AnonymousApril 15th 2010.

Don't want to throw the cat amid the pigeons here but you simply cannot give him all the credit for the transformation of Manchester. Much of it is just progress and has been happening Europe wide over the same period, mostly funded by the banking, credit and investment explosion we now all choose to blame for everything. Unless that is Sir Richard was moonlighting in Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bilbao, Valencia, Marseille, Lyon, Cardiff, Dussledorf, Hamburg, Rotterdam...

HBIFFApril 15th 2010.

By any indicator it's clearly nonsense to imply Manchester's rate of progress has been the same as other provincial cities'. Those with agendas would have relished acknowledging a failure of leadership but appear too dogmatic to welcome Leese's successes. <BR>
Thankfully they're untypical of Mancunians.

Duke FameApril 15th 2010.

Manchester's rate of progress is exactly that of others, he's done nothing special, he's just a town clerk. Bernstein was the same, the pnly thing to stand them aside from others is their own inflated view of themselves and their ego.

CASApril 15th 2010.

Am I right in assumimg most of us assumed the row was probably about a night out or the girl taking the piss and treating the house like a hotel etc etc? Apparently it was about the family cat.

Duke FameApril 15th 2010.

I remember my parents claiming I use the place like a hotel, in fairness i had just complained that the corby trouser press wasn't working and I'd been billed for an adult film but I'd only watched the free trailer.

AngelaApril 15th 2010.

Biased and hypocritical. End of.

C 2 The GApril 15th 2010.

What has the world come to when you can't disapline your children. Richard stepping down is a loss for Manchester

Tricky WooApril 15th 2010.

Hey Angela, that's the media, baby xxx

Leigh ScottApril 15th 2010.

so just to clarify leese has had to step down and pretty much finish his career becuase his step daughter got pissed at his handling of her cat?

Brilliant- I wonder how she is feeling right now?

Fred WestApril 15th 2010.

What has the world come to when you can't disapline your children. Richard stepping down is a loss for Manchester

Rose WestApril 15th 2010.

as C 2 The G said, What has the world come to when you can't disapline your children. Richard stepping down is a loss for Manchester

AnonymousApril 15th 2010.

I don't think Richard Lees is nearly as great as his admirers make out, in fact I think he's a typical New Labour capitalist who knows the right things to say to appear to have a social conscience, and has drained a lot of money from where it should be going in the city, redirecting it to big business (as per New Labour generally). There has been so much money around these past 20 years, a mayor would be hard-pressed not to have a lot to show, and prosperity to wave around. Let's wait and see how well his plans work into the longer-term as problems start to come up that can't be solved by businessmen, who run off when there's no money to be made.

I don't think this incident should finish his career, though, as he is a very able man, albeit one that needs a lot more checks and balances applied, so that he cannot sell this city out from under us, transferring bricks and mortar from the people, to private companies who now own so much of the city.

If only there could be a proper discussion of his merits - he has many - and the restraints that need applying to him. Your article with him was very interesting and informative, but was in sum, entirely one-sided; his manifesto was fascinating, but needed good questioning.

A proper grilling as to his plans for the direction of this City would be so constructive; a silly domestic affair shouldn't prevent this happening. While it is ironic that he has been done for this, as his party has legislated so earnestly in this area, it's a nothing affair to my mind, and entirely personal, and I hope he and his family sort it out quickly and well, and are the stronger for it. Who'd want a teenage girl in a strop in the house....?

Duke FameApril 15th 2010.

He's just a skinny Derick Hatton

BoredApril 16th 2010.

C 2 THE G, Rose West, Fred West et al - it's 'discipline', if you don't want to be obviously pretending to be several people.

AnonymousApril 16th 2010.

As someone who works in Economics and Regeneration Manchester's development has been pretty bog standard. The MIER concluded that a city with assets of Manchester should be performing A LOT BETTER.

I would urge anyone interested in understanding how Manchester comapres to other cities to read the MIER reports.

C 2 The GApril 16th 2010.

Im not pretending to be several people. Its some other idiot who has come on

Duke FameApril 16th 2010.

Just a gues but I think it was a gag about allowing parents to have a free for all with their kids, a little sick but funny nevertheless

P GApril 16th 2010.

You can say these things and then you can actually compare what people and visitors and commentators think. Leese has been very very good for the city and the asinine sick jokes probably come from miserable little clerk figures who's only recourse is sarcasm because they haven't achieved anything in their lives, certainly nothing like the Manchester International Festival, the Commonwealth Games, the MEN Arena, Manchester Central, Hulme Regen....I could go on.

Graham SutcliffeApril 16th 2010.

Duke Fame should be especially ashamed. I wonder if he's ever put himself forward into a position vulnerable to criticism and then delivered anything. I bet not. I bet he's done nothing in his little life that anybody will ever remember. And he clearly has a chip on his shoulder about a much more valuable man.

AnonymousApril 17th 2010.

I'm a bit fed up about all this 'I feel for you' stuff, as if it were an episode 'of the 'Street'. Hitting people is
just wrong whoever they are. Sometimes it might be justified. Nuff said. But the
issue is what to do next. The man has been Leader of the Council for fifteen years' With the Chief Executive Sir H B and a
small group of executives and politicians pursued a regeneration policy supposed to generate resources and engage in a modicum of redistribution. It was Lease who told City Centre residents they were cash cows... their council tax and the spending power of their their higher incomes (actually they are all that much higher) would generate the buzz. ManCon is a parody image of this this life style as are all the glossy mags that litter my mail box.Saint Gordo is the guru of the 'hero' entrepreneurs. But that was/is the Centre.
The middle class suburbs could/can look after themselves. But what the leading clique ought to be judged on is the quality of life in general in those parts of the City that Thatcher' first three years
wrecked.. that means recreating an economy which would provide the good life for
those who had been chucked out of manufacturing and their kids. What has the last 15 years done for them. For ten years planners have known that the economic heart of the City Region is mostly in the City of
Manchester in a narrow band perhaps no more that 4km wide from Newton Heath to Dumplington. What has and is the City
doing making this ...not a site of branch factories and offices (and of course clone shops) which are footloose and fancy free, and need Lord PM to stop their companies
closing them. Rather it shouls be Businesses that are built on localised social and education capital. The real
politico/economic test for future leaders indeed making Manchester a Lyons not a pensioner of London. That's why I support Cass's idea of A Manchester does
it now' Festival demonstrating what potential for our future exists rather than a parade of our our caricatured humour.

L BennettApril 18th 2010.

Good points here Anon but some of those areas you mention are so structurally compromised that it will take decades to bring them back into parity with say parts of south Manchester. I believe that Leese and Bernstein have been the best hope for these places. They also realised that a strong city centre is the engine for such change in bringing up levels of overall investment. I saw Leese operating with government ministers, overseas bigwigs and academics and he never showed us up but was urbane, sophisticated and on top of the situation. He was an exceptional leader, what Mancon say above is exactly right. Battle and Stevens are nowhere near his level. They are provincial and parochial in outlook and will not bring the same weight and until last Monday dignity to the post.

Duke FameApril 18th 2010.

Well Graham Sutcliffe, you are an angry little kekboard warrior. My contact with Leese has only come through the con charge, he acted like a bully and his motivation appeared to be of self interest whilst trying to fool the people of Manchester. Luckily, the people are not as stupid as he thought.

From what I hear of the commonwealth games, both he and Bernstein were boorish and egotistical yet did very little.

Graham SutcliffeApril 18th 2010.

Yes angry because you choose to judge a whole career on one area of policy you didn't agree with. I've just read the article that Mancon put up here - the interview with Leese and Schofield, where it doesn't seem like he was acting out of self-interest. Here it is. JS: Let's change to transport policy. With tht Congestion Charge you said there was no Plan B: given the current levels of investment in Metrolink and other areas, maybe that wasn't true.
SRL: No I stand by that. There was no Plan B. It's a lost opportunity and congestion charging will probably come back in the future in a different form, it just won't come back with £1.5bn of government money attached to it. That's without precedent, to wave goodbye to that amount of real money.

Duke FameApril 18th 2010.

Q: Were you going to personally gain if the Con Charge was bought in, you know perhaps consultant, extra seats on committees with monetary gain?
SRL: Sir Richard?

As for achievments, you can add 500% rise in council taxes, 600% rise in business rates. I'm not sure how the MEN comes into it, do you want to add the succes of Naz' fruiters in Levenulme to his achievment, how about ManU' cup win? MOreover, how about the wate of compulary purchases for the route that never came to nowt, how about wasted £3m of promoting the TIF, how about wasting of feasability cash for TIF.

He was portrayed as brave over TIF, there is nothing brave about trying to promote oneself by getting the public to pay for it and nothing brave about gambling with people' jobs for the sake of an ego.

Scott NeilApril 18th 2010.

think L Bennett and the anon they respond to both good points. my mate lives and works in Brum centre (low paid but invaluable council employee who struggles w his tiny flat). he has many stories of the new Lib-Con coalition that runs Brum (Conservative Mr Mike Whitby is their council head, and it is after all the largest borough in the UK by a good few hundred thousand in population, right?). my mate was under no illusions about the prior Lab administration but he tells me the Lib-Con bunch are far worse in very real, substantive ways.

Peter GreeneApril 19th 2010.

One of the most stupid cliches around is to say that politicians are just in it for themselves. I have met many politicians in my job and 99% wanted to serve the people in making Britain better. Leese was one of these. Who will we turn to to make decisions unless we have people who are brave enough to lead in the face of the cruel criticisms of people such as Duke Fame? To say all politicians are corrupt is to say I can't be bothered voting and this is the best cliche I can find to excuse the inexcusable.

Duke FameApril 19th 2010.

I'm not saying Leese was corrupt, I just wonder where his motivation re. Tiff actually was.

Town Clerks do have a role but whilst some like to get their pictures taken next to a new tram or other big projects, their real role is to ensure there are playing fields for kids, rubish is picked up, roads run freely etc.

Duke FameApril 19th 2010.

Scott Neil , I must say I was impressed by Brum's Mike Whitby. He's already anticipating the cuts in head-count needed within the council, he stated that the council is not there just to employ lots of people, that is very commendable and I wonder when Manchester is going to address the over-manning in the council.

AnonymousApril 20th 2010.

This is getting boring.... There is little point in arguing with a (k)no-nothing... CT up six time in the fifteen years?... business rates... who fixes these?? and yawn the tiff again...who proposed that and when? Actually does DF live in the City?

Scott NeilApril 20th 2010.

fair enough Duke Fame. i know my pal (and colleagues) has a lot of issues w how Brum are handling the single status transition, but i must admit i don't know anything about Mr Whitby's views on council employee head-count.

Martin RaynesApril 21st 2010.

Perhaps Duke Fame needs to do some research and look at comments from various party leaders, from ministers, from international agencies, from European bodies. Leese has been held in esteem by all of them. Mancon should also maybe put a gagging order on here, he's become a bore.

AnonymousApril 21st 2010.

God almighty, the guy is allowed to have a differing opinion without this pack mentality coming out in force against him. He doesn't rate the chap as much as some of you do, get over it.

Johnny TaskerMay 1st 2010.

I would not use a private family matter to gain political capital over
" SIR " Richard Leese . His position became untennable when public money and resources were used to further the embarrassing , ill
fated so called congestion charge campaign , which was lost by M.C.C. by a huge no vote .

WayneMay 23rd 2014.

So we have a criminal running the council wow perhaps we should get Stuart hall the front child protection...why is Manchester such a dump

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