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Deansgate Latest News

Sir Richard Leese issues statement about turning area around the Cathedral into a pedestrian zone

Published on February 1st 2012.

Deansgate Latest News

Sir Richard Leese, leader of Manchester City Council said: "This is one of the final parts of the jigsaw in delivering the post-bomb regeneration masterplan and provides us with an opportunity to create a major new public space which will transform, regenerate and reinvigorate this area.

Artist's ImpressionArtist's Impression“This is as an important gateway into the city supporting the redevelopment of Chethams, the Medieval quarter and Salford's Greengate regeneration.  This unlocks the potential to create a dramatic new piazza outside Manchester Cathedral to bring together two of the most historic parts of Manchester and Salford - and further enhance the links between our two great cities.

"We've been waiting for the opportunity to do this for over a decade and it forms a key part of our transport strategy which was published in November 2010 and has been consulted on with residents and businesses.

"The intention is to introduce it on Sunday 4 March for an initial period of six months so we can monitor how well it works to minimise traffic disruption."  

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AnonymousFebruary 1st 2012.

I can see the logic. Manchester does not have the equivalent of a Pier Head or a South Bank. This scheme has the potential to reorientate the city back towards the Irwell giving it a greater public and civic role and enhance the setting of some of our most important buildings.

Apart from Albert Square and St Peter's Square what little open space there is in the city centre falls into the category of 'crap' (Stephenson Square, Piccadilly Gardens), 'privatised' (Spinningfields, First Street) or 'given away' (Canon Street).

Its a risky strategy but an ambitious one. Wouldn't want to see Deansgate closed off to vehicle traffic entirely though. Travelling through the city centre is how many people experience and built affinity to the city.

the Whalley RangerFebruary 1st 2012.

Linking up Salford and Manchester more makes perfect sense to me, the Chapel Street Corridor will be a separate good exemple of that one day.

Creating a public space in front of the cathedral is long overdue, also perfectly sensible.

The use and positive inclusion of the water separating Salford from Manchester is also a great opportunity. Don't know how that is addressed here.

Vehicular access to Deansgate from the Arena end will be further compromised, but this will hardly 'kill off' traffic to unsustainable levels for businesses along Deansgate etc.

The loss of open-air car parking in the area is hardly an issue. Areas on the other side of Trinity Way will compensate for that in future.

We can expect to enjoy a series of really neat urban spaces linking (the Boddies site one day), Noma, Victoria staton, Manchester Arena, the Cathedral right down to the northern end of Deansgate, which currently lacks 'meat on its bones'.

So, why oppose the plans?

It's the city, duffusFebruary 1st 2012.

The Renaissance site will gain appeal instantly - I would buy it now if I had a few bob...

Fitz LinsonFebruary 1st 2012.

Piazza, FFS!

Can we get rid of the massive merry go round too, I think its had its day and ruins the space between the Triangle and Selfridges.

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It's the city, duffusFebruary 2nd 2012.

Agreed - we don't want a 'piazza', Peterloo could happen all over again if we had open spaces.

this is a sick world

Fitz LinsonFebruary 2nd 2012.

It was more the use of the word, hardly rolls of the average mancunians lips.

Fitz LinsonFebruary 2nd 2012.

It was more the use of the word, harly rolls of the average Mancunians lips.

ConmanFebruary 2nd 2012.

"Piazz-oh" - how's that?

AnonymousFebruary 2nd 2012.

That's pizza, it's a typo.

The world's largest Margerita will spread from the Cathedral over to Greengate...

funboi123February 2nd 2012.

It a joke. Already the whole city is a bloody nightmare to get in or out of, even off peak because of this traffic reduction. How can you reduce traffic by squeezing it? I'll tell you how, because we will all get so fcuked off with it, we will go somewhere else for our shopping, restaurants, cinemas etc.

And as for "our transport strategy which was published in November 2010", apart from sat on the printer in Town Hall, where else was this made public, or had attention drawn to it so we, the people who are paying for this, could actually have a say in it?

"We've been waiting for the opportunity....", what opportunity has suddenly come along? A surplus of cash somewhere in these recession ridden times? Wheres the cash come from?

I tell you what, I dont care if Jedward were the only ones to run against the Anti-Motoring Town Hall crew currently in power, anyone who runs against you will have my vote. Mention that they are pro motorist, and they'll landslide Sir Richard and his mates out.

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the Whalley RangerFebruary 2nd 2012.

Sorry mate but praising the car is sooo Clarkson...

funboi123February 2nd 2012.

God, you couldnt be more wrong. I'll correct myself, "anyone who runs against you* will have my vote" *= Except Jeremy Clarkson.

Im not praising the car. Im questioning the logic behind it all, the finance behind it, and the impact its having on my day to day life by extending the length of time I now HAVE to spend in my car.

If it was quicker to get the hell out of town by any other route, I'd do it. But its not. Thats the quickest route for me. And now it just means I'll have to spend longer in other parts of town pumping out my dirty fumes, sitting idle in traffic, rather than my quick, clean, gentle constant acceleration route past HN & the MEN.

the Whalley RangerFebruary 2nd 2012.

Ok - I misread your 'mention that they are pro-motorist' line.

Instantly took my small mind into thinking of JC...

To me, the essence of your message is: We need better public transport.

funboi123February 2nd 2012.

I'll support that! Better public transport might get me out of my car. But this way round things is a waste of the money that COULD have been spent improving that public transport..

Time will tell

Weby72February 8th 2012.

It's getting to the point where anyone daring to utter, "But what about the detrimental effect on car users?" is castigated for being a selfish, immoral, Clarksonesque monster with no right to an opinion.
I have some sympathy with the environmental movement, but am pragmatic enough to understand that the car is often the only realistic communting method for many, and by far the preferred method for many more.
The vociferous anti-car lobby seems to have a hugely disproportionate influence over planning. Probably because they have such big mouths.
Much of the increased congestion in Manchester has eminated from planning decisions that have deliberately aimed to funnel traffic into fewer and fewer inbound/outbound routes, creating ever-increasing jams, which are exacerbated by either spurious or retarded programming of traffic light sequencing.

It's the city, duffusFebruary 13th 2012.

Mate, have you EVER been to London?

There are NO cars in the city centre.

How do all those people get there?

V EdwardsFebruary 23rd 2012.


AnonymousMarch 2nd 2012.

I would vote for a tramp if he put up against Leese.

AnonymousFebruary 2nd 2012.

Shame the council dont push their consultations out the media so they can be properly debated.


2 Responses: Reply To This...
funboi123February 2nd 2012.

I dont think their method is by accident. Its a well thought through way of them 'printing' their proposals and going, "So no objections from anyone? Great. Motion Passed".

I wish the media were more focused on it, and launch campaigns, and give coverage before the stable door is open...

V EdwardsFebruary 23rd 2012.



Andrew MacfarlaneFebruary 2nd 2012.

I'm amazed that no-one has mentioned the effect that this will have on bus users. The section of Victoria Street in front of the cathedral is a major bus artery and the diversion of services via Chapel Street and Victoria Bridge Street will significantly extend bus journey times, thereby making the bus even less attractive as an option than it is at the monent.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 2nd 2012.

I suspect that services will probably just be diverted up Chapel Street from the bottom of Hunts Bank avoiding Deansgate and Blackfriars entirely. Although this does beg the question of where all the passengers that currently board outside Red Hot buffet will go. An alternative would be to run via Corporation Street in both directions, therefore providing alternative stops in the retail core (although this would leave Victoria Station unserved)

V EdwardsFebruary 23rd 2012.


SamscamFebruary 3rd 2012.

Now then. Does everyone know what is sitting directly underneath this pedestrianisation? It's known as Cathedral Steps and is a system of tunnels comprising a Victorian ferry terminal (onto the Irwell) later used as an air raid shelter during the war.

This project would either mean its destruction OR could be the chance to shore-up the tunnels and put them to new and interesting uses. I think it would be amazing if they could be worked into the scheme - though probably stupidly expensive and just not going to happen.

AnonymousFebruary 9th 2012.

This is now starting to have effect. negative effect. Added almost 20 minutes to my journey from the Arena onward this morning, and two near misses as drivers get fruistrated and try to undertake you and nip in because, they too, are running late.

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V EdwardsFebruary 23rd 2012.


V EdwardsFebruary 23rd 2012.


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