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Council expected to extend parking charges until 8pm

Executive meets next week to ratify proposals, which include Sunday charging

Written by . Published on June 22nd 2011.

Council expected to extend parking charges until 8pm

Parking fees in Manchester city centre are set to be extended from 6pm until 8pm after a consultation carried out by the council.

The new plans will also include the introduction of Sunday charging, from 8am - 8pm, starting in September.

The city council's executive committee will meet next Wednesday to sign off the proposals. You can see the full report here.

The minimum tariff for on street bays will also be doubled to 30 minutes.

A comment from Cityco made during the consultation said: “We're pleased with the final proposals for the extended hours of the CPZ. We believe it will encourage more short-term use of on-street parking in the city centre, thereby reducing congestion, while the extension of loading bay controls to reflect the new hours will ensure businesses that are increasingly operating into the evening will be able to service their needs.

"Concerns were expressed when similar parking controls were introduced on Saturdays, but this is now the busiest shopping day.” 

Greater Manchester Police said using quieter streets on the fringe of the city where there is a lack of CCTV might lead to an increase in car crime.

One comment from a representative of the retail and entertainment sector said people might go to the Trafford Centre or Liverpool One instead of coming into the city centre however, and another claimed it might deter people coming to the MEN Arena or the Opera House.

There were almost 100 comments made during the consultation.

The reasons for the changes include helping shoppers find short-stay on-street parking; making it easier for city centre residents to find a parking space near their home; and reducing of congestion in the city.

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Ronald HobsonJune 22nd 2011.

Liverpool One? Two hours parking - £4.60 Arndale? £3.90.
Do the math.
Try again 'a representative of the retail and entertainment sector ' who ever you may be.
Also i doubt Manchester parking charges will stop people coming to the Royal Opera House because last time i looked it was in London.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 22nd 2011.


Ian BlakesleyJune 23rd 2011.

it appears to mention the Opera House, unless my eyes decieve me the word Royal does not appear...
this is yet another attempt by MCC to kill of the economy in their own city, this is once again shameful to read, and the reason why the city centre is buzzing after 6pm nowadays is because you can park freely without charge, which you would expect in most major cities in the world...The attraction of TC and LO surely are legit, not for me but many a discerning shopper will plump for this...

Matthew Clowery shared this on Facebook on June 22nd 2011.
Mr WhitakerJune 22nd 2011.

Excellent!. Thank you.
10,000 free spaces at The Trafford Centre.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Ronald HobsonJune 22nd 2011.

33% of Greater Manchester households do not own a car.

AnonymousJune 23rd 2011.

67% of Greater Manchester households own a car.

Jill JillianJune 22nd 2011.

Great,visitors can book a hotel ,have a nice night out ,get up late on a Sunday morning to a thirty five pound parking ticket,how many of them do you think will come back again.

Simon SmithJune 22nd 2011.

'The reasons for the changes include helping shoppers find short-stay on-street parking; making it easier for city centre residents to find a parking space near their home; and reducing of congestion in the city.'

How does guaranteeing residents very cheap long term parking outside their city centre homes, which is what residents parking schemes do, reduce congestion in the city centre?

It doesn't. It increases city centre congestion.

Typically muddled thinking from the council.

A resident's car causes as much congestion as a visitor's car, so both types of person should be discouraged from parking their cars on the city's streets and blocking the passage of traffic.

People who want to park near their homes should buy a home with private off road parking, not expect to use everyone's road as their own private car park.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Mat GuestJuly 18th 2011.

shut up you idiot

Simon SmithJune 22nd 2011.

Big news Anonymous, you've got older and bought a house in the suburbs. It happens to us all.

And exactly where are these 'world's greatest cities' that allowed you to park for nowt in the city centre?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 23rd 2011.

My comment was in context with my overall disillusionment of Manchester as a city in general. Note, I also made reference to living, working and trading in the city, not just visiting and expecting free parking.

NorthernGeezerJune 24th 2011.

Who comes in to town to do there shopping between 6.00pm and 8.00pm?.
I'm a regular visitor to town at this time for the eateries, a parking charge may actually deter me from doing this when the increase comes in.

Loretta FoxJune 25th 2011.

That also means that MCC will have to employ more wardens too at the expense of killing the economy!! If they are so concerned about the city centre residents then they shouldnt have allowed the building of so many apartments, many of which are still empty, but that's ok as the council benefit from empty rates too!!! They are a disgrace and attack 'us' the general public any way they possibly can....makes my blood boil!

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 25th 2011.

Good point Loretta. Any additional revenue from parking fees will likely be less than needed in overtime for existing *CEOs* or the employment of extra ones. Oh hum.......

CobbydalerJune 29th 2011.

It's been passed then:


Jeff CAugust 8th 2011.

I pay over £200 a year in road tax, £1.40 a litre in petrol and I've just got my insurance renewal - fk me! That's gone up about 20%! Now these greedy bastards are trying to rob my spare change! I avoid going to town in the day because of the parking as it is, and even after 6pm it's hard work finding a spot. This makes absolutely no sense other than pulling in more money for those c***ts in the council. This is OUR city not the council's. When they handed NCP and Europarks their licence's to print money they could have just as easily imposed limits to what they could charge for parking - but they didn't think about us did they!? When they handed out the other license's to print money to developers building city centre apartments and offices, they could have asserted a need for parking in those new buildings, but they didn't did they? They are taking the absolute piss - again!

Remember the congestion charge to pay for the new tram lines? 87% of us said no (was a proud Manc that day) and now I see tram lines being built, which makes the council a bunch of liars - which isn't surprising since it's full of politicians. Imposing price increases really only deters those on less income, your footballers and millionaires are gonna give a fuck, so all the council are really doing is freeing up parking spaces for their rich mates. Driving around looking for a parking spot causes congestion AND pollution - FACT. If a car is parked it's not IN traffic so by definition it isn't traffic - thus not congesting said traffic - FACT. Don't piss down our legs and tell us it's raining - we get enough rain as it is.

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