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Confidential Publishing, How-Do and Place NW merge

North West Media Merger

Published on November 11th 2011.

Confidential Publishing, How-Do and Place NW merge

CONFIDENTIAL online magazines – including Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and London – has announced a merger with the media industries website How-Do and the commercial property website Place North West. 

Coming together will allow us to enhance our existing titles and also develop new opportunities

The merger came into effect on Friday 11 November 2011. 

Staff from How-Do and Place North West will be based at Quay House in central Manchester with the Manchester head office team of Confidential. Total staff headcount will be 32 with several further contracted freelance writers. 

The publisher of Confidential, Mark Garner, and the publisher of How-Do and Place North West, Nick Jaspan, both believe there are numerous opportunities to be gained by combining resources and assets offering a broader range of services to both B2B and B2C markets.

The Confidential titles attract 188,000 unique readers a month , Place North West just over 40,000 and How-Do almost 50,000. 

In addition, Confidential titles currently have 156,000 subscribers to their various email lists.  How-Do has over 18,000 and Place North West circa 11,000. 

Garner said of the merger: “Coming together will allow us to enhance our existing titles and also develop new opportunities. Our readers will see the fruits of these new initiatives in the coming weeks and months. 

“We believe that the combined group will be the North West’s leading digital publisher and our B2B/B2C offering will offer even greater opportunities for our commercial partners. We also intend to exploit Confidential’s broader geographical reach”.

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Helen Ramsbottom shared this on Facebook on November 11th 2011.
Andrew SpinozaNovember 11th 2011.

Come on then, tell us, who has eaten who?

SpyNovember 11th 2011.

Surely 'whom'?

AnonymousNovember 11th 2011.

Hhhmmm exciting you say

James SpencerNovember 11th 2011.

well at least it saves on the rent.

James SpencerNovember 11th 2011.

but what is the combined UR

James SpencerNovember 11th 2011.

Then we can aswer Spin's question

Isabella JacksonNovember 11th 2011.

Good for combined rent, rates, utilities, resources etc. Alas three times too many bodies doing the same job; sales, admin., managerial, etc. Mergers mean one of two things; expanding visibility, customer reach and target market so as to be the 'biggest' in the industry - or cutting costs and consolidating. I hate to be cynical but I hope that ManCon are not embracing this merger as a way of increasing their e-mail database - it's already a bit in your face now - three or four e-mails a day????? As a regular ManCon reader, I would genuinely like to know the honest benefits of this merger.

John NuttallNovember 12th 2011.

Does poor Nick Jaspan realise that this means that he'll be paying for Gordo's big dinners from now on?

SpyNovember 13th 2011.

Isabella, it makes the company bigger and gives them more reach and readership. Obvious.

AnonymousNovember 15th 2011.

Manchester Confidential was on its knees that's the reason for the merger. Still it saves Mark Garner from winding the company up and reemerging as a new company blighting everyone's inbox. Perhaps How Do can take charge of the email list and ensure emails are limited to one per day, but even that is too much.

Jonathan Schofield - editorNovember 15th 2011.

Anonymous are you so careless of jobs as to repeat this rubbish. I'm proud of what we do and I will put my name to it, again and and again and again, as you did not. Reveal yourself you coward. We say what we think. Do you? Or do you hide behind facelessness in everything you do in life? Look me in the eye and tell me this. You wouldn't would you?

AnonymousNovember 15th 2011.

No you can't Gremlin. I have done this several times and they still keep emailing me several times a day. This company clearly does not delete details following request and retains the data so it can email us less than a week after unsubscribing. All so it can bang on about its readership. Not much point if they are getting sent to the spam box.

1 Response: Reply To This...
GremlinNovember 18th 2011.

it's an intelligence test Anonymous, I've done it. You really do have a lot of Garner hate their don't you? Seems to me it's a measure of how comfortable he is in his own skin to allow you to vent your personal problems with him on his web site. He must think you're a right little weasel.

Jonathan Schofield - editorNovember 15th 2011.

Just tell me who you are and I will respond. You are clearly one person. Here's my address jonathans@cpub.co.uk

Isabella JacksonNovember 17th 2011.

Bit of a odd response from Mr. Schofield there; What does 'careless of jobs' mean in the context of Anon's comment??

Stephen NewtonNovember 18th 2011.

Isabella: Anon is suggesting, we must assume falsely, that Man Con might not be able to pay its way. That could spook suppliers who might then withhold credit, demand up front payments etcetera and in turn damage an otherwise healthy business.

NormaNNovember 18th 2011.

It also means the pair of you that you can have opinion open to air about a private company that tries to bring you the news and the reviews in Manchester. You would never allowed this openness to be aired in public in your own companies I bet. So hesitate before the criticism. I wouldn't let it happen. This is a good move. Makes the collective bigger.

AnonymousDecember 1st 2011.

Jonathan, putting my details on here resulted in you lot spamming me up to five times a day, every day for a year. I had to close my email account down which I had for several years. That is the reason I posted my comment anonymously, you cannot be trusted with email addresses or subscriber details.

AnonymousDecember 1st 2011.

Obviously Anon does say what he/she thinks. Am I going to get slated because I've not logged on to post my rant and clicked anonymous because I'm a lazy git?

Anyway, this is not what I wanted to comment on. Stop distracting me and let's be nice people.

Irish MancMarch 26th 2013.

I am having trouble unsubscribing from certain emails. I unsubscribed from Trevor Sorbie one last year and still receive loads of emails from them. I've tried subscribing and then unsubscribing again but nothing works. Even emailed to say stop the emails from them but got no response.

Your privacy statement says
"Opting out
Our belief is that all communications must be wholly consensual and should you elect to be removed from our mailing list or website you can at any time by visiting our unsubscribe page. A link to this page can be found at the bottom of any email communication you receive from us, alternatively you can log in to any of the confidential websites with your user name and password and opt-out from the user area found by clicking your name at the top of the site. We ask that you allow up to 48 hours for this to be fully processed by our system"

No joy. Any way I can stop these emails?

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