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Cloud 23 Closes For Refurb

Towering glam destination to be made more glam

Published on August 25th 2012.

Cloud 23 Closes For Refurb

HILTON Manchester Deansgate has announced that its famous destination bar, Cloud 23, will undergo a 'complete style overhaul which will see it transformed into one of the most glamorous venues in the north west of England'.

Given its location that was always going to be the case we reckon. Confidential's heard a sniff about the food offering on the 23rd floor being expanded too. 

Work on the transformation will start on Tuesday 11 September 2012 with the results due to be revealed in November.

Details of how the new Cloud 23 will look are still under wraps but Lloyd Chapman, senior designer at Hirsh Bedner Associates, has given us some purple prose to chew on while we wait - and there's the CGI at the top of the page too. 

"The main inspiration came from finding ourselves at the highest point in Manchester and the feeling of almost being able to touch the clouds," the designer said a mite predictably.

"We then thought about the huge influence that the cotton industry had on Manchester during the industrial revolution and worked on the idea of cotton clouds which will be used as a key concept feature. Additionally the city's music scene was a big source of inspiration with the words from the Stone Roses' Elephant Stone including the phrases 'kissing the clouds' and 'burst into heaven' also playing a part."

Cotton roses so to speak.

John McLaughlin, general manager, Hilton Manchester Deansgate, said, "I am extremely excited about the transformation of Cloud 23 and having been lucky enough to see the final designs, I am sure that the results will be stunning and set it apart from every other venue inthe city."

Given its location that was always going to be the case we reckon. Confidential's heard a sniff about the food offering on the 23rd floor being expanded too. 

Cloud 23 will be closed during the refurbishment process, however the hotel will remain open. For more information click here.

Cloud 23 Cgi - As It Will LookCloud 23 Cgi - As It Will Look



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44 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Simon TurnerAugust 26th 2012.

The attitude of the staff, the silly systems they have in place to make it feel like they're doing you a massive favour taking your money off you; perhaps all that could be refurbished as well?

5 Responses: Reply To This...
James KayAugust 28th 2012.

Spot on!

AnonymousAugust 28th 2012.

Totally agree!

Jay SizzleAugust 28th 2012.

Couldn't agree more. I like the venue, and the cocktails, but the attitude of the staff (particularly those on the ground floor) makes it a borderline unpleasant experience. If they could sort that out it would be a top destination bar.

AnonymousOctober 3rd 2012.

so true mate.

AnonymousOctober 3rd 2012.

well said mate

Jef BarberAugust 28th 2012.

hate the place . The longer it stays shut the better

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 28th 2012.

Wow. Usually, if I don't like somewhere, I just don't go and leave the place to the people that do like it.

AnonymousAugust 28th 2012.

oh it's full of Manchester's best fake tan twats.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 31st 2012.

Intellectual response. Well done.

Kay BishtonAugust 28th 2012.

When it opened it felt special to visit, a real treat, somewhere to take friends that were visiting from out of town! We went in a few weeks ago to find scruffy, tattoed louts swigging from beer bottles with wife beater vests on - the staff weren't much better! Sloppy service with an attitude problem - If I want a decent drink I'll stick with Mojos - who needs a view especially when it comes with £10 a drink price tag!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 28th 2012.

It's Mojo. Not Mojo's or Mojos. Just Mojo

TomAugust 30th 2012.

Unfortunately I agree. We went a fortnight ago to celebrate a friend’s birthday. I don’t mind paying the high prices (the view is incredible) but the service was just very poor and completely unworthy of the automatic service charge that got put on our bill. For a start it took 30 minutes for our waitress to come over and take our drink order, then after a long wait without anybody checking if we were OK, we had to approach the waitress to order more drinks. The carpet was warn, toilettes very unkempt and the tables chipped. I appreciate that they are addressing this with the refurb but hopefully they can address the staff training too. Good service makes such a difference. And it's doesn't take much to get it right.

AnonymousSeptember 1st 2012.

I'm a regular customer and I have never had a service charge added to my bill? Having frequented most of the upmarket bars and restaurants in Manchester I like the fact that C23 doesn't do it!

Maggie MilnerAugust 28th 2012.

just getting rid of those ridiculous chairs made from recycled supermarket trolleys would be a big improvement!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Thomas ReedAugust 28th 2012.

They look really good but my god they're uncomfortable.

Ghostly TomOctober 2nd 2012.

We were there once when a young woman who had had one cocktail more than was good for here misjudged where the edge of the chair was in the subdued lighting. She has no visible panty line. We discovered how she had achieved it!

Mr.HydeAugust 28th 2012.

went for the first time this weekend, the service is wank thats true enough and it probably would benifit from an overhall

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 30th 2012.

And some spell check.

John NuttallAugust 28th 2012.

It's about time, the place has been one great, lost opportunity since it opened. The amazing views should have made it into one of the best bars in town, instead the dreadful 'Habitat circa 1970' decor was just hideous. I took some friends from London in once only to find that it was being used to film 'Coleen Sweeney's Real Women', as we left my friend's daughter loudly observed " I don't know why they're filming, we're the only interesting people in here and we're leaving" which just about summed it up.

Laura ConnollyAugust 28th 2012.

it doesn't have a nice atmosphere, you feel like your doing the staff a favour, instead of receiving a service and you don't get access to the best view, as the vip area (towards town hall etc) is mostly inaccessible. not somewhere i would take friends, i went last year and waited 20 mins for a cocktail - hope management read these comments, otherwise they can refurbish as much as they want!

4 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousAugust 28th 2012.

I went for the first time two weeks ago and my friends were celebrating their wedding anniversary so we dropped in for a drink. Ladies on the ground floor very abrupt and snobbish, bordering on rude, 5 cocktails (one a virgin) managed to take 30 minutes to arrive, the decor is dated and faded, the chairs tatty, and the windows could do with a clean :-) Hope they train some of the staff whilst doing the refurb as then may live up to its potential.

RoxanaAugust 30th 2012.

''the decor is dated and faded, the chairs tatty, and the windows could do with a clean '' Have you not read the title properly? Can you not see the word REBURBISHMENT! Derrrr

AnonymousAugust 31st 2012.

I hope it gets a good reburbishment! Ha!

AnonymousOctober 8th 2012.

Blimey anon, are you the head of the spelling police? Shakespear would have had no chance with you dear.

Reader XxxAugust 29th 2012.

We had afternoon tea there once and the whole experience was dreadful...

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 1st 2012.

We had afternoon tea there once and the whole experience was wonderful...

Ob1September 17th 2012.

We went there twice, the service was awful, never sent back.
If I'd had to ask to pay a fourth time I was just going to leave.

Calum McGAugust 30th 2012.

Am I the only person who quite likes it as it is? The refurb looks like the inside of a box of chocolates, with some airport carpet thrown in. Agree about poor service though. Table service is fine - if it's efficient and good. The table service (and/or cocktail-making), even at quiet times, is too slow.

RjAugust 31st 2012.

Most of the comments here seem a little pointless. This isn't trip advisor,nobody is asking for a service review and given Hilton is the huge name it is I'm sure they've already considered the customer service style. Makes most of the comments here seem a little redundant and glaringly obvious.

Comments about not getting in...pointless, no doubt beyond the bar and staffs control and not fair.

The whole waiting time thing, I've seen many people in the bar get confused with this. If the bar holds 200 people then imagine having to go up to the bar and order, that could take a good 15 mins. If your with 10 people how can you expect fresh cocktails to be made without a slight wait. Table service cuts out the bother of waiting at the bar but doesn't cut out the waiting time. If people want quick crap drinks them go to deansgate locks...quality needs time.

As for the staff I've never had a problem, in my experience it's usually the customers treating them like crap and behaving disgustlingly.

Mancunians need to be a little more supportive, the bar design looks great and something the city can be proud of, I would at least give the place a chance to get running again before coming out with 'I went for my aunties 50th 2 years ago and hated it....bla bla bla' IRRELEVANT.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 1st 2012.

Spot on!

cocktail loverOctober 8th 2012.

I have never seen a ManCon rant that has had nearly 100% negative reviews. Which says to me that there really is a service problem here. I have been a few times and I can underline that the bar staff, waiters and management have a real attitude problem. Very poor, sort it out Hilton. By the way RJ, do you work there or are a Friends and family type?

AnonymousAugust 31st 2012.

RJ; the Hilton may or may not have considered the customer service but in my experience it's got worse since it opened not better.

It's relevant to point out when the bar comes out with all these glorious plans to refurb the venue, that what customers would like is a decent, friendly, premium service. Without that it's a typical and regrettable fur coat and no knickers thing isn't it?

You do admit that you've seen customers behaving disgustingly - to me, that's significant. You get the clientele you deserve maybe??? All this talk of exclusive this, cocktails that. Counts for nothing if the place has more than its fair share of idiots. Idiots with money, but still idiots.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 1st 2012.

I think RJ has a point, you get the customers you deserve? You think the staff deserve to be shouted at? Bit harsh in my opinion, nowheres perfect but I for one will certainly be going back to Cloud 23 when they reopen.

AnonymousSeptember 1st 2012.

I personally love it! Don't know what all the bad press is about. Can't wait for the refurb!

1 Response: Reply To This...
AeronSeptember 3rd 2012.

You're not staff/management by any chance? All the anonymous posts made around this time on Saturday are very defensive. Personally, I've never been, so couldn't comment.

AnonymousOctober 1st 2012.

Moaner's get lost and loose your pound in shity corner bars and be a shit their

1 Response: Reply To This...
Grammar PoliceOctober 8th 2012.


This comment is so bad that it must be a joke?? That loose pound needs to tighten up!

This one time only, the grammar police will let you off with a warning, because you have made us smile this Monday morning.

Maybe in a condescending "you can't spell or write properly" way, I admit.

Further reading for you, please look into there/their/they're.

Andrew DarbyOctober 7th 2012.

Have to agree with some of the comments; the champagne is far too fizzy, the cushions too soft, the chairs too comfy and the views are too good! More to the point, the cocktails, what a joke - they are far too fresh, I mean having to wait in salubrious surroundings for a cocktail to be painstakingly made FRESH. They should look at the wetherspoons model, and have cheap ready made cocktails that can be more efficiently produced within seconds!
Tell me where else you can go to get these views of Manchester, for free, sip from a fine selection of cocktails, whilst ogling the finest fake tans and blonde hair humanely imaginable ? Exactly - nowhere ! You'll always get the haters, and you'll always get the lovers, and I'm sure the 'tiny' Hilton chain will work their magic and fix it if they're tills stop ringing"

AnonymousOctober 8th 2012.

You working there last night Andrew, and had time between not serving the customers with any degree or efficiency or panache and decided to go online and attempt some irony?? Ha ha. When they refurb their attitude to customers I'll go back. The view is great, apart from that Cloud 23 is an embarrassment.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Jonathan SchofieldOctober 8th 2012.

I still think that if you're going to be nasty to individuals you should give your name. I know we don't enforce this but it would make rude people seem less like cowards.

Andrew DarbyOctober 8th 2012.

A lively debate indeed, and as Jonathan has pointed out, the 'anonymous' amongst you do come across as beleaguered cowardly moaners! On the last three occasions I've been to the bar, albeit that is over a years timescale, I have left without cause for complaint, maybe I'm just lucky! Is the attitude of the staff in need of address, sure, for some of them. But you show me a bar that appoints itself as a temple of indulgence, whose staff have a different attitude and I will gladly avert my patronage. Bar tenders attitudes are the result of the surroundings and the people they are there to serve, if they are up their own arses then it would therefore follow that the clientele are too!

Simon TurnerOctober 8th 2012.

Ok Andrew, so you have a go at the haters and the moaners but actually end up agreeing that the attitude of the staff needs addressing and you imply that both the staff and the customers are "up their own arses". So the haters were right?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Andrew DarbyOctober 8th 2012.

Nearly, nowhere's perfect, you get the good staff and the bad, that's all I was pointing out. People are entitled to moan, for me, perspective is what's needed.

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