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Clean-Up Grants For City Litter Pickers

Green fingered residents are offered grants for keeping the city clean

Written by . Published on March 9th 2014.

Clean-Up Grants For City Litter Pickers

LITTER picking is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Manchester City Council is now offering volunteers grants for clearing the city centre of rubbish and revitalising green spaces.

"We know that our residents have a real pride in their communities and we’re making it as easy as possible for groups to hold regular clean-ups – in turn inspiring others to join the city’s fight against litter."

Last weekend saw the first group of Manchester residents, joined by city centre businesses including Starbucks and McDonald's, take to the streets to clear up the rubbish and waste. 35 bags of rubbish were collected as well as taking time to plant flower bulbs in the Northern Quarter and St Ann's Square.

St Anns Square saw residents pick up litter last weekendSt Ann's Square saw residents pick up litter last weekend

The City Council is now offering £200 grants for those wishing to keep our city clean, which will allow residents’ groups, schools and other organisations to buy equipment such as bags, litter picks, gloves and bulbs to hold regular clean-ups around the city centre. The clean-up grants come as part of the £14.5 million Clean City fund, part of the airport windfall following Manchester Airport Holdings Ltd’s purchase of Stansted.

The City Council is also asking residents for ideas about how the money can be spent and has already received more than 100 suggestions about how best to clean up Manchester.

Councillor Bernard Priest, deputy leader for Manchester City Council, commented: "We know that our residents have a real pride in their communities and we’re making it as easy as possible for groups to hold regular clean-ups – in turn inspiring others to join the city’s fight against litter.

"We’re making a serious investment by providing new bins which are fit for the modern city centre, but this is a problem we can’t deal with on our own – we need residents to help us, either by organising community clean-up events or simply by not dropping litter."

Phil Barton, chief executive of Keep Britain Tidy, who attended the first clean-up event, said: "I was delighted to join volunteers planting primulas and helping pick up litter on St Ann's Square last Saturday, and this felt like the start of something special in my home city."

So get involved, pick up your litter and tend to the flower beds. Let's keep our city clean.
To find out more about the grants on offer and how to clean up the city centre, contact: community.engagement@manchester.gov.uk

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18 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Nick NameMarch 9th 2014.

We need more bins, bigger bins. We need to sweep and jet wash more and i'd also fine people for dropping litter. I stood next to someone a little while ago who was eating a box of fried chicken on Cross St next to Boots. I watched as he eat each peice down to the bone and dropped them to the floor without a care in the world, despite being 2m from a bin. I told him what i thought and it nearly came to blows. If people thought they would be fined they might change their ways, if they don't we have fines to help to keep the city clean.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
rinkydinkMarch 9th 2014.

More worryingly, what time was this person eating fried chicken if you posted at 9.51am?

Nick NameMarch 9th 2014.

A little while ago in terms of weeks, not mins!

AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

well said, unlike other more civilised countries it is below our police to issue fines for littering. There should also be a levy on chewing gum.

rinkydinkMarch 9th 2014.

So the council are asking residents to clean the streets up themselves. Isn't the council tax supposed to cover this? Salford council needs to do something - the streets where I live are a health hazard and look like slums because of litter strewn everywhere. Where does the council tax go exactly?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Chris HawkeMarch 9th 2014.

More litter = more pickers = higher council tax. Attitudes need to change. Good on the volunteers, its a thankless task and the litter will return in a matter of days or weeks.

rinkydinkMarch 9th 2014.

More litter is caused by more people using the city and more businesses springing up. Equals more money for the council. They should be doing this

AnonymousMarch 10th 2014.

People that drop litter or don't even attempt to recycle at home disgust me.

AnonymousMarch 10th 2014.

Venues need to be held more accountable. Bars especially. I walked past Barca Bar (Castlefield) on a weekday a couple of weeks ago and there were a fair few empties, cig packets and other bits of crap on the terrace. I expect it had been there since the weekend. I know they do clean that area sometimes, but how much of it would have been blown elsewhere by the wind during the previous nights. It should be cleaned up at the end of each night. If they don't do it they should be fined. How many empty bottles and such are thrown into the canal from the bars at Deansgate Locks? Walking past the Printworks yesterday (Sunday), you could see the leftovers of the previous night out. Food packaging everywhere, chicken bones, empty cans etc. The take-away restaurants should be forced to clean up the area at the end of the night. In Germany (or Munich at least), bars are required to clean up the pavement and any seating areas around their premises at the end of every night. I appreciate Germany has a much better attitude towards litter than our country, but it wouldn't be very hard to enforce such a rule. Also, it's all good saying residents need to help but most normal 'residents' will put their rubbish in the bin. It's primarly the morons who don't, and simply asking them to 'help out' by putting their rubbish in the bin isn't going to help at all. And if you challenge them it often does end up in an argument or worse.

DavidMarch 10th 2014.

Manchester must have more CCTV coverage than any city in the country,and a large amount of police.If the will was there to enforce a no tolerance of dropping litter then it could be done.Socially responsible rules will only be followed if they are enforced.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

So what you're suggesting is CCTV operators sitting behind a bank of screens somewhere with the sole intention of watching out for people dropping litter. They would then relay any information to specially formed Police snatch squads who would patrol the city in their vans and would be directed to the litter dropping offenders with a view to fining them? Dream on David.

Friends of Angel MeadowMarch 11th 2014.

The new NOMA ring road is a case in point. This tax payer-funded scheme has brought 3000+ extra people migrating to this area every day but not ONE bin has been provided along the route to accommodate them. Much of the appalling behaviour starts at the numerous Zombie Car Parks (Total/SIP/Euro Car parks, etc) around the city and zero enforcement by MCC of those companies to locate bins within their estate or keep those areas clean. Extra litter bin provision and regular cleaning rotas needs to be written into planning consent and strictly enforced using things like Section 215 orders. Invariably it isn’t the residents littering their own community but those passing through. If the council can outsource its on-street car parking services to over-zealous NCP Traffic Wardens and empower G4S park security staff then why not litter enforcement? The carrot has failed: we need more stick.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
PamelaMarch 11th 2014.

I applaud this observation. I have contacted the council and requested more litter bins but to no avail. Lazy, lazy council!

AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

Did you read the article? "We’re making a serious investment by providing new bins which are fit for the modern city centre" Democracy is wasted on people like you.

AnonymousMarch 12th 2014.

Who’s misinformed you that "Democracy" exists in Manchester? The City Centre Councillors and the local MP get voted in on a 10% turnout- that’s the whole problem- MCC can spend your money how they want. More litter bins is progress but the Airport Fund cannot be spent on extra humans (or ongoing costs such as emptying the bins or keeping the wider streets clean the mountains of rubbish that doesn’t get disposed of in the bins); for that we need legislation/a planning constitution/outsourced cleansing team (empowered to issue Fixed Penalty notices) to ensure a continual source of funding is available and not just 12months before the next General Election looms.

AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

They've started frittering the money away on silly ideas already. It's simple, we need more litter bins, one on every corner, one at every bus stop. They need to be emptied and maintained and the door shut properly. There need to be teams of litter pickers. There needs to be litter picking in the evening. Electric vans should be used like Bury to go round emptying bins and picking up bags dropped by litter pickers. The money given to the Alicia Keys concert £400k would buy 800 new bins, that puts one on every corner and bus stop. It's hard to imagine anything changing until Howard Bernstein goes. He is not up to the task. There is just no will at the top to give us a clean modern city. It makes me sick to see money spent on marketing or silly street ambassadors when the city is not cleaned. Why can't they shut the doors actually, anybody know?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
GimboidMarch 11th 2014.

They ARE investing the money in bins. Buying 800 new bins doesn't pay for 800 bins to be emptied in perpetuity.

rinkydinkMarch 12th 2014.

What's their problem? If other cities can do it, why can't this one? The rot has definitely set in. Time for revolution!

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