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City bars and restaurants - hygiene ratings

Exclusive: Simon Binns looks down the back of the fridge as the council releases 1,000 food hygiene ratings

Written by . Published on April 5th 2011.

City bars and restaurants - hygiene ratings

Another list-based Confidential exclusive, because we know you love them.

This time, it’s about food hygiene standards across the city’s food and drink outlets.

Some of the city’s best-known pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels came a cropper when food hygiene inspectors came to visit, it would seem.

Koffee Pot, Corbiere’s and La Mei Zi were all among some of the lowest rated by the council’s inspectors, and were told they needed ‘major improvement.’

Poor scores were also recorded by upmarket boutique hotel Eleven Didsbury Park, Saints and Scholars, also in Didsbury, and Abdul’s takeaway on Oxford Road, which is popular with students. The Royal Orchid Thai restaurant on the edge of Chinatown also scored badly, as did Mother Macs pub in the Northern Quarter.

You can see the full list here – which covers more than 1,000 venues already visited by the council. Not every place in the city has been inspected yet, however – only about 25 per cent – but the list will continue to expand throughout the next 18 months, when the council expects to have inspected everyone.

Places are rated on a sliding scale of 0 (the worst) to 5 (the best) – and we’ve pulled out some of the more interesting for you below. Forty per cent of the venues got the top mark of five.

Those that scored highest included every eatery in Manchester Airport and, bizarrely, Long Legs lap-dancing club in Chinatown. Mary D’s in East Manchester, opposite the City of Manchester Stadium, also got the maximum score, as did the Horse and Jockey in Chorlton.

You can search for your regular haunts and see if your favourite place appears below.

Basically, if you eat or drink out in Manchester, you need to read this list.

Here’s the official version of how the rating is measured.

The food safety officer inspecting a business checks how well the business is meeting the law by looking at:

- how hygienically the food is handled – how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored

- the condition of the structure of the buildings – the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities

- how the business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safe.

At the end of the inspection, the business is given one of the six ratings. The top rating of ‘5’ means that the business was found to have ‘very good’ hygiene standards. Any business should be able to reach this top rating.

The food safety officer will explain to the person who owns or manages the business what improvements are needed and how they can achieve the top rating of '5'. The local authority will check that these improvements are made.

Scored 0 – (Urgent improvement necessary)

Al Shifa Kebab House, Cheetham Hill Road

Francisco Pizza, Cavendish Terrace

Canadian Charcoal Pit, Moston Lane

Good Friend, Moston Lane

Hanaan 1 Restaurant, Wilmslow Road

Yang Sing Restaurant, Princess Street (subsequent to this being posted we've heard from the Yang Sing that it was closed during the visit after a boiler broke down and thus automatically got the lowest score) 

1 (Major improvement necessary)

Thomas Restaurant and Bar, Thomas Street

Irish World Heritage Centre, Queens Road

Yadgar Cafe, Thomas Street

Corbiere's Wine Bar, 2 Half Moon Street

Codfather, 331 Wilmslow Road

La Me Zi, The Quadrangle

Beautiful British Butty, Portland Street

Darbar Restaurant, Wilmslow Road

Battery Park Juice Bar, Wilbraham Road

Britons Protection Pub, Great Bridgewater Street

McTucky's Fried Chicken, Sackville Street

Cassava Cassava, Cheetham Hill Road

Janam Fast Food, Portland Street

International Buffet, Nicholas Street

Saints & Scholars, Wilmslow Road

Abduls Takeaway, Oxford Road

Essys Restaurant, King Street West

Koffee Pot, Hilton Street

European Bites, Arndale Market

Eleven Didsbury Park, Didsbury Park

Efes Restaurant & Tavern, Princess Street

Royal Orchid, Charlotte Street

Mother Macs, Back Piccadilly

2 (Improvement necessary)

Crown and Kettle, Oldham Road

Choice Bar & Restaurant, Castle Quay

Mitre Hotel, Cathedral Gates Manchester

3 (Generally satisfactory)

Glamorous Restaurant, Oldham Road

Evuna, Deansgate

Kim By The Sea Cafe, Old Birley Street

Kosmos Taverna, Wilmslow Road

Saajan (Original) Takeaway, Wilmslow Road

Destino Cafe Bar, Pall Mall

Lounge 10, Tib Lane

Lal Qila, Deansgate

Red Chilli, Oxford Road

Ichiban Noodle Rice & Grill, Wilmslow Road Mancheste

Fuel, Wilmslow Road

Istanbul Express, Sackville Street

McDonalds, St Ann's Square Manchester

Matt & Phreds Jazz Club, Tib Street

Big Hands Bar, Oxford Road

Cafe Istanbul, Bridge Street

Odd Bar, Thomas Street

Beluga, Mount Street

Ning Restaurant, Oldham Street

North Tea Power, Tib Street

4 (Good)

The Alchemist, Hardman Street

Dildar Tandoori, Rochdale Road

Ramada Manchester Salford Quays, Trafford Road

Band on the Wall, Swan Street

Albert's Restaurant and Bar, Barlow Moor Road

English Lounge, High Street

Blackdog Ballroom, Church Street

Rembrandt Hotel, Sackville Street

Northern Quarter Restaurant & Bar, High Street

Millstone Public House, Thomas StreetKro Piccadilly, Piccadilly Gardens

O'Sheas, Princess Street

Simple, Tib Street

Crown and Anchor, Hilton Street

5 – Best (Very good)

Bar 08, Manchester Airport, Terminal 3

Escape Lounge, Manchester Airport, Terminal 1

Granada Studios, Water Street

Metro Link Canteen, Metrolink House

Bar Fringe, Swan Street

Long Legs, George Street

Loch Fyne, Wilmslow Road Manchester

McDonalds, Oxford Street

Eagle Bar, Bloom Street

Cornerhouse Cafe Bar, Oxford Street

Common, Edge Street

Mary D's, Grey Mare Lane

Iguana Bar, Manchester Road

Grinch Wine Bar, Chapel Walks

Gaucho, St Mary's Street

Gullivers, Oldham Street Manchester

Head Over Heels, Albany Road

Hilton Manchester, Deansgate

Horse and Jockey, Chorlton Green Manchester

Entourage, The Printworks

Kro 2, Oxford Road

Koreana Restaurant, King Street West

Electrik, Wilbraham Road

La Vina, Deansgate

Fosters Fish & Chips, Wilmslow Road

Kro Bar, Oxford Road Manchester

Fat Loaf, Wilmslow Road

Rustica Sandwich Bar, Hilton Street

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, Burton Road

Bluu, Thomas Street

Palace Theatre, Manchester

Arora Hotel, Princess Street

Axons Of Didsbury, Barlow Moor Road

Barcelona, Tib Street

Belle Vue Stadium, Kirkmanshulme Lane

Shere Khan Restaurant, Wilmslow Road

New York New York, Bloom Street

Sandbar, Grosvenor Street

Trof, Thomas Street

San Carlo, King Street West

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37 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AVOApril 4th 2011.

For the sake of my own health, I'm going to stick to drinking in Long Legs from now on.

rhubarb ownerApril 4th 2011.

Can I be a bit smug for a moment and add my score to this which we just received last week - a top marks 5.

AgricolaApril 4th 2011.

I always eat my meals at Long Legs. I take the family as well.

AgricolaApril 4th 2011.

Oh and Melanie can I congratulate you on the quickest deflationary right hook ever delivered. Bit mean I think.

SausageTowerApril 4th 2011.

Meeeooooowwww melanie. Bit unnecessary that. Are you from one of the lower ranking places perchance?

I agree Agricola, long legs has been fantastic since they poached the head chef from Tropical Palms.

They could be on for a Michelin nipple I predict.

FoodographicApril 4th 2011.

Couldn't have put it better myself Melanie15456 - still stinging from mean waitress/owner experience 7 yrs ago.

J E SibberingApril 4th 2011.

errrrmmmmmmmmmm how old is this list?

Granada Studios on Water Street (top marks) closed over a decade ago...

EditorialApril 4th 2011.

It will be the Granada staff's own catering.

Craig HartwellApril 4th 2011.

Are some of your readers insane? Is foodographic really still bearing a grudge after seven years? Lord that's ill.

Eddy BernsteinApril 4th 2011.

The studio tour closed a decade ago but the studios are still there and the canteen, which one must presume is the subject of the inspection, is legendary.

aprilApril 4th 2011.

Proof - if proof were needed - that Grease & Grime taste good! (So many favourites in the 'Urgent/Major Improvement Necessary' categories!) Who eats at New York, New York, anyway?

FoodographicApril 4th 2011.

Craig, I'm not holding a grudge that is stopping me moving on with my life, nor am I insane. I just had a terribly humiliating experience there with FOH, and haven't heard anything about the place that's made me want to go back since. Looks like I'm not the only one. That is all.

Craig HApril 4th 2011.

I still reckon you're insane. Try it yourself

MROApril 4th 2011.

People eating in those establishments rated 1-3 will have better immune systems.

People eating in Long Legs will probably catch stuff, but get the best snack of all. Yummie

scotsmancApril 4th 2011.

Some of the places on the full list appear odd at first until you remember crisps and confectionery are included. That's why New York New York is on the list @April

AnonymousApril 4th 2011.

I know this is only an edited selection from the full list, but why didn't you include that Yang Sing is rated 0? It's the only 0 rating not included here, and I think it's far more interesting than the others.

EditorialApril 4th 2011.

Yang Sing certainly is interesting and wasn't on the list as we went through it on Thursday.

As the piece says, it is constantly being added to. So one to keep checking back on.

AnonymousApril 4th 2011.

Manchester environmental health officers are not as tough as Stockport ones. I've been told by one of them that no-one gets a 5 in Stockport, which in their book is "excellent", not just "very good".

PaulApril 4th 2011.

Where is the full list ? Is there a link ?

PaulApril 4th 2011.


J E SibberingApril 4th 2011.

I stand corrected. The ITV studios canteen is currently trading as usual and must be a lovely place to eat. Although I've never been, as my name's not on the list. It's especially not on The Jeremy Kyle Show list.

Choice Bar & Restaurant = ouch.

blue catApril 4th 2011.

Axons of Didsbury
it a Butchers, did they serve the Council inspectors raw meat.

D KesslerApril 4th 2011.

I note the deliberate (?) exclusion off all (y)our Indian lunchtime highlights such as This'n'That, the one on Back Piccadilly and any other in the NQ... As they are sit-down premises, they must have surely also qualified to be checked with the utmost rigour?

J E SibberingApril 4th 2011.

oooo Pacific only scored 1, as did Kwok Man.

WR - This n That scored 4, Kabana 1.

EditorialApril 4th 2011.

No deliberate exclusions WR, just a few interesting ones puled from a list of nearly 1,000 - we can't guess everyone's lunch haunts.

The joy of the list is the search function.

Add your own stand out scores in the rants...

AnonymousApril 4th 2011.

If anyone ventures down Curry Mile, maybe check the M14 postcode list on the website first.

Thomas Restaurant & Bar 1
Yadgar Cafe 1
Greggs 5

D KesslerApril 4th 2011.

thanks guys

LadyGreayApril 5th 2011.

Judging by this list it's obviiusly much safer just to make yourself some sandwiches! Re: Saints & Scholars - no shock there. The management look like they bring the hygiene standard down about 4 points themselves and if you ever happen a glance into the kitchens when your on the top deck of the 42..no wonder!

Short ArmsApril 5th 2011.

I must say the meat feast in LL's is a gastronomic delight, as is the their speciality desert 'the chocolate starfish'. Can Man Can please arrange a strictly confidential dining deal soon? The cleanliest and most fullfilling establishment in town.

JApril 5th 2011.

The Alchemist didn't do too badly, I suppose they didn't think of the chemical risks, just the bacterial kind!!

RhubarbloverApril 5th 2011.

Melanie15456 - I've eaten in Rhubarb at least 10 times and every single time both service and food has been outstanding?
Give 'em another chance - they are smashing!

bigearsApril 5th 2011.

How has a busy city centre Restaurant i.e. Yang Sing managed to get an abysmal zero out of 5?!! I have never liked this place, always saying they are the best chinese around. Disgrace that it even manages to stay open after this. Been twice and never again - worst service i have ever had and i could of had alot better food for at least half the price. Living off its old reputation, about time the negatives start to effect business!

Phill ColemanApril 7th 2011.

Is every Manchester "food place" on here? There are quite a few places that I can't seem to find (even on the full list)

EditorialApril 8th 2011.

Phill, as mentioned in the article, the council has done about 25 per cent so far, and aims to have done them all in the next 18 months.

We'll keep updating you all on this story

AnonymousApril 8th 2011.

Manchester Council has lots of rubbish housing and its schools are some of the worst in the country.

It should get its own house in order before branching out into rating how others do their business.

EvunaApril 9th 2011.

our feedback was that the kitchen was immaculate but they couldnt give us a 5 as the chef couldnt find the temp check paperwork. Think we had a good excuse though as they popped in 7th Jan the day we opened after our re-furb :-)

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