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Chapel Street Redevelopment Boosted

Money in place for first new apartments

Published on April 10th 2013.

Chapel Street Redevelopment Boosted

WORK on the first major development plot at Chapel Street – part of the wider Salford Central scheme – is due to start. 

Our Get Britain Building funding is designed for schemes with potential, but which have stalled. 

The development, which is being delivered by English Cities Fund (ECf) – a joint venture between Muse Developments, Legal & General and The Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) – in conjunction with Salford City Council (SCC), marks the first phase of the multi-million pound regeneration project. 

This first phase, which the HCA and Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), have agreed to invest in, will see the creation of 14 new townhouses, 83 apartments and new commercial premises, including a convenience store. 

Phil Mayall, development director at ECf, said: “This first phase will kick-off the transformation of Chapel Street and marks the beginning of construction of the Salford Central development plans, which are set to regenerate and breathe new life into the area. 

“We have been working closely with residents and community groups for a number of years to ensure the plans deliver what the people of Salford want. We are confident that the finished scheme will live up to their expectations.” 

When complete, Salford Central – which is made up of two inter-dependent, but distinct areas, Chapel Street and New Bailey – will create around 11,000 new jobs, 220,000 square metres of commercial space, 849 new homes and 390 hotel rooms. 

Salford City Council’s Assistant Mayor for Strategic Planning, Councillor Derek Antrobus, said: “We are now on the verge of transforming Chapel Street. This project will lead to new homes, offices and shops, while creating a vibrant hub at the heart of the community.

“As well as new homes for Salford people, building them close to the city centre means fewer extra commuter journeys. It also eases pressure on greenfield sites."

The HCA has invested £3.4 million into the scheme, through its Get Britain Building Programme. The GMCA has also invested £3.4 million from its Growing Places fund. 

Deborah McLaughlin Executive Director North West at the HCA said: “Our Get Britain Building funding is designed for schemes with potential, but which have stalled. We joined forces with our partners to unlock this development and the mix of new homes and commercial space is set to help meet local housing needs while creating job opportunities. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing how this scheme will transform the area and we’ll continue to work with the partners for the benefit of Salford.”

PS. Confidential is pleased to see that the travel bookshop Stanford's appears to have moved into the new Chapel Street building. The locals will love it.

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Charles CohenApril 10th 2013.

Following the road "improvements"Chapel Street is now a clogged up, scruffy looking, fume choked, frustrating mess. With peculiar lights embedded in the pavement to outline the mess in a cold blue hue at night. Why on earth anyone would want to live next to a single lane of traffic, spewing out filthy smelling exhaust emissions, I don't know. Imagine opening your windows on a hot stifling day.

The road surface already looks tired, paint is faded and peeling, the speed calming humps are tatty and look unfinished. Buses still struggle at points to pass cars without hitting them. The whole thing looks like a clanger. In the immortal words of Orange Juice; it's time to "rip it up and start again".

6 Responses: Reply To This...
Steeve HobbsApril 10th 2013.

I couldn't agree less, Chapel Street looks much better, the improvements are far from scruffy or tatty and the traffic has reduced greatly.
Negative input like the above achieves nothing.

Jasper ConroyApril 10th 2013.

Steeve, either you don't live on Chapel Street, don't drive down Chapel Street... or you work for Salford council. Let's be honest about Chapel Street. It's a MESS.

AnonymousApril 10th 2013.

Lets be honest, Chapel Street is a million times better than it was. You can actually see it becoming a place for people rather a corridor for commuters. This development is evidence that the street's fortunes are turning.

GimboidApril 10th 2013.

Jasper, why would you need to live on or drive down Chapel Street to have an opinion on it? Or do the views people who simply visit or walk down it not count? I - experiencing it in these ways - think it looks much better than it did before, it's got a long way to go but parts are positively inviting now.

AnonymousApril 11th 2013.

Thomas and Steve are you in the real world the traffic on chapel street is a joke! it is one of the busiest roads into a major city centre and is one lane doesnt take a genius to work out that it is a mess. Dont get me wrong aesthetically it looks better with the blue lights but who the hell visits Chapel street Thomas?? unless they are lost or picking up of course

Calum McGApril 17th 2013.

Anon - to sample the wonderful beers in the New Oxford, or take in a gig at St Philip's. So, I am 'who the hell visits Chapel Street' and... I quite like it.

Jasper ConroyApril 10th 2013.

Steeve, you either don't live on Chapel Street, drive down Chapel Street, or you work for Salford council. Let's be honest about Chapel Street. It's a MESS.

Jasper ConroyApril 10th 2013.

What's happening with these comments tonight ? Put on, taken off... put on, taken off... almost as confusing as trying to negotiate your way down Chapel Street.

JamesApril 11th 2013.

Is sticking to 20mph in the righthand lane really that confusing?

Chapel Street is so much better than it was, and as a major route into the city, beats Rochdale Road, Oldham Road, Great Ducie Street etc by a million miles as a potential place to live. And yes, I regularly drive and cycle down Chapel Street!

Back to the point of the article. 83 apartments? Really? We have a HOUSING shortage which mostly affects low-income families - not typically apartment buyers. Apartments have their place of course but this location, on the edge of the centre, with excellent transport links, would have been ideal for high-density zero-carbon family housing, with outside space for families to play and a community to grow. 14 townhouses seems a bit tokenistic. Opportunity missed?

AnonymousApril 11th 2013.

Jasper I couldn't agree more! Chapel St is a complete joke. Steeve I now spend half my life on chapel St as the traffic is that bad! It may look slightly better with the exception of the blue lights but this is a main route into the centre of the city- having one lane is simply causes long delays. Was there any thought put into this redevelopment?! Why would anyone park and visit shops on Chapel Street went the city centre is literally round the next corner.

Steeve HobbsApril 11th 2013.

I use Chapel Street and The Crescent anything from twice to six times a day, but I travel from east to west against the flow of rush hour traffic. I find the level of traffic is much less than before and the street scene is vastly improved. If you don not like the traffic, might I suggest you use public transport, there are trains, buses and trams all available from the west of the city into the city centre. I live just off Chapel Street, with an office near Salford University and couldn't be happier with the improvements.

AnonymousApril 13th 2013.

I used to live on Oldham Road. It didn't have stupid blue lights but at least you could get into the city centre in the morning pretty sharply. Chapel Street is a joke and Salford City Council is a joke too. It puzzles me no end how everything around Chapel Street is crumbling boarded up falling down buildings and wasteland. It's on the doorstep of the city centre FFS. Have to agree with the other poster too. WHY would anyone try to shop on Chapel Street, or Salford Shopping S*itty for that matter when Manchester City centre is right around the corner. Loons.

James SmithApril 16th 2013.

A unsurprisingly bland, low cost, low spec Manchester box. And hereI was hoping that Salford might have grasped the opportunity to do something a little bit more imaginative. How stupid of me to have even considered something like that would be done by a Greater Manchester planning dept. I understand that the Old Bank Theatre and the complimenting curved building are also due to be pulled down. Nothing but morons running these cities.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Lord Rogers of RiversideApril 16th 2013.

Bland? Low cost?
Judging from the above rendering, this is not some mock-tudor two by four with bullet holes for windows, James.
Glass costs money, that's why none of the national housebuilders use it in their mediocre (and actually stupefyingly repetitive) proposals for our urban landscapes.

We need more of these well functioning buildings, not every new home needs to be a 'landmark'. We need unpretentious mixed-use density at the right scale - this proposal is a good example of that.

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