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Channel M to lose half its staff, should the leadership question their position?

Manchester TV station reported to be making losses of £200,000 per month

Published on April 28th 2009.

Channel M to lose half its staff, should the leadership question their position?

Channel M, the TV station run by MEN Media, has announced plans to make more than half its staff redundant by July, and to cut its live broadcasting to one three-hour news magazine programme per day. The chief executive of Channel M and Guardian Media Regional, Mark Dodson, broke the news to staff yesterday.

The station's losses are said to be running at £200,000 a month. In a press statement, MEN Media said: "The changes come as local and regional media companies face intense pressure due to the combined effects of the recession and structural changes in their markets. Channel M's revenues have been severely affected in recent months, and it is now making significant losses.”

The changes in output will take place on 18 May. Live programming will be shown from 4pm to 7pm with the remaining broadcasts made up of pre-recorded packages.

Despite the cutbacks, Channel M intends to continue its bid to expand its audience by going on to Freeview from November.

The redundancies are terrible news for the staff but, in truth, Channel M has always seemed like a ludicrous leap in the dark.

The models used in predicting success were those from successful regional cable channels in Canada. Cities across a continental landmass – sometimes thousands of miles apart – work very differently from those in Britain. In Canadian terms, the greatest media hub in the world, London, is local to Manchester. Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford and Sheffield are suburbs.

Urbis: The home of Channel M

Canadian cities separated by such vast distances are far more introverted. They obsess about their local and regional issues for more intently than the cities of geographically tiny Britain.

There are historical differences too, and local rivalries that don’t fit the Canadian model. Residents of even Stockport, seven miles away, are often reluctant to identify themselves with Manchester. There seems no way that sufficient brand loyalty could ever have been achieved to make the viewing figures worthwhile to advertisers in a channel so definitely Manchester.

Another error was to make so much editorial policy aimed at the early 20s age-group. Traditional broadcasting is often bypassed completely by the YouTube generation. These kids are far more international in outlook, hoovering up news and gossip from across the globe. A third needless error was in making the costly move into Urbis rather than utilising the space at the Hardman Street headquarters.

Perhaps questions need to be asked about whose baby Channel M was? Given the inherent problems, given the huge gamble the project constituted, someone somewhere should take the can.

In fact, given the redundancies currently taking place amongst journalists at the MEN this week, maybe the person behind the Channel M initiative should consider their position immediately. After all everybody over there is now paying the price for the losses of the Channel M experiment.

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Roger BarberApril 28th 2009.

I don't think Mancon hate the MEN at all. I think they are a magazine and I think this article isn't rubbing its hands in glee but balanced. The problem with certain people in the MEN is that they've ruled the roost in Manchester for so long that they cannot stand any criticism whatsoever and think they are above it. Channel M has been an awkward experiment that has done nothing for the Guardian Media Group, nationally or locally. Manchester Confidential has pointed this out. And was right to. Rather they say that then buy that stupid Manchester line that just because people are investing in the city that's fine. No, the way to drive Manchester forward is by criticism. And my saying things are **** when they are. The good thing about Manchester Confidential which you can't deny is that they've kept all the postings negative to themselves up on here. Again would the MEN have the confidence to do that? No, because I have commented negatively on their message boards and those comments have been removed.

Ian SiderApril 28th 2009.

Actually, Castlefield, the geographical point is valid. At the MEN we’re suffering because people will buy local news, obits, cats up trees, the neighbour they know has been mugged. The problem at the MEN is that regional news is dying. The disconnect between say Altrincham and Bury is too much. People are not interested in mugged people in the one if they live in the other. The MEN is a regional paper and Channel M is a regional station. We’ve become a society that does local, city centre, national and then international. There is no room for regional left. Now in Canada, and I’ve lived in Vancouver, it’s the same but bigger. They’re so cut off that the regional news of say Toronto – unless it’s an obscenely brutal murder – might as well be happening in Tokyo. In fact it’s treated the same as Tokyo. In Toronto all you get for most people is local and regional news, aside from economic (and brutal murders), national news is ignored as is most international. It’s the same in all big countries the USA, China, Brazil, Russia. Channel M I can’t see ever working properly because it has no true audience. The proof of the pudding lies in the fact that you as an advertiser never got anything back. That says it all.

Trevor KApril 28th 2009.

I take it you mean Mark Dodson should resign. Absolutely.

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

I don't know, but I think you made the whole thing a self fulfilling prophecy Fender. Castle whoever is correct if all you can come down to is typing errors, that's a bit poor. Don't you think.

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

Hey, again we're all entitled to our opinions. I didn't rate the channel at all, some people did but obviously not enough to make a go of it. People are losing their jobs everywhere and media workers are no more worthy then those at Marmalade etc. We use the MEN again now as the prices have plummeted. I don't think any of us think we could have done a better job, but that doesn't make our opinions invalid. In a restaurant you don't have to be a chef to not rate the food. No-one needs to be in posession of any other facts than their view on the channel to comment. I genuinely hope you all find alternative employment if needed. Good Luck!

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

I think that Castlfield and co. is missing the point. Channel M was for the people of Manchester and that is exactly what the channel gave. I’ve never met one person who has one negative point to make about the channel until this latest announcement.Advertising in every aspect of the media is struggling- look at other big names such as Granada who have had similar problems. If the MEN and Channel M have been so bad in getting businesses new customers why do these businesses continually keep advertising with the Channel? Pot calling the kettle back it seems. Maybe a personal grudge even? Channel M was and STILL WILL BE something to be proud of. Give up on these childish rants and realise that there are jobs on the line; many who are extremely talented people.

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

"Nobody actually cares what you think!" Perhaps that's one of the reasons why nobody actually watches Channel Erm...

castlefieldApril 28th 2009.

Bitter? You're the one on the personal insults, which says it all really. As for suggesting I'm fat and lazy, next month I'm cycling to paris for a childrens hospice. What are you doing rog?

castle in the skyApril 28th 2009.

Are you for real fender? When your agrument comes down to typos it shows how beaten you are. I doubt you could cycle to paris or Paris however it was put.

DodsonApril 28th 2009.

Dunno what the MEN pay to rent Hardman Place, but I bet it's a lot more per square foot than the rent they pay at Urbis, where they have MCC supporting them.

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

Fender Strat, if you want to get into cock measuring you've come to the wrong place. Someone can have an opinion different to yours without being from what I believe you think are 'inferior occupations', of which neither is ours. I actually own a company that has used the MEN for years, when we advertise for staff. And no matter how talented or good people are, sometimes it isn't enough as results always win. I'm not going to hazard a guess at your occupation, if you have one, as it is relevant. Or is it?

DodsonApril 28th 2009.

Strong rumours flying about that Man City is in the market to buy, given the Freeview licence.

Fender StratApril 28th 2009.

Castlefield appears to be smugly pleased that good & talented people who worked so hard on a brave project, are now losing their jobs.He (or she), refers to "we this" & "we that". Could he reveal who "we" is?

Mr £200KApril 28th 2009.

Lots of things will be being lost at GMG because of losing £200,000 a week. And that will include journalists. how else can you balance the books, or rather, improve the look of the books.

RICHARD NASHApril 28th 2009.

This is one more reason to abolish the tv license , the fat cat bbc with its army of 23000 staff, dreary national and local news programs as well as a heap of other crap programs and channels including bbc 3 and not forgetting the limitless nos of there costly radio stations nation wide! Only then might small channels like channel m have a chance , there local news is far better than bbcs north west tonight and he public arent forced to put there hand in there pocket and pay for it...OR Jon wossys 2 million salary, MARKET DEREGULATION NOW DOWN WITH THE SOVIET STYLE BEEB ! LET CHANNEL M HAVE A FARE PLAYING FIELD !

BugglesApril 28th 2009.

Lets be honest folks, does anyone actually watch this crap? I get more joy from watching snooker on a black and white TV with no sound. Complete garbage. Give it up and lets have some free porn.

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

Why doesn't the Guardian Media Group subsidise Channel M from its Auto Trader ads and other commerically successful concerns? That's how it keeps The Guardian going - it doesn't have enough readers to make it a viable newspaper.Times aren't too hard at GMG. It still gives private medical care to employees as a perk.

ADApril 28th 2009.

The loss of jobs is a great shame but if channel M had not been set up in the first place (as seems to the the thrust of the article) then there would have been no jobs to loose, and the jobs that remain would not be there at all... surely better a flawed TV channel that might or might not work than no TV channel and no jobs?

Reporting on ReportersApril 28th 2009.

Any correlation with the ManCon Editor's own relationship with Dodson and GMG to the tone of this article?

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

Can I just point out that no adverts on Channel M are free- its a sales tatic. Whoever believes this is greatly misdirected.

roger bApril 28th 2009.

What a sad refelection of our society that the vultures are out already! Channel M was a brave and Bold venture and jobs have been lost. You should be ashamed!How dare Channel M dare to believe that the local community is important, that they aren't a carbon copy of BBC or ITV? I will be very sad to see the channel go and so will many others. Alright so some of the programmes didn't work but their bold ideas and underpaid workforce should be applauded!! I would like to see half of those 'wingers' above produce decent TV on twice the budget they had.The Breakfast Show, Style in the City, Music and Sports shows provided an exciting and upbeat alternative to the tripe we see on some of the network channels using local people working damn hard!!RIP Channel M!

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

The debtbuster will soon be on a primetime tv show and Quilter has already been on Richard & Judy thanks to Channel M. Contributors give up their time for free and should be commended. Channel M has been a platform for those who might otherwise have gone unnoticed.

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

Mark Dodson has said in the past that he thinks newspapers are dead. Obviously a strange thing to say from a guy in his position. Now he has overseen the demise of Channel M where does that leave him?

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

My final word on this. If anyone has a go at your channel it is not a personal grudge, it's because they don't like it. It's is not childish, smug, etc etc, they just don't like it. Any of the 'extremely talented people' will have no probs getting a job if they are a cut above the rest. I'm sure Reuters are already circling. Perhaps if people at Channel M, which I've said several times I wanted to work, had listened to constructive critiscm instead of indulging in creative back slapping, you may have got somewhere. If you can genuinely say channel M is the best it can be then you're not going to go too far. The budget isn't to blame, great talent will always shine through and people will watch. The fact is not enough people have been watching, so all you who work there may love it, but that don't really count. Advertisers pay your wages, the MEN is the only real paper option for job adverts. A monopoly, that's why people go back. The reason they keep appearing on channel M is it's part of the package, it's FREE.

rogerbApril 28th 2009.

here here Fender! Castlefield has proved what a bitter ignoramous he/she is (yes I've chosen to use that word 'bitter' again purposely because I think you are!) Asking me what I'm doing? Is this a macho flexing of muscles Castlefield because you really have shown what a complete waste of typing space you are by going down that road. Don't make assumptions about me, Yes Cycling for charity is very commendable, I truly mean that but the attitude you have shown above is anything but charitable.Yes, we can all agree to disagree, although it would do you some good not to get so high and mighty with those that don't share you're 'introverted and uninformed' opinion. You exemplify our fragmented society, rejoicing in others misery, making assumptions and sticking the boot in for those that dare to be different...let's hope that monsters like you aren't responsible for the demise of brave and creative souls who dare to take a chance on something a bit different!I'm sick to death of people criticising those around them for what they do, look like, believe in etc.... If you were happy in yourself you wouldn't feel the need, so chill out, find it inside yourself to let go of the grudge with the M.E.N and quite literally....get 'on your bike'

rogerbApril 28th 2009.

Bitter, twisted and too much time on your hands.....you know who you are!!

Tiger JonesApril 28th 2009.

Shame it never made it to freeview. Channel M on a level playing field, versus yet another repeat of Top Gear, might have captured the attention of a few more channel surfers.

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

I've just read through Castlefield's comments and RogerB's And Fenders and can I just say throughout Castlefield just seems to have been making a point that they don't like the channel and think it could have been better. This is obviously not allowed. Castlefield at no point has lowered to personal insults, you two have labelled them an idiot, monster, questioned their occupation, weight, workrate etc. Castlefield has still not risen to it. And when Castlefield drops in that they are unlikely to be lazy as they're cycling to Paris for kids, you accuse them of flexing their muscles and of spelling Paris wrong. The word pathetic was invented for you two. From the comments above I don't think Castlefield is the only person to dislike channelm, and yet you brand them introverted and uninformed. Why can't you just get it that someone people don't like channelm, and do you need to be informed about anything to make an opinion on a tv channel?!. You have a go about people not liking those who dare to be different, I'm not sure where you get that from in Castlefield's rants, yet anyone with a different opinion from yours is personally attacked. Again pathetic.

Charlie EmersonApril 28th 2009.

Ali, why do we need a Channel M when we have the local Beeb TV, ITV, Radio Manchester, and loads of websites like this? Is it going to produce drama? Is it going to commission anything? Or is it going to be full of scratchy half news? Channel M is not needed.

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

I liked Channel M when it had more of a public access feel to it and was run by students from a dark room.

janeApril 28th 2009.

Eloise's comments are so right. the report like every report about channel m or men is always fuelled by such loathing. We get the message MANCON, you hate the men and everything assoicated with it, and evrything you do is great, and everything they do is a mistake. But let's be honest, I'm sure you'd all be rather working there than on a website hardly anyone's heard of. hmm, i wonder, is that where the loathing comes from...

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

It always seemed slightly narrowly-focused to me. What was with the preponderance of "style" programmes about expensive haircuts and things? Bring back the Canadian music videos.

Karen HApril 28th 2009.

They should have moved into Hardman Street asap when that office opened. Also Channel M is a problem because of the low production standards which frequently made it an embarrassing platform for Manchester.

A RealistApril 28th 2009.

Channel M doesn't bother to report on anything, I attended an event in Manchester which had press from nationwide magazines and TV press from the big networks, Channel M didn't even bother turning up.

BeksApril 28th 2009.

Please note that although I am mentioned by name in this thread I no longer work for MEN Media Sales or have any link to Channel M

Fender StratApril 28th 2009.

Wait a minute!!Before we go any further, we have two different names here, castlefied & castlfield commenting on our Channel M debate.I don't suppose they would spell Paris with a capital "P" either.Do we have interlopers who are entering the discussion, pretending to be our friend Castlefield?

Anchor ManApril 28th 2009.

If you want to know who's baby it actually was you have to go way back to 1997 when Phil Reevell (ex-Mersey TV head of corporate affairs) led a consortium bid to Ofcom for an initial TV RSL on behalf of his own company City Broadcasting plus Salford University's media centre and the MEN. You can read a very brief timeline at http://www.citybroadcasting.co.uk/about.html City Broadcasting were very evangelical about the potential of local TV in the UK and a trip to Canada with some of the other partners helped convince them similarly. The 'yoof' programming is rooted in the orginal Ofcom bid for it to be student tv for Manchester - arguing that this large population was not served very well by existing local broadcast. I will spare you the rest...

watcherApril 28th 2009.

I think that most of the posters on here haven't looked at Channel M for quite a while. A couple of years ago it certainly was, in the words of one of your Hemingwayesque commentators, "p*** poor", but the production values, quality of shows and brand identity have over the past year started to catch up to the ambition and drive the people working at the channel have always had. It would be a real shame if Channel M goes the same way as Liverpool One did a few years back (ie belly up). I think there's room for a Manchester telly channel, and I would've thought that ManCon would perhaps have done what it does so well on other topics and looked for the potential rather than indulging in the ever-tempting sport of MEN-bashing.What's really going on here is that the Guardian Media Group is doing all it can to protect what it thinks is its most valuable asset, the precious Guardian. Manchester - which for all these years has made it its money and allowed it to become the ivory tower of piffle and pretention it is today - can go to hell.Oh, and I don't work for Channel M, MEN Media or GMG.

EloiseApril 28th 2009.

I dont have a big interest in Channel M, its not my thing, but I dont like the tone of this article. This was always going to be a risky venture but good on em for giving it a go. And good on em for recognising they could save something if they made cut backs now rather than losing money to the point of no return. I've not read all the comments, its all a bit tedious, but the fact that mancon seems to take every opportunity to have a dig at MEN these days renders the article meaningless. In the end it seems to come down to hand rubbing smugness at a MEN disaster rather than a report and genuine sorrow at the loss of jobs, which would never have been there had they not taken this chance in the first place. I'm glad the news mag show is still going to be around. Maybe if they can ride out the storm they'll still be around to expand again in the future when things improve economically.

EammONApril 28th 2009.

If you want to see what Channel M was really all about, the potential that will now never see the light of day, watch this;www.channelm.co.uk/video_4x3.html…

baggioApril 28th 2009.

it's a shame that the only thing a lot of people can do is poke fun. i expect they all listen to radio one and drink starbucks coffee. i, for one, think that manchester having it's own tv station was something to crow about to our rival cities. oh and whilst we're at it, let's give our local newspaper a good kicking too!

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

You don't understand, what I'm getting at is you can have the demographic and everything else correct but if the channel itself is piss poor, it won't matter. And it was piss poor. We got the ads on channel m for free as part of a package and would often ask if they could just not put us on there as it was embarassing. So perhaps it's less of there being no room for regional tv and more of there being no room for piss poor regional tv. I don't know, but what I do know is that if channel m had been half decent, not just some half baked idea sprouted from vanity, it would have had a better chance. I hazard a guess the problem at the M.E.N. is more that the 'lets give the paper away free, up perceived readership, charge advertisers as much as we possibly can and they'll have to take it' plan isn't working as advertising plummets. We'd never had a special offer or discount (worth mentioning) from the M.E.N. until the crunch hit and now we get offers at less than half price weekly. Thing is you pissed so many advertisers off with your attitude toward them, they looked for alternative avenues like the internet, jobs websites etc and now won't come back when you are offering discounts. Don't sprout some 'facts' at me as a quick look through an M.E.N. from a year ago and one this week will show the massive decline.

Ali McGowanApril 28th 2009.

Three points. Wasn't Channel M already in Urbis before the new building on Scott Place opened? Second, are the redundancies currently taking place amongst journalists at the MEN directly caused by losses at Channel M (your final para suggests so). Third, is it not better to have a dramatic cut to the workforce now, to try and turn things around, rather than plod on, losing money, only for the entire station to close down? Fourth (thought I'd catch u out!!) - this article is very negative in its opinion of the fact Channel M even exists. Should we not be excited that we actually have our own local station, and that GMG even allowed Channel M to see the light of day? Yes, redundancies are never a good thing, but once the economy picks up, we must hope that the channel's revenue does too - allowing it to grow once more. Having the Freeview platform as well will allow greater exposure later this year. I say, genuinely, good luck to Channel M - and good luck to those poor souls who've lost their jobs.

Fender StratApril 28th 2009.

Anonymous, you are absolutely correct, and it is time to draw a line under these exchanges.Castlefield appears to have had a problem with the M.E.N. That is between him and the N.E.M.It always happens between advertisers & their media, it's nothing new.I'm just supporting the folks at Channel M who were trying to make innovative programmes, on a next to nothing budget, especially Channel M Music. Castleveldt, Castlefried, Colditzcastle or who ever she (or he) is just does't get it.

John WareApril 28th 2009.

Channel M was one of the biggest local news stories of the week, but there was no mention of it in the MEN. Rather, we had birds at the airport

a.dentApril 28th 2009.

I recall the very early broadcasts of ChannelM and it's programmes were often made by media-study students @ Salford Uni ,giving them vital production experience.Many of the news items that are broadcast never see the light of day ont beeb NWT or GRANADA, so the station deserves credit for this also for the Non-league Soccer show featuring our local teams like CURZON ASHTON, HYDE UTD and FCUNITED of MANCHESTER, who incidentally play @ Gig Lane-BURY and get bigger crowds than there ground -sharing landlords. Mancon ,you should be supporting alocally sourced Broadcaster, not condemming it. Do you think you can do better? The sooner it gets on FREEVIEW then maybe more will view. It will be better than Bid TV , Dave,and other **** channels on FREEVIEW.

castlefiedApril 28th 2009.

Is that really the best you can do?

EllieApril 28th 2009.

My issue with Channel M is I've never been able to receive it and if they're finally planning to go onto Freeview on November, shouldn't the lack of access be a major elephant in the room of failure?

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

Im sorry, but Ive been reading this for the past two days and I can no longer resist the urge to jump in. There is a massive slump in the Media industy at the moment, especially in Manchester. There are alot of talented people who face losing their jobs, and alot whom already have. Yes Channel M has always been an ambitious project, and although it goes under the GMG brand, it has not had generous backing from anyone. The sales team have done the best they can, but with small companies going under left right and centre who lets face it, would normally be the ones advertising on Channel M, its no surprise that they have struggled to sell the advertising space. If you have found the MEN such a waste of time Castlefield then why have you bothered to stay with them, or are you really aware that its one of the best ways to get your company noticed by the people of Manchester? Its all very well and good for those smug posters to say there are poor production values, but given the wages we all live off and the resources that to be honest we just dont have, I think that everyone has done a fantastic job of keeping the Channel going as long as we have. There are people all over Manchester be that small companies and restaurants shown on City Life and local sports teams that just wouldnt have had the exposure otherwise. Everyone is absolutely gutted about what has happened, and whilst you can smuggly sit there in you job in posession of a fraction of the facts about what has actually gone on to put us in the situation we are now faced with, please try to take into consideration that there are some of us who are according to your comments quite frankly talentless, facing a situation that only a month ago we were blissfully unaware of. And yes, I do work for Channel M and I couldnt care less if you think Im being biased. Your comments are not helping anyone, and if you think you can do better I invite you to do so, but until then do us all a favour and shut up because dispite what you might have been lead to believe, nobody actually cares what you think!

Kevin KApril 28th 2009.

Channel MC - that works. Good rumour.

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

If you're getting at I work in the media, I don't. I'm not going to give you my company details as I don't know you from Adam. I'm not smug about it, if you read and comprehend, you'll find I'm a little pissed off. I think it could have been great, but it was/is poo and to be honest the staff cannot be blameless for that. My comments re the M.E.N. though are smug, as they've spent years treating local businesses like **** and are now reaping it. The arrogance from members of staff re advertising 'well that's our price and if you can't afford it tough, we don't do discounts', 'if you want to pay by invoice it's an EXTRA 10 per cent' means I'm less than likely to feel sorry for any of them. They couldn't give a toss about any other local businesses, so I'm not about to give a toss about a company backed by a massive media organisation struggling. And let's face it, if they were that talented they wouldn't be working on channel M.

dodsonApril 28th 2009.

James, there weren't two free floors though when they started at Urbis (indeed, there wasn't a Hardman Street then).

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

Fare playing field - what to give us more Frank Sidebottom and shoddy commercial 'programmes' like the truly awful JobsMine? Richard they must be paying your wages, surely that can't be your actual opinion!!!!

Fender StratApril 28th 2009.

The best part of Channel M was Channel M music, which gave a platform to Manchester bands, and indeed launched some of them to fame.

A Mancon AdvertiserApril 28th 2009.

Jane, working for a media buyer and having audited Confidential's stats I can tell you the readership overtook MEN's months ago, that the demographic is far more interesting and that they are the best known local media (net) in the North West. I think the bitterness is on your side dear.

RogerbApril 28th 2009.

Anyone else think castlefield is a bitter old idiot! Rather than taking pleasure out of people around you losing their jobs and guffawing 'bit late for that' when a demoralised workforce are turning up to work under difficult circumstances why don't you concentrate on your own business? It would be a terrible irony if it went belly up because you were spending all day on a talk board! If you don't enjoy it then switch over and don't waste your time!! Your the sort of riduculous individual who criticises others meanwhile sat there with ten bellies and sweaty armpits!Chin up channel m'ers, you were appreciated by many who weren't so up their own ass and bitter!

GavApril 28th 2009.

I started reading the first four paragraphs, and thought, oh good, mancon can now write news stories, then it lapsed into calling things ludicrous 'in truth', listing errrors without context, namely a comment piece. The real worry with cutbacks at GMG Regional will be the loss to newsgathering in the city, leaving coverage to amateurs at sites such as this,who's idea of reporting is dressing comment up as 'truths'. Mancon is a very good site when doing what it does best, but please, leave the newswriting to professionals, as it shows contempt for your readers to ram your personal mandates down their throats, dressed up as news. Or, just write a comment piece...

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

Let me quote Rebekah Coulson, MEN media sales 'you get blah in the M.E.N. blah in the Metro, blah on jobs mine and blah on Channel M'Me 'Do I have to have channel M'Rebekah 'No, but it doesn't cost you anything, we just throw it in'Rebekah isn't the only one to have told us this. Not really misdirected then? That just add it on a package for free as they know they've little chance of selling it, don't kid yourselves!

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

Ah, so you're the one that was watching.

castlfieldApril 28th 2009.

Good for them!

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

Lets get some common sense back- it’s a regional channel doing a fine job with no money, little staff and few resources.

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

Occasionally I'm wrong. Not very often and I can't remember the last time but it has been known to happen. So I just went on Channel M's website to see what programmes are on etc and on this mornings breakfast show was 'Financial Advisor and Debt Buster Richard Fenton'. Urm, bit late for that no? And on the Credit Munch trail was Quilters Munch the Crunch, cheap recipes etc. Is this the same Quilter whose Marmalade restaurant unfortunately went bump this week. You couldn't make it up! How are the figures so low, this is comic genius!

Fender StratApril 28th 2009.

Castlefield, our friend, if you please...........One spells Paris with a capital "P".

Fender StratApril 28th 2009.

Ah, I see we've changed our name.Please tell me, what is an "agrument"?

jamesApril 28th 2009.

Dodson. Maybe but if there are currently two free floors at Hardman Street, then that logic fails.

AnonymousApril 28th 2009.

Mark Dodson should resign. There's a story here about how whenever redundancies take place the car park downstairs is strangely undisturbed. The fat cats cars all remain, those big shiny cars worth tens of thousands of pounds or a couple of employees' jobs each.

CastlefieldApril 28th 2009.

It was/is awful. We got job ads on there for free as part of our advertising package and over several years, we didn't take on one person this way. I watched it a couple of times, hoping it would be good, but it's awful. Nothing to do with different cultures not appreciating local TV, just the fact it was crap! Mancon's reference to wrong cultures, wrong target demographics is daft and obviously a personal swipe, the channel was poo whoever it was aimed at!

the terminatorApril 28th 2009.

Aw now, isn't it a crying shame, lots of leftist journos losing their non-jobs!Goodbye and good riddance.

Fender StratApril 28th 2009.

I never thought that you might work "in the media" Castlefield. I was thinking more on the lines of compensation claims or estate agent.

Simon TApril 28th 2009.

First, Manchester always makes big claims for itself but the truth is that the media infrastructure in this city is paltry, and we've always suffered a debiliating brain drain to London where 95% of the media jobs are concentrated. We get left with under-capitilised, un-loved concerns and a barely relevant BBC Manchester. A generation ago we had a 60 page listings magazine and a lively Granada. Two generations ago, we had 'Word in Action' et al. Three generations ago we had the Manchester Guardian. Now what have we got to be proud of???? Secondly, smaller point. Now that XFM has lost its Manchester connections almost entirely, who's around to foster local band talent now that Channel M's music show has gone?? Those little bits of radio and TV support are important. Again, the music scene in this city is still full of talent but a generation ago, and before, we could tell when bands were going places, now the mechanisms - local media, labels, magazines, freelancers - aren't there to give them a helping hand. The city marketing professionals will still go on about our great music city, but you have to worry that we'll be trading on past glories forever. Sadly.

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