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Cars attack Blantyre Street – viciously

Sleuth receives more pics of cars at war just off the Mancunian Way

Published on August 13th 2009.

Cars attack Blantyre Street – viciously

It’s a car crash on Blantyre Street....a very slow careful one.

Since putting a story up on Monday (click here), readers have sent Sleuth other photos from southwest central Manchester.

If there were an extreme car parking championship then, Sleuth reckons, the folks down this tiny thoroughfare at City Gate Apartments, off Chester Road, would win it hands down.

After 6pm and at weekends, they park at angles, sideways and all over the pavement.

Indeed they have destroyed the very notion of the pavement, philosophically screwed it up and thrown it in the bin. In its place they have created an extension to the carriageway.

It’s sort of iconoclastic, anarchic, free.

A spokesperson for the council gave us this statement.

‘Around City Gate the council enforce where the single yellow line restriction is in place Monday to Saturday 8am-6pm. However we recognise that there are issues around inconsiderate parking after 6pm and we are currently consulting with residents on a solution to improve parking in the area.’

Consultation. Ooh goody.

Another official comment to one of our readers has been: ‘Unfortunately Manchester City Council do not deal with cars parking on the pavements, this is enforced by the Police as causing an obstruction. If the vehicles are crossing any Parking Restrictions then this will have to be reported to the local pound who will send out Civil Enforcement Officer to deal with them.’

Sleuth has the solution though.

Look at the car stack on this page and the homepage. This would save space and make things even more entertaining. Sleuth would pay to watch that.

By the way Sleuth is away for two weeks now. He's on a park your car on the pavement course in Holland.

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32 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CasAugust 13th 2009.

Actually is that 'At best there is probably one space for every 4 flats' factual or a guesstimate as in Castlefield I think most have spaces.

east lancsAugust 13th 2009.

"I think somebody should..." Go on then, lead by example.

Idon'twantAugust 13th 2009.

start a massive arguement BUT when the people moved into the flats at City Gate, surely they knew that parking was, to put it mildly a pain in the arse. Parking all over the pavement is just selfish, and I am sure these obstructions could get in the way of the emergency services too. The price you pay for City Centre/Castlefield living is no place to park your car!

Una PlannerAugust 13th 2009.

Most flats certainly do not come with a parking space. At best there is probably one space for every 4 flats. Developers were encourgaed not to provide parking spaces by the Council on the assumption that this would dissuade people from owning cars and hence boost demand for public transport. The spaces that were provided had to be purchased at £15k to £25k above the price of the flat, and as many purchasers were landlord investors this extra expenditure did not make financial sense. What is apparent from these parking problems is that many of the city centre inhabitants actually work elsewhere and so need there cars to get to work, a matter that wasn't considered when the concept of 'city centre living' was first devised.

PhilAugust 13th 2009.

Again another issue that comes down to living within your means, a concept which is foreign to most people - Ex city boy, if you take home £1200 and then spend £700 on living expenses you're an idiot. As for those bashing the very idea of city centre living (Una Planner), those who live in the city and work in the suburbs, from my experience, have chosen to do so and should have to accept any necessary sacrifices. Along with our march toward increasing debt we've coupled the idea that we should have unending choice without compromise, otherwise we'd be no better than the commies. Get a clue and start thinking about someone else for a change.

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

has Sleuth asked the council how long is it going to take them to look at the road marking down blantyre street because the latter came out saying they were looking into it, the came out in february 2009 they might sort it in year 2019 knowing manchester council lol

CasAugust 13th 2009.

Surely most flats come with a parking space?! And if it's a couple not sure why that wouldn't be enough as you'll probably both work within walking distance, or at least one of the couple will.

City Gate residentAugust 13th 2009.

It appears from some of the comments on here that if you choose to live in the city centre you should no longer have a car. Unfortunately many residents work outside the city centre and in my case having a car to visit clients at home is essential to my job.Blantyre St parking does need sorting out though, but not in the Council's usual way (ie making money with pay and display, parking tickets etc). I have proposed that the parking bays should be for resident permit holders only with a couple of disabled bays near to the entrances to City Gate. This would stop those commuters from parking there and be of genuine benefit to residents.

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

I had that consultation document through a while back, part of the plans being to add another about 8/10 on street parking spaces down one side of Blantyre Street/Slate Wharf towards Jacksons Wharf pub(Actually there has been quite a bit of activity in the old pub recently, fully stripped out, whats going on?) Not sure if the addition of a few extra spaces will solve the problem though. Any residents in the area who continually park on the street really need to look into renting a space from someone, there is a roaring trade in space rental down here.

citygateAugust 13th 2009.

I think there more people that email the council about the parking they will start and do somthing about it , so to help blantyre street please can you all email the council about the parkingcontact@manchester.gov.ukp.richardson1@manchester.gov.ukcheers

ChickAugust 13th 2009.

So these cars are residents' cars? As mark says above, if you have a car, why buy a city centre apartment that has no parking space? For every resident that has a car, there must be one that does not - why can they not come to some agreement amongst themselves whereby car owners can use non-car owners spaces? As far as traffic wardens are concerned, or CEOs as they are now called - that'll look good on the CV then - I have received the grand total of three parking tickets this week. On each occasion I have been unloading very heavy stuff from the car, I am not allowed to park at the front as it's a bus stop so I unload at the back which is a dead-end. Granted, it's a dead-end with double yellows but at the end of the day, it's a dead-end. Back to the topic - I live a long way from Manchester and travel every day in order to run my business - I park my car in a space at the private apartmernt block of one of my employees who is a non-driver - there are around 40 apartments in the block but only three apartments whose owners drive or park there. I rest my case

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

Bet they all belong to traffic wardens

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

its the same cars every night that are park on the pavement

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

Two bedroom apartments and couples with two cars, but only one parking space, are another part of the problem. Any Citygate residents know what percentage of the underground spaces are vacant at night/weekend? Seems to me that tenants/owners might be missing a trick by not letting their spaces out. The addition of a few new p&d parking bays and more double yellow lines is the only option to resolve the issues, what exactly is the alternative option for the Council? The more residents that can find alternative parking arrangements, the more spaces there would be for shorter stay visitors.

City Gate Busy BodyAugust 13th 2009.

Apartments were built with 60% parking. This was a planning condition. The cars parked are residents and are generally the same every night. There have been countless occasions where delivery and emergency vehicles have got stuck (I have the photos) and yet the council do nothing. Be warned the parking attendants are round at exactly 8:15 every Saturday morning. I nice little earner I say.

DaveAugust 13th 2009.

I've seen parking wardens ticket cars for this in Salford, so why not Manchester?

ChickAugust 13th 2009.

Quite mark. I would take a guess that the cars photographed above actually belong to people coming in to the city to eat, drink or generally enjoy themselves, not to residents of nearby flats. The council have made it prohibitive to park in central Manchester, so people will park anywhere they think they'll get away with it and anywhere that they don't have to pay.

Bumper CarAugust 13th 2009.

I had the consultation document too re: parking around Castlefield. However, it was quite apparent that the council did not want to help the situation, rather make money out of it. The plans show that the existing bays (which are currently free) would be made in to pay and display bays and that there was still parking available out of peaks hours on single yellow lines. Hardly solving any parking issues and more about squeezing some more cash out of people! Also, what about visitors - surely you wouldn't expect to have to buy a parking space for them also?

JAugust 13th 2009.

Some citycentre apartments were only offering parking to 2 bed properties. My mate bought a 1 bed and wasn't allowed to buy one as there weren't enough spaces for all. And even then they cost thousands above what the flat cost.

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

I think someone should set up a online petition so we can get signatures and then we can send it into the council asking them to sort the parking out

Ex city boyAugust 13th 2009.

Oooouch, my head hurts so bad just thinking back to when I lived in the city centre for a short while. I had a car and lived in a place where there was ample parking but it was the cost that was prohibitive. £550 in rent, £100 council tax, other bills on top comes to around £700. At the time I came out with about £1200 after tax, of which another £200+ went on my car (which was a requirement of my job) so of my remaining £280ish I thought that food was higher on the list of priorities than a £150 per month parking space. Hence I ran the gauntlet daily with the 'warriors in red' only to find that their strength in numbers, stealth tactics and superior knowledge of the ever changing parking regulation landscape got the better of me as a mere mortal.After 6 months of fighting a losing battle I was ousted by the almighty army of warden warriors and sent packing to the suburbs.

EAugust 13th 2009.

Don't suppose sleuth has the number for the local pound then- I'm happy enough to start reporting these motorists. Can't see why we should put up with it.

markAugust 13th 2009.

well if you have a car annd dont have a parking space and live down that road why did you buy the flat in the first place knowing that there is no were to park your car?

Half hour walk from city centreAugust 13th 2009.

So City Gate residents [choose to] live in the city centre but 'have' to have a car to do their job, so expect developers/the Council/someone to sort out some cheap/free parking? Doesn't that come under 'You choose your life, and live with the consequences'? Thanks to clutter of pavement-parkers, where do pedestrians walk.In current climate we don't always end up working where we live, me neither ... but what a cr@p council eh, it doesn't even provide meadows off Mancunian Way for any residents wanting to paddock a horse! Whatever next: people in Wilmslow whinging cos they haven't got theatres, Deansgate locks/Village bars, foreign film cinemas all within walking distance?To reduce congestion of everyone owning a car and sterile 'urban deserts' of parking lots. planners acting on Govt guidance ensure that not all city centre apartments are allocated parking. Those that want it [like a mate in nearby Britannia Mills] must pay for a space - its a tough world.Try living in central London and expecting free'n'easy parking - a mate pays Islington I think £700pa. for residents parking permit *after 6pm*, and sometimes has to walk 1/2 mile when he finds a space. Or try living with [arguably] higher crime risk and only couple of miles from centre, and park in own space or outside house. Who in any continental city lives in the centre, owns a car, and expects on-street parking?

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

re Blantyre Street. Why doesn't anonymouse just ask them. Is s/he shy? S/he could tell us here what they say. Highway's office is in Granby Row in the VIllage Quarter. I'm sure a note will get a replay: mine do.

cityladAugust 13th 2009.

Hi alan if you want a ambulance you cant have you will just have to die because it can only get to you between 8 and 6 mon to sat if its a sunday you will defo not get one

little dAugust 13th 2009.

If as the council says, this is an issue for the police to deal with i'm surprised they haven't jumped on this both feet first! With all of the speed cameras around and many many police marked and unmarked cars with the speed guns i've seen around in the last few weeks we all know this is the area the police choose to recoup most of the money from for spending all that time during which they tell us they are catching bad guys. HELLO! Do they realise how much crime they could solve by just walking down the streets of town ticketing people who are purposefully disobeying traffic laws just to park near their house?!

AlanAugust 13th 2009.

Blantyre St should have double yellows everywhere except the parking bays and be enforced. Often I have difficulty getting my little car down the street - hate to think what would happen if an ambulance or fire engine needed access.

CasAugust 13th 2009.

In our building, everyone has one and you cannot sell your space independant from the flat.

CasAugust 13th 2009.

which restaurant is it chick? Give us a clue.

JSAugust 13th 2009.

One of the other problems is that the current free parking spaces have no time limit, so cars can be left for weeks. I don't think pay and display should be brought in, but instead a 2 hour time limit or so to allow for a reasonable turnover of available parking spaces during the day. The whole length of Ellesmere Street used to be exactly the same until double yellows were painted, so why the delay in doing this? Its also free to park after 6pm next to the old Peugeot place and is rarely used. We need a decent sized public car park (maybe the old Jackson's Wharf car park) to help this, and also help get those empty shells under Citygate occupied!

AnonymousAugust 13th 2009.

Is the Jacksons Wharf car park becoming a pay & display? New pay & display machine round the back. There is some work going on there today by these guys: http://tinyurl.com/mva5wn

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