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Car thief told to getaway

One man, 70 jacked cars and a five year ban…

Published on January 13th 2010.

Car thief told to getaway

Honk, honk the thief is banned. A man with over 70 convictions for breaking into cars has finally been given an ASBO which bans him from Manchester City Centre for five years.

Akil Bradford, 32, from Buckhurst Road in Levenshulme is the man responsible for multiple car break-ins in Manchester city centre alone. He targeted city centre car parks, student areas and other places where there is a high concentration of unattended parked cars.

Last week, Manchester City Council obtained the five year ASBO against Bradford banning him from entering Manchester City Centre except to attend a pre arranged meeting with his solicitor, probation officer, drugs worker or to attend court.

He's also banned from stealing or attempting to steal from any motor vehicle, entering or attempting to enter any motor vehicle without the permission of the owner and possessing a spanner, screwdriver or stones in any public place. Monitoring such a list will no doubt be a difficult task as Bradford’s track record goes to show he has no regard for the law. However, the ban is a long over-due step in the right direction, to say the least.

City Centre Neighbourhood Inspector, Jo Marshall, said: " Ensuring that this man is no longer allowed in the city centre will have an impact on vehicle crime in the area creating a safer environment for those who work, live and socialise in the centre of Manchester."

His order expires at midnight on 6 January 2015, so you’ve got five years from now to upgrade your car security systems.

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OJanuary 13th 2010.

To Scoteee... the neighbourhood Inspector didn't say he had no regard for the law, the writer of the article did.

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2010.

@ O. I think the clear and shiny point jumping up and down screaming “aren’t I obvious to you”, is highlighting the fact that he has stolen from a number of cars and continues to do so regardless of the legal interventions. How else would you interpret that behaviour? The A.S.B.O is going to do feck all for his own rehabilitation and the welfare of the local community. Lock him up…

OJanuary 13th 2010.

He is banned from stealing motor vehicles ! I love that. There is surely something missing here (other than justice...) that has not been published on this story. This can't be the full facts.

Eddy RheadJanuary 13th 2010.

Here is a mad idea. Why not put him in prison where, i am led to believe, people who break into cars belong? Just a thought. I'm just glad he has explicitly been banned from stealing cars. Just in case he was in any doubt that it may, just may, be a bit wrong to do so.

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2010.

Surely the guys and girls in above the Arndale will be looking out for him and others on the CCTV. It might be interesting to know if they have installed face recognition. At the next meeting CC Crime and Disorder Partnership I will ask about the success of an earlier ABSO on a persistent offender in the City Centre.

DavidosJanuary 13th 2010.

So he's banned from the City Centre. Now he'll just break into cars in the suburbs. They just move the problem rather than deal with it

EditorialJanuary 13th 2010.

Just seen all these comments. The villain has already served a sentence and the ASBO kicks in on is release. He served six months of a nine month sentence.

CBJanuary 13th 2010.

He's been banned from breaking into cars. Isn't everyone' banned' from breaking into cars just like any other illegal activity?

John McrJanuary 13th 2010.

Yesterday we had someone in our office have her car broken into in town, loads of stuff stolen and they had really messed up her car. Then walking home last night in the city I witnessed 3 lads break into a car, take a box out and were done in under a minute. I stood there in shock at how fast they were, 2 of them circling around on bikes looking around like rats for anyone.I felt awful witnessing it as Iv'e had my car broken into but there wasn't much I could do and after reading this article... there's not much anyone can do!If someone is allowed to break into 70 cars and not be put in Prison where is the punishment?? I get loads of post from GMP saying they are cracking down on petty crime in the city, car break-ins being one yet this shows they are powerless.If I did catch someone in my car stealing things and I gave him a beating no doubt it would be me in the dock charged with assault!

OJanuary 13th 2010.

It's not clear here whether this guy has been jailed for his crimes. An asbo is a stand alone application and not a sentence. He may well have been jailed.

LouJanuary 13th 2010.

The fact he can enter the town centre to visit his probation officer suggests to me he is on probation. Plus the 5 year asbo would need to come into effect after his release if he was in prison surely?

ADJanuary 13th 2010.

Pathetic and inefective. Its a city centre ban so I guess its best not to park at the Trafford Centre for the next 5 years... waste of time.

NorthernGeezerJanuary 13th 2010.

Same shit different outcome............ASBO's dont work, if your a law breaker why would a peace of paper telling you not to break the law have any effect??.

scoteeeJanuary 13th 2010.

To the city centre neighbourhood inspector. How will it if he has no regard for the law?

CraigJanuary 13th 2010.

I will sleep much better at night now knowing my car is safe

Burt CodeineJanuary 13th 2010.

Like the [imaginary] 'repeat offender' who has been advised, against his wishes, to lay off the murders for at least two years within a funny shaped 'jurisdiction' otherwise he gets his BUSH microwave taken off him. I panicked when I dropped a bit of litter a couple of weeks back (in Norwich, not that it matters) - cold hands and wind took a receipt from my claws...I soon scrambled around to relieve the offending item from his duties on the roadside. There does seem to be a huge clan of (quite obvious) repeat offenders poking around with their cloaks of invincibility. Tschh.

OJanuary 13th 2010.

John Mcr - how does it show that the police are powerless to prevent petty crime? How do you know that he isn't arrested every day for breaking into cars? If he isn't in jail (which he could well be) how is that GMP's fault?

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