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Bunny Girls Are Back

Manchester 235 to host a Playboy Club night – which might stick around

Published on September 5th 2011.

Bunny Girls Are Back

WE'VE had this press release today; a release of a decidedly fruity nature. 

"We will be testing the water to see how the bunnies are received in Manchester, and if our customers respond positively to the idea

‘London Clubs International Limited (LCI), today announced plans to bring the Playboy Bunnies back to Manchester. On October 1, the iconic Playboy bunnies will once again make an appearance in the city after a 30 year hiatus and take a one off residence inside LCI’s Manchester235 casino. 

‘The original Manchester Playboy Club opened in 1972 and closed a decade later when Playboy Enterprises moved away from casinos. However, following the recent and hugely successful return of the brand to London’s Mayfair in June there is little doubt that Playboy is well and truly back, and this visit to Manchester could be a hint of more to come. 

‘The event will take place at Manchester235 casino on Saturday 1 October 2011 and is open to members of the public as well as a host of VIPs.

'Guests will see the famous croupier bunnies running the blackjack and roulette tables in the gaming pit as well as valet bunnies serving drinks. Legendary Bunnies combined with live singing from Manchester duo Taylor & Leigh, headliner Jim Whitely and his 5 piece band followed by a DJ into the early hours.

‘The event reflects the Playboy brand; good food and drink, pretty girls, and exciting entertainment. The most attractive feature of the return of the Playboy Club brand to the UK which was marked with the launch of Playboy Club London in June is undoubtedly the return of the Playboy Bunnies to Europe. 

‘“Following our successful launch of Playboy Club London in June this year, the bunnies are returning to Manchester for a one off event in October,” says a company spokesman. “We will be testing the water to see how the bunnies are received in Manchester, and if our customers, VIPs and celebrities respond positively to the idea.” 

So there it is. If Playboy 1 October is a success we may as a city get a new Playboy club. It’s going to be interesting to observe the reaction. 

Already the MEN have started a row off with a classic piece of journalistic sharp practice (click here). 

They claim that ‘feminists slammed’ the announcement of the possibility of a might be, could be Playboy club - the headline alleges 'Fury'.

But hold on they quote feminists in plural, when in fact the MEN appear to have asked a solo, uno, single digit number of feminists in the Pankhurst Centre, for a quote. The Pankhurst Centre, marking the struggle of Suffragettes for the vote is, by its nature, very political – of course their spokesperson was going to be 'offended'. 

Whether such offence will turn into a full-scale protest is uncertain.

Although in a city with Long Legs, Obsessions and Silks lap-dancing clubs - as well as numerous shady ‘massage parlours’ of perhaps dubious legal nature - maybe there are more pressing targets for ‘feminists’ then what will surely be a heavily regulated evening at the beginning of October.

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AnonymousSeptember 5th 2011.

I'm OUTRAGED that as a man I wont be able to get a job as a dealer or valet in this club. Who's going to stick up for my rights!

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AnonymousSeptember 5th 2011.

I'm sure 235 will let you were tights and bunny ears if you want to deal for them on the night...

AnonymousSeptember 5th 2011.

The MEN have clearly asked one person who is against the club to comment so that they could add the word "fury" to their title and create a story with some conflict. Yes there are more pressing matters but james nobody can deny why the bunnies are there though, they're there to be sexually objectified. Yes this may be a "casino" but it's not just a casino-in the same way as "gentlemans clubs" and mens lifestyle magazines" aren't just average clubs and magazines. It's what it may turn into that's the proposed problem.

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Chris-afortunadoSeptember 7th 2011.

Maybe they meant "furry". Bunnies innit.

GordoSeptember 5th 2011.

I had a girlfriend who was a Bunny Girl back in the seventies. Things were a lot simpler then. They considered themselves as ambassadors of feminism. Weird innit. Now we're all walking on eggshells.

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IzzySeptember 5th 2011.

Love the idea of the return of the 'Bunnies' - I am slightly too young to remember the originals and slightly too old to apply to be a Bunny now - shame! As a woman, I don't find it offensive at all. Like you say, life was so much simpler then. I must add, before I get shot down in flames, I am a 'Daily Mail' reader..........;)

back then o lord it were greatSeptember 6th 2011.

back in the 70s I was told people still worked in the mines. and everyone ate pies to cope. life was a lot simpler then...now I am a H&S adviser :-)

AfrobSeptember 6th 2011.

Bless the MEN. The 'Fury' word's now been removed from the headline in the MEN, but it t'was there last night I saw it.

irish al quaedaSeptember 6th 2011.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: not funny, rant removed

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AnonymousSeptember 6th 2011.

of course it was - you must be irish

Irish Al quaedaSeptember 6th 2011.

what part? the housing bit or the football bit?

Richard HJSeptember 7th 2011.

If the place is flagging a little and in need of a rebrand - which is probably the case rather than a deep love of ladies with floppy ears - surely reigniting a brand that will alienate a significant proportion of the potential female clientele in this day and age isn't the smartest move.

It will in fact create a rather unpleasant blokey atmosphere instead of the wry George Best retro chic vibe 235 think they're going to get.

Shame really - in my dealings with 235 a few years back they used to be intent of creating a female-friendly environment with a good quality offer of food, drink and atmosphere.

Richard HJSeptember 7th 2011.

"The most attractive feature of the return of the Playboy Club brand to the UK... is undoubtedly the return of the Playboy Bunnies to Europe."

Have they not heard of Myxomatosis?

GeorgieSeptember 7th 2011.

And apparently they breed like rabbits

BugsSeptember 7th 2011.

The main promoter is called Warren I hear

MMMMMSeptember 7th 2011.

Their doctor always says, "What's up...?"

These are the....September 7th 2011.

They respond better to the carrot rather than the stick

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