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Bulger killer was living in Cheshire, court told

Jon Venables was ‘holding down job’ before child porn arrest

Published on July 23rd 2010.

Bulger killer was living in Cheshire, court told

Jon Venables, one of the killers of James Bulger in 1993, was living in Cheshire when he was arrested for downloading and distributing indecent images of children.

The details of the whereabouts of Venables, now 27, emerged during a hearing at the Old Bailey today where he was jailed for two years.

The court also heard that Venables, who murdered two-year-old Bulger at the age of 10 with friend Robert Thompson, posed online as a mother of an eight-year-old girl offering to sell her daughter for sex to a convicted paedophile named Leslie Blanchard. He then asked Blanchard to send him images of children being abused, the court heard.

Venables had been holding down a job for the minimum wage while living in Cheshire, his solicitor said. When the police arrived to arrest him, he was attempting to delete computer files and remove his hard drive. He was charged for storing and distributing 57 images in total.

Venables appeared in court via a videolink, but could only be seen by the judge, Mr Justice Bean.

John Gibson, Venables’ solicitor, said in a statement that his client had expressed his remorse over the Bulger murder.

"He puts forward no excuse for his conduct. He is genuinely ashamed, but he has and continues to express his remorse, and has come to an understanding of how children are harmed by those who have even a passing interest in such material, let alone by those who pass it on.”

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14 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Andrew BuckleJuly 23rd 2010.

What a f**king scumbag! He gets put away for the brutal murder of a young toddler then gets caught with child porn. Sick b**tard and deserves to rott in prison. Good job no one knows what he looks like as I for one wouldlead the mob to string the little f**ker up.

Matt CzyzykJuly 23rd 2010.

Well Buckoboy, aren't you the internet hardman. Congrats on that.

I'm not defending this odious character, and he does deserve to go to prison for a long time, but if you're going to lead a lynch mob, you should improve your grammar and spelling first.

TomJuly 23rd 2010.

Hold on a minute, what's this got to do with Manchester? I don't bother criticising Man Con any more (cos it's much better than is used to be!) but I really have got to say - this is by far NOT what I want to read about on the site. It's not significant news and it's only stimulating to the sort of moron like the first commenter above. PLEASE leave this sort of junk to the tabloids.

D KesslerJuly 23rd 2010.

Tom, couldn't agree more

AnonymousJuly 24th 2010.

Much as I abhor the crime he committed, how can this be forced on someone?

'... it was a condition of his licence that he had to disclose his true identity to anyone with whom he had a close relationship.'

Richard Hector-JonesJuly 26th 2010.

It might be a good idea to suspend comment on certain stories lest Man Con become populated by comments from 'Shoot to Kill from Gatley' and his ilk.

Jonathan Schofield - editorJuly 26th 2010.

Richard you're right. The first ranter, Siobhan O'Dowd possibly, clearly fails to understand that we're the wrong place for them. We're experimenting with hard news at the moment - crime as well.

John HarrisJuly 26th 2010.

Nowt wrong with posting this story

The title tells you all you need to know about the subject matter, so if you're not interested, don't read it!

TomJuly 26th 2010.

Way to miss the point. I didn't read it. But I don't really wanna see it at all on Man Con (restaurant reviews, business news, arts previews and architecture snippets - yes please). As Jonathon says, this is an experiment with a new type of content - if there's more stuff like this, I for one will be less likely to read the site cos it's a turn off to me.
Writer tries something new - readers give feedback. Is there something wrong with that, or would you have the site be flailing wildly trying to guess what their readers want?

John HarrisJuly 28th 2010.

Nope there's nothing wrong with you giving feedback - it's good to see people engaging with Mancon. I was just giving my own feedback. Post whatever you like, I'm with Voltaire on that one.

NoMoreInsideJobsJuly 28th 2010.

I am suprised either of these scroats were allowed to settle so close to their original crime. When he is released what will his next crime be ?

NortherngeezerJuly 28th 2010.

Mancon offers something different and in my humble opinion, the news isnt one of those things i come here to read. The daily papers all offer up to the minute news articles, the BBC and Sky do it better too. Ed - Its an experiment doomed to failure.

AnonymousAugust 17th 2010.

i hope he never gets out or dies in jail ! i have 2 kids and live in cheshire

Stranger DangerAugust 17th 2010.

Are you sure you want to broadcast the fact that your children live in Cheshire? Venables might be in prison, but you never know who might be reading, Anon. You can't be too careful.

As an aside, the large majority of child murders are by family members. The minority is by total strangers. Hmm.

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