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Brewdog To Open Manchester Bar

Northern Quarter venue will launch next year

Written by . Published on September 22nd 2011.

Brewdog To Open Manchester Bar

SCOTTISH beer company Brewdog is opening a bar in the Northern Quarter featuring beers imported from all over the world.

The firm has agreed a deal for a 450-capacity venue on the raised ground floor of 16 Newton Street, which will open next Spring.

"Some of the imported beers won't be available anywhere in the country or in Europe. I've got some beers coming in from Japan."

Bruce Gray, Brewdog's bar operations manager, told Confidential he had looked at 'seven or eight sites' in the city, but was always set on the Northern Quarter.

"We took advice from some local businesses we know in Manchester and it was the area that kept coming up," he said.

"You've got brilliant and experimental breweries like Marble there and bars like Port Street Beer House and there just seems to be a real beer culture in that area. I felt our company would fit nicely there.

"We got in touch with local agents and it didn't take long to find the right site."

Another Brewdog barAnother Brewdog bar

Gray said the bar would offer two different types of drinks - a Brewdog range stocking its own beers and a guest range featuring imported beers. Both options will offer between 10-14 different ales.

"Some of the imported beers won't be available anywhere in the country or in Europe," he said. "I've actually got some beers coming in from Japan at the minute.

"We source beers from all over the world but it's mostly stuff that we've discovered over the years and that we like to drink. It's a bit of a personal crusade to bring them over.

"It's not cheap to import them though so we don't make a huge margin on that side of things."

Gray said the Newton Street bar would look similar to the three bars it currently operates in Scotland - reclaimed wooden floors and exposed brick.

"We try and make the beer the star and keep the bar simple," he said. "It's a huge unit with massive windows, so it should be really light and airy. There's a fair bit of work to be done but we're aiming for next Spring. It's just a shell at the minute."

Bricks and beer...Bricks and beer...

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30 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousSeptember 22nd 2011.

Bet the Port Street are thilled about this place opening just a few metres away.
I live around the corner from both so couldn't be happier.

Kevin PeelSeptember 22nd 2011.

This sounds great and will really add to the offer in this area.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
It's the city, duffusSeptember 22nd 2011.

Unlike Trof on Quay Street?

Kevin PeelSeptember 22nd 2011.

It isn't a Trof, it is a nightclub that happens to be run by the same company as Trof. Check the facts!

It's the city, duffusSeptember 22nd 2011.


Put your beer where your mouth isSeptember 22nd 2011.


AnonymousSeptember 22nd 2011.

looks a bit bobbins to me, you will just attract the bearded buffoons who think it's trendy to buy a pint of beer that some drip has brewed in his shed.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Calum McGSeptember 22nd 2011.

Prefer Fosters, do you? ;)

AnonymousFebruary 6th 2012.

hahahahahaha agree!!

Jonathan SchofieldSeptember 22nd 2011.

Anon, you're being an idiot for saying that. Beer is like wine, filled with a thousand different nuances of flavour. Drown your daft opinions in a hogshead

DiscoutureSeptember 22nd 2011.

More ale pubs and beards the better I say, it wouldn't stop me frequenting PSBH.

But will it be the friendly beardy beer haven the hipsters hope for, or will it's close proximity to Piccadilly determine it's clientele.

Also, 450 capacity. Sustainable?

1 Response: Reply To This...
WhoSeptember 23rd 2011.

Wow look at you talking sense for once!

Brewing MagritteSeptember 22nd 2011.

Ale is ale. Lager is lager.

ThedukeabidesSeptember 22nd 2011.

Another good pub news story for Manchester, I was hoping Brewdog would come here having read on their website they were hoping to expand out of Scotland.

Dan O'tooleSeptember 22nd 2011.

This is good news for the TNQ. For those not too bothered about imported beer from timbukoo then head to Jacksons Bar underneath Jacksons warehouse in TNQ. Nice brick conversion and £1.50 for a pint of Tennents Lager (all day every day). The pint is actually pretty good too. Don't knock it for kicking your night off, or for a swift one after work. Glug!. (and no, I don't work there). Just thought I'd share a little news.

BlokesocietySeptember 22nd 2011.

thank you! will go.

AnonymousSeptember 22nd 2011.

Wait till you see the prices. Eyewatering. Stick to the Spoons
-Cooking Lager

1 Response: Reply To This...
less is moreSeptember 22nd 2011.

perhaps at £4 a pint you won't have 8 of 'em and behave civilised on your way home?

Justin DonnellySeptember 22nd 2011.

Happy Days!!

I was just saying the other day the Brewdog beer was getting harder and harder to find in the city, and who doesnt love a Trashy Blonde or a Punk IPA??

Its proper BEER, doing both lager and ale, and if you dont like it stick to Wheatherspoons and drink your carbonated pi$$ water with your tracksuit bottoms tucked in your socks n leave the people who appreciate flavour and craft in their drinks alone.

Great news for me, not sure the girlfriend will be so happy though : )

The LiquoristsSeptember 22nd 2011.

the last 2 times i went to port st for a pint of punk IPA it was off, since that was the reason i went there i was hacked off. The Brewdog bar should guarantee me a pint of punk IPA when i want one..! hurrah!!

AnonymousSeptember 22nd 2011.

Cracking news, 57 Thomas Street and then Port Street Beer House were great additions to the area, this looks like more of the same.

Kimberley BurrellSeptember 23rd 2011.

Loving this! :) I live on Newton Street an it's great they are opening a bar and expanding the nq!

HHSeptember 23rd 2011.

It's all looking good up there for beer drinkers....and for teashop lovers.

Adam Smart shared this on Facebook on September 24th 2011.
Rogers 69September 26th 2011.

This will be a fantastic place for all of us Kenny Rogers Fans to hang out – reliving our favourite Kenny moments ..... while being served by Kenny looky likeys (pre Vegas). Music just hasn’t been the same since he died.

He would be thrilled to see his look lives on. Here he is with Ruby - one of the great Pro vietnam war songs.


AncoatsSeptember 26th 2011.

News flash for you 69. Kenny Lives! He may be stuck in greatest hits completions hell but the great man still walks amongst us!

Rogers 69September 26th 2011.

He died in my heart when he sold out. A Beegees song with Dolly Parton? Islands in the stream indeed. That is not to say there would be complaining if a few Dolly looky likeys follow the trend and start working behind bars in the northern quarter

AnonymousSeptember 28th 2011.

how big is the northern quarter? every bar, coffee shop, and overpriced cup-cake seller claims to be located in 'NQ' - surely Newton Street is Piccadilly, right?

culture vultureOctober 13th 2011.

You know, there is more to life in Manchester than beer! It seems to be all the city can think of offering. Another brand jumps on the NQ bandwagon to make it's buck. Take it somewhere else, we want other culture in the quarter not just another ale house.

Jonathan SchofieldOctober 13th 2011.

Oh dear Reded. Have a look in the Culture/News/Entertainment/Health and Beauty/ Travel and so on sections on Confidential. There's plenty there that isn't about beer. Although beer is one of the lovely things in life.

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