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Breaking News: Confidential picks up the Manchester Evening News

With the Manchester Evening News rumoured to be up for sale Confidential steps in

Published on December 18th 2009.

Breaking News: Confidential picks up the Manchester Evening News

As revealed on the How-do website and then on Confidential yesterday the Manchester Evening News appears to be up for sale (click here).

With the Trinity Mirror group dithering over the purchase of the paper for a reputed £40m Manchester Confidential went out and picked up the Manchester Evening News for next to nothing this morning. Indeed nothing.

Lord Garner of Garner Press Inc, an offshore media group registered on the Island of Atlantis, said: “This title will add to our growing portfolio of publications across key market areas around the world. We intend to re-invent the media industry through some pioneering ideas and some innovative what nots. We'll arrive at our future plans over a long lunch some time later today.”

Guardian spokesman, Scott Trust said: “Why all the fuss? It's only a bloody newspaper in some northern city, why should anyone care. We don't.”

The Manchester Evening News is 142 years old and currently lives in sheltered accommodation in the Spinningfields area of the city. It is rumoured to be seeking to move to an industrial estate west of Manchester where it can meet other newspapers and reminisce about the good old days.

Lord Garner concluded with this observation: “Lunch is probably four courses with foie gras to start, then Wagyu steak, followed by crème brulee and then classic Lancashire cheeses. The odd bottle of Château d'Yquem maybe.”

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AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

I am sure this news is a big deal for the ultra competitive media industry - but to me this sort of thing is small minded and a waste of web space. I don’t think you will be getting many new hero’s on the back of this story.

This n thatDecember 18th 2009.

@anon, if paying £2-odd a week puts you in mind of a person with a black amex, I wouldn't like to see the state of your underpants mate.

AnonDecember 18th 2009.

ManCon I love you but come on - no need for the snidely comments, think about all the people that work at the MEN who have had such a torrid time - you guys are coming across really childish. I don't think anyone except for ManCon think this is something to laugh at, it's all a bit school-ground bully for my liking

GordoDecember 18th 2009.

@Scoteee, we can with all the subs we are getting now ;-)

snDecember 18th 2009.

P.S. of course my disrespect to the Diary column above may show i am out of touch or elitist, for all i know.

printermanDecember 18th 2009.

hey MANCON when the bottom falls out of your new subscription deal you can pack and wrap the dishes in the MEN ready for long term storage

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

The two quid, dear This an' That, is the come one offer.... one third off just for you! and as I say that's just to get the ads, but later I am sure you need a spa session a hair do (value £120+) and some very very nice undies for girls or cross dressers.

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

Fascinating...can I have my tenner back?

paulDecember 18th 2009.

Hopefully if someone buys the Manchester Evening News it will go back to being an EVENING paper, mine get deliverd at 8.30!!! I have to decided weather to read that or the morning paper 1st

This n thatDecember 18th 2009.

@Anon, no wonder your skint if you make 2 quid a week £160 a year.

snDecember 18th 2009.

it is sad, as i've noted on another thread.one thing i want to know - and Ray King's splendid post over on the other thread was helpful - is how much of the blame (thinking in terms of the picture i have, which is a sort of steady drip-feed of managerial incompetence down the years; this picture is probably incorrect, or at least not nuanced enough, i admit) the local bosses deserve? (so to speak.)if it's a case of - as Mcr-based blogger Max Dunbar recently wrote - the GMG looking at their books and deciding they can either offload the MEN, or, keep the MEN and find things a lot more difficult at the Guardian, then, sadly, that's a no-brainer (one of the world's most respected titles, versus a steadily downhill local rag that gives a full page over most days to which D-list soap actor was spilling out of which bar).the Guardian was born here, true, which made it home, but, alas, things change, and the sorts of politics that the laissez-faire liberalism of the old Mcr has helped to give us (among many other sources, granted) - a sort of politics that the Guardian has often fought against, incidentally (aided in massive part by sometime Mcr residents Marx and Engels, but of course), not least when it has been getting written in Ldn for these past many years, these sorts of politics are now a part of the forces biting us all in the bum wrt this issue.i remember a few years ago Sarah Hartley, then of the MEN (don't know if she still is, did that food blog, i guess she went, sadly), was sent by the Scott Trust to Syria to try and help open up a little light - in her own small way - on a regime newspaper there.that is undeniably good work, natch. there are many things you can criticise the Guardian for (i do, quite a lot), and the GMG (including this), but i must say i think ManCon's satirical words on Scott Trust's supposed justification (i know this is only an aside piece on the site) seem to chime to me in a more general way w a lot of chip-on-shoulder fare that is par for the course in a lot of journalism and written comment from up north. a northern city keeping its sugar daddy? or helping spread the word in Damascus? i know which i'd choose if it had to be either/or.(of course such binary opposition is simplistic and probably incorrect, but i hope my ramble made some sense.)

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

I thought it was funny actually.

scoteeeDecember 18th 2009.

Now now Gordo,will your bank finance a Mancon take-over bid?

RavenDecember 18th 2009.

This isn't snide it's bloody obvious and face on. The Guardian are not giving a damn about loyality to their home city with this. Sad indeed.

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

Mum could sell the Bentley to raise the dosh.

Jack FoleyDecember 18th 2009.

Taunting the MEN + Becoming a pay-to-browse website = major arrogance from MANCON

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

Humbug It's only four weeks to go before ManCon disappears behind a paywall manned by Heroes flashing Black AMEX's and Crystal ..hic

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

Dear this n' that. Two quid ( £160 pa) gets you in to get the ads but then there's the food and drinks bill. I gave up knickers some years back

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

I agree with the above comment - if ManCon aren't making snide digs at the MEN and gleefully awaiting its demise, they are blowing smoke up Robert Owen Brown's backside. It's all very tedious

JamesDecember 18th 2009.

Sn no need to be disrespectful, The Diary is terrible. That's the problem - much of the MEN in its present format shames Manchester.

Harry SmithDecember 18th 2009.

Printerman, you mean the MEN that's going back to charging for it's papers? Cock.

AnonymousDecember 18th 2009.

i think it weird that people condemn Mancon for condemning the Guardian for allowing the Men to die. i think there is no gloating just sadness from Mancon

concernedDecember 18th 2009.

My cat will be upset if we lose the MEN to a more dynamic owner such as Mancon,it will mean I may take an interest in reading it and the cat can't deliver on it until the next working day.Still i am sure she will appreciate the longer lasting litter I will have to supply her with.

The Great GratsbyDecember 18th 2009.

For thirty years the MEN has ruthlessly ensured that they have a virtual monopoly across the North West by placing a stranglehold on distribution: WH Smiths and the rest were bound by iffy contracts not to carry any possible competition. Confidential was the first publication to do well as they weren't having to go through the normal distribution channels. Good look to them, whilst they would probably not be laughing at people losing jobs you can probably guess that they are a little bit happy about the downfall of print.

earwigDecember 18th 2009.

A little bit of Manchester Evening News gossip, overheard in the Aleef newsagents at Piccadilly. Apparently the MEN is likely to be going "paid for" again- apart from the Thursday and Friday editions, which will be free. Surely a much loved Manchester journalistic institution would never risk half of its readers by going to a "paid for" model?

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