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Breakfast move “certain” says BBC

No backing out of Salford swap despite criticism, reports Simon Binns

Written by . Published on August 11th 2010.

Breakfast move “certain” says BBC

The BBC Breakfast show will definitely be moving to Salford Quays in 2012 despite protests from some of its own presenters, according to the corporation.

A spokesman for the BBC said there was no chance the decision would be reversed despite a spate of negative national press coverage about the move. Chris Hollins, the show’s sports presenter, said the move was “political” and Sian Williams, one of the show’s main anchors, said she would have to “think hard” about whether to quit the show because of the move.

“BBC Breakfast is relocating to MediaCity,” he said. “The move is definite and the final decision has been taken.”

Staff working on the show are now being asked to decide whether they want to move from London to Salford Quays and have “the next few months” to give the BBC an answer. They will get the same relocation package as staff transferring with five other BBC departments in 2011. The BBC said it would announce how many of its staff had agreed to the move in “late 2010 or early 2011.”

The BBC could not give exact dates as to when the newly-relocated departments would be open for business at MediaCity other than to say it would be between May and December next year.

A BBC spokesperson said: "The move of staff to Salford in 2011 will not take place in a single month. It will be done in a phased way from around May to December 2011 and this has not changed. The specific phasing of how departments, both in Manchester and London, will move is being finalised."

Peter Salmon, director of BBC North, will be in his Salford Quays office from May. Salmon has been the subject of several press reports on his own decision not to move his family from London to the North West full-time – a decision which has also led to criticism from BBC staff.

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

davijAugust 12th 2010.

Are granada moving to salford quays along with the corrie set?

Peter RivendellAugust 12th 2010.

I love Manchester - or Salford - but I think national news broadcasting belongs in London.

TomAugust 12th 2010.

Who said anything about the news moving, Peter?

James FosterAugust 12th 2010.

I can't see what the fuss is all about, the lengths and bredths of the country I've walked.

candlestickchimneyAugust 12th 2010.

Chris Hollins is no fan of the North! Perhaps he might have to report on Rugby League for a change instead of ignoring it at every opportunity and reporting on Soggy Biscuit contests and Rugby Union when the Beeb Sports dept move north

EARL OF DIDSBURYAugust 13th 2010.

3493.8 million or 3.4 billion ! however you say it the Bloated Broadcasting Corporations guaranteed annual income off the hard pressed british public is enormous ,, forced to pay this poll tax when they go an buy a television ! we are told the Salford move is a cost cutting exercise ! what a multi billion pound office block , paid for by us ? i like millions watch little if any BBC programming and hate seeing these projects , as well as the hugh paybill of there army of 23000 overpaid staff , led by the numerous "board of governers " and crowned with mad salaries of presenters like Ross, Moyles, Paxman and Norton , privatise the whole thing and let it sit in the real world , the office at Salford like the rest of this fat organisation could be sold of to pay some of our nations 900 billion of debt !

Burt CodeineAugust 13th 2010.

^^ Multi Billion pound office block? Where?

I can't abide the attacks on BBC...I'd be happy to choose only the BBC stations over every other 'lowest common denominator sub cable/satellite channel'. Many people pay twice the licence fee in little over two months to fatten the Murdoch lot up.
Compare BBC6 music (and of course BBC4) to the bile compressed out by the local radio stations...

Win win for many, aside from ex public school boys covering egg and spoon races in Surrey...

D KesslerAugust 13th 2010.

Earl, you must be a very young person who hasn't thought things through... the move will save quadrizillions in the future and will undoubtedly lift the region's status. It's called Gentrification. Love it or hate it, it works!

Private vs PublicAugust 13th 2010.

The 'Culture Show' on private, that's 'Cribs' then innit? Nuff said...

AnonymousAugust 13th 2010.

Psst, Earl, think you've slipped over to Manchester Confidential by mistake from the MEN messageboards.

WoodyAugust 13th 2010.

Well done to the earl for pointing out what we all really know , the bbc is a fat pig of an organisation , if it was so confident about itself it would not have to fleece the public for funds , i rarely watch its programs and the comments from that muppet Burt Codeine (almost certainly a bbc employee) about Murdoch tv (of which Bsky B is only partially owned by the way sums it up for me ,, people choose to sign up and pay for sky or virgin or cable ,,,,, they are forced to pay for the beeb!

take it from the underclassAugust 14th 2010.

Play more bingo and gamble! That's taxed at 50% and funds ALL the culture for the middle classes. It's called 'raising standards'. Love it or hate it, it works!

AnonymousAugust 14th 2010.

I'd rather dross like this BBC breakfast programme wasn't made in this region. I also wish I didn't have to pay for it just to avoid getting a fine and a criminal record for using my TV.

What on earth are we doing in this country having a tax on TV use which is used to fund rubbish like BBC Breakfast, Eastenders, Celebrity Cash in the Attic and hundred of other trashy products?

We should either use the income for this tax on useful things like schools and hospitals or scrap it altogether and let those who want garbage like Car Booty and Casualty pay for it voluntarily.

RADCLIFFE BOYAugust 14th 2010.

If you don't yet think the BBCs new media city is a waste of money and the whole organisation is out of control with its 3 billion odd of subsidy i suggest you buy the latest private eye out now 14/8/10 (David Cameron playing cricket on the front page ) turn to page 8 (media matters) and read on ,,, the MD is paid 480,000 !!!!! and took a flight costing 4800 pound(on us) to the world cup final , nobody knew why he went ! it then goes on to list numerous directors on hugh wages and generally highlights the pig in the troff mentality at this and lack of accountability at this "supersize overfunded undemocratic organisation" wake up folks !

D KesslerAugust 14th 2010.

This could be regulated if there was the political will...all it does is highlight the discrepancy between rich and poor in this country: look at Norway, they have oil like Scotland and are infinitely more clever at making this fact work for all. Norway = high standards in healthcare, general wealth, raised standards. Scotland = sh@th@le with a bit of culture glossing over the fact that it's a sh@th@le...

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