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Bob Geldof Launches Band Aid CD At Trafford Park Asda

The fundraiser and former Boomtown Rats frontman buys the first copy of charity single CD at Manchester superstore

Published on December 8th 2014.

Bob Geldof Launches Band Aid CD At Trafford Park Asda

SIR BOB Geldof dropped into the Trafford Park Asda early this morning (Mon 8 Dec) to pick up the very first copy of Band Aid 30 single Do They Know It’s Christmas? on CD.

Following the Asda Trafford launch, Geldof told journalists that he 'loved criticism' of Band Aid, saying that it created noise around the cause.

The single - which is raising money to tackle Ebola in west Africa and features global superstars Chris Martin, Ed Sheeran and One Direction alongside all-round nice Manchester bloke Guy Garvey of Elbow - became 2014's fastest-selling single with over 312,000 downloads in its first week.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 6,000 people have died after contracting Ebola in west Africa.

Asda has ordered quarter of a million copies of the CD which will go on sale for £3.99 across its 583 stores nationwide from today - an overall donation to Band Aid of almost £1m. 

Geldof said during the Trafford visit: "This is extraordinary. This is THE game changer."

"Imagine the difference this will make in pure medical terms to the Ebola affected regions. More will survive. More Doctors, Nurses, and whatever they need. More secure care for the orphans of this filthy virus.

"So everybody, come on... no excuse now guys for not buying as many as possible."

Geldof gets his hands on the first copy of the CD at Trafford Park AsdaGeldof gets his hands on the first copy of the CD at Trafford Park Asda

Following the Asda Trafford launch, Geldof told journalists that he 'loved criticism' of Band Aid, saying that it created noise around the cause.

Geldof has come under fire in recent weeks following the latest Band Aid release. Some critics have pointed to Geldof's estimated personal fortune of £32 million, while former-Blur frontman Damon Albarn suggested that the project patronises the whole of Africa.

Others have jumped to the project's defence, with Irish-singer Sinéad O’Connor telling critics to 'shut the f**k up'. How festive...

The single is now available to buy at ASDA.

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25 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Trish KarneyDecember 8th 2014.

Stick to what you know, Bob: raising bratty junkie kids and dining out on Africa for the past thirty years. How insulting to visit a city where there's unacceptable poverty before buggering off back to his Islington townhouse. People who shop in Asda can barely afford to feed the five kids and the Staffordshire bull terrier. I suppose orphans with Ebola are a more attractive cause than obese single mothers in a jim-jams who haven't worked since she left school with no qualifications. Maybe Bono can put on a fundraising concert for Harpurhey....

7 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Exactly Trish. Looking after our own should be a priority. As long as they're deserving of course and not the self inflicted, lazy feckless types you've just described though.

DavidDecember 8th 2014.

What have you done for poverty Trish and how are your kids?.Hope none of them are in trouble in the future,as would not want to question your parenting skills. I don't agree with the way Africa is used by big charities to generate money and pay big salaries,but that's no reason to get personal with Bob Geldof personal life,unless you want people to get personal with yours.

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

In sure not everyone in Harpurhey isn't idle and feckless. But rather than having a concert for the ones what's are how about insisting that, in return for their benefits, or hand out as I prefer to call it, these people actually do something to earn them? Community work? Get some qualifications? If they don't do this, handouts are progressively cut.

AnonymousDecember 11th 2014.

Proper nasty that Trish and uncalled for, there is no reason we cant help at home and help abroad, it is a good cause.

Trish KarneyDecember 11th 2014.

I'm entitled to my opinion, Anonymous. And you can give as much of your money as you want to Africa or Moston (I confuse them)

DavidDecember 12th 2014.

Trish that's pure racism saying 'Africa or Moston(I confuse them).I think you know that perfectly well too.

DavidDecember 12th 2014.

By the way your comments are suspiciously similar to other anonymous comments that were made about the previous article about Moston.It seems you have issue with Africans.

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Trampy Bob

1 Response: Reply To This...
DavidDecember 8th 2014.

Perhaps you like to apply that to Bob new best friend Guy Garvey from Elbow.

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

Trampy Guy Garvey...

EdwardDecember 10th 2014.

£32m? Why doesn't he send some of his own money to Africa?

12 Responses: Reply To This...
Trish KarneyDecember 11th 2014.

Exactly, it's conveniently offshore in some bank account. If he gave all his money to Africa tomorrow and moved to Harpurhey, then I might have some grudging respect for him. Until then I'll see him for what he is - a dirty Irish tax dogging tinker who has no business persuading the British Poor to subsidise a problem with no solution.

DavidDecember 12th 2014.

Trish your a f*cking racist.'Dirty Irish tax dodging tinker',that's pure racism.You can criticise a persons actions without resorting to racist abuse.But it seems you would like Moston to be no blacks or Irish.

DavidDecember 12th 2014.

You not entitled to your view if you want to spew out racism.There should be no toleration given to any racists in Manchester.

DavidDecember 13th 2014.

This website it seems has rules against what is acceptable comment.If it is prepared to accept comments like Trish then bluntly I would accuse its editor and its owner of being closet racists.if you let someone post clearly racist comments without saying anything then you are encouraging racism.Its not fair comment to refer to Bob Geldof as a tinker,it is clearly racist.

rinkydinkDecember 13th 2014.

Oh dear...

BopBoDecember 13th 2014.

David, if you don't like it, stop posting and leave us alone then.

AnonymousDecember 13th 2014.

As someone who is part Irish I do find Trish Karney's comment about my relatives, my ancestors and myself very offensive. ...'dirty Irish'...

AnonymousDecember 13th 2014.

David has a point. There's no excuse for racism especially in this day and age. The ManCon editors don't seem to care though for some reason.

AnonymousDecember 13th 2014.

I don't think the Trish Karney contributor intends to be taken at face value.

AnonymousDecember 13th 2014.

Trish needs to be banned.

DavidDecember 13th 2014.

Plenty of time has past now and it seems while posting critical comments about one of Manchester Confidential advertisers will get your comments removed posting racist comments won't.Does not say much for the values of the owner or the editor in that case.If you let racist comments be posted you are condoning by your silence racism .

AnonymousDecember 13th 2014.

They probably don't spend all their time checking the comments..

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

Do they know it's Christmas? They probably didn't give a shit until Bob turned up to patronise them.

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