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Black Dog Bowl - New City Bowling Alley

The Southern Quarter takes off with another trendy in-comer

Published on June 26th 2012.

Black Dog Bowl - New City Bowling Alley
BLACK DOG BALLROOM have announced the launch of a third venue in Manchester city centre, Black Dog Bowl.
Confidential thinks it's getting interesting down Oxford Road Corridor aka The Southern Quarter. There are the Black Dog venues, Gorrilla from Trof has opened and also the Whim Wham Cafe.
Following the second Black Dog Ballroom, launched in May in nearby New Wakefield Street, the new venue will feature tenpin bowling lanes in the old Cocotoo, facing The Ritz, on Whitworth Street West. The original Black Dog Ballroom opened in Manchester’s Northern Quarter in 2009. 
Black Dog Bowl will offer all of the usual elements of this updated speakeasy with cocktails, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs and salads late into the night. 

Dog BowlDog Bowl

It will also feature a five lane ten pin bowling alley, designed by Manchester based creative design agency Start JudgeGill.
Black Dog Bowl will open in September from noon to 2am daily.
Since opening Black Dog NQ has accolades including Best Bar of 2010 by the Manchester Evening News’ CityLife and Best Bar of 2011 by Manchester Confidential.  
Ross Mackenzie of the Black Dog says: “We reckon customers enjoy activities as an attraction and the pool tables in our existing venues have proved to be a huge success throughout the day and into the night, so for us bowling is the next step.  
“We have designed something that brings alive the brand creating what is sure to be a fantastic hang-out.  Look out for ball dispensers in the shape of a Black Dog and many other design touches that we hope will make our customers smile.”
The Black Dog partnership also own Tiki Dive Bar and Caribbean Rum Shop, The Liars Club, in the old Purple Pussy Cat site underneath Mojo. They are looking out for further sites in which to develop the Black Dog Ballroom and The Liars Club concepts across the North West - as discussed by Mackenzie here.

Confidential thinks it's getting interesting down Oxford Road Corridor aka The Southern Quarter. There are the Black Dog venues, Gorrilla from Trof has opened and also the Whim Wham Cafe.

Cornerhouse will move in with the Library Theatre in a couple of years to a site down Whitworth Street West and thus remain close to the area. Meanwhile it makes sense that any new operator for the present Cornerhouse location will want to retain the arty energy and magic of the present bar and restaurant. 

It's a curious thing that the bar sector in Manchester is seeing such a lot of movement when the retail sector is taking a hit once more and units begin to empty on King Street.

The growth of internet shopping is a factor here, one that underlines something else. The effects of the rash of out-of-town shopping centres approved a decade or two ago are now, in recession, having a profound impact. Restricting car access into the city centre does nothing to reduce the pressure.

The leisure side of cities is therefore becoming more and more important. It will have to be. 

Canny operators, such as Black Dog, with a nose (forgive the pun) for what appeals to the market are crucial. 

You can follow Jonathan Schofield on Twitter here @JonathSchofield

Dog bowlDog bowl

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27 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

Is it me though or is the Southern Gateway slowly becoming the new Fallowfield? All these bars and clubs (and there are shed loads round the area now) seem to be based on that bus stop providing a steady stream of p*ss head students since Fallowfield lost its way a fair bit by allowing non-students in to bars, together with the Oxford Road campus' growing. Great that this area is finally getting some decent movement (and let's hope they do something decent with BBC rather than just flats with a Tesco unit) but I went for an after-work drink in the area in a suit last week and I felt like I as going to be asked for student ID. Or whether I was the defendant. And this is out of term time. Fortunately not too many of them have discovered NQ properly yet, although that's only probably because it's not on a bus route. One student I met thought it was Portland Street.

5 Responses: Reply To This...
CharlieJune 26th 2012.

Not that NQ venues are above this sort of attitude: www.manchesterconfidential.co.uk/…/Are-You-Being-Served…

AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

So anon, you felt old in a bar? It happens, welcome to the club. Not needing to be a student to drink in Fallowfield or the city centre kinda makes me wonder what point you were trying to make?

AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

Ha, I didn't say I felt old. I said I felt like I was in a student bar. The point I was trying to make is that I've noticed the Southern Gateway is slowly turning into more of a city centre student quarter. That's not necessarily a bad thing (admittedly the tone probably implied I was annoyed about it) and I think the bar above looks great, I just wondered whether anyone else had observed this. And yes, friends of mine have actually been turned away from one of the bars near Oxford Road Station for not being a student. And my point about Fallowfield was trying to put forward a reason why there might be more students going out in the SG than before i.e. that previously most of the bars there (Hearts, Revs, Orange Grove included) used to turn away non-students and would take the hit in summer in order to keep the area more student friendly. That began to change a couple of years ago, meaning more non-students from the surrounding areas used to go out, which meant people I know started going up town more.

AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

Anyway, point was a complete tangent from the article. More an observation on the area following another bar opening. Should have started with 'looks great, good on Black Dog for keeping standards up'. Hope it does well.

Christopher PollardJune 26th 2012.

Quite the opposite i'd say - I tried Gorilla this weekend just gone, the crowd was refreshingly mixed in age, the music was great but at a volume you could still hold a conversation whilst having more of a dancier vibe in a second room - didn't feel remotely like a student venue!

NazcaJune 26th 2012.

Idea looks great

Calum McGJune 26th 2012.

Nice. Off on a tangent but I don't like this 'Southern Quarter' district name. It's lame and pretty sure it was cooked up by Thornley Groves - they use it in their marketing blurb. We can do better than that ;) ANYWAY... good luck, Ross n co with the bowling alley. Looks like it will be ace (esp. if Blackdog NWS is anything to go by). And anon - this area was very studenty way back when I was a student... 15 years ago!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Jonathan SchofieldJune 26th 2012.

Ali I think it was actually John Robb, music man who thought it up

AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

How many quarters does Manchester have again?

DavidJune 26th 2012.

Is it me or are your articles about this so called independent less than objective,much like anything you write about Sam Chop House.This is advertorial.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Jonathan SchofieldJune 26th 2012.

David this isn't advertorial it's news. People probably want to know. Anyway keep up the good work policing us.

Cheesefactor XJune 26th 2012.

The more of these types of tourist attraction we open the better. We need more and more mainstream fun in the city centre aside from drinking

Tom ReynoldsJune 26th 2012.

Interesting timing with this considering the bowling alley being developed next to the AMC Cinema. It'll be good to have options now for bowling in the city centre.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
GordoJune 26th 2012.

when is the AMC going in?

AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

Wonder which one will open first!! Both close to me but the one in Great Northern by AMC cinema will be very close to me. Actually, whens the Great Northern one going to be finished?? Not been in GN for a few weeks - whereabouts in there will it be?

I like the decor of Blackdog Ballroom so will probably like Blackdog Bowl.

Looking forward to checking out both of them!

AnonymousJune 28th 2012.

Think it's opening in August.

BLR_3June 26th 2012.

Can only be good for the area surely? Whim wham Cafe is a great little place that will only do better through more interest in the area. not been to Gorilla bar yet but heard lots of good things. Could do with a facelift around there rather than being well known for Locos takeaway and the ritz!

AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

Does anyone know what happened to the lovely 'Sistine Chapel' ceiling from Coco Two?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 26th 2012.

Hopefully it's been painted over...

Claire LeamanJune 26th 2012.

Love it!

Jonathan SchofieldJune 26th 2012.

Anon, that Cocotoo ceiling was weird and curious not lovely I reckon

StephJune 26th 2012.

I hate bowling, but love the other two dogs so I'm looking forward to the Dog Bowl opening. Also looking forward to All Star Lanes just to sample the burgers.

Kevin PeelJune 27th 2012.

I'm really looking forward to this. Anyone want to join my bowling team?!

1 Response: Reply To This...
MosterRavingLoonyJune 27th 2012.

Hahhaa fck NO!
But I'll challenge you in a local bowlection

StuieSeptember 13th 2012.

It's September and it doesn't look anywhere near to opening

AnonymousJanuary 24th 2013.

i like ur sisters!!!!!

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