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Barton Moss Anti-Frackers Ordered To Leave Camp

Judge tells fracking protesters they must leave by midday Tuesday

Written by . Published on March 10th 2014.

Barton Moss Anti-Frackers Ordered To Leave Camp

UPDATE (11/03/14, midday): Reports say there'll be no eviction today as the protesters have been granted permission to appeal against their eviction.

FRACKING protesters have been ordered by a judge to vacate from the Barton Moss drilling site in Salford.

They have until midday on Tuesday 11 March to move.

Protesters have continued to voice complaints of ‘over zealous policing’ and elements of police brutality.

Anti-frackers have been camping out at the site since November 2013 when energy company iGas began drilling and testing for shale gas.

iGas are leasing the site from the landowners, Peel Investments, to carry out exploratory drilling. If significant amounts of shale gas are found at the site, iGas could begin a full-scale fracking operation.

Peel Investments requested from Manchester Civil Justice Centre that the campers be evicted as they were causing problems for both locals and police. Arrests at the site number nearly 100, while Greater Manchester Police claim that the cost of policing the site has cost the taxpayer over £700,000.

Protesters are poised to lodge an appeal against the eviction, claiming that Peel have no right to evict them, as they do not own the land on which they are camped.

The wind turbine blade at Barton MossThe wind turbine blade at Barton Moss

There have been a number of widely publicized incidents at the Barton Moss protest camp, descending into a ‘he-said she-said’ battle between protesters and the police.

In December 2013, protesters dumped a seventeen metre long, one and a half tonne wind turbine blade at the entrance to the site.

On 4 January police reported that a protester had fired a flare at a police helicopter and endangered lives – an accusation which the protesters staunchly denied.

On 25 February a police officer was hurt when protesters at the site locked themselves to a ‘booby trapped’ concrete drum filled with barbed wire and broken glass. On the same day a protester in his 50s and on crutches claimed to have suffered spinal injuries after he attempted to mount a moving lorry.

An officer was injured by 'booby trapped' drumAn officer was injured by 'booby trapped' drum

Protesters have continued to voice complaints of ‘over zealous policing’ and elements of police brutality at the Barton Moss site.

In January, protester Sean O’Donnell, 44, released video footage in which he appears to be forced to the ground. Cries of pain can be heard at 8.40mins, while a muddied and bloodied man can be seen at 11.17mins (see here).

Muddied and bloodiedMuddied and bloodiedChief Constable Peter Fahy told Confidential: "For all the hundreds of hours of policing we have received only 21 complaints, five of which are from the same person. We take this seriously and will investigate any complaints thoroughly."

Arguments from both sides of the Barton Moss protest are voiced here.

The renewed tensions come after police thanked organisers and attendees of a large-scale and peaceful anti-fracking march which saw over 1000 protesters march through the streets of Manchester city on Sunday 9 March.

No arrests were made.

Peel Group Lease Out Fracking Sites.

MP Graham Stringer, Fracking: Let's Get On With It

Frackers, Flares and Coppers in Choppers: Flare shot at police helicopter

Barton Moss: All Sides Have Their Say


The process of fracking involves sinking wells up to 2km below the surface of the earth and pumping a highly pressurised mixture of water and chemicals into shale rock to extract gas trapped in the rock.

Proponents of fracking argue that it has hugely boosted energy production across the United States, creating tens of thousands of jobs and guaranteeing gas security to the US and Canada for up to 100 years.

But it is also highly controversial, with activists arguing that the process can contaminate groundwater, create earthquakes and divert attention and research away from renewable sources of energy.

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11 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Poster BoyMarch 10th 2014.

Peel finally wake up and see the future...

Ghostly TomMarch 11th 2014.

If Mr Putin cuts off the gas supply I imagine that the idea of having a plentiful, safe supply under home soil will appear a whole lot more attractive...

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

You appear not to have followed any of the debate on Fracking- the main objections are how “SAFE” it really is? And if, it is “The Future” then at least Nationalise it so that the “safe and plentiful” extraction of our own resources isn’t held by American companies fed into a National Grid owned by foreign FTSE investors and fed through Germans & French Electricity suppliers- paying share premiums first rather than lowering prices for the benefit of the consumer or bothering about safety concerns. Also the ground-source heat capability below our feet is plentiful, the tidal flow consistent, wind capacity one of the best in the world alongside the hydro-power in our rivers and reservoirs which kick-started the Industrial Revolution in the first instance. Invest in the scientists who offer long term, sustainable solutions rather than short term monetary gains that may screw the planet in the future. Putin’s topless show-pony routine will seem a minor distraction.

Ghostly TomMarch 11th 2014.

I certainly have. You seem to have bought into the anti fracking lobby big time. And haven't you noticed that every time someone proposes a sustainable energy source the 'not in my backyard' brigade opposes it until it goes away. At some point someone is going to have to make some decisions about generating power in the future. Nuclear, coal, oil, gas, sustainable green solutions, all have their problems. What we can't do is let the lights go out and fracking may have to be a part of the mix.

AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

I think the protesters are disgraceful Igas are trying to do their business which is legal and you got these protesters who by the look of them have no jobs trying to stop them. They are wasting tax payers money. Lets get fracking and get this country going again more money for Nhs and schools!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

YOU are a DISGRACE to your fellows and Country, YOU OBVIOUSLY no NOTHING about just how HARMFUL to the environment this Fracking is, open your eyes, research, read, LISTEN!!!... All the information is there! These people that are protesting are doing us ALL a favour and giving up their time and devotion to HELP others, WAKE UP !

Ghostly TomMarch 11th 2014.

The first anonymous poster makes a valid reasonable point. In a democracy this is allowed. The second anonymous needs to follow their own advice, open their eyes, research, read and listen and come back with a coherent, considered argument and not a environmentalist rant with few facts to support it, if any.

AnonymousMarch 11th 2014.

Dear second anon, just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't make them a disgrace

Mark FullerMarch 11th 2014.

So many of these watermelons (green on the outside,red on the inside), present as caring,kindly and peaceful souls. But as soon as their quasi-religious views are challenged, they start foaming at the mouth like the man hating totalitarian bullies that they are.

AnonymousMarch 12th 2014.

Unfortunately only time will tell, then you will all just disappear into the woodwork. What's wrong with being cautious and wanting to protect our Health and the Environment? Remember Asbestos ( used in the manufacture of Clutches and Brake Linings) ? This was supposed to be "Safe" wasn't it? BUT it wasn't was it?

AnonymousMarch 12th 2014.

Now.... That sounds like a coherent and considered argument to me.

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