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Chancellor Commits £3m To MOSI Extension

George Osborne announces another major science investment for MCR

Written by . Published on December 8th 2014.

Chancellor Commits £3m To MOSI Extension


Millions of pounds here, millions of pounds there. Greater Manchester is raking in the money for big ideas and progressive projects in culture (£78m), heritage (£3m), material science (£235m), graphene (£60m), while next year the European City of Science will bring in another £30m. Shame that the city of Manchester at the same time is getting slammed by £59m in cuts in 2015/16. 

Sir Richard Leese, City Council Leader, at the announcement of the £3m for the Museum of Science and Industry had a thought. He remarked that after the event Brian Cox was giving a lesson to primary school kids on luminescence and George Osborne was attending. He wondered whether the Chancellor would learn anything. 

Maybe Leese's own party should learn something. Labour seem out in the cold on Northern dreaming. The Conservatives are providing all the luminescene, thinking about a future beyond austerity.  

As the director of the soon-to-start-work Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials said on Monday: "We will speed up the modelling, fabricating and testing of materials. If we can reduce the time by half through which products reach market the impact will be enormous, translating into thousands of jobs."

Osborne himself talked beyond the science money and about 'the bold deal' of the transfer of major powers to Greater Manchester with November's devolution and elected mayor announcement. 

The Conservatives have stolen a march on all the other political parties in this region in the year before the General Election. The money for prestige projects is good news, despite the profound funding cuts which will hit the poorest areas of the city hardest. In a very Labour region people are asking when will Ed Miliband and his Labour Party colleagues come up with 'bold deals'.

Maybe Osborne's Plan B, should his party not take up government in May 2015, is to stand for Greater Manchester mayor. He's certainly providing 'the vision thing'. Jonathan Schofield

CHANCELLOR George Osborne has announced another major £3m science investment for Manchester.

"We want to develop ground-breaking exhibitions that can tour internationally, shining a global spotlight on our collections and our great city of Manchester.”

Speaking at the launch of European City Science 2016 at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) on Monday 8 December, Osborne commited £3m to help create an ambitious new temporary exhibtion space for the museum.

The new space - designed to host 'world class exhibitions' - will be housed in the vaulted basement of the MOSI's 1830 Warehouse (the world's first ever railway warehouse, main image) and will cost somewhere in the region of £6m. MOSI hope to raise the remaining amount themselves.

Sally MacDonald Director of MOSI, Prof Brian Cox and The Chancellor George Osborne Ian Blatchford Director of Science Museum Group(L-R) Director of MOSI Sally MacDonald, Chancellor George Osborne, Prof Brian Cox and Ian Blatchford, Director of Science Museum Group

MOSI Director Sally MacDonald said: “This new exhibition space will allow us to deliver innovative exhibitions that will further enhance the city’s reputation for cutting-edge science.

"The Government’s invaluable financial support means we can do more to feed the enormous passion for science in the North West, serving our annual audience of more than 700,000 visitors and motivating more people to explore both the science and extraordinary heritage on offer at our Museum.

“In future, with the support of our partners, we want to develop ground-breaking exhibitions that can tour internationally, shining a global spotlight on our collections and our great city of Manchester.”

The £3 million Government investment in the Museum is in addition to an £800,000 grant that funded preparatory work.


Mosi New SpacePlans for £3m 1830 Warehouse conversion

The latest £3m investment comes after a series of major, high-profile investment announcements for Manchester from the MP for Tatton.

Only last week Osborne announced - as part of his aim to create a 'Northern Powerhouse' to rival London's thriving economy - over £300m worth of investment in Manchester; £78m for The Factory Manchester and a further £235m for the Sir Henry Royce Institute for Advanced Materials Research and Innovation - a major new science research centre for the University of Manchester.

Preceding this, Osborne announced in September 2014 a new £60m Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre (GEIC) for the university to compliment the currently under-construction National Graphene Institute (NGI).

And in June 2014 during another visit to the MOSI, the Chancellor outlined an ambition to create a 'supercity' to rival the capital as a global hub by building HS3, a high speed rail link between Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

Still, it's hasn't all been sunshine, lollipops and major investments for Manchester. In November the City Council announced a further £59m of budget cuts in 2015/16 following reductions in government funding.


MOSI, Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4FP.

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AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Great stuff.

Poster BoyDecember 8th 2014.

There'll always be a job for him as the Mayor of Manchester...

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.


Poster BoyDecember 9th 2014.

JS. Plagiarist.

DavidDecember 8th 2014.

As we got still several months and another budget,before the next election is due,there could more generosity still from George.It says something when a Tory cares more about Manchester than the Labour shadow chancellor or leader.

25 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

err, generosity? I am not sure that removing huge swathes of public funding while rewarding richer southern English councils with increases is a sign of generosity. George Osborne does not give two hoots about Manchester. The city is Tory-free for good reason and vacant spending promises late in the cycle of an increasingly dysfunctional coalition government provides any significant evidence of a coherent plan for decentralisation of power. The 'northern powerhouse' narrative was absent for nearly all of this government's term in office and its recent promotion smacks of desperation. Where were the 'northern powerhouse' speeches in 2010 or during the Scottish independence referendum? We need powerful regional government with extensive tax-raising powers so we can become less reliant on the occasional and skewed generosity of Westminster regardless of whether it is the Tories or Labour in power.

DavidDecember 8th 2014.

ANON: I'd say that the Tories are very generous - they really know how to look after society as a whole. So keep watching, there's still several months and another budget before the election. The Tories will really show you all how great they are. You know these Labour supporting types - bascially pro benefit cheats. And those disabled people, they need to PROVE they need DLA becuse I suspect that they are all fakers.

DavidDecember 8th 2014.

Perhaps those Labour supporters who say Osbourne does not care about Manchester,would like to explain why Labour with practically all the tbe MP and council in this City,did bugger all for this city in their 13 years in charge.You cancelled the casino project because Brown wanted to appease the Daily Mail and then promised in compensation a venue for ballet at the Palace,which of course failed to appear.

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

There's no Tories in Manchester because of political cleansing! Back in the 1960/70s, high spending Labour councils (such as Manchester) had used the then property rates tax system to "drive" the Tory voting middle-classes from their "loony nuclear free" cities. The grammar school system was also abolished back then too and Manchester schools became the "worst in the country" under Stringer & Leese's control. So of course there are no "job creating" Tory families left in Manchester - they were all forced to move to Trafford, Cheshire & the South East.

DavidDecember 8th 2014.

A delicious irony of a Greater Manchester Mayor is that those forced out of the City by the rubbish schools,would then be in position to decide who runs the city.There will be a suburban take over of the city and a end to the current Labour domination .

DavidDecember 8th 2014.

Delicious Irony yum my fave. Up the suburbs! Yah yah, toff toff blah blah. Gideon loves Manchester city centre.

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Thirty years of churning out the worst educated young people in the country, is Stringer & Leese's most truly tragic Manchester legacy.

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Manchester is not Tory free, Green free, Lib Dem free, UKIP free. It's just that our undemocratic voting system allows Labour to take 100% of the seats on the council from the votes of only 21% of the electorate. George Osborne has proved himself to be a good local MP and has supported Manchester. Unlike the last Labour government that cut funding it the metrolink extension in Manchester on one day and then announced the funding for London's Crossrail.

GimboidDecember 8th 2014.

At long last David reveals his true nature as an unabashed Tory boy, red in tooth and claw. "And those disabled people, they need to PROVE they need DLA becuse I suspect that they are all fakers." Oh, why don't you just fuck off the the Daily Mail comments section where you belong with all the other frothing illiterates, like you should have done months ago?

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

I'm a Conservative voter. Shame it's wasted in this city. But at least I bother to vote, unlike the majority.

rinkydinkDecember 9th 2014.

By voting you are saying you agree with the system. What if you don't agree with the system? You don't vote. That's what's going on

AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

Smash the state eh, Rinkydink?

AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

Gorgeous George is already insisting on giving the people of Manchester more democratic rights (he is insisting that the new Greater Manchester Mayor is directly elected by the PEOPLE, not the existing ten local council leaders, as Leese & Labour "shamelessly" wanted) - but what really would be a game changer for local politics in Manchester, would be a PR voting system for local elections too. Come on George, PR would really upset the local applecart, Leese & his Labour cronies round here.

AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

@rinkydink ....that's exactly why I don't vote anymore...change the system so my vote is valued and reflects the voting intention of the electorate and make politicians properly accountable and I'll reconsider. In the meanwhile I will continue to not vote as a protest...

EdwardDecember 9th 2014.

If no-one voted we would lose our democracy. Voting is the only way everyone has a say. Unless someone has a better idea?

rinkydinkDecember 9th 2014.

I don't disagree with democracy. I do disagree with the constant petty wrangling between the parties, trying to score points off each other instead of sorting things out

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

@hans Democracy is a great idea but we don't have it at local or national level. If they introduced it I would vote. I'm certainly not voting in this system which had been perpetuated for the convenience of the big political parties. Not voting is my way of showing that I disagree with the status quo. I've tried engaging with various politicians, local and national, about this but they are not interested in change.

EdwardDecember 10th 2014.

Sometimes you have to make things happen. Not voting doesn't achieve anything.

AnonymousDecember 11th 2014.

If enough people don't vote the system will become untenable and the politicians will have to come up with a better system. The one we have is fundamentally undemocratic as it doesn't reflect the voting pattern of the electorate. Not voting is a positive thing to bring about change. Voting just props up a bad system. Voting doesn't achieve anything. The system needs changing.

rinkydinkDecember 11th 2014.

Voting also doesn't achieve anything, you're right. It just perpetuates the endless circle of nonsense

AnonymousDecember 11th 2014.

I'm voting UKIP. They're a young and inexperienced party and the media love to poke fun at them, but I think it would be fantastic if they got in power because it would be rough and ready wing-it politics which would give parliament the shake up it needs and expose the status quo for the joke it is.

Nigel FlangeDecember 11th 2014.

Anon, how about voting Green? You might achieve the same shake-up without voting for a party who's main selling point is appealing to racists?

Jonathan SchofieldDecember 11th 2014.

Anonymous, if you vote UKIP you vote for an opportunist and foolish party who have no idea of history and how open societies are the ones we aspire to and have generally been the most successful. If you vote for UKIP you vote for suspicion and stupidity.

Mark FullerDecember 11th 2014.

Johnathan, Britain has a history of tolerance and moderation, which is recognized around the world , and one we should be proud of.But the last Labour government had an immoderate,cynical and self-serving policy in regards to immigration. It is they who have, in large measure, created the suspicion of which you speak, whilst piously parading their equality and diversity credentials. They calculated that their core vote, who have been the most adversely affected by unprecedented immigration. have no where else to go. But now they do. It is arrogant, stupid Labour who have created UKIP.

AnonymousDecember 12th 2014.

UKIP? Sadly the best of the bunch at the moment. There's enough stupidity in Parliament so voting in an inexperienced party won't be a sea change, but it will make the population of this country question the current status quo. There's a civil war coming and you can thank selfish out of touch polititions for that.

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Now I'm no fancy big time developer, but it seems odd to me that this costs £3m, and the Royce one £5m, and the Factory one is £78m...

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

The actual cost of the Royce Centre is £235m. Who is paying for it is obscure Other Universities not in Manchester are involved. and possibly industrial partners. Apparently the UoM PR for Graphene is answering questions. You can ask him my question as well on Graphene if you like.

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Whichever way you frame it, George Osborne has shown that he is very supportive of Manchester. Yes, of course much of it is rhetoric, but he has a compelling vision for the city and the region. I think the announcement of further financial support for MOSI (utilising the 1830 Warehouse for exhibition space) is excellent news.

6 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

Let's not get too carried away though. The amount of funding cuts the city has received far outweighs investment from Westminster. The true impact of the cuts may not yet be clear.

AnonymousDecember 8th 2014.

If the council was run more efficiently, the cuts would have less impact. Unfortunately there are far too many at MCC who do far too little. Being actively involved in my community, I've come across a few stars, but also a lot of pointless pen pushers.

AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

The council are just going to have to be more imaginative with less money. If they are not up to it they can always resign.

JoanDecember 9th 2014.

Anon3 and 4: There's a consultation on cuts on MCC's website. If you're Manchester residents please make your ideas known to us.

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

Consultation means we will still do what we want but we want to appear to be in contact with the people.

AnonymousDecember 20th 2014.

Joan. Here's one for you, get rid of the 'City Centre Spokesman' You or Kevin can do it. without the 13k that Pat gets

AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

Jonathan, for 13 years the last Labour government didn't have "the vision thing" for Manchester (or anywhere else in England outside of London) - so don't expect a future Labour government, under Miliband & Balls especially, to be any different mate.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

Agreed...I can see all these projects being derailed if Labour were to win. It's in their interest to keep the north poor then they have a huge pool of people who will vote for them. Heaven forbid people escape poverty, make something of themselves, become aspirational and vote for another party.

Nick NameDecember 9th 2014.

The thing is certain voters will ignore all the good the government are doing, they'll ignore all the business leaders who are saying lots of positive things about the changes being made, like boosting the number apprenticeships for young people. They'll ignore all the investment in the north and in Manchester in particular, because they like Labour, always have always will. I hope enough people turn up and vote to keep the current lot in power, and I hope enough people can see we need a change locally. You can criticise the cuts if you want, like Labour MPs always do, but they never say where they would make cuts do they? Labour can't make the hard decisions and that's how we got in this mess.

AnonymousDecember 11th 2014.

London's rubbish!

EdwardDecember 9th 2014.

What we need is a different way of doing politics. Get rid of the House of Lords and have more public involvement when creating new laws / deciding budgets. It would be great if you could vote on how to spend public money or if a new law should be passed.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

Should be easy to do with the Internet. The Houses of Parliament could easily put up polls asking us the question and asking us to vote yes or no. That's what they do.

AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

Do the maths. £376,000,000 investment in projects that will raise the profile of the city and attract goodness knows how much in other private investment. £59,000,000 in Town Hall cuts. That leaves us with a credit of £317,000,000. True the council are going to have to make the money stretch imaginatively but that's no bad thing. We can only have the size of public sector that the private sector can support. I work in the private sector and at the beginning of the downturn the private sector really suffered, well before the public sector. There was none of the whinging you hear from the public sector now. We just had to get on with it and shed jobs or companies would have gone under. What's happening now is the long overdue resizing of local and central government. Painful but so was it for the private sector at the beginning of all this.

rinkydinkDecember 9th 2014.

Hans you've written the answer to the question you asked above. We don't replace democracy - we just do it differently. Maybe as you suggest

Chris ShawDecember 9th 2014.

You have the right to comment on any white paper before it becomes legislation! Any investment where we live should be positive no matter who is footing the cash.

AnonymousDecember 9th 2014.

Good news from Uncle George. I bet his changing spots are nothing to do with the election in 2015. It wasn't so long ago funding for the arts in the North was being cut by this rag tag coalition.

7 Responses: Reply To This...
Nick NameDecember 9th 2014.

It wasn't long ago labour was throwing money around like a chav who's won the lottery. It wasn't long ago labour sent us into an illegal war. It wasn't long ago that, never mind. Some people will always vote labour regardless of how much they mess up.

Anthony BlairDecember 9th 2014.

Not long ago? It was eleven years ago mate. Get over it for fuck's sake.

Nick NameDecember 9th 2014.

Get over it! Hundreds of dead soldiers are ok to be forgotten about because it was labours decision to send them into war, but it's ok to hate the Tories still because your parent told you Maggie was evil in the 70's!

Anthony BlairDecember 9th 2014.

I'm not arsed sunshine, I'm counting my after dinner speaking cash, polishing my teeth and winding up Gordon that he didn't serve a full term.

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

@anthony Blair ....it may well have been 11 years ago but we are still sorting out their economic mess and the ramifications of the war in Iraq are going to be with us into the foreseeable future.

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

We still owe the US for WWI. Wars are expensive, their legacies long lasting and it's always the civilians that pay the price, both in lives and the financial cost, long after the handful of polititions that sent their population to war have long since died. Churchill? Right place, right time perhaps. But his obsession with having military campaigns in the Mediterranean cost millions of lives during both world wars. Don't vote! Don't join the armed forces! End of!

AnonymousDecember 10th 2014.

2010. Britain's involvement in Afghanistan was costing U.K. tax payers £15m a DAY!!! I agree with the above. Your vote is meaningless.

Kevin PeelDecember 12th 2014.

Manchester Labour has certainly not been "out in the cold on Northern dreaming" - we've been banging on about devolving power and funding to government's of both colours for years. We're glad that national parties are finally catching up but lets not heap too much praise on George Osborne, who while flashing relatively small sums of cash on PR-friendly projects (which we welcome) with one hand has been presiding over the most brutal and vicious cuts to local services ever seen with the other. The council's ability to run services and continue to promote growth and investment *will* be negatively affected by these latest cuts - and it looks like there are more to come with a promise of £7 billion in tax cuts from the Tories but absolutely no hint as to how they'll be paid for. I can hazard a guess...

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousDecember 12th 2014.

Kevin...local and central government is too big and bloated to be supported by the private sector. It would need cutting back even if we hadn't had the recession. Cutting back on local and central government is a good thing.

Poster BoyDecember 12th 2014.

Osborne has set the trap. And you, Mr Peel (and your colleagues), have walked right into it, like a troop of stupid monkeys, with your hands outstretched and your eyes and mouths wide open.

AnonymousDecember 12th 2014.

^ What?

David SmithDecember 12th 2014.

Kevin, you might have wanted more devolved power but the Labour party didn't. Leese just wanted more power for himself and the previous Labour government like to keep the Labour North on a lead so it didn't get ideas above its station at the same time investing massively in London and the South East. Ed Miliband has only jumped on the devolution bandwagon since the Scottish referendum when it was obvious that Cameron was steeling the march on English vote for English laws. A policy that neither Miliband nor Scottish Labour agree with but is massively favoured by the electorate.

AnonymousDecember 16th 2014.

I am not a Tory but what did the Labour government do for us in thirteen years of power. The betrayals of the Blair/Brown years are endless(THE BIGBANG OF THE TRAM SO THEY COULD INVEST IN CROSSRAIL IN LONDON WAS AN ACT OF POLITICAL PREJUDICE). They invested nowt because they knew Manc muppets would vote for them anyway. Amazing how having two Tory MPS for years(TO 97) in Bury has done that town nothing but harm. A thriving market,the best education in the county,people queueing up to invest and the Metrolink for over twenty years,huge shopping complexes. Compare that to neighbouring Labour Rochdale which looks like a suburb of Bogota and it makes you think.(Both towns were former milltowns,one thriving and one rotting)

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