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£32.5 Million For Greener GM Transport

TfGM secures funding and pulls out big benefits

Published on June 27th 2012.

£32.5 Million For Greener GM Transport

GREATER Manchester has today secured £32.5 million from the Department for Transport to realise its vision for getting more people to work in a way that reduces carbon emissions, congestion and pollution, and increases active travel.

Greater Manchester’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund package has the potential to: add £28 million to Greater Manchester’s Gross Value Added (a measure of economic competitiveness) each year.

Its successful bid to the Government’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund will initiate a range of sustainable travel projects across Greater Manchester, including a wide range of walking and cycling initiatives.

The package also supports the expansion of Greater Manchester’s smart ticketing project, targeted community transport schemes and traffic management improvements.

The projects included focus on the areas of Greater Manchester where they can deliver the highest levels of economic prosperity and enterprise and aim to bring about long-term, positive changes to the way people choose to travel.

Greater Manchester’s bid was competing with projects from across the country.

Councillor Andrew Fender, Chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee, said: “Our LSTF plans, which we have badged under the strapline ‘Let’s Get to Work’, have all the right ingredients for success and will build directly on the projects being delivered by the Greater Manchester Transport Fund by promoting travel access across the expanded transport system.

“We want to get more people into work, to broaden our talent pool, to reduce the burden of congestion on business, to reduce our carbon emissions and to improve the health of people in Greater Manchester.

“We talked to a host of organisations and businesses about our plans, and discovered a clear need, opportunity and desire for what’s proposed, so we are delighted that the Government has seen the full value of what we’re offering by approving £32.5 million of funding.

“Together with local contributions, we will be delivering a £53 million investment programme that will bring real benefits to the economy, the environment and the health of residents – all of which lie at the heart of what is an achievable and results-driven package.

“This will bring people, jobs and enterprise together with a well-connected, integrated and greener transport system – so today’s announcement really is great news.”

Greater Manchester’s Local Sustainable Transport Fund package has the potential to: add £28 million to Greater Manchester’s Gross Value Added (a measure of economic competitiveness) each year; create the equivalent of 900 jobs; take around 26 million km of commuter car journeys off the roads each year and turn them into 10 million extra public transport journeys and two million extra cycling trips; and, reduce carbon emissions by around 1,000 tonnes a year.

The funding will support the delivery of TfGM’s smart ticketing programme, and deliver a data management system to capture data from automatic vehicle location equipment and provide real-time information through the internet and smartphone apps.

It will also help TfGM make improvements to the way that it uses technology in traffic management in Greater Manchester, enabling the collection of real-time data to improve the efficiency of traffic signals and display variable message signing on key routes.

All of this is in addition to the Greater Manchester Commuter Cycle Project, funding for which was approved in summer last year, which is delivering new cycle centres and hubs across the region as well as a wide range of initiatives, working with local business to support and encourage people to cycle to work.

To find out about this and TfGM’s other cycling initiatives, click here.

Green, pretty green, down by the riversideGreen, pretty green, down by the riverside

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11 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Phil MurphyJune 27th 2012.

It doesn't mention making the tram system function efficiently with a reasonable capacity to accommodate the rush hour. What a shame, it doesn't do either at present, it would help get road users onto public transport if it did.

AnonymousJune 27th 2012.

"aim to bring about long-term, positive changes to the way people choose to travel". i.e. find even more ways to discourage car users from entering the city centre, thus swelling the coffers of Dumplington Towers...

ucr64June 28th 2012.

its all very well provding cycle centres and hubs but what is gong to be done about making the roads safer / better to cycle on - that'll get more people cycling than fancy showers!!!

AnonymousJune 28th 2012.

People who are wedded to their cars are welcome to the Dumplington experience. Others will be more inclined to visit Central Manchester if they can walk or cycle around more freely, in cleaner air.

LuggyJune 28th 2012.

Give it a few years they will have totaly closed
deansgate and intoduced congestion charges.

AnonymousJune 28th 2012.

The Government needs to keep a very keen eye on this lot here and how money is being siphoned (ahem spent) on these projects and ask where does the money get deposited firstly, can it keep tabs on where and how and when it gets spent can it show adequate receipts and how do they judtify the spend and quantify added value for the city? If it can adequately provide such answers and provide evidence then fine, but i would be suspicious of where it all ends up from past experience. Straplines Like "Lets get to work" are all well and good Mr Fender, when 96 (yes 96!) mostly Labour councillors get by on decent allowances for doing so little, but you need to be able to offer the jobs first, and then deliver the solutions otherwise you have a wasted transport infrastructure. You cannot award such vast amounts to a council that is axing jobs everywhere and constantly blaming the government, in fact, anyone but themselves. If they continue to ignore their own failings at money management and waste money elsewhere throughout the city the government should start to ask questions like Where is all this money going?! I'd ask the question also: Why isn't car sharing being encouraged when there are quite a few main arteries into the city centre? Car clubs are encouraged in many cities, and make perfect sense if you are all going the same way into town, ie down major commuter routes whether its Princess Parkway, Oldham Road, Ashton old Road, Rochdale Road, Wilmslow Road seeing that most people commute alone, it'd be a win win for all sides. Council tax reductions could be an incentive even. Sharing the costs for car parking would help individuals too. Bus use should be encouraged too they are getting greener but they need to run on time and get fined if they dont! Simple.Trams break down, they are costly, you need to walk to the nearest station etc. Give the consumer a choice not try and squeeze them all onto overcrowded, overpriced trams. I'm all for cycling believe me and cleaner air, but who wants to cycle when its minus 5 in winter or when its one of the rainiest cities in Europe or when you have a minor disability or are getting older? Why doesnt TfGM introduce rickshaw contracts in and out of the city centre for journeys under 5 miles for example? Give local people from inner city communities or long term unemployed a chance at helping out with the ongoing burden of transport chaos? Traffic would end up going at a slower pace if rickshaws were introduced i reckon worth trying a few things we all need to slow right down....

AnonymousJune 30th 2012.

GM has already wasted more than £20m public money on Smartcarrds (Advanced Ticketing) and RTPI (Vehicle locating real time passenger information) over the last 15 years and got absolutley nowhere.....yet nobody has been held accountable. What hope do we have that TfGM wil not squander this new money in the same way it (an AKA GMPTE) did previously.

I challenge somone from the Press to FOI and publish the full details of past wasted money on these areas.

Kevin PeelJuly 4th 2012.

Absolutely excellent news. Full credit to Andrew and the TfGM team!

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AnonymousJuly 5th 2012.

Hey look a comment from Kevin. You must have a lot of spare time during the day.

the Whalley RangerJuly 4th 2012.

The introduction of an Oyster Card system must be seen as a huge step forward.

Commuters all over Manchester should be thrilled by this:

If you end up travelling only once on a day, you will pay a competitive fare as I would expect nothing less than a fully-integrated tariff applied for say a 60/90min period.

If you travel several times a day and hit the day rider tariff, your expenses are capped. No need to decide BEFORE you travel what is best for you.

It's a win-win scenario for most - only those who travel 2 or 3 stops a day would lose out - but the £5+ for a bus journey from A to B nonsense would finally come to an end.

DavidJuly 4th 2012.

I really doubt this.I think people will end up paying a lot more.I doubt the card will charge them evening concessionary price for train.Then there will be the times you cannot use your card,because some stations will not have the necessary machine to tap.Also having been to big sporting events in London where there are large crowds,you are not able to tap your card at end of journey,because diverted out other exits because crowd control.
At the moment you only pay when you want to travel,with oyster card you will need to put money on before.Money that will go straight into their pockets whether you choose to travel or not.

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