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The Winners: Food And Drink Awards

Ramsons, Cicchetti, Laurence Tottingham & Mary-Ellen McTague, Electrik.....and more

Published on October 18th 2011.

The Winners: Food And Drink Awards

MANCHESTER's chefs, sommeliers, bar tenders and food retailers came together on 17 October for the Food and Drink Festival Awards of the Year.  

These were made in twelve categories, following a public vote and subsequent visits from an independent judging panel.

Ramsons is the winner...and there's Chris Johnson of the restaurant in the picture above crossing the road back to his Ramsbottom abode

The Outstanding Contributions are good calls here honouring Howard Raynor and Ruth Cooper.
People will question whether Parlour in Chorlton is actually a pub and some of the other awards are open to debate. But somebody has to win and somebody has to lose.
And think on this.

One crass tweeter suggested on Sunday that Manchester was all about two food and drink venues (and she wasn't Carlos Tevez) but it isn't, it's about hundreds. She was foolish. Twitter people often are.

Manchester's food and drink scene is the Good, the Average and the Ugly to quote our own architectural column on this site.

This year there was an unbelievable choice for new restaurants and new bars. It's about onwards and upwards. 
Despite the uncertain economic recovery Manchester and it's region has been sure-stepped in most of its openings. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to use maybe a Blackdog Ballroom analogy.
Anyway this year’s winners are: 

1) Restaurant of the Year 2011 Sponsored by Irwin Mitchell 

WINNER: Ramsons, 18 Market Place, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 9HT

Others shortlisted:
Damson, 113 Heaton Moor Road, Stockport, SK4 4HY
Michael Caines Restaurant at Abode, 107 Piccadilly, City, M1 2DB
The Mark Addy, Stanley Street, City, M3 5EJ 
Gaucho, 2A St Marys Street, City, M3 2LB
Harvey Nichols Second Floor Restaurant, 21 New Cathedral Street, City, M1 1AD
2) Chef of the Year Sponsored by Robinsons 

WINNER: Laurence Tottingham & Mary-Ellen McTague, Aumbry, Prestwich
Others shortlisted:
Bryn Evans, Rhubarb, West Didsbury; Ian Armstrong, Vertigo, City; Robert Owen Brown, Mark Addy, City: Pete Taylor, Room, City; Stuart Thomson, Harvey Nichols Second Floor Restaurant and Brasserie, City.
3) Pub of the Year Sponsored by Jelf Manson 

WINNER: The Parlour, 66 Beech Road, Chorlton, M4 1LE
Others shortlisted:
Bar Fringe, 8 Swan Street, City, M4 5JN
The Castle Hotel, 66, Oldham Street, City, M4 1LE
The Angel Pub, 6 Angel Street, City, M4 4BQ
The Briton's Protection, 50 Great Bridgewater Street, City, M1 5LE
The Nursery Inn, 258 Green Lane, Heaton Norris, Stockport, Sk4 2NA 
4) Bar of the Year 2011 Sponsored by BBC Radio Manchester

WINNER: Electrik, 559 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 0AE

Others shortlisted:
Black Dog Ballroom, Corner of Tib Street/Church Street, City, M4 1PW
The Alchemist, 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, City, M4 1PW
The Molly House, 26 Richmond Street, City, M1 3NB
Port Street Beer House, 39-41 Port Street, City, M1 2EQ
The River Bar, Lowry Hotel 50 Dearmans Place, City, M3 5LH
5) Newcomer of the Year 2011 Sponsored by HSBC 

WINNER: Cicchetti, Ground Floor, House of Fraser, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 2QG
Others shortlisted:
Australasia, 1 The Avenue, Spinningfields, City, M3 3AP
Bistro 1847, 58 Mosley Street, City, M2 3HZ
Port Street Beer House, 39-41 Port Street, City, M1 2EQ
The Rose Garden, 218, Burton Road, West Didsbury, City, M20 2LW
Vertigo, 36 John Dalton, Street, City, M2 6LE
6) Best Coffee Shop or Casual Dining Sponsored by Manchester Evening News 

WINNER: The Chocolate Café, 2 Bolton Street, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9HX
Others shortlisted:
Jack Spratt, St James House, John Dalton Street, City, M2 6WH
Kebabish, 49, Hilton Street, City, M1 2EF
North Tea Power, 36 Tib Street, City, M4 1LA
Tampopo, 16 Albert Square, City, M2 5PF
Teacup on Thomas Street, 55 Thomas Street, City, M4 1NA
7) Best Food and Drink Retail Outlet Sponsored by Cahoona. 

Others shortlisted:
Barbakan, Delicatessen, 67-71 Manchester Road, Chorlton cum Hardy, M21 9PW
Bradley's Bakery, 225 King's Road, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 9EE
The Cheese Place, Unit 6, Radius Building, Prestwich, M25 1AY
J.A. Hyman (Titanics), 123-129 Waterloo Road, Cheetham, M8 8BT
Out of the Blue, 484 Wilbraham Road, Chorlton, M21 9AQ
W.H. Frosts Butchers, 14 Chorlton Place, Chorlton, M21 9AQ  
8) Best Wine List sponsored by Metrolink 

WINNER: Harvey Nichols Second Floor Restaurant, 21 New Cathedral Street, Manchester, M1 1AD

Others shortlisted:
Evuna, 277-279 Deansgate, City, M3 4EW
Gaucho, 2A St Mary's Street, City, M3 2LB
Michael Caines Restaurant at Abode Manchester, 107 Piccadilly, City, M1 2DB
Ramsons, 16-18 Market Place, Ramsbottom, Bury, BL0 9HT
The River Bar and Restaurant, The Lowry Hotel, 50 Dearmans Place, Salford, M3 5LH
9) Best Family Friendly Venue Sponsored by Taste of Manchester.com
WINNER: Croma 
10) Manchester Food Hero Award Sponsored by Manchester Confidential 

WINNER: Katie Brunt and Gastroclub 

11) Truly Good Food Sponsored by Food Futures
WINNER: Shlurp, 2 Brazenose House, 
Greater Manchester, Manchester M2 5BP

12) The Howard and Ruth Award for Outstanding Achievement
WINNER: Dimitri Griliopoulos 

The Outstanding Achievement Award was renamed this year to commemorate two of the Festival's dear friends and supporters who sadly passed away this year - Howard Raynor of World Class Service and Ruth Cooper from Manchester City Council. 

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34 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

FurFoxAcheOctober 18th 2011.

Has anyone who voted for this actually been in Elektrik? Best Bar? My word. Also, I do love the Parlour, but for it to win Best Pub? Its not even the best pub on Beech Rd, let alone Manchester.

Richard HJOctober 18th 2011.

What ever happened to best vegetarian provision, ManCon? You'd think with Manchester's rich heritage in this field that that award would be sacrosanct.

EditorialOctober 18th 2011.

Ok before anybody starts these aren't the Manchester Confidential Awards they are the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards.....a very separate organisation.

Richard HJOctober 18th 2011.

I wasn't claiming they're your awards. Just wondering if you knew. Did I cross the fourth wall? I think i did.

AnonymousOctober 18th 2011.

Who are Howard and Ruth??

Helen Ramsbottom shared this on Facebook on October 18th 2011.
ConradOctober 18th 2011.

Anon, read it before you rant

GezzabelleOctober 18th 2011.

I'm a bit disappointed in this list. It looks very similar to the lists from the last few years. Well done to Gastroclub, that’s truly well-deserved. Shame she couldn’t get a ticket to go. Eleckrik for best bar??? WTF??? The seats are uncomfortable, its cold and it stinks of bleach most of the time. Very surprised at that one, especially when Black Dog and Alchemist are in there. I would love for the judging criteria to be published for us all to see.

1 Response: Reply To This...
katieOctober 18th 2011.


Thanks for the mention. I'm still over the moon that TheGastroclub won. So so proud that we were recognised!

Thanks for voting for us everyone :)

Katie Brunt

Andy LoynesOctober 18th 2011.

Congrats to Laurence and Mary Ellen.

IzzyOctober 18th 2011.

I'm beginning to think that the MFDF has run its course. As Gezzabelle says, it seems to be the same old people collecting these awards each year. Manchester does indeed have a diverse range of bars and restaurants but this does not seem to be reflected by the awards - there must be some establishment out there that can better Harvey Nick's wine least at least once in a while. I have a feeling that reading between the lines of 'Editorial's' post, Mancon, may feel the same ;)). Sad about Howard Raynor, I had no idea he had died

IzzyOctober 18th 2011.

How was the dinner by the way? I'm assuming it was considerably better than previous years being as it was at the Lowry

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Ian ArmstrongOctober 18th 2011.

the less said about this the better

paulOctober 18th 2011.

No not the best

Dan FSOctober 18th 2011.

Very surprised Aumbry weren't even shortlisted for restaurant of the year. Especially when Gaucho were??!!

Simon BinnsOctober 18th 2011.

I think Aumbry won it the previous year so therefore couldn't be nominated Dan.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 18th 2011.

which makes this an "almost best restaurant in manchester but there might be one better award" Whats wrong with the same winner year in year out if their the best? arent these awards reconginsing excellence?

I find this kind of extra fair play, were Britsh so its unseamly to be to be too good at anything aproach thouroughly depressing.


Georgina DonnellyOctober 18th 2011.

Electrik??Rubbish bar staff and dirty!
Parlour- Over priced, rude staff!

1 Response: Reply To This...
John O'DonnellOctober 21st 2011.

Think you've been going in differnt places. Electrik has some of the friendliest staff around and service in Parlour is normally excellent and it's no different price wise to most of the pubs & bars in Chorlton.

Richard HJOctober 18th 2011.


AnonymousOctober 18th 2011.

Great to see Man Con all over the Stone Roses story...

GGGGGGGGGGGGGGOctober 18th 2011.

Maybe it's not very interesting - The Stone Roses. They're now an old man's band.

Simon BinnsOctober 18th 2011.

There's no story until 3pm...

It's the city, duffusOctober 18th 2011.

For all those complaining about this year's winners and living in Didsbury, I have got a message for you:

You live in chain land. Get over it!

Robbie ShevlinOctober 18th 2011.

How Home Sweet Home didn't make it onto the shortlist of best coffee & casual dining i don't know...

suzyblewOctober 18th 2011.

Congratulations Chris and team! Well deserved!

Prince_HarmingOctober 18th 2011.

I don't know when the cut off for the nominations was, but Home Sweet Home definitely deserved a look-in for Best Coffee Shop or Casual Dining.

And just while I'm here, what is the obsession with The Mark Addy? It's dark, cramped and oppressive, the place stinks to high heaven most of the time and the beer was terribly kept and served. I see this place being mentioned in glowing terms over and over again and I can think of fewer places I would rather visit.

Oh, and The Molly House is a pub, not a bar.

AnonymousOctober 18th 2011.

7) Best Food and Drink Retail Outlet

their address may be listed on "Others shortlisted"??

IzzyOctober 18th 2011.

Surprised that the diner didn't get a thumbs-up. If the Lowry can't get it right when catering for caters, what hope is there?

1 Response: Reply To This...
IzzyOctober 18th 2011.

*dinner* even

Christine KilbyOctober 18th 2011.

The last two meals I 'enjoyed' at the Lowry were dreadful. It has really lost the plot and deserves to win nothing at the moment. Painfully slow service (and the second time there were four tables occupied at 1:00 pm on a Friday, so no excuse!). Shame about Rosso because I have kind of become very fond of it and their special set lunches are excellent value. Grill on the Alley is another reliable favourite but no mention for them either. Never mind, awards are an unreliable way of choosing where to dine and the reasons why people vote highly subjective.

saravioletOctober 18th 2011.

Congrats to Bistro 1847 for their nomination. It's a shame that they didn't win, but it's good that a veggie place got some recognition at least. Well done.

Pedro1874October 18th 2011.

Well done to Ramson's. Totally deserved.

AnonymousOctober 20th 2011.

I'd like to see the judging criteria or maybe it should be turned into a public vote!

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