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The Top 25 Pubs In Manchester? Help Us Choose

Recommend your fave pub - the best rant wins meal for two

Published on January 12th 2012.

The Top 25 Pubs In Manchester? Help Us Choose

OVER the next three months we’re going to be publishing our lists of the top 25 pubs, bars and restaurants within twenty-five miles of the city centre.

What makes a good pub? Is it that atmosphere of age, the frisson of time passing? Is it beautiful fittings and fixtures? Is it talkative locals and a friendly landlord or landlady? Is it finely kept real ales? A decent menu?

We going to start with pubs - city pubs, town pubs, country pubs - within in 25 miles of the city centre.

Now we’re pretty certain in our own minds about our favourite public houses but we’re worried we might be missing some good ones. So if you have favourite, let us know in the rant boxes below. Pubs are allowed to self-nominate as well.

The ranter with the most beautifully constructed reason for including a pub in the list, or maybe the one who uncovers a real gem for us will win a meal for two in the final list - in otherwords one of the pubs which makes the list of the top 25 pubs.

Humourist Hilaire Bellocs decreed in the early 20th century that ‘once you have lost your pubs, you will have lost the last of England.’

There’s perhaps some truth in this.

If a country is defined by qualities which are uniquely their own then pubs are an item which reaches to the core of Britishness. Indeed if a visitor wants to leave behind the tourist sites and hotels for a while and reach under the skin of this nation then a visit to the pub  - despite the pubs massive decline in numbers in recent years - and a chat with the locals is the most accessible and quickest route.

What makes a good pub though?

Is it that atmosphere of age, the frisson of time passing? Is it beautiful fittings and fixtures? Is it talkative locals and a friendly landlord or landlady? Is it finely kept real ales? A decent menu?

It’s actually all of these. The really good pub should tempt you in for a quick half and make you feel so comfortable you stay all night. It should have its own special pub time – which runs approximately 50% slower than the speed of the world outside - allowing time for thought, debate and above all humour. 

Some of our favourites are included here: The Briton's Protection, The Peveril of the Peak, The Castle, The Circus, The White House on Blackstone Edge above Littleborough, The Red Lion in High Lane.

Circus Grey Hourse

Circus and Grey Horse pubs

PevThe Peveril of the Peak

The CastleThe Castle

WhThe White House, Blackstone Edge

Red-Lion-High-Lane214The Red Lion, High Lane


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109 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

FurFoxAcheJanuary 12th 2012.

The Horse & Jockey in Chorlton is my favourite. They have completely changed the way the pub operates and it is now seen as a "community pub". They hold events such as firework displays, farmers markets, winter and summer solstice events etc. The prices are high and the food could sometimes be a little better, but it is a fantastic retreat from the hustle and bustle of living in a large city. You could be forgiven for thinking you were in the middle of the countryside when sat inside the pub.

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Michelle RyanJanuary 14th 2012.

Yep totally agree. Like you said, they hold community events such as halloween fancy dress etc. No charge on new years eve (unlike a lot of pubs!)

I do sometimes wish the staff were a bit more awake with who to serve next, but its a busy pub so hey-ho.

Lovely lovely pub.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

No decent pubs to put forward in Salford...as there isn't any left as all the nib heeds keep closing them down

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AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

the kings arms is a great pub, or it was when it was my local a few years back.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

the oxford, round the corner is a decent pub as well. And I have a soft spot for the Stanley Arms in Patricroft. There's still life in the pubs of salford, though I'd say the best of them are probably Holts's Houses.

CBJanuary 12th 2012.

reminds me of one of John Cooper Clarke's pieces about the regeneration of Salford. A line went something like:

"the pubs are safer now / all the regulars are barred"

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

The kings and the Oxford are are borderline Manchester anyway as already said just a handful of bolts houses, great to go for a quiet bring with your missues

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2012.

The Crescent has always been a good place. A bit scruffy, but a nice atmosphere, great beer and decent food.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

My top 5pm town in no particular order;
Severn Oaks
Old Nags Head
Rising Sun
Sams Chop House
Britons Protection

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

the horse and jockey is full of the worst kind of chorlton yuppy - it's gone from one extreme to another. the fireworks and christmas event were nice but it's an awful place to go and drink in. the beech round the corner is a far better "pub".

5 Responses: Reply To This...
FurFoxAcheJanuary 12th 2012.

I disagree, its just got rid of the riff raff.

Nice microbrewery ales, lovely outdoor seating area, dog-friendly, good choice of drink and food. I love the place.

CBJanuary 12th 2012.

you could take dogs in the H&J before. and it has outdoor seating before.

it certainly serves 'a community' of Chorlton but it's less of a 'community pub' (whatever that means) than it was before.

far too exclusive to be on the list.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

agree 100% CB. you get a better selection of ales in at least 5 other bars/pubs in chrolton, the food is average and overpriced but the worst thing about it now is the patrons. not for me, i'm afraid.

StephenJanuary 12th 2012.

The last time I was in (October 11) they had dogs in. In fact they had posters advertising a Halloween Night, where people could dress them up? Has this change come in since?

Esther MaylorJanuary 13th 2012.

I agree that the beech is a smashing pub, and has much less annoying customers than the H&J...unless you like to be surrounded by barking dogs, crying children,sour faced bar staff and boring food...

Rachel CassellJanuary 12th 2012.

The Hare and Hounds in Hyde, Cheshire. fabulous food, perfect aptmosphere, open fire and views from the top of the Werneth Low location make it a must visit!

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

It depends what it is you want from a pub. There will be some people attracted by the beer on offer, others the environment, some have an attachment to a "traditional" ambience (that probably isn't as authentic as they presume it is) but for me, it's the people that are around me. For that reason there are a whole swathe of pubs that seem to crop up in people's lists that to me are just objectionable. But I'd say, for an afternoon drink when there isn't a post-work crush I'd rather be in the Rising Sun than any other pub in town. But for god's sake don't put it in the top 25 - I'm happy as it is.

JenksJanuary 12th 2012.

The Queens in Bredbury.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Abercromby on Bootle Street, best kept secret

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Marble Beer House in Chorlton. Unassuming and unpretentious with great beer. Please don't sit in that comfy padded seat in the back corner though because I like sitting there!

JABJanuary 12th 2012.

I think you lot have got it all wrong! THE ANGEL on Angel St is the best pub in town right now. Proper beer served brilliantly and at a proper price. Get a bowl of their awesome chips and you couldn't ask for more. And on a Friday and Saturday night it's really rocking! Especially when the regulars get on the piano!
Only thing that's missing is saw dust on the floor.

Credible mention to Thomas' Chop House too.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

City Arms on Kennedy Street near St Peter's Square. 8 changing real ales - always well kept. Small 2-roomer, but cosy. Goth barmaid can be a bit surly, but a nice atmosphere and mix of ale tickers, city workers and local regulars. Food smells lovely too!

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AnonymousJanuary 13th 2012.

Couldn't agree more. Great Ales and atmosphere. Smoking yard to the rear and music not so loud you can't hear yourself think. 5 Stars.

Joanne FawcettJanuary 12th 2012.

Brew house/le trasppiste in altrincham
Treacle tap in Macc
Oast house, Common, Port St Beer House and
Font all in Manchester.

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AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Great shout for the Brew house - Waiter/waitress service is a nice touch.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Go and have a pint of endless by red willow in Macc and you'll be in beer heaven and as you say it's bought to your table, perfect!

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

They do the pie minister pies now too!

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

travesty that anyone would consider the oast house worthy of a 'top pub' award - unless, of course, you rate soulless, astronomically priced premises?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Hear hear.

GibbsyJanuary 13th 2012.

You're spot on there, what a c***'s palace

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Knott Bar (great burgers), The Ox (great food), Sams Chop House (great atmosphere and food), Rain Bar and finally..... dare I say it...Dukes 92, for the rare sunny days but only if there is somthing good on TV and all the scallies are inside watching it at home...

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

The Arden Arms in Stockport has got everything a good pub should - chilled vibe, great service with a smile, lovely little nooks and crannies to get cosy in (love the snug behind the bar), good beer and fantastic food! Plus a lovely beer garden for the warmer months. Love it.

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Jo AllanJanuary 12th 2012.

amazing food as well...

CBJanuary 12th 2012.

In the City; Britons Protection, Peveril of the peak, City Arms, The Vines, Ralph Abercromby, Kings Arms, The Knott, The Smithfield, Kettle and Cushion, Turks Head, The Angel, The Marble.

Suburbs; The Salutation (Hulme); The Steam House (Urmston); The Beech, The Trevor (Chorlton), The Vic(Withington); The Railway; The Royal Oak; The Dog & Partridge (Didsbury); The Great Stone Hotel (Stretford) - I've always lived South Mcr hence the list....

A good pub needs to be inclusive with a great mix of people, decent ale, good food a bonus, relatively safe and to have an area/times without TV's.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
CBJanuary 12th 2012.

oh and The Castle - NQ.

NellyMojoJanuary 12th 2012.

Turks Head? The one on Shudehill that's been closed for years?? Good choice.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

the trevor in chorlton has gone downhill a bit recently, especially at weekend evenings.

CBJanuary 13th 2012.

NELLYMOJO, yep meant Hare & Hounds. sozzer

Lawrence O'tooleJanuary 12th 2012.

My vote goes to the Grove Inn Blackley great beer and great host.

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BobskibobJanuary 12th 2012.

I'm sure Dario will appreciate that ...you might even get a decent run of cards on "Play your cards right" on Friday ...but don't hold your breathe !!

Nickster123January 12th 2012.

Thomas's Chop House for the food and style, The Castle on Oldham Street for everything else, great pub!!

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Good pubs have: (1) good beer (2) pleasant staff (3) no music - you don't need background music if the pub creates its own atmosphere (4) no tellys - see point 3 (5) decent, traditional seating, ideally within a variety of rooms, nooks and spaces. And they don't need to serve food. If they can manage points 1 to 5, they then attract point (6) a broad clientele, in terms of age, sex and class. Sounds simple, but most pubs can't manage it. My favourite pub has all 5, and do you know what? I'm not telling you what it is, because it is buzzing every night of the week, so it doesn't need to go on a daft list.

Stef MillsJanuary 12th 2012.

I love the Crown and Kettle - the beer is always great, they serve the wine in chilled glasses, and an open fire in Winter...I just wish i could win the lottery and pay for the roof to be restored!

1 Response: Reply To This...
Calum McGJanuary 16th 2012.

It can't be - it's listed.

NellyMojoJanuary 12th 2012.

In the city centre - Knott Bar, Marble Arch, Crown & Kettle & Port St Beer House.

Out of the city centre - Marble Beer House, Chorlton
The Crown & The Magnet - Stockport
The Macc & Park Lane Tavern - Macclesfield
The Vale Inn - Bollington

Tom ReynoldsJanuary 12th 2012.

In no particular order:

1) Gaslamp - a curious environment for pub, being based in an old orphanage. Run by a team of people who you can tell are in it because they love what they're doing. Beers are well kept and turned around fairly regularly and the new food menu does itself proud. Quiz night on Monday are a source of joy to my friends and I too.
2) The Castle - disproving that pubs shouldn't have music with a jukebox of eclectic tunes where the aim of the game is to get one of the pretty barmaids singing along to one of your choices. A strong range of Robinsons beers including Old Tom, but the winner for me is the small yet weighty tumblers that they serve whiskey in. Small things, small minds...
3) Marble Arch - It edges it over it's sister bar in the NQ due to the setting, and the regulars it attracts from the sorting office across the road which helps add to the atmosphere. The beer is the main draw here and the Marble's reputation has been built upon it, and the food's not to be sniffed at either.
4) Fringe Bar - An oddity, with an interior that can best be described as eclectic yet adds to it's charms. The beer is a fine assortment of foreign brews and real ale, served by staff who always manage to maintain a smile upon their faces, and another with a fine jukebox (yes, I likes them so I do.
5) The Mark Addy - This one gets in on the 'sitting by the window and staring out across the water' ticket. A niche one I admit but that, coupled with a drink and a good book have whiled away many an afternoon.

maxwhite65@gmail.comJanuary 12th 2012.

In town it has to be The Marble Arch, also like Bar Fringe, Port Street Beer House, and The Angel...

Decent beer and proper pub atmosphere in all of these..

ScoutJanuary 12th 2012.

I would nominate The Salutation in Hulme. I was mortified when Trof took it over a while ago. I though the next time I went in they'd be playing a Bon Iver megamix, charging £5 for a pint and have ironically wallpapered the loos with Dolly Parton's face. Not that I don't like the other Trof pubs, just that it was sad to see an old boozer be taken over by a company which has good values but are aimed at a completely demographic than the people who'd frequented it for years. But to be fair to them, they've done a very tactful and sympathetic refurb. They've fixed the slashed leather seat covers, tidied up the paintwork and given it a gentle spruce up without destroying the character of the place. No ironic wallpaper to be seen. Add to that the introduction of the pies and sausage rolls I've ever eaten, and some friendly laidback staff and it's remained one of my favourite pubs in Manchester. I also spot a lot of the same faces in there from the pre-Trof days. The only other outcome was closure so fair play to them.

1 Response: Reply To This...
ScoutJanuary 12th 2012.

*best pies and sausage rolls

Mr.HydeJanuary 12th 2012.


*MUST MUST* be on your list Manchester Confidential

There is no better, warmer bar in Chorlton where you can go and drink fine ales and chat to literally anyone, the staff are consistently great and their beer and cider selections and rotation are natural and surprising year round

For years it has been a solid pub seamlessly bridging traditional pub atmosphere with a contemporary and unpretentious relaxed feel, when you step in there, it’s like arriving at your second home, and it’s this exact model that has driven the rising popularity in real ale and a return to locally spirited venues attended by the best possible folk.

It has been a rock in Chorlton for years on end. The Marble arch has a tendency on Manchester Confidential to steal its understated and dignified thunder, it’s about time it was properly visited over several different periods and recognised by M.C. as it is recognised by the distinct patrons from the surrounding community as one of the greatest and richest yet simple creations in the recent history of Manchester.


funboi123January 12th 2012.

I second the nomination for The Horse & Jockey, but I dont eat there anymore. It used to be great, but now they constantly run out of Sunday roast, or Ive found the food has gone up in price, and slipped in standard as they get busy-ier

The good though, and the reasons I'll keep going..

The atmosphere is great, love the dog-friendly policy, and its in a perfect location to go for a nice long winter walk, and then return there to warm up near the fire, while the dog dries off!!

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

The Fletcher Moss in Didsbury. Friendly staff, no music and a good pint of Hyde's.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Cask - Castlefield - great beers/staff/jukebox/smoking area
Bulls Head - Mobberley - Rod Stewart serves there
Chapel House Inn - Ashley - proper boozer

1 Response: Reply To This...
JABJanuary 13th 2012.

good shout!

Daniel CunninghamJanuary 12th 2012.

Stalybridge Station Buffet - a heady concoction of proper beer, belgian bottled excellence, pies, black peas and an open fire if it's a bit brass!!! Oh and an ancient advertisement on the wall for Wincarnis which apparently alleviates the symptoms of (amongst other things) "brain fag" and "mental prostration"...!!!

MJanuary 12th 2012.

If you fancy a little pub crawl around Macc for ideas, the best places there at the mo are, in no order; The Snow Goose, Treacle Tap, The Macc, Park Tavern and The Baths Hotel (this one could be a little midget gem for you). All are near-ish the train station.

In Manchester, I'd add The Temple for sheer novelty. There’s the usual city centre ones which are bound to make it (pev, castle, marble arch, BP). Port St to represent the modern, expensive kind of pub. Trof in Fallolwfield and the Deaf Institute would be top class bars in any city, and could debatably be viewed as modern pubs too (does it really matter?!).

If you get over the fact that pubs have to either be for old men who bathe in sawdust or trendy beardy types, I'd add Dukes 92 for surviving, and surviving well, as a large suburban type pub in a city centre where no others do.

Along the same lines and IMO better - although best visited outside of the waggy weekends and with a hefty wallet in hand - The Metropolitan in West Didsbury has been the catalyst for the regeneration of one of, if not the best suburb in Manchester. It's incessantly popular on any day, has a great beer garden in the summer and you'll struggle to find a pub that is run better. Just don’t judge it on a Saturday night.

Other notable mentions (excluding the more obvious type of bar): Sam’s chop house, Bar Fringe (again, pub/bar/who cares?), gotta stick the Oyster Bar in there too. Cask. King's Arms. Le Trappiste and The Belgian Bar in Alty (why is there not more of these?). erm, that will do for now.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

The Magnet Freehouse Stockport

It's that atmosphere of age and the frisson of time passing. It's beautiful fittings and fixtures. It's friendly talkative locals and a friendly landlord or landlady. It is finely kept real ales in abundance. No food yet, (pretty good pork pies though) but a games room, an excellent smoking terrace, a fine function room with a good comedy club. A couple of CAMRA awards, and all this acheived in a couple, or is it three, years? And its only a 10 minute walk for me ! Gets my vote and I hope plenty of others too.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

course I cant win the dinner for two now, but can I remember my login ? .

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

do I care ?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Rachel CassellJanuary 16th 2012.

you care enough to post?

John NancollisJanuary 12th 2012.

Please consider my prosaic but plagiarised post, imitation being oft thought the sincerest form of flattery.

Well the Magnet Freehouse, Stockport has all these..

(1) good beer (2) pleasant staff (3) no music - you don't need background music if the pub creates its own atmosphere (4) no tellys - see point 3 (5) decent, traditional seating, ideally within a variety of rooms, nooks and spaces. And they don't need to serve food. If they can manage points 1 to 5, they then attract point (6) a broad clientele, in terms of age, sex and class. Sounds simple, but most pubs can't manage it. My favourite pub has all 5

It's that atmosphere of age and the frisson of time passing. It's beautiful fittings and fixtures. It's friendly talkative locals and a friendly landlord or landlady. It is finely kept real ales in abundance. No food yet, (pretty good pork pies though) but a games room, an excellent smoking terrace, a fine function room with a good comedy club. A couple of CAMRA awards, and all this acheived in a couple, or is it three, years? And its only a 10 minute walk for me ! Gets my vote and I hope plenty of others too.

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

Town Hall Tavern

Mark EdwardsJanuary 12th 2012.

Can't believe no mention of The Deansgate good old traditional pub whith lots of little nooks and crannies not even mentioning rooftop garden

AnonymousJanuary 12th 2012.

The Plough on Heaton Moor

GibbsyJanuary 13th 2012.

The Brits Protection, by a long way. Good beer, nice traditional corner pub building, hasn't been smashed about so welcoming and cosy inside, good staff who care so service is always swift and polite, well run by a proper landlady. If you don't love this pub, you don't love pubs.

Frazer MunroJanuary 13th 2012.

Can't believe Bar Fringe has only had one other mention so far! Great range of Belgian beers, comfy seats if by the window, nice collection of rat-eared old paperbacks to while away the day. Oh and the interior design looks like it was done by Father Dougal and Young Kenny from Phoenix Nights.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
CBJanuary 13th 2012.

it's a BAR. not a pub.

MattJanuary 20th 2012.

It's because the landlady is the most odious individual that I've ever had the misfortune to meet. Pissed out of her face most of the time, and unfortunately not the cheerful kind of pissed. Aggressive pissed,.

John MatherJanuary 13th 2012.

Not one mention of the price of beer. In my book a good pub charges a reasonable amount not £3+ for a pint of bitter like Mr. Toms, White Lion & a few more.
Hare and Hounds on Shudehill is a proper Manchester pub. Love the beer, love the staff, love the clientele.

1 Response: Reply To This...
James BentleyJanuary 16th 2012.

Yep, got to be the Hare for me too. I first started going in when the much-missed Anita ran it and dropped into conversation I supported Bury. "Oh, my brother used to play for Bury," she said. "Who's that then?" I asked, expecting to be told the name of someone who played three reserve games in 1968. "Stan Bowles," came the reply. I was floored. The turnout for her funeral was testament to how people love the place and the singsong I joined in with on the bus home from her wake will all the old folks who go to Free & Easy afternoons there will live with me for a long time.

It's a proper Manchester pub where you can start a conversation with anyone. Marie has picked up the reins superbly and given a sense of continuity; Lisa, Dianne, Ray and all the other staff are wonderful. As a counter to the ludicrous construct of "the Northern Quarter," to have such a terrific example of what a pub should be on the fringes of it is a victory for Manchester's sense of self.

tJanuary 13th 2012.

The Red Lion's great, but it's a bit far out to be one of Manchester's best pubs isn't it?

The Bulls Head is a great pub, well, was a great pub before a bus crashed into it. Here's hoping it still is tonight (and that everyone's ok).

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2012.

I wouldn't tell you lot....you'd only come and ruin it!

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2012.

Let's keep it simple - City centre pubs only -
Rising Sun (best beer), City Arms, The Pev, Britons & Hare & Hounds. Quite a few of the places mentioned in earlier comments are Bars or Gastropubs - not the same thing are they? If pushed on a Bar then Cask or Corbs

SmittyJanuary 13th 2012.

Got to be the Molly House. Splendid staff, smashing decor, lively and friendly clientele and great selection of beer and spirits. Now you've put the idea in my head, I think I'll just have to pop over after work to make sure that it hasn't gone to the dogs. Honorable mentions: Britons (natch), Deansgate for the roof garden and Mulligans - oft overlooked - for the Guinness.

noelieboyJanuary 13th 2012.

349 is pretty good. good music, good food, friendly staff & warm

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2012.

The best pub in the Greater Manchester area is The Crown Inn Stockport right under the viaduct. Fantastic beers, Real Fires, great staff, lovely landlord and landlady,amazing beer garden with live music in the summer on the outside stage. New cook with real chips delicious. All in al a great pub

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2012.

castle -mcr
turner vaults -underbank stockport
circus tavern -mcr
cask -castlefield mcr

1 Response: Reply To This...
NickMarch 15th 2012.

Agree with all those but would also add the Hare & Hounds on Shudehill. Excellent Holts bitter, great ecclectric clientelle and gorgeous barmaids (Saturday afternoons anyway).

AnonymousJanuary 13th 2012.

Lass o'Gowrie has to get a shout...

Brian SmithJanuary 14th 2012.

The Crown on Heaton Lane in Stockport (under the viaduct) great pub 12+ real ales and nice staff and customers (if Dougie is in ask what he's drinking!!)

The Magnet is great too....really good beer reallt good people

Trevor kJanuary 14th 2012.

The Angel in the Northern Quarter

GsjJanuary 14th 2012.

The Eagle, Salford. Great local pub with lots of cute rooms

Jonathan CainJanuary 14th 2012.

The Molly House on Richmond Street in Manchester City Centre is my favourite. Friendly staff, nice decor and great warm atmosphere - oh and tapas downstairs!! xxx

2 Responses: Reply To This...
John HallJanuary 14th 2012.

We obviously
think the same!

John HallJanuary 14th 2012.

Id not read your comments so we must be right!

John HallJanuary 14th 2012.

The Molly House on Richmond Street gets my vote. An independently owned pub, it has fantastic real ale , private balcony , friendly staff and a great atmosphere..
You need to party there..

AnonymousJanuary 14th 2012.

The Trackside in Bury impressed me when I was down there before a football match. Loads of real ales and steam trains going past and no I not a bearded member of Camra!

In town Port Street Beer House, The New Oxford, The Knott and Gas Lamp are my favourites.

Andrew MaynardJanuary 14th 2012.

Definitely the Magnet on the A6, Wellington Road Stockport. Always 13 cask ales available. friendly staff, a great traditional pub. Very reasonable prices too. No food, just beer. Great range of bottled beers from all around the world. Cosy, friendly, happy pub !

AnonymousJanuary 15th 2012.

What makes a good pub!? many things, its all down to personal preference. One thing we all will agree on is that good beer is a must.
The rising Sun gets my vote firstly because of the excellent quality of beer and continuous consistency in maintaining it. As well as that there is a warm traditional charm about this place that epitomises the "English" pub.
If you haven't been, visit this pub. It may not be to your taste or tie in with your ideal of what a good pub is, but your guaranteed a good pint and that makes it worth a chance.

AnonymousJanuary 16th 2012.

Worth a mention for most improved would be the Royal Oak in Chorlton, not there yet but much better than 12 months ago

Gideon AmosJanuary 16th 2012.

I like Beer.
I Go Here....

Jon JonesJanuary 17th 2012.

At 5'5" im obviously quite short so i have to say going into Sams chop house makes me feel like frodo in lord of the rings in that pub in the first film!!! as the portions are massive too it adds to the effect! So they get my vote!!

Helen Ramsbottom shared this on Facebook on January 17th 2012.
folkdeejayJanuary 17th 2012.

Bar Fringe, The Marble, The Angel. The Castle.

All fine places for a beer, with decent ale in decent buildings and all without the sad city-centre hassles of the strangely orange people pushing you out of the way to get to the nearest mirror.

There are some great pubs closer to the centre, but to be honest, putting up with the rudeness, loudness and generall unpleasantness in many of them means we stick to the fringes nowadays. Just makes for a better night out.

I would add Band on the Wall to the list too - its kind of a pub and e venue (used to be an actual pub) but the beer is good - usually some guest ales too - and not too pricey for a venue.

Perfect night out - A pint or two in each of the above, maybe some grub in the Marble or The Picturehouse (free to enter pub part of Band on the Wall) and maybe a gig too.

Pamela SkachillJanuary 18th 2012.

The Grove on Rochdale Road in Blackley,Traditional pub selling decent beers wines and Shhppirrits att vveeerry rreashanoble PRICCHEES and THERE IS ALWAYSHHS Sumfinnngg goin onnn

Pamela SkachillJanuary 18th 2012.


Mark CawleyJanuary 18th 2012.

i find the rising sun expensive,sams chop house same with ignorent bar staff who look down there nose at you when you ask them to top your pint up!
love the city arms an vine next door.crown an kettle and one not meantioned much...burton arms on swan st and the one next to it.

kpJanuary 18th 2012.

The Nursery Inn on the borders of Heaton Norris / Heaton Moor is a good out of town shout with it's bowling green at the back. Great for summer days!

JkJanuary 20th 2012.

The gallery in chorlton is a cracking place,great atmosphere music and great beers and ales and once the place is in full swing there's no where better!

1 Response: Reply To This...
JulieJanuary 20th 2012.

Yes I agree and the landlord as done it up and made it a homely place,great stuff!

Gemma WildgooseJanuary 20th 2012.

The Oakwood, Glossop

Décor-wise, think traditional pub meets bohemia meets your living room. On the walls there’s also a decent turnover of art for sale by local people for local people. And thankfully, people further afield too (stay on the train an extra stop and you’ll find yourself in Hadfield, where ‘The League of Gentlemen’ was filmed). Speaking of, it’s only a couple of quid by train, through some cracking countryside too. And less than five minutes walk from the station.

The food’s tasty and freshly made, and a house double is the same price as a branded single. When you’ve settled in for the night, who cares about famous names? Glossop, and The Oakwood, just isn’t that sort of place. The only thing that’s branded are the cows in the surrounding fields.

If it was a hand gesture, it would be a casual thumbs up. Friendly and chilled, you’ll find pew-booths in the front room, sofas and board games a-plenty in the back, and ‘Redroom’ upstairs playing host to comedy nights, gigs, poetry readings and general merriment. Books around the vast window sills even include a 1982 annual with the name of the 30-year old landlord written in kid’s writing inside the cover – just one of the ways you know it’s a first-name-basis kind of establishment.

Last time I popped in for a bite to eat, I left nine hours later with a smile on my face and two games of Scrabble, a book about juggling and an anecdote about a French horn player under my belt. You can’t say fairer than that.

Gemma Wildgoose

Pegeen Murphy-EmersonJanuary 21st 2012.

The Tap, Bolton (Bank Top brewery's own pub)

AnonymousFebruary 1st 2012.

The Magnet Freehouse, Stockport. 14 ales, £2.30 a pint. Yes please!

Johnny LockwoodFebruary 12th 2012.

I agree with everything good that's been said about the Magnet freehouse on the A6. Now please Stop coming in and filling it up on a Friday. I need to sit down at my age. thanks :)

paulFebruary 13th 2012.

Rovers Return Nuff said

pollolocoFebruary 13th 2012.

You really do need to get out more paul!!

AnonymousFebruary 19th 2012.

Magnet Freehouse in Stockport. All that's been said above - great beers, reasonable prices, lovely atmosphere. It also has a fantastic comedy night every month.

Stephen KingJune 29th 2012.

The Arden Arms also a great pub in Stockport. Great beer,food, big courtyard out back for drinking, parties & bands. Friendly staff- everything you need.Been going years but still just as good

NorthernGeezerJune 29th 2012.

Stephen.............where have u been since the last rant on this subject in February!!!!

Is this the record for 'between rant' postings do u think?

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