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The Dock Yard Pub To Open In MediaCityUK

Damson restaurant's team to expand MediaCityUK operation

Written by . Published on September 17th 2013.

The Dock Yard Pub To Open In MediaCityUK

THE team behind Damson restaurant in MediaCity and the Red Lion in Stockport, is opening a second MediaCityUK site at the end of October 2013. This will be located across from the present Damson's, in the building immediately to the west.

Food will be adapted for the more rustic setting of their new pub operation with a menu featuring a spit roast free range chicken, handmade pies and handmade burgers.

Steve Pilling and Simon Stanley opened Damson in MediaCity in 2013 and have now set their sights on providing the site’s first pub operation.

Stephen Wild, managing director at MediaCityUK said: “MediaCityUK is a rapidly evolving destination and it is great to have Steve and his team involved in our growth. Damson has built an excellent reputation amongst our community and those visiting from further afield and we are certain that his latest venture will prove to be a hit with those frequenting it”.

The Dock Yard will lead with the drinks offering, serving an array of keg and cask ales, pales ales, beers and ciders, as well as a wine list curated by wine expert Steve Pilling himself in an informal setting. Fine wine will be served in carafes, as well as by the bottle from their award-winning cellar.

Food will be adapted for the more rustic setting of their new pub operation with a menu featuring a spit roast free range chicken, handmade pies and handmade burgers by Mark Stanley - the company’s full-time butcher. The site will be open for breakfast too, serving fresh juices and artisan breads in the morning.  

Steve Pilling said: “We’re delighted to be expanding here at MediaCityUK - it’s been a fantastic new home for us, and we look forward to bringing something completely different to the offer here.” 

The address will be Dock Yard Building, MediaCity, Salford. M50 2HQ.

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Beast from WeasteSeptember 17th 2013.

The Beast approves :) Is this relating to the recently approved application for a change of use in Unit 2, formerly 'Digital World Centre' on the plaza side of the water?

AnonymousSeptember 17th 2013.

I doubt Damson was opened in 2009 in Media City.

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Jonathan SchofieldSeptember 17th 2013.

It opened in 2013 so we'll change that. Thanks

Wall-ESeptember 17th 2013.

What is happening at the courthouse?

AnonymousSeptember 17th 2013.

About time we had a pub!! My request is to please make sure there are enough veggie options on the menu - thank you!

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2013.

The Red Lion is a Robinsons pub. Please tell me the Dock Yard won't be too...?

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2013.

Well one thing's for sure. With all the fat BBC wages paid by the public Media City won't be getting an Aldi, Poundland or Bargain Booze anytime soon. What a sad reflection on our society that this prosperous enclave in a poor city is paid for by everyone but enjoyed by a subsidised few people making TV and radio of dubious quality.

9 Responses: Reply To This...
IanSeptember 18th 2013.

Who would want an Aldi, Poundland or Bargain Booze. Media City is a nice area because it doesn't have this sort of thing!

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2013.

It would be much better if all that money was being spent in that there London.

Nickster123September 18th 2013.

Oh Ian you sad little man. media City is a nice area but open your eyes and walk 2 minutes outside of it mate and

Nickster123September 18th 2013.

Whoops....and you will see the Aldi, Bargain Booze and any other stereotypes you want to use to insult people that cannot afford the Damsons and the Booths. Media City is in Salford and buiding big shiny towers and bars does not hide that fact! Rant over, i do love Booths!!

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2013.

As Media City is in fact a private sector development, of which the BBC is only a small part of, citing that anything on the site is directed solely towards the enjoyment of thier employees is completely misguided. There are a large number of small businesses who benefit greatly from the development, do not get 'fat BBC wages' and deserve a drink at the end of a hard working day - just like everybody else. It is a sad reflection of our society that people are unable to see opportunity, development and progression by choosing to take a narrow minded and misinformed view.

AnonymousSeptember 19th 2013.

You really should stop reading the Daily Mail.

AnonymousSeptember 19th 2013.

Nickster - so because much of the surrounding area isn't very nice, then they shouldn't bother striving to try and make this bit nice? Interesting logic. Investment...who needs it.

IanSeptember 20th 2013.

Exactly, he's an idiot.

SAZKOctober 28th 2013.

Dont worry anonymous, there is already a Lidl, a bargain booze and about 5 different poundshops up the road in salford precinct. And an Aldi opening soon so you'll be spoilt for choice. So what would be the point to have them at mediacity?? (Oh and for the record, I shop both in the pound shops and at Booths!)

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2013.

I wonder how they're going to make a "traditional pub" out of some very modern and austere buildings. I just hope it doesn't end up like some Living Ventres style venue where a bottle of lager is priced at £8.

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2013.

Anonymous- I think you'll find that the vast majority of workers at MediaCity are not on these 'Fat Cat Wages' you speak of. You're also ignoring the fact that ITV, Salford Uni & various other media organisations have all set up shop there - so it's not all paid for by public money anyway. Also, It's not as if Booths, the restaurants and Lowry are closed to the public - it's benefiting the area as a whole. Even the BBC is open for tours, along with the various public events held in the piazza for free. I'd hardly call that a sad reflection on society- wanting a Bargain Booze would fall into this category surely?

AnonymousSeptember 18th 2013.

The Quays need more interesting venues - it would be a shame if the only ones they get are the same old, same old chains that are already littering the place. I doubt, though, if Peel Holdings will lower rents and therefore attract more independents to the area. Shame.

AnonymousSeptember 19th 2013.

Just what media city needed - a posh pub serving gourmet free range chicken. At least it keeps the poor out of the area.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AbonybousSeptember 19th 2013.

How does it actually do that, then?

Jonathan SchofieldSeptember 19th 2013.

Hey folks I'm thinking of removing narrow minded, chip on the shoulder, can't see the wood from the trees numpty rants from the site. What do you think?

4 Responses: Reply To This...
tblzebraSeptember 19th 2013.

I think yes, as the constant drone of unfounded negativity for negativity's sake make some of the rant streams ultra boring.

mancadamSeptember 19th 2013.

some of then points are valid, but delivered in the wrong way. it's a very dangerous line to cross by starting to censor them just for offering a negative point of view, surely the balance of opinion is borne out naturally rather than by deleting the arguments you dont like? the suspiciously gushing reviews that appear in the "rant" section whenever a venue comes in for (usually) valid criticism could be treated with similar editorial enthusiasm, but that wouldn't be a particularly good commercial decision, one suspects.

AnonymousOctober 28th 2013.

Sycophantic comments only then?

Poster BoyNovember 6th 2013.

“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” The comments/rants/comments are also one of the real joys of ManCon, anonymous or otherwise. Stimulating debate, occasional public-spirited action, imparting information, laughter, offence, pretentious bullshit, and individuals exposing themselves for who they really are. Your collar is just too hot JS, and you are becoming obsessed. Relax (sic).

JeffSeptember 19th 2013.

It would better to remove the option of anonymous posts

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 20th 2013.

Agree, agree, agree (posting as anon, as it's well good). Even the Evening News started making people log in via Facebook, to remove some of the trolls. It just gets so tiresome reading through the rants and generally now being overwhelmed by utter shite. Some opinions are totally valid and some arguments are absolutely brilliant, but (as often happens now) when people start slagging off a new venture before it opens its doors, it just pains me!

SAZKOctober 28th 2013.

Couldnt agree more!

CptCheerfulSeptember 19th 2013.

Damson's set menu and the Sunday example menu on their website both offer 3 courses for under £20. That's not so unaffordable?

Glossop Golden OldiesSeptember 20th 2013.

We've had the set lunch several times since Damson opened. The value for money and the quality of the food are first class, as are the staff and the restaurant space itself. Last time we were there we were lucky enough to meet Mr Pilling and he told us about his new venture. We will definitely give it a go.

Luis LoganSeptember 20th 2013.

Unlikely Peel will lower the rent so I'd be surprised if they sell a pint for less than £4. Even at The Alchemist in Spinningfields you can get a pint for less. Most BBC staff are young and have started in the last year or two so will probably go into town to a decent 'local' like Lass O'Gowrie.... BTW Booths does have decent deals now and again...but yes...overall it's expensive

1 Response: Reply To This...
benreilly1602October 5th 2013.

Booths is expensive, if you want to buy for the image. If you just want to do a normal shop, there are bargains and offers that can save a few pounds. Their everyday bog roll cleans my bum just as well as the more expensive ones.

AnonymousOctober 25th 2013.

Any news on the opening date for this?

SAZKDecember 6th 2013.

Opening 12th December!

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