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Robert Owen-Brown and the Mark Addy

The well-known chef has moved to the Salford Riviera opposite Spinningfields

Published on September 11th 2009.

Robert Owen-Brown and the Mark Addy

At last, at last.

The Mark Addy pub has been in a semi-comatose state of stagnation for a decade or so. Yet back when it opened in 334BC it was the place to go. Truckloads of mini-skirted, shoulder-padded women followed by panting men with Tony Hadley fringes would queue up to stare at each other. It was Gold.

The location opposite the hundreds of lawyers and workers in the Civil Justice Centre and Inland Revenue Buildings, and over from the People's History Museum and Spinningfields, should ensure plenty of custom if the refurbishment is handled correctly.

Opened by Salford entrepreneur and bookie Jim Ramsbottom in the 80s it signalled something else too: it was the first food and drink establishment in Manchester to turn back to the waterfront. It also had and still has the biggest terrace around, directly fronting on to the River Irwell, on the Salford side. This is opposite Spinningfields, which was then a twinkle in a developer's eye.

Food was basic but hearty; cheese, pate and bread boards. These later became a key ingredient at Ramsbottom's more adventurous and better looking venue Dukes 92 at Castlefield, this time on the banks of the Rochdale Canal.

Now Robert Owen-Brown is to re-invent the Mark Addy - a pub named after a nineteenth century gent who saved more than fifty people from drowning in the river. Owen-Brown's recent venture, The Angel, has closed. The pub in the north of the city centre proving a liability: its parlous upkeep and propensity to allow the guests to enjoy Manchester rain whilst dining inside, unlikely to have had a future.

Owen-Brown will be executive chef of the Mark Addy, he won't be running the pub. The financials come from investors with faith in him to deliver excellent food.

Changes taking place will include the destruction and replacement of the 1970’s bus shelter perspex entrance-thingy with something classy in copper or zinc. The ladies will be moved to the bar level where the gents is presently sited – what were the original managers thinking making the ladies go upstairs to the loo, whilst the lads could just pop down the corridor?

The bar will move to stairs end of the present pub leaving room for a good drinking area and more importantly a long dining area stretching back towards Albert Bridge and the main road.

The terrace will be enhanced with booths carved out of the huge rear wall which will also be heated in winter. There will be planting and landscaping schemes to make it look more attractive.

Owen-Brown will be providing his trademark British food rich with regional produce he's harvested himself (or rather hunted and fished) such as partridge, pheasant, mallard, mackerel and so forth.

The location opposite the hundreds of lawyers and workers in the Civil Justice Centre and Inland Revenue Buildings, and over from the People's History Museum and Spinningfields, should ensure plenty of custom if the refurbishment is handled correctly. In the city centre at present this seems like a grand location in which to move and improve.

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76 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

outragedofm1September 11th 2009.

Thank you AD. Balance. That's what we're after, not slavering hero worship. Which, is what accompanied the demise of the Bridge leaving staff and suppliers up s**t creek;"ONE of Manchester's most celebrated "gastro-pubs" has gone out of business - hours after winning the latest in a string of accolades. Regulars at The Bridge discovered the doors were closed yesterday and landlord Robert Owen-Brown confirmed it would not be re-opening. Mr Owen-Brown took over the 200-year-old pub on Bridge Street in 2004 and had transformed it into a favourite haunt for lovers of good food. He brought city centre diners a menu dominated by Lancashire specialities including Bury black puddings, Morecambe Bay shrimps, Eccles cakes and Mrs Kirkham's cheese. Massive hit It proved to be a massive hit with food critics and earlier this year The Bridge became one of just three city centre establishments to be listed in Egon Ronay's Guide to the Best Restaurants and Gastropubs. This was just one of countless awards and on Sunday the pub was named among the Top 50 Pubs for Lunch this summer in the Observer newspaper. But at closing time on the same day, The Bridge shut its doors for the last time. It is understood Mr Owen-Brown has been forced to close due to financial reasons brought on by personal circumstances. Mr Owen-Brown said: "The pub's closure is purely down to financial reasons and I'm sorry to say that there's no hope of it reopening in the future."So - no mention of the poor suppliers then. Still, here's what Mancon had to say about the last resurrection at the Angel;"Robert Owen-Brown is back on the scene in the city centre. Later this week (or next week, you know how these things go) he will re-open the Beerhouse pub on Angel Street, just off Rochdale Road, a little beyond the Swan Street/Miller Street junction. In due course he aims to re-name the pub, the Angel.The chef became well-known in the city through acclaimed stints at Sam’s Chop House, Reform, Lounge Ten and, his own pub, the Bridge. All of which might make lots of our 61,000 subscribers ask: “So bloody what? Another chef is back. Big deal”.True enough, but if you like good food then this is good news. Owen-Brown is a maverick craftsman who fashions wonderful flavours from seemingly simple dishes. A Greater Manchester boy, he studies British classics and then gives them his own signature, through inspiration and also a deep knowledge of food and its provenance.He’s a chef that shoots ducks and puts them on a plate for his customers. Love ‘em or hate ‘em it was Owen-Brown who reclaimed Spam fritters, he turned a nettle soup with a dock leaf on top into a symphony of subtlety, he’s one of very few people who knows how to use Morecambe Bay shrimps. At the Angel he’s going to make his own black puddings, sausages, bread and so forth. There are rumours of marrowbone and trotters on the menu. So our Robert’s the genuine article, but being a chef he’s a nutter. A nice one, a gent, but a loon all the same. Let’s hope he redresses the simple errors made when he was at the Bridge. Two critical ones were not opening with any credit/debit card facilities or any local real ales, which given his love of the genuine and the northern, was a mad oversight. Both these have been corrected here, chip and pin will be in, as will micro brewery Dunham Massey’s Little Bollington bitter. Assurances have been made about a good wine-list too......Potentially there’s a good market round here too: the several working zillions of the Co-operative Group lie south, the beer mecca that is the Marble Arch pub lies north, the popular flats of Skyline Central lie east, and the cholera pits lie west.Ok forget the latter, but if Owen-Brown can get it together, then we’re in for an unostentatious treat, the sort of nonchalant quality we so frequently lack in Manchester. Or it might be a right royal balls-up. Fingers crossed eh?

VON STAFFENBURGSeptember 11th 2009.

An amazing adventure on the Irwell ,,,,, letz just wait and see !

Jonathan Schofield - editorSeptember 11th 2009.

This has got out of hand. Couple of points. To AD and others we have made full stories of chefs moving before. We think our readers appreciate it. This was done for Alison Seagrave, Paul Kitching and others. Yes we do think Robert Owen Brown worthy of note because he frequently produces great food, hunts his own raw materials and cooked our Christmas turkey in a filing cabinet in a car park. He does things which makes a writer interested. The fact he is more John McEnroe than Tim Henman gives interest. There is no favouritism, but we do have a bias to interesting stories. Second point is that the personal nature of many of these unsubstantiated attacks is against our rules as laid out under the comment box: 'We will remove rants which are excessively rude or defamatory'. Some postings are at this level and will from now be removed. Please can we have on topic, witty and smart comments.

Furry hatSeptember 11th 2009.

Anon, you coward, no suppliers are owed money, no staff are left unpaid, I hope he has stiffed GED the piss'ead aka the landlord and the lecce. You bunch of weak asses, lets see if any one of you has the balls to give your names before you slate this guy. Hamish Jackson.

Chef EndoSeptember 11th 2009.

well after seeing some of the mess rob has left in his wake (in the kitchen) then all i can say is god help the mark addey, iam not a betting man but i would put a ton on thats its closed down with-in six months, well the best of british to all the staff that have the unfortunate pleasure off takeing a job with rob

Sweet DreamerSeptember 11th 2009.

Judging on the condition of the building , I estimate the rent must have been £ 40 a week . Every time I went in , it looked like it was falling down . Really bad , I was told that R.O.B had done it up on a shoestring...no kidding . Why did'nt he get a better deal from the landlord ? what does it mean in the article " the Angel is unlikely to have a future " . The landlord quite simply gets another tenant who is willing to work under such conditions , ask for a 3 month bond / rent so thats 12 x£40 =£ 480 . Quite simple I believe .

VaughnskaSeptember 11th 2009.

Will it be better than the Angel?I hope so,my two visits there proved the food to be lacklustre at best with woefully inadequate service..........

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

Is easy enough to make money out of a business if you never pay bills...maybe he is wise this time to take a salary and hide behind other people.

east lancsSeptember 11th 2009.

Used to go in there a few years back when I worked at Salford Uni. Miles better than the Piss - sorry, "Pint" - Pot. But that's not saying much. Looking forward to this though.

ancoats girlSeptember 11th 2009.

When did the Angel close? I saw the sandwich board out for business not long ago. I ate there a number of times and it was very hit and miss, so much so as it went on that we sadly decided not to spend our money there anymore. We felt the food was much better when it opened. Some dishes were always great - the spam fritters are indeed gorgeous, and that eccles cake pud was spectacular. However the quality of their steaks was poor - tough and fatty. I've had much better steaks buying the 21 day aged ribeye from M&S and cooking at home. Other dishes were served scorched or tasting of old grease. (In particularly the fishcakes or the potato cakes with sauteed mushrooms - problems with an old grill perhaps?) The cash only payment system was also very inconvenient (and a bit fishy - they kept saying it was "broken"...)Anyhow. I like the Mark Addy spot, old school it certainly is but the waterside spot is lovely and with the right refurbishment it could be a great place. With a different management team to back him up, I will definitely give it a try to see if he can get back to the standard I used to enjoy at the Bridge.

Eat SoupSeptember 11th 2009.

Robert Owen-Brown is the most over-rated chef in Manchester, fact!

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

Oh no, my emergency toilet for the drunken walk home from town will be no more.

Prestwich ManSeptember 11th 2009.

I hope this goes well, the Mark Addy could do with a kick in the right direction. I know I'm going to get slated for this - but in my experience, the Angel was crap. I ate there twice and had poorly cooked food, which is a shame as I have been going there since it was an Irish pub and have been willing it to succeed through all its incarnations and managers and goodness me, there have been some very odd characters there!

EhSeptember 11th 2009.

I'm lost Ged's bro

EmmaSeptember 11th 2009.

Look forward to this - the Mark Addy has great potential, and I like the sound of alcoves in the outside wall. Can they also add a waterslide please?

NICKYSeptember 11th 2009.

As Notagain says "The location opposite has hundreds of lawyers and workers in the Civil Justice Centre and Inland Revenue Buildings, the People's History Museum and Spinningfields, should ensure plenty of custom if the refurbishment is handled correctly. There are many reasons why a restaurant becomes a success, the location, the food but just as important is the interior of the place, no-one wants to eat in an old fashioned out dated enviroment so please get the refurbishment done correctly and bring the Mark Addy into the 21st century by using a proffessional company like mine.

mSeptember 11th 2009.

On another note, but still speaking Angels (Meadow this time), are there any plans for an article on the uncovered slum houses at the archaeological excavation down the road?

KingBullitSeptember 11th 2009.

Keep the cheese!

JayneyBabySeptember 11th 2009.

Cas, it appears clear that this has been planned, see the supplier above. You sound a bit pompous about all this. Rob did a fantastic job opening up on a shoestring up at the Angel and confounding everyone. To get the food out he did with virtually no kitchen to speak of shows a man who is driven and worthy of my dollars.

Chef EndoSeptember 11th 2009.

no its not the eccles cakes that have blinded everyone its all the free meals rob gives away

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

Is easy enough to make money out of a business if you never pay bills...maybe he is wise this time to take a salary and hide behind other people.

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

Hey Gary who sez the angel landlord is greedy . no one in there right mind is going to rent a city centre bozzer even one as gross as the angel for £40 . And I heard the landlord and his brothers tab was only a small and easy to manage amount .

Hamish JacksonSeptember 11th 2009.

Well, come o. 'sweet dreamer' and the rest of you shithouses, who is casting the stone mentioned above? Wankers.

rosieSeptember 11th 2009.

just wanted to thank mancon for letting us know about the closure of the angel. EDITORIAL: Comment removed as per editor's message above

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

Judging by some of the comments on here and other pages devoted to ROB/ the Angel, that he is not such a great chef after all. He CAN cook but you an awful steak last time you visited Maggs? Eh?

CasSeptember 11th 2009.

Sweet Dreamer - can I ask where your rent estimates come from? Can we all live in that world?

Red KenSeptember 11th 2009.

Blimey !!! guess who is the landlords best mate

Ali McGowanSeptember 11th 2009.

I have never sampled ROB's cooking - so maybe this is my chance. One thing though - you can't polish a turd (usually) - and the Mark Addy is awful. It's a fair treck from most parts of town... have the management done any real research to make sure they have the required custom through the door? I hope so - and do wish them well. It's just that even on a lovely day, it's very rarely busy. They'll need to get some serious advertising and word of mouth going to reap the rewards of their investment. I hope it pays off. Separately - the huge masterplan recently announced for that part of Salford - will any of the compulsory purchase orders in the area cock up this new venture? Finally, when will the footbridge go up, roughly linking Mark Addy to Leftbank? That should help get a few more people across the river from the identikit dullard S'fields restaurants. Hope this is not too negative - I DO want this to work - I just hope in God's name all the homework's been done thoroughly...

Big Hairy PersonSeptember 11th 2009.

Good luck Rob, don't worry about the mean spirited arses like Fi on here who have A-Levels in jumping to conclusions, as one of your suppliers I look forward to serving you at the new place. Thanks for the business over the past eighteen months or so.

BabySeptember 11th 2009.

I cannot wait for the spam fritters, black pudding and Eccles' cakes meself. Not. Same old, same old. I have a big feeling of deja vu before I go to bed. Yawn, yawn

NotagainSeptember 11th 2009.

Sorry Conrad, as far as I'm aware M&S, Sainbury's, RBS, Lloyds TSB etc., etc. have not gone belly-up three times in as many years, neither has my solicitor to the best of my knowledge. Once can be forgiven but three times? No. If you think it's OK to shaft employees and small independent suppliers on a regular basis, I'm glad I don't work for you or with you.

gary fraterSeptember 11th 2009.

I would not have paid fourty pounds rent for the angel . It's so tatty , I went in with my friends for a birthday meal and half the place did'nt have electricty . I remember reading on Man Con about marmalade in Beech Road in Chorlton . The owner John said at the time the landlord would not help his business , just wanted his money . Well I have just walked past the site of marmalade and its still empty..... let that be a warning to all greedy landlords

RICHARD NASHSeptember 11th 2009.

Excellent ! top location, always wandered when it was going to come into the 21 century , pity about the angel though, hope we can get some good real ales in like the Angel did , Dunham massey , Bazens for example , any locoal beers ! good luck Rob !

Choice Bar & RestaurantSeptember 11th 2009.

Suspicious - I bet you are not in the industry! If you feel you can better a guy who wants to have a go then may I suggest buying one of these pubs yourself. Good luck Rob

ADSeptember 11th 2009.

I think conrad the point is that Mancon is publishing this as a news item and the ranters are asking why the journalist who wrote it didnt ballence his piece with comment on why the angel closed so soon particulaly given R.O.B.'s former ventures have had dificulties. As to whether this is relevent for the public this is a largely food and Culture based news and review site and in those terms this might be considered part of the public interest. so bac to the the original point why the easy ride from confidential.

Furry HatSeptember 11th 2009.

Conrad, well said. Who are these up your bottom people? George Washington went skint several times before he made President, Richard Branson nearly took the VAT man for a pile, in fact American Venture Capitalists prefer someone who has failed once or twice. Suppliers are after profits and take a risk like the rest of us; someone mentioned a wine supplier nearly failing. Any supplier putting so many eggs into one basket deserves to fail, they need to be knocked out of the way of good operators. They want a 20% plus return on their money, risk = rewards. Otherwise they should put their money in the Post Office. R.O.B., get on with it and get cooking, don't let these girl guides, who believe me couldn't cast a pebble let alone a nice chunky brick, dissapear up their own, fat pompous arses.

MaggsSeptember 11th 2009.

hmm! very mixed bag of comments here and I guess all of them understandable-especially if you are a supplier who has not been paid. Rob CAN cook but clearly can't manage to be a businessman at the same time - but hey, no one is perfect. I give him full marks for trying and, despite the awful steak last time we ate at the Angel, we will give him another go at the Mark Addy.

Prestwich ManSeptember 11th 2009.

I hope that the Mark Addy fares well, but I am interested in a few of the comments above. Firstly, that others had food as poorly cooked as mine has been at the Angel. Secondly, when the last tenants left the old Beer House, the building was, I am informed, condemned and a cursory look upstairs confirmed that. Anybody who played Bar Billiards upstairs fifteen years ago will remember the state of it - and it had only got worse. The Pot of Beer was a similar story, well restored downstairs and a hole upstairs. Given the state of the first and second floors, I am surprised that environmental health allowed a kitchen to open there at all, but I suppose they must have done. I think that it is also worth pointing out that the food at the Lord Nelson was, on my visits, poor. I also remember some very good meals at the Bridge, until the last time I went when there was almost no stock behind the bar and the familiar smell of somebody about to depart - indeed the next week it had closed. I feel that the problem is that Owen Brown can cook perfectly well (although to be honest, from my new home in the Ribble Valley no better than any of the excellent places surrounding me, who are consistent and well run) but every place I have been to where he has cooked there has been that familiar time when things went arse up. The Mark Addy, in my opinion, given its new neighbours, deserves better.

johnthebriefSeptember 11th 2009.

Let's hope that concentrating just on the food sees a return to form for Mr Owen Brown, who's starting to look like the Kevin Keegan of Manchester hostelries.... My last couple of visits to the Angel were distinctly average, and the service was variable to say the least.

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

He will of course have to make his GP in the kitchen for the new people. Let's see how long THAT lasts.

barseySeptember 11th 2009.

Christ. The sooner this happens the better. What a dinge hole.

SuspiciousSeptember 11th 2009.

Why can't R.O.B hold down any of his own ventures? Let's face it he isn't a great business man, decent Chef though. He has definately jumped boat at this time because he has cocked up another of his ideas and needs a decent pay packet. What are the odds that he will leave here in 12 months to have another go at a project.

CasSeptember 11th 2009.

'have been then' should have said 'have been paid'.

Old Skool RulesSeptember 11th 2009.

Warms the cockles of my heart all this chat of the old days .To be sure , Robert is no Angel however what he is , is a great chef.....now how many of the people discussing him here consider themselves better than him . I will name all of them on the fingers of one hand . Whilst I am warming to the theme , lets move on to suppliers . Its a fact of life that catering businesses go to the wall , thats why they carry insurance to cover against such dire things as the " Belly Up " . Does it not occur to you that maybe Man Con like and maybe admire Robert because he is the real thing , warts and all . An old school , well trained and passionate chef . Not some gelled haired , little nounce who looks like he has'nt left primary school . The type who has his chefs trousers around his knees , I pod plugged in and spends more thing fannying around " arranging " food onto the plate . I say bring back Demi -glace , sole bonne femme , coquilles st-jacques a la parisienne , scotch woodcock and more . He will do a marvellous job at the Mark Addy and you will all eat your words alongside a portion of Roast Norwegian Fogbottom duck , wild garlic and bootlace foam , cured melon shavings , potato wiffings .

Ged the landlord's brotherSeptember 11th 2009.

I am suprised ROB could not stay with all of the rent going back through the books on my beer and food tab

AvoSeptember 11th 2009.

Perhaps once the new menu is up and running, this place will give the identikit chains at Spinningfields a run for their money.

Conrad JosephSeptember 11th 2009.

Listen if you follow this train of thought then most of the anti-ranters wouldn't bank in the banks they use, engage the solicitors they do, shop in half the shops they shop in. Many businesses have their conflicts and gripes. Owen-Brown's failings should be private, between him and the alleged creditors. None of you have any right to discuss them on a public forum. Just because the guy works in the public eye doesn't lay him open to this level of intrusion. Are you all so perfect.

Furry HatSeptember 11th 2009.

Now, where does it say that Rob has stiffed his employees and suppliers at the Angel? I have just bumped into one in St Anne's square and she is looking forward to working the Mark Addy; you are all talking nonsense, get over yourselves. As for Ged the Landlord, he probably drank the rent.

ChickSeptember 11th 2009.

Hamish, judging by your passion and your posts, it seems you know more than most about what has happened at the Angel. Why don't you put paid to the rumours and set the record straight?

Prestwich ManSeptember 11th 2009.

JFB, Simon kept trying to talk me into funding him to open a chop house in the Northern Quarter - he was a fruitcake, but goodness me, the place was packed. Paul and Sue killed it really, just like they killed the Pot of Beer, which never took well to its earlier Polish incarnation!

philtaylorphotoSeptember 11th 2009.

All the best to Rob.He's probably one of Manchester's best chefs, I just wish he led a less nomadic life, and I bet he does too!I remember his exile at the Lord Nelson in Stoneclough- pure genius.Let's see a good collection of real ales behind the bar, the pate and bread carried on, but other good stuff added.The Spinningfields chains all deserve a shorter lifespan than anything Robert has worked at.

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

It's not a question of whether he is a 'genius' or not - he's a good chef, and if you are going to class a chef as a genius rather than a great cook, that plaudit goes to Heston. You clearly have no idea regards the trail of pooh he leaves in his wake - otherwise you would not be quite so dismissive. We live in hard times, suppliers and staff need paying too ya know.

NotagainSeptember 11th 2009.

Spot the difference"The location opposite the hundreds of lawyers and workers in the Civil Justice Centre and Inland Revenue Buildings, and over from the People's History Museum and Spinningfields, should ensure plenty of custom if the refurbishment is handled correctly. In the city centre at present this seems like a grand location in which to move and improve."and"The location opposite the hundreds of lawyers and workers in the Civil Justice Centre and Inland Revenue Buildings, and over from the People's History Museum and Spinningfields, should ensure plenty of custom if the refurbishment is handled correctly. In the city centre at present this seems like a grand location in which to move and improve."

NotagainSeptember 11th 2009.

Ooops,meant to say spot the difference on "The location opposite the hundreds of lawyers and workers in the Civil Justice Centre and Inland Revenue Buildings, and over from the People's History Museum and Spinningfields, should ensure plenty of custom if the refurbishment is handled correctly. In the city centre at present this seems like a grand location in which to move and improve." and this one, "Potentially there’s a good market round here too: the several working zillions of the Co-operative Group lie south, the beer mecca that is the Marble Arch pub lies north, the popular flats of Skyline Central lie east, and the cholera pits lie west. Ok forget the latter, but if Owen-Brown can get it together, then we’re in for an unostentatious treat, the sort of nonchalant quality we so frequently lack in Manchester. Or it might be a right royal balls-up. Fingers crossed eh? ”

James DaviesSeptember 11th 2009.

Put your real names folks especially if you're attacking someone. Use humorous monikers if the comment is meant to be funny, but hiding behind pseudonyms when making strong allegations of wrong-doing is the last refuge of the scoundrel.

DanTheHatSeptember 11th 2009.

good luck rob, now that you're back in the neighbourhood, you can count on seeing me at least once a week...!!!

Trevor ESeptember 11th 2009.

Conrad is right. Very right. And as for Eat Soup person, he plainly has no idea about food. But what happened to the old Bible notion of 'let he who is without sin, cast the first stone'. Come on folks, let's anticipate a bright rebirth for a really talented guy who like us all probably has his failings.

Old Skool is Killing MCRSeptember 11th 2009.

Why do we keep allowing so called Old Skool Mancs another chance to ruin the industry. Like Francis Carol before R.O.B they go into a place, shaft it and leave staff and suppliers with debt. How many times can these jokers go out of business and still get MANCON backing them! So you may of had a pint with R.O.B and he may be able to make Black Pudding but all this does is make Landlords suspicous of new independants and they choose to go with the Girrafe's & Cafe Rouge's of this world.As far as I understand from ex employees R.O.B makes an effort for the first 3 months then spends more time living it up with the takings when he should be paying his bills - Electricity included. And as far as no Credit Card allowed in the Angle, you do realise that any credit card company will insist on a credit check by the operator.The Mark Addy owners are wearing their "Any PR is good PR" hats and they should seriously consider what R.O.B is getting out of this deal, apart from a decent wage no doubt.Totally agree with outragedofm1 and Suspicious above. Beware the Ides of March, and the Pies of Starch!

JFBSeptember 11th 2009.

Prestwich Man; what memories of Simon Finch's beer and dockers, and Floyd and Karen behind the bar in the days of the late 80s. I'd all but forgot, thanks for the memories!

Red KenSeptember 11th 2009.

I am confused , is the Landlord's brother saying he ran up a big tab ? Now heres the question " Did he pay it " or as most of the greedy , tight fisted , will not repair , I'll have another round and stick it on my tab whilst winking at my mates , landlords that I know " Not paid stamp " on that tab . Pay for your bloody drink and scoff at time of consumption like the rest of us

JFBSeptember 11th 2009.

Good luck to the man! Brave try at the Angel but it was out on a limb.Top chef and a thoroughly decent chap!

lucky-chrisSeptember 11th 2009.

EDITORIAL: Comment removed as per editor's message above.

Curry LoverSeptember 11th 2009.

jeees, Cas, have you got nothing better to do? No Job? get a bloody life.

CasSeptember 11th 2009.

Curry Lover, this is the only article I have commented on all week. Should I wish to have an opinion on it that is my choice. Should that upset you greatly then I suggest you to 'get a bloody life'.

BigIanSeptember 11th 2009.

Tell that to the people who he owes money to

ChickSeptember 11th 2009.

I will refrain from commenting on this. Suffice to say if I were to join a club today, members would have to include outragedofm1 and Cas......

outragedofm1September 11th 2009.

Sorry, I have to agree with the posters who think ManCon have given Robert Owen Brown far too easy a ride. You'd think he invented cooking given the slavering going on over here. He walked away from the Bridge, leaving it in a state, staff and suppliers unpaid and nearly took the wine supplier to the wall as a consequence. Not a peep from the press however, merely a sycophantic piece of mealy-mouthed press lamenting the loss of a legend. Fast-forward three and half years and its' the same again. All this cobblers about a brave experiment, the rain getting in (never mentioned in the reviews oddly enough), out on a limb location (although the Marble seems to do OK in an exqually unattractive locale) and the heroism of one of Manchester's greatest cullinary sons reborn in the Mark Addy. It's poor stuff Mancon. At least you could temper your puppyish enthusiasm for the next failed venture with a word for the poor buggers most likely out of pocket. Again. Or are the eccles cakes that good they blind you to everything else.

AnonymousSeptember 11th 2009.

No good going down the blame the landlord root with this, he must have known the conditions of the lease when he signed. If it was full-repairing then he would have known that he would have to spend serious money on this place - not just muddle along cooking on calor gas and plugging holes with corks. If it was not full-repairing, he should be kicking the landlord's ass. Truth is, this is his fifth reincarnation in as many years - when the going gets tough, ROB clears off.

Old Skool is Killing MCRSeptember 11th 2009.

Let me explain - There is a difference between making money and taking money. Furry Hat & Conrad - when was the last time your employer went bump on you and then moved down the road before doing it again to a new set of people and then bump once again to another set of people. Leaving debt in his wake. The minute you start doing that to people and then using MANCON to promote your next venture it is in the public.Hey look, if we look back at this rant in 3 months, 6 months and 12 months time and see what happened and we are wrong then fair enough, but I doubt it really. Those who live by the sword die by the sword.

TonySeptember 11th 2009.

I hope they can get rid of the musty smell, it stinks!

CasSeptember 11th 2009.

It would be great if the Mark Addy can be reborn in the way set out, great! However I can't help but feel this guy is getting an incredibly easy ride. If as it appears this Mark Addy plan has been on the table (geddit) for a while then it was also obvious the Angel was going to close. If this was relayed to staff, suppliers et al in good time and everyone including the landlord have been then fair and square and good luck to the bloke. However if people have been left in the lurch again because this 'maverick' has moved on then I think Mancon should look at that side as well and not give him such an easy ride. Again.

Karen dSeptember 11th 2009.

Good. This place needs the life going back into it

CasSeptember 11th 2009.

@furyhat; no one is a coward for coming on here without their true name, we all have friendships for that surely! What Rob has done over the years will create enemies surely and some members of the general public may think he is a idiot or a twat - and when you take press praise you have to understand that may come with scrutiny. If you cannot accept that then do not get into bed with the ciry's leadining satire site. I have tasted Robs food and it is very hit and miss. I do wish him luck with this though as we always want to see people do well, however to dismiss the landlords and other debtors is childish in today's climate.

alSeptember 11th 2009.

Here we go, the old "is he a genius or isn't he?" debate. It's very simple, if (like me) you like his cooking, are prepared to pay what he asks for it and don't really care whether he's paid his electricity bill, go to the Mark Addy and eat his food. If you think his food is rubbish and he's a twat then don't, bit like every other chef in the world.

ConcernedSeptember 11th 2009.

Maybe the "chef" might wish to pay his last electricity bill before anything else! Mark Addy be warned!! who told R.O.B he could cook anyway. Wouldn't want to be a swan on the River Irwell, as there is a rat in the kitchen.

Jonathan Schofield - editorSeptember 11th 2009.

Rosie, Lucky-Chris, Manchester Confidential is not the forum through which to air personal grievances.

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