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L'Entrecote, King St, Revisited And Reviewed

Jonathan Schofield gets in a butter fight and loses

Written by . Published on June 5th 2013.

L'Entrecote, King St, Revisited And Reviewed

“COULD I have some butter with this bread please?” I asked staring at the four dry slices in front of me.

In Manchester, where the company has had to reduce the price because we won’t have the wool pulled over our eyes, the restaurant is only ever half full, and there is no excuse for this behaviour.

“No, you may only have butter with cheese after your steak,” said the waitress from East European lands.

“Is that the only legal way here for butter?” I asked, adopting the character of Mr Acid Wit of Irony Avenue, Sarcasmville, United Contemptdom.

“It is. Butter is for the cheeseboard and nothing else,” said the waitress sternly.

“Oh go on, just an itsy-bitsy butter ball for me to spread on my bread and make it tasty.”


“No butter for a customer?”


“What can I put on the bread then?”

“We have oil.”

“Olive oil and balsamic vinegar?”

“No, we have groundnut oil. And red wine vinegar.”

“Could I have some olive oil instead?”


“Is the olive oil only to be served with cheese and butter? After the steak.”

“No, we don’t serve it.”

I drifted off, and found myself in a sketch show. The Two Ronnies.

“Four candles.”

“Four candles?”

“No, fork 'andles. 'Andles for forks.”

I re-focused.

“Do you want the groundnut oil?” asked the waitress.

I said yes, because I felt the next ice age might come around before this was resolved. I had visions of glaciers advancing down Cross Street through an apocalyptic Manchester and me saying: “Could I have some butter with this bread?”

I’d repeat this as the National Football Museum was levelled and The Printworks was crushed.

A long wait - http://www.manchesterconfidential.co.uk/Culture/Architecture/Manchester-Apocalypse-Death-Of-Our-City

A long wait - Manchester Apocalypse

“No.” my waitress would say as The Arndale was riven into shards and the Royal Exchange went dark (and cold) forever and ever. Amen.

So it was the groundnut oil for me.

The tasteless groundnut oil that made the bread slick and flavourless.

“And what do you want to order for your meal?” asked a second waitress.

I was out of bodying by now.

I recalled how I once went to Glastonbury and walked up the Tor. Halfway up this very, very steep hill was a sign leaning back at 45 degrees on the sole path to the top. It read ‘To the top’. It was such a needless sign I laughed for a week.

Packed out - with tablesPacked out - with tables. Mind the gap.

The waitresses words were like the sign. Needless.

“You know, I’ve been thinking,” I said, “I’m going to go with a starter of green salad and walnuts and a main of steak and fries with that famous sauce.”

“Do you want the steak, blue, rare, medium or well-done?” said the waitress, before pausing, to add, just in case I tried it on, “We only do the steak this way because that is the French way and we are a French restaurant.”

“Rare,” I said defeated.

The salad was a pile of leaves with some nuts and dressing. It was utterly unremarkable. It was like a bus ride on a drizzly day through a Crosby Homes housing estate to your destination, a blur between points of reference.

Salad - a trip round the housesSalad - a trip round the houses

The steak, the 'L'Entrecôte', was beautiful. The sauce that caps it was fine too. If you finish your first portion of steak you are given some more: this is the L'Entrecôte' gimmick. Or maybe it's because the steak could not possibly fit on the most ludicrously small main course plates in the world – seven inches diameter maximum.

The fries were poor, hard and spear-sharp. If you’d put flights on them and found a dartboard you could have had a game. One hundred and eighty with the edible arrows. 

Tiny plate filled

Tiny plate filled

The wine glasses came in two sizes.

The ones already placed on the tables were tiny, thimbles with stems, if you asked you got a bigger one but only if you looked really closely.  The bottle of 2006 Medoc, Chateau La Chandelliere at £36 was pricey but fabulous, full of character. A subsequent glass of the house Bordeaux at £3.95 was thin and harsh.

The handsome exterior of the former Manchester and Salford Bank from 1842The handsome exterior of the former Manchester and Salford Bank from 1842

There is no choice with the starters and mains but there are eighteen dessert choices, an illogic that defies belief. On two recent visits I had the vacherin du Relais (meringues and cream) for £4.95 to compare.

“Is this squirty cream on the top here?” I'd asked another of the all female staff on that first occasion.

“Yes,” she'd said, “our Chantilly cream machine is broken?”

“Shouldn’t you have told me?” I'd said.

“We hope it will be fixed soon,” she'd said avoiding the question.

On the second occasion it had been fixed. This marginally made an average dessert better.

Meringue Du Goo

Meringue Du Goo

After the meal that last time I mulled over the experience.

This is a re-review of Le Relais de Venise 'L'Entrecôte', a year after my first review.

I wanted to return to mark the fact they’ve reduced the price from a set £21 to £17 for the obligatory starter and main, and to see if the place had grown on me.

It hasn’t.

Le Relais de Venise ‘L’Entrecote’ remains one of the world’s oddest dining experiences. The tables are uncomfortably packed together, the menu design is sixth form, the food limitations are maverick, the glasses are school canteen, the service is inflexible.

I was at new place Cibo in Didsbury recently and they provided for my twelve year old son an off-the-menu minestrone soup. His recently fitted braces were hurting him and he wanted something gentle such as soup. They were pleased to oblige.

L’Entrecote won’t even give you butter with bread.

I would love to go on a customer service training day with the L’Entrecote HR team. 

9am: How to say ‘no’ to a customer without appearing apologetic. 10am: How to fit tables together very, very closely ensuring that ‘personne obèse’ feel embarrassed. 11am: Why no choice is the best choice apart from desserts. Noon: Why loads of choice is better than no choice with desserts. Lunch: Set menu.

The only excuse (and then not really) at L'Entrecote for the limited menu and the squashed-in tables and the relentless adherence to ‘no butter’ rules is if the place were packed every day as it appears to be - unfathomably - in London, Paris and New York.

In Manchester, where the company has had to reduce the price because we won’t have the wool pulled over our eyes, the restaurant is only ever half full and there is no excuse for this behaviour - amusing though it can be stuck in its dogma. 

So do I find any virtue in this truculent disdain for the niceties of modern restaurant dining?


“But it's so French!” apologists exclaim.

So is the guillotine but I'm not going to get nostalgic over that either. 

You can follow Jonathan Schofield on Twitter here @JonathSchofield or connect via Google+


Le Relais de Venise 'L'Entrecôte'

Rating: 10.75/20

Food: 5.75/10 (salad 5, steak 8, fries 5, meringue 5, bread 6, butter n/a)
Service: 3
Ambience: 2

PLEASE NOTE: Venues are rated against the best examples of their kind: fine dining against the best fine dining, cafes against the best cafes. Following on from this the scores represent: 1-5 saw your leg off and eat it, 6-9 get a DVD, 10-11 if you must, 12-13 if you’re passing,14-15 worth a trip,16-17 very good, 17-18 exceptional, 19 pure quality, 20 perfect. More than 20, we get carried away

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72 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Nickster123June 5th 2013.

I walk past there most days at lunch and it makes me sad. Now i know they do not serve butter with bread (until cheese time of course) i am ever sadder.

pollolocoJune 5th 2013.

This isn't French hospitality....it's corporate stupidity.

IanJune 5th 2013.

nice mention of CIBO who are currently paying you to advertise

4 Responses: Reply To This...
GordoJune 5th 2013.

oooh no, ian, really? They are paying us to advertise? Oh my gosh. The filthy retards. Ane i'd bet you would be the first to spit your dummy out of you were asked to put your hand in your pocket to support us... *knobend

IanJune 5th 2013.

I would. Oh wait, didn't you try to do this a few years and no one would pay - yes

StephJune 5th 2013.

Ha ha, good one Ian. *Don't mention the pay wall*

AnonymousJune 5th 2013.

When will you be reviewing Cibo? I want to know if its worth a visit

Alex24June 5th 2013.

Great read

AnonymousJune 5th 2013.

What's your point Ian?

Marcus EmadiJune 5th 2013.

What's your point Ian?

2 Responses: Reply To This...
IanJune 5th 2013.

'ALL SCORED CONFIDENTIAL REVIEWS ARE IMPARTIAL AND PAID FOR BY THE MAGAZINE' Is it impartial to then suggest another place who pay to advertise have better service/food?

Jonathan Schofield - editorJune 5th 2013.

Ian, I will honestly uphold that capitalised quote you use. Yes, yes, yes, all scored reviews are impartial. Cibo, an advertiser as it happened, was mentioned because when I went there undercover four days ago they did provide an off-the-menu dish when asked. Haven't you anything better to do than police the site? Weird.

Paul PrescottJune 5th 2013.

Save your money! You can have a dine in for two at M&S, 2 packs of jersey Butter and still have enough change for a cheeky pint while shopping!

Prince_HarmingJune 5th 2013.

When I went there I enjoyed the food more than you did, but I agree that the price coming down needed to happen. That said, I won't be rushing back there as rigidly sticking to rules about when a diner can have what etc. is ridiculously bad customer service. On the subject of Cibo, I was doubly disappointed and am having a very hard time fathoming ManCon's seeming love of the place. It used to be a La Tasca and with the exception of the calf's liver, it may as well still be.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 5th 2013.

See above for the reason behind the seeming love.

Marcus EmadiJune 5th 2013.

Anyway, as much as i love the concept. With some many restaurants are fighting for covers & knocking out good quality food- the 'experience' the restaurant offers becomes more and more important. Safe to say that it either needs sorting out or they'll be going back down south- cap in hand.

Chris HandleyJune 5th 2013.

The steak used at L'Entrecote is really good quality, and the sauce is processed yet lovely. But yeah, the salad isn't really a salad, its bagged lettuce with a massive bag of nostalgia, as is the whole experience really. Its something you do once, and then don't bother doing again in most cases. I prefer cutting my own steak too, in honesty. £21 was expensive on launch. When they did 50% off vouchers, it became good value. £17 is still, overpriced for me, just by a tad. £13/£14 makes it a seller though; £3 for the 'salad', and then £10/£11 for the steak and accompanying frozen chips. The lack of menu/choice should make this a cheap place to run, so you cant be charging the same price as a steak and chips elsewhere. Take the kitsch service away from this place, and it has nothing going for it sadly. So, assuming that Schofield isn't telling porkies, despite the lack of flexibility in the menu, being totally inflexible and not giving customers butter on request is a massive ship sinker. If you have it, give it. Customer service is after all what restaurants are about, ultimately. They serve well done beef, and that's 'wrong' and very un-French, so why not give butter if you have some in the kitchen? As with many restaurants in our great, yet perennially food-shy city, this restaurants wont last once the novelty has worn off. Perhaps it already has? And since services are usually dead these days, why not put more than 6" between tables eh?

Phil CarsonJune 6th 2013.

i love the foof here, even as a vegetarian, i love the cheese selection you are given, but agree its way to expensive, we only went when they had 50% off vouchers which made it a sesnible price

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 6th 2013.

Did you get the butter?

Manc GuyJune 6th 2013.

Wow!...Gordo AND Schofield calling someone a knobend and weird, and in the same article too. Priceless. Good way to run a website lads! Keep up the good work.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
Calum McGJune 6th 2013.

It keeps the rest of us entertained :)

JayJune 6th 2013.

If you're not an advertiser then what does it matter. We're all just plebs

Chris HandleyJune 6th 2013.

Abusing readers who question the validity of reviews, and going bankrupt every year. Quality practice and morals for sure :)

AnonymousJune 6th 2013.

Gordo and Schofield ganging up on the loser with nothing else to do, good work fellas. This Website offers advice and guidance on all things Manchester. Take it or don't, but why complain about the way in which it is delivered? On the Restaurant itself, what an insult to gastronomy that place is! If you want good produice cooked well go to an independent, Manchester has loads. Jack Spratts and Salvis deli being my current favourites.

Janet HamiltonJune 6th 2013.

Went on sunday and thought the steak and chips were delicious (and I'm not a fan of steak). The salad was a bit limp, however. They did offer a jug of free water and the head waitress, who was French, was delightful.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 6th 2013.

Janet you mention you visited on a Sunday, do they do a Sunday lunch by any chance? I may ask next time I go.....

James WrightJune 6th 2013.

Excellent review! I ate there on Tuesday - I have the same experience. The salad was old, the dressing was terrible - no balance at all to the seasonings - If I had made that simple dressing at home, I would have started again. No Medium rare steak, because its "French". The bread was poor and not far from stale. The steak was a reasonable cut and well cooked, - I have had better. I didst want the sauce - I didn't mention it as I thought it would come on the side, but when the food arrived it was already smothered. I was complaining for the first 20 minutes, but I actually eased into it and enjoyed the comedy value. I took great pleasure in asking the Waitress for Ketchup. When she said no, I asked if they had any English Mustard. That was a no, also. I wont be eating there again.

tblzebraJune 6th 2013.

I like the use of 'out of bodying' as a verb.

TimbucJune 6th 2013.

I agree with the review apart from one thing. You said if one finishes the steak then you're given some more. You're not, you're given the rest of your steak. You alluded to this fact with the mention of the tiny plates but I think it really needs to be made clear that they don't give you seconds, they just give you the rest of the food that you have ordered and paid for. I went when the offer was £13.65 which I thought was about right for the price but even then I decided that once was enough and it wasn't interesting or good enough to return. At £21 or indeed at £17 I won't be bothering.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Axel LariatJune 7th 2013.

well said. it's scandalous that they make it look like they are doing you a favour by handing you 'seconds'

neiljdonaldJune 6th 2013.

Funniest review ever... made my day. Thanks.

SmittyJune 6th 2013.

haha you really hate this place Jonathan. But you can't get away from the fact it's the best steak in Manchester. And I love the chips... Always found the service great as well in a kitschy kind of way. The salad is a bit meh, but the cheese is splendid. I managed to get butter with my bread (the bread itself is fresh and beautiful). But then, I'm a charmer ;-) This review has made me realise I've not been for a while so at least they've got one customer on the back of it!

AnonymousJune 6th 2013.

I love this place, it's different and the food is high quaility. I took my parents there recently, and I can bet they've eaten at better restaurants than you have over the years, and they loved it. The whole point of it is to do something slightly different, to force you to reevaluate your tastebuds. No, it's not often busy, but that's because the majority of Mancunians can't cope without having ketchup at every meal, and perhaps it's no bad thing. I hate salad but I love theirs, and the fries are amazing, so I don't understand the complaints. The steak is excellent and the chocolate dessert is to die for. Compared to all the other mediocre restaurants in the city centre that merge into one average dining experience, this one stands out and for me head and shoulders above the rest. So how about you stop trying so hard to find something to criticise and go and do something worthwhile for a change, instead of trying to do damage to a good quality restaurant that does what it does well just because you didn't like being deprived of some butter.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Hall of Hall HallJune 8th 2013.

I totally agree Jonathan is blinkered. It does exactly what it says on the tin - brilliantly

AnonymousJuly 16th 2013.

Agreed agreed agreed! The ignorance of some of these post is astounding, along with the vast majority of criticisms... get a grip Mancunians.

AnonymousJune 6th 2013.

Not letting you have butter is bonkers but strangely endearing at the same time. I enjoyed my 1 visit so far, thought the steak excellent and done to order, chips were fine, very French, and in one concession to customer choice prior to deserts, they will let you have the sauce on the side.

SarahJune 6th 2013.

I've travelled throughout France a fair bit and even the most snooty french waiters will provide you with ketchup and butter if asked. If they're trying to be typically french and authentic they're failing miserably.

James SmithJune 6th 2013.

Cracks me up to see people balk at paying £17 for a magnificent steak here but will happily pay £16.95 (sauce £1.50 extra) in some a shit steak in a shit Italian restaurant or £14.95 (sauces £1.95 extra) for an inexplicable shit streak in some inexplicably shit pub chain. L''Entrecote will close, probably go somewhere better, and Manc will be stuck with its Bernie Inns and TGI's.

James SmithJune 6th 2013.

And a quick question Jonathan, what did you want bread and butter for anyway? To dip into your salad?? Or were you planning on making a chip butty or something?

4 Responses: Reply To This...
Jonathan Schofield - editorJune 6th 2013.

James, I was waiting for a friend to arrive. So I asked for bread to tide me over. The bread was the bread with the steak, my allowance, I was given no more when eventually the steak appeared. When my friend arrived, I told him what had happened and so he had more or less the same absurd butter conversation. As for steaks read our 'Best of Steaks' piece on Confidential. And finally we may row with readers occasionally because some of them seem to get obsessed by us and want to point out niggles, but unlike other media in the city and elsewhere, we do not moderate negative comments about us out, we keep them in even when they are anonymous and dodgy. Perhaps that is unwise. Is it unwise, what do you think? It is certainly not what other companies do.

Dicky FoxJune 7th 2013.

See below

AnonymousJune 7th 2013.

A bit of transparency is good, and if a review is off the mark as happens occasionaly the the un edited comment sections quickly put it to right, which is very helpful. I do think however that its a tad of a jump and just a little egotistical to think that the comentators that question your independence have an obsession with you!!

Manc GuyJune 8th 2013.

"...but unlike other media in the city and elsewhere, we do not moderate negative comments about us out,"? Perhaps not the comments about you JS, but both mine and Ian's original comments about Lynda Moyo's Jamaic-away Sandwich And Coffee Bar review were removed. Those comments were neither offensive nor abusive. If you didn't delete them, you might want to find out who did and ask them why.

James SmithJune 6th 2013.

Not sure why you feel it necessary to go on the defensive so much, it is a fair question considering that you devoted a significant chunk of your review to it. As regards the final part of your response, I'm not quite sure what you are driving at there, seems a slightly paranoid response to a minor 'quip' about your bread agitation if you ask me. Do I think it's wise? Not my shout but probably drives traffic your way so...

MaggieJune 6th 2013.

Don't take it personally James, Jonathan behaves like a irritable, grumpy old git at the best of times - its all part of his charm!??? As for Gordo, well, he's got to stand up for his journo, and like it or not, sponsorship makes the world go round so why don't you join the real world, grow up and stop being a grumpy little git yourself. (oh and by the way, I've not received any payment from ManCon, CIBO or the Queen of Sheba for the above review of your postings) xxx

user4652June 7th 2013.

I am fascinated to know: is Anonymous the user name of one reader?

user4652June 7th 2013.

Why am I now USER4652?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Axel LariatJune 7th 2013.

Because USER3285 was already taken

BullusJune 7th 2013.

Was there last weekend for a friends birthday and the table seem to be split 50/50 between those who think it's a great staek restaurant and those who think it's a gimmicky chain. Does anyone have an idea of the quality of the steak? I also heard that they were closing soon anyway...anyone else heard this?

Dicky FoxJune 7th 2013.

I've never been to this ‘head up their own backside’ restaurant but I think Jonathan sounds far more restrained than I'd be. The reason I've not frequented, and I do manage a few, is because Jonathan's review last year put me off. I could not give a flying f*ck if they sell the best steak on the entire planet, if they are that dogmatic and preoccupied with their own sense of self importance, they can politely find a suitable orifice for their f*cking steak. I hate poncey places like this. Like the ones that serve foam; f*cking foam....I shave with f*cking foam, I don't want to eat the f*cking stuff. And these other tw*ts that call sauce, jus! I mean, go and have a long word with yourself. Maybe I should visit the place, just to get angry and see how I politely I can insult them while trying to be funny….suppose it would kill an hour or two. And this Ian guy….I hope you stumped up your tenner for David Icke’s conspiracy channel, sounds right up your street!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
IanJune 7th 2013.

I did, and HD too.

Richard AthertonJune 7th 2013.

"*cking foam....I shave with f*cking foam, I don't want to eat the f*cking stuff" Fantastically funny comment!! Completely agree with you, Jonathan and just about everybody with the exception of the clearly lifeless Ian. Please find yourself one, although you have been amusing.

James SmithJune 7th 2013.

Confusing response - it's not 'poncey'. It sells steak, and nothing else, that is what you get and that is why you go to it. Why bring 'foam' into the equation? It's as far removed from the kind of place that you seem to be ranting about as possible.

Dicky FoxJune 7th 2013.

I’ve just read some more comments….. James Smith....what does it matter what he wanted the f*cking bread and butter for? I'd guess to EAT! He could have stuck it up his own rectum in the middle of the place for all I care. The point he was making, please correct me if I wrong, is that the place have their over inflated craniums firmly up their own arseh*les. The review actually reminded me of the classic diner scene in Five Easy Pieces will Jack Nicholson trying to order plain omelette and toast, hilarious! I need to go and rant elsewhere now……

3 Responses: Reply To This...
James SmithJune 7th 2013.

Ok, go to The Fat Duck and order egg and chips then.

James SmithJune 8th 2013.

One thinks, that one would not have been as dismissive of Blumenthal had he advised that butter was not an appropriate accompaniment to his evening meal. And if that sounds a bit far fetched, then kick off at McDonalds or KFC, cos they don't give butter either.

Dicky FoxJune 10th 2013.

Another one disappearing up their own backside. A food snob no doubt longing for the day when the only restaurants left are those akin to L’Idiot in the film L.A.Story; where you have to provide references and a bank statement just to get a reservation! I bet one carries oneself around Manchester bemoaning the lack of ‘quality’ eateries while castigating the ‘fast’ food outlets. How uber sophisticated you are James, a true urbane gent. And another thing, I would have no qualms in telling Blumenthal where to go; customer is king after all. No one tells Dicky Fox what to eat or how to eat it. Jesus…just referred to myself in the third person, time for a lie down. Still, enjoyed the banter muchachos!

AnonymousJune 7th 2013.

Thank god i've never had the misfortune of having to serve this pedantic areh@le. You know very well what the policy for the restaurant is, if you don't like it, don't go. Tit.

Dicky FoxJune 7th 2013.

Aha, an 'anonymous'......without a brain it would seem. Again, a troglodyte missing the point. He, JS, goes along to these places on our behalf and tells us what he thinks. He probably did not want to go, but was forced by the full weight of a frantic Gordo eager to shove him through the door to see if the place has changed. It would appear, not! How is asking for some butter being pedantic? If JS wants butter for his bread, why not? If anything, it's this shower of steak pedalling ne'er-do-wells that are pedants. As for calling JS a 'tit', I'd avoid mirrors anonymous, I'd wager you are indeed a zeppelin sized mammary gland with only the most rudimentary grasp of reality. Please take yourself back to the home for the mentally bewildered. I have changed my mind about this restaurant now, I will now visit the place and write my own review. I am looking for sponsorship though as I will not spend a penny of my own hard-earned. Over to you ManCon!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
James SmithJune 8th 2013.

Cos 'Dicky Fox' is your real name?

Dicky FoxJune 9th 2013.

Well, Richard actually, I use 'Dicky' as a stage name. That OK for you old bean?

Marcus EmadiJune 7th 2013.

Shit is getting serious in the conversation- lighten up, it's only steak and chips!

AnonymousJune 8th 2013.

I can't believe this terrible review, Le Relais De Venise is an amazing restaurant, quick and friendly service, value for money, perfect frites (they specially import the potatoes to make them) and the steak is to die for, best streak I have had in Manchester, always cooked perfectly and the sauce that goes with it is absolutely delicious. I always go there if I am after a proper pampering treat. Better to check it out for yourself rather than trust this stupid review; you will not be disappointed, and the bread is so tasty it does not need any butter.

Helena RJune 9th 2013.

Well, I really liked it. Went on a Wednesday lunchtime and there were only a couple of other tables taken. I enjoyed the salad. Loved the steak. Frites were great. Wine was lovely. Bread good (without butter, but I am of Italian descent and rarely put butter on bread, it's just not the done thing). I agree with the above comment that people will go and pay £15+ for a terrible steak with terrible sauce in a terrible chain restaurant when they could have a lovely steak in L'Entrecote. Yes, ok, the whole "look how French we are!" thing is a bit contrite, but it's different and it's delicious, and it would be such a shame if it closed down. My suggestion would be to go and make your own mind up about it. Just bear in mind you're not going to Harvester or TGI Friday's...

martin0475June 9th 2013.

i wonder how many people will ask for butter now?? will they recieve it????...seems a little stupid to upset a customer over a little butter especially when the "concept" is so limited anyway??? got to be worth popping in and asking for butter to see if they are really stubborn and stupid!!!

Alexandra LoweJune 9th 2013.

I actually ended up walking out. They refuses to reveal if the secret sauce contained nuts the only answer 'its a secret'. The reason i was asking is because i am very allergic but the staff were rude and blunt. They lost 4 customers for life.

CobbydalerJune 14th 2013.

Shutting on the 29th June according to Twitter @Bacononthebeech Went to Le Relais de Venise L'Entrecôte tonight. We love it. People of Manchester don't. It shuts on the 29th June. Get it while you can :(

Bacon OnthebeechJune 15th 2013.

Sadly it's true. Hope you don't mind me putting the link for my review here I do name check you! www.bacononthebeech.com/…/relais-de-venise-lentrecot-manchester.html…

Simon TurnerJune 15th 2013.

Just read your review Bacon. Not shedding tears. Sad for the staff but maybe, you know, it's a case of Vegetarians 1, Dead animal eaters 0. "Little bit of Paris" my vegetarian arse.

Bacon OnthebeechJune 17th 2013.

I wonder why as a vegetarian you'd read a review of a steak restaurant.

AnonymousJuly 16th 2013.

If this is honestly what you think about L'Entrecote then you should refrain from going under the pretence of being a food critic - because you clearly don't have a clue. Also, given that you gave of the impression of being a philistine and downright twerp with your stupid questions and rude statements, they probably made very little effort with you, which is fair enough... This is a prestigious brand of restaurants because they serve excellent food and have done for many years - it is a loss to Manchester. It's your fault that you don't get it (along with the rest of Manchester it would seem, but I do hope not). Get yourself over to Blackhouse Grill and stay there.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Charlie ButterworthAugust 29th 2013.

Blackhouse Grill was and is ten times better.

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