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Pizza Porto Restaurant Opening In Albert Square

Paul Berentzen is intrigued but hopes this isn't another YAFI

Published on March 23rd 2012.

Pizza Porto Restaurant Opening In Albert Square

WHEN Brasserie Gerard in Albert Square closed down we wondered what would come along to take its place, and now we have our answer — an Italian restaurant going by the name of Pizza Porto. 

When we saw all the construction workers milling around the building we couldn’t resist popping in for a quick chat to try and find out who had taken on the challenge of the Albert Square property.

It’s a fantastic location, especially now we’re getting some better weather and they can make use of the space for outdoor seating

Despite occupying what would appear to be prime territory, previous owners have struggled to make the place work. Café Uno was affectionately nicknamed ‘Café Oh-no’ and Brasserie Gerard closed when the entire chain went into administration at the back end of last year.

New look interiorNew look interior

This time its Jonathan Kaye’s turn to see if he can turn the property’s fortunes around. He seems to know what he’s doing — he comes from a family of restaurateurs and is the CEO of the 160-strong Italian restaurant chain Prezzo.

For the last three weeks the restaurant has been undergoing a facelift, overseen by London-based firm Dover Design who worked on the place back when it was Café Uno. The restaurant has a light and spacious feel, simple but inoffensive.

The menu will apparently be ‘classic popular Italian but with a twist’. Upon hearing this, Confidential’s editor, almost threw himself out of the window muttering about clichés and formulas.

A glimpse of the kitchenA glimpse of the kitchen

Nevertheless, the restaurant shows promise and Confidential is reserving judgement until we try it out for ourselves, or at least get our hands on a copy of the menu. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, despite keeping affairs low key, Mr Kaye is confident the restaurant will be ready to open to the public on Monday.

It’s a fantastic location, especially now we’re getting some better weather and they can make use of the space for outdoor seating, so here’s hoping Pizza Porto is a hit.

We’re just hoping it doesn’t become another YAFI as we call them (Yet Another F**king Italian).

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousMarch 23rd 2012.

Another Italian - just what Manchester needs

JohnthebriefMarch 23rd 2012.

"With a twist" ... stay the fuck away

Calum McGMarch 23rd 2012.

I was hoping that nasty building was going to be refurbed or demolished. It's a bloody eyesore. And another Italian? There are just too many :( (yeah I know, supply n demand...) A bit of variety would be nice, how about German?!!!

Isabella JacksonMarch 23rd 2012.

Manchester gets what Manchester deserves, yet another fucking Italian restaurant. Shit, what is it with the demand in the city for places like this??

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FoodbabyMarch 24th 2012.

Wow, you need to cheer up.

EugeneMarch 23rd 2012.


Rick BarlowMarch 23rd 2012.

If you keep on reviewing italians (yafi ) as you always do, of course they will keep opening them you morons !

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AnonymousMarch 27th 2012.

I don't think people open up Restaurants based on ManCon articles.

I think it might be more based on Italian food is dirt cheap to make, massive mark up on wines and is easy to operate.

AnonymousMarch 23rd 2012.

Dont really have any other choice Rick as most of the places in town are crap anyway! too many brands

A Tired Old ManMarch 23rd 2012.

Oh. My. God. You are taking the bleeding piss. Another sodding Italian which, as we know, will be nothing like a fucking Italian. PIZZAS? Stick em up yer bleeding arse. I've had enough. I'm moving. This site could be the best in the city. It's a fucking Pizza Hut. Kill me. Right sodding now. I am depressed. What fucking numpty mid- range shitouse group is this? DON'T GO or I will hunt you down and kill you dead.

Mark R Garner The Publisher.March 23rd 2012.

Reserving judgement? Bollocks to that, it's going to be a YAFI and Manchester doesn't deserve another one. If it had to be a chain, where are you Cote? French is the new Italian. All these YAFI's think of is that Pizza's are flour, water and a smear of ingredients costing under a quid and they charge the idiots visiting these simpleton's sandwich parlours anything up to £12. My God, no wonder the bloke above is depressed. IF this bloke can do a Spago I might forgive him, otherwise I am looking forward to the official review. Forgive me for being so seemingly narrow minded, but this place is opening 100 metres from where I live, why in God's name should I walk past the best Maitre 'D in the city, Ettore, and his brilliant team, to go to a profiteering chain from somewhere down there who clearly hasn't done there homework.

I feel better now. Let's see if Jonathan blocks me. Grrrrrr...

NeilMarch 24th 2012.

FFS - if you don't like it, don't go. Thank goodness for this bloke's enterprising spirit that he's sprucing up an empty and unloved retail unit in one of the very prime spots in town.

AncoatsMarch 24th 2012.

And in Little Italy Ancoats - no Italian place in sight, just Vietnamese and Brazilian eateries nearby...... go figure.

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AncoatsMarch 24th 2012.

which, by the way, are both good.

AnonymousMarch 25th 2012.

I don't know of any decent Italians in Manchester. I must be missing something. A real pizzeria with a wood burner would be welcome. Are there any?

Davide Bannatini

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousApril 18th 2012.

Per Tutti on Liverpool road. best most authentic pizza in Manchester

Calum McGMarch 26th 2012.

I'll help fund the opening of one. Get in touch.

Marco2020March 26th 2012.

Stop wining and get dining Manchester.

Maggie MilnerMarch 27th 2012.

if MANCON is so against YAFI's (which I do agree with) then why offer them on the Heroes Card???

Italian passionMarch 29th 2012.

ye italian restaurant with non italian in the kitchen!!!!

Beci BrownApril 30th 2012.

It lasted 5 weeks. It's all closed off and the windows painted over. Good to see commitment happening!

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