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This’n’That opens a new outlet

Legendary curry caff moves into west central Manchester: people will weep for joy

Published on October 6th 2009.

This’n’That opens a new outlet

Lieutenant Computerlove man, Tristan Welch, has a perverse predilection for curry. He was feeling peckish yesterday in the Confidential office, so he went to the nearby Tesco ‘more expensive for less’ Metro.

Even odder is that This’n’That have opened their second outlet in an alley which is almost as difficult to find as the original. Think Mojo, think Koreana, walk down the alley between the two and you’ll find the place: and it’s blast of curry heaven.

He found a Chicken Tikka tub from food company Princes which is better known for tinned salmon products. This cost around £2. Two whole English pounds.

When he got back to the office he opened the tub and found a substance that looked like dog food.Worse than that it smelled like raw sewage - dogs would be insulted by the sludge.

Slumped in disappointment, big hot tears steaming away on the desk in front of him, a message pinged through to the good Lieutenant.

For a big lad he moved fast. He was out of the office in less time than it takes to say “naan bread, chutney, bhuna-nah-nah”.

He returned shortly after with chicken curry, mixed cooked veg, minced lamb keema and a popadum. It cost £4.

Between mouthfuls which he described as "clean and ungreasy, full of fresh flavour and loads of it too" he revealed the news that all the west and central sides of Manchester have been waiting for. It could be the headline of the year. People will weep for joy in the streets.

This’n’That have opened an outlet on Butter Lane where it meets Back Bridge Street. This is the legendary curry cafe which has the most sought after hot-food hole in Manchester on Soap Street in the Northern Quarter (click here).

Many people lose their wits over this tiny venue and its range of home-spun canteen Pakistani food. A big draw is the famous ‘rice and three’ – three meats – which costs £4.50, or the variant of rice, two meats and one veg for the princely sum of £4. One of the ranters on the previous story went exclamation mark mad, a sure scene of a person who has lost all self control. They wrote: ‘Food is amazing! My husband once ate there everyday for a whole week as a bet (and because he loved it so much!) Best curry in Manc (in my opinion!) Mmm my mouth is watering now!!’

Let's hope the new place is just as good.

Oddly, This’n’That have opened their second outlet in an alley which is almost as difficult to find as the original. Think Mojo, think Koreana, walk down the alley between the two and you’ll find the place, and it’s blast of curry heaven.

As is the way with This’n’Thats, the venue doesn’t open during the evening. So chow down at lunchtime if you’re in the area. There’s room for about seven grown-ups and fifteen midgets to sit inside at a push.

You’ll find a full review in a couple of weeks and you’ll find the place on Butter Lane, Manchester, M3.

We couldn’t do a review of the food yesterday because Lieutenant Computerlove ate it all so quickly we didn't even manage a picture of the glorious fare. He then sent a complaint to Princes over their food abomination in a tub. He's hoping against hope he doesn't win a year's supply in recompense.

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33 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

FooDeeOctober 6th 2009.

THIS IS THE BEST RESTAURANT IN MANCHESTER BY FAR! The fact that they're opening another one has made my day. We've been going to the Soap St one for years. Perfect hangover cure, tasty, low fat, filling, inexpensive, quality. What's not to like? I wish this new venue every success.

Made my dayOctober 6th 2009.

I love This and That!

LisaJKOctober 6th 2009.

Haha have just discovered the husband that ate there every day for a week is my best mate Kirsty's husband BRILLIANT!

DMK14October 6th 2009.

Just like to come back on the point that people from India don't drink. This is false. A small percentage don't not for religious but most are allowed. Whether they can afford to is another matter.

DescartesOctober 6th 2009.

Loads of people do sarah, apart from anything else it's much healthier to have a large meal at lunch rather than in the evening don'cha'know ;)

AnonymousOctober 6th 2009.

Well, I just happened to be passing the New This and That today and was lured in by the smell of familiar lunchtime aromas. This and That afficionados should relax- it's run by familiar faces, and there's the same menu. It's even down another little Victorian alleyway! I had an excellent little lamb biryani, packed full of rich aromas and proper spices. Dhal, keema and the chicken curry are all familiar This and That friends- although they're possibly a tiny smidgen less hot (in terms of spiciness, rather than temperature) than in the Soap Street mothership? The biggest shock is naturally the decor- no more 70s transport caff orange plastic, but pastel apricot shades and shiny polished wood. But the spirit of This and That is still there- and there were plenty of pinstripes queuing up to experience the curry goodness!

AnonymousOctober 6th 2009.

Have you ever been Mrs Beeton? tnt is always full of 'folk from the Indian subcontinent', just not always during the lunch rush hour. It was in a bbc2 programme about the best curry houses in the UK for cryin out loud. You're making a blazé (and probably ill informed) generalisation about Rusholme I fear.

Curry MonsterOctober 6th 2009.

Yeah- cut the 'Lieutenant Computerlove man' rubbish and tell us what we really want to know. What are the opening times?!! TOP NEWS though!

AnonymousOctober 6th 2009.

Fantastic news...presumably now there'll be more elbow room at the other one...As for 'who wants a curry at lunchtime?'...me for one, and the vast majority of the Indian sub-continent.

Daniel GrahamOctober 6th 2009.

I've been going to This n That for years. I can't express my excitement enough at the opening of a second cafe. Fingers crossed it's open in the evening. I want to leave work and go for Steak Pasanda, spinach and daal right now. Unfortunately I'm stuck in Alderley Edge.

JinkiesOctober 6th 2009.

Hang on, that's right near Spinningfields isn't it? FINALLY I don't have to choose between walking miles for good nosh or settling for over priced sandwiches with funny names! I've only ever been to this n that in the n4 once, it was amazing! nomnomnom

sarahOctober 6th 2009.

cant believe it doesnt open in the evenings! who wants a curry at lunchtime???

SaraJOctober 6th 2009.

There was already a curry place doing the same idea here, been around for a couple of years. So has it changed hands or just changed names? I think the guy said that he was the cousin of the This N That owner. I used to go to This N That when I worked in Piccadilly, then there was a curry drought when I moved to Spinningfields so when this opened a couple of years ago I was over the moon. So if it is the same with a name change or change of management, it's still all good

DescartesOctober 6th 2009.

Could it be true, does the new this & that taste even better than the northern quarter restaurant, is it possible, oh yes, I think so!

Karen KooOctober 6th 2009.

My lunchtime life is now complete. I live in Spinningfields.

MattOctober 6th 2009.

And I'm the Husband!!! I can confirm it was awesome.

gordonisamoronOctober 6th 2009.

Sarah, what's wrong with a curry for lunch? I often go to T&T when I'm on lates. Lunch sees me through to supper time. Breakfast is a good time for curry too. I also ate at This & That for a whole week once (and not for a bet). I've been going there for 20 years or so. I bet my breath must stink. Anyhow, I'd been waiting for the refurbishment in Butter Lane (Soap Street, Butter Lane, they go for all the best places don't they?) but had no idea it was going to re-emerge as This and That. It'll cut 20 mins of the walk at lunch time but who will be staffing it?

MrsJouseOctober 6th 2009.

Hurray! I have never managed to make it to the original but the new one is a short walk away. Please make sure you post opening times when you do your full review as I seem to remember the original one opened at slightly random times? It will be hard to choose between their take-out and the Koreana's, which is equally well priced and fabulous...!

Mrs BeetonOctober 6th 2009.

That can't be said of the Brits who frequent these premises. Have you noticed, there are no 'folk from the Indian subcontinent' in T'n'T. Sign for quality? Eat more pies, drink less ale.

Deloitte RobboOctober 6th 2009.

My first lunchtime curry was This and That in the Northern Qtr when I worked for the Co-op 4 yrs ago. It changed my life forever.Now I work in Spinningfields, and used to frequent Let's Eat. Great to see the T&T Brand is spreading although the signage looks a bit to posh for my liking.Looking forward to my first visit!

This'n'that wisdomOctober 6th 2009.

People who like curries usually have a serious drink problem. wisdom rating 9/10

KirstyOctober 6th 2009.

That was my previous comment about my husband lol! We are both very excited for new This and That! BRING ON THE Rice and 3 whoop whoop x

Lieutenant Colonel PlumleyOctober 6th 2009.

During the good old days whilst 'untin' in the blasted tropics we'd always like a snorter two to get the blood flowing, what, what

DescartesOctober 6th 2009.

Oh as well; I can confirm it's the original proper this n that staff running it :)

Cailin maithOctober 6th 2009.

It used to be "Lets Eat" - the guy who owned it sold it to the This'n'That People. got that from the horses mouth too as I saw the previous owner last week.Absolutly gutted it's not open in the evenings... I was looking forward to stumbling out of Mullys tonight and having a kebab!

Mrs BeetonOctober 6th 2009.

I concede I have only been at lunchtime if you eat more pies...

ELOctober 6th 2009.

Is this one called "This & That" then, to tell 'em apart?

east lancsOctober 6th 2009.

Just been at lunch, when I walked in there were 6 indianesque folk seated, and one gora. Bloody good it is too, sat here eating it now.... hmmm... you want it don't you?

GhandiOctober 6th 2009.

Folk from the indian subcontinent are historically booze-avoiders.

emma graceOctober 6th 2009.

I'll miss Sid...he always gives me free chips :(

Michael WayneJune 29th 2010.

As a newbie to this eatery I was surprised at the reasonable quality for the money and I concur with all those that rate it. But I do have one problem which seems to permeate most of these places even the fantastic Kabana on CheetHillRd. Don't the owners see the grubbiness of their premises? Maybe that's what they live with at home. Just wish one of them would set a benchmark for others to follow. Went in T&T the other day at 1pm and found greasy tables, rice on floor under tables and dirty windows. If this is acceptable and part of the experience then they can keep it. Come on you guys, pull your socks up.

Flavours of ManchesterAugust 18th 2011.

And now closed. Wonder what went wrong business-wise?

Mike WDecember 7th 2013.

The original soap st this that still going strong. Rice'n'3 now £5.

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