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Grand Pacific Bar Opens

Living Ventures latest venture is Australasia’s little sister

Written by . Published on July 5th 2013.

Grand Pacific Bar Opens

LIVING Ventures continue on their dastardly scheme to eventually swallow up all of Spinningfields and turn every other shop, office, bit of space into a food and drink establishment.

A mini-me Australasia (with which it's linked via a secluded staircase), Grand Pacific will offer a snippet of the Australasia menu with all the same cocktails of its big sister plus a few signature drinks of its own.

Only a week after the sprawling Artisan launched in North Avenue, which came but a few weeks after Long Bar landed on the lawns, Living Ventures has opened another bar cum restaurant along The Avenue.

A mini-me Australasia (with which it's linked via a secluded staircase), Grand Pacific will offer a snippet of the Australasia menu with all the same cocktails of its big sister plus a few signature drinks of its own.

A lunch menu will be available Monday to Friday from noon-5pm as will a new Asian high tea for two to enjoy out on the particularly leafy outdoor canopied terrace.

Grand Pacific will inject some much needed life and greenery into The Avenue too. We'll be back with a full review shortly. 

Grand Pacific, 1 The Avenue, Spinningfields, M3 3AP

0161 831 0288. View the menu here.

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32 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Georgina Hague shared this on Facebook on July 5th 2013.
CasJuly 5th 2013.

I'm sick and tired off alll these "pop-up poser" bars springing up in Spinningfields!!! Why can't someone just open a normal bar for normal people which won't get full of the cast of T.O.W.I Essex/Manchester/Liverpool or any other City in the UK. Surely there must be other people who feel this way and it's not just me. I mean, what's the point of the "Aperol Spritz" tent or the appalling "Long Bar"?? Why do people feel the need to dress up to the nines on a Tuesday night, get a fake tan and swan around with a Cosmo? Why can't you just put some jeans on, don't worry about it and order a pint?? I think we're close to saturation point with these places, hopefully the people at Manc Council and/or Living Ventures can see this too...!!

5 Responses: Reply To This...
DavidJuly 5th 2013.

Jesus. It's a district with a (predominantly) young professional target audience, who like to dress up and have cocktails in swanky bars after work on a Tuesday. Same as the NQ is aimed at arty studenty hipster types drinking strange beers. If you don't like the bars don't go, but it's like complaining there isn't a cheap outlet on the Avenue. If they're not your kind of shops, shop elsewhere.

CharlieJuly 5th 2013.

What do you want MCC to do about it? "The application for a cocktail bar was refused on the grounds that the proposed development would attract excessive numbers of posers."

IdiotspotterJuly 5th 2013.

Honestly you bloody idiot. People can do what they want.

AnonymousJuly 5th 2013.

In full agreement with Cas. Full of fakes and sycophants.

StephJuly 6th 2013.

I too agree with Cas. I've got nothing against Living Ventures but if you're going to try an monopolise this area then at least give us some variety. This place is pretty much just the same as Australasia, Alchemist and Artisan.

John KirkhamJuly 5th 2013.

Don't cry ears, you're on the side of a LOVELY face.

1 Response: Reply To This...
EllenJuly 5th 2013.

I'd have to say....The best of The Beatles.

paulsouthernJuly 5th 2013.

CAS There are plenty of normal bars in Manchester so they can pop-up as many poser bars as they like. It stops the posers finding the normal bars ;-)

Judith WatsonJuly 5th 2013.

Hey, it's not North Korea you know. Go somewhere else Cas. Aren't there more worthwhile things to get "sick and tired of'?

SavJuly 5th 2013.

Another pretentious addition to the Spinningfields set. Why can't we get something more relaxed (like Banyan Tree) making an appearance. Who decided on Spinningfields taking the direction that it has? It means that it attracts one type of crowd and doesn't give it any diversity. Please let the next venture be something else other than another cocktail bar that attracts the blowdried masses.

PleasetimstopitnowJuly 5th 2013.

Seems like all LV concepts are identikit, throw it up the same bar operations albeit dressed in a different cloak and branding which all lack any real substance or soul. Coupled with some ill conceived cocktails and mediocre food offerings it really seems to be lacking in imagination. Successful though so someone likes it! Probably the types as already mentioned in other comments! Come on LV ..at least try to break your own mould and give us something a little better if you insist on having the whole of spinningfields as your bar seating area!

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJuly 6th 2013.

The LV approach does seem to be very predictable now. 1. Decide on theme. 2. Buy themed props / clobber / tat to fill space with. 3. Market the shit out of the new venue. Only the longer standing brands like Grill, Australasia, Alchemist seem to have had the necessary time, money and thought put into them and as a result are both popular and have an authentic quality about them. I’ll give this place 6 months. The overt (but necessary given the people they are trying to attract) attempt to heavily screen the place from the adjacent magistrates court is pretty distasteful too.

Manc GuyJuly 5th 2013.

HAHA...and only yards away, the scrotes gather outside the guarded court doors to have a smoke whilst they wait for the verdict. I undersand that Grand Pacific's attitude is "Let them eat cake". WAG's rubbing shoulders with baks staff, accountants and barristers amongst a sea of scrotes and prison vans. Grrrreat location!!!

Manc GirlJuly 5th 2013.

It was a Thursday actually Cas... and a fantastic night :)

1 Response: Reply To This...
IanJuly 5th 2013.

you must have some boring nights

AnonymousJuly 5th 2013.

If we happened to want to know about this bar, why would that mean we want to see loads of nobodies posing for pictures? This is meant to be a review, not Lancashire Life. Those poser photos on a supposedly objective review website make us look like provincial cretins.

1 Response: Reply To This...
StephJuly 6th 2013.

At least there's some interest (from some people) in 'celebrity' shots but these are just pics of overly made-up liggers. Guess the celebs were all otherwise occupied on Thursday.

John HoganJuly 5th 2013.

Yeah Cas i hear ya - I had a meeting in Manchester on Thursday (work in bolton and live in the 'burbs so dont get in much !)and can I honestly say how disgusted I was walkin through spinning fields ogling the beautiful masses and professional ladies in black stockings (probably tights really !)...and thinking what an amazing cosmopolitan buzzing city we live in ? Its not my scene i like a pint if the blackstuff myself (Mulligans ) but live and let live ! Come on - let's all get behind this great city of ours and promote it rather than be arsey about a posh wine bar ? oh - one more thing - more flesh ladies !!! :-)

Steven MJuly 5th 2013.

A few short years ago Spinningfields was a wasteland of struggling chain restaurants trying to make the most of an over architectured wind tunnel, which attracted very few people. Thanks to the foresight and investment of certain parties it has become a vibrant area of our city with Duck Races and ice rinks to attract the young families, the Oast house to attract the kind of people that like pork on skewers dangling in front of them while they listen to the live music of spinfest and the Long Bar with In Bloom opposite taking up residence for the summer catering for the hundreds of people young and not so young that just like to chill out on a deck chair on an impeccably groomed lawn having a beer or two while watching the world go by and an enormous telly. Then there are the bars/restaurants of Neighbourhood4, Australasia and Artisan that make every effort to make your trip into Manchester a special one with their delightful service. I like a decent old fashioned pub with a decent hand pulled pint as much as anyone and there are plenty of those in Manchester too but I enjoy the friendly, welcoming and safe atmosphere of all the above establishments when spending time in Manchester and I for one am glad that the transformation of Spinningfields has occurred and long may it continue.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
IanJuly 6th 2013.

Neighbourhood is a terrible restaurant

StephJuly 6th 2013.

Are you being sarcastic in putting 'excellent service' and Neighbourhood in the same sentence?

SavJuly 6th 2013.

I love Australasia's concept. But what I don't like, is that the emergence of all these types of bars has just attracted a crowd of footballer's wife wannabes. I live 20 metres (for 7 years) from Spinningfields and have seen the development from start to finish. I think it could have moved slightly differently in it's direction and still been successful. It would have been nice to see a variation of bars including some independents. A diversity would have appealed to me more. The grass space was a welcome addition and at first had a calming relaxing nature about it, until the emergence of the Long Bar and that awful Aperol Spritz monstrosity.

1 Response: Reply To This...
IanJuly 8th 2013.

yeah, guessed it was going to turn into this when i first seen the armani store etc being built

Marcus EmadiJuly 6th 2013.

Aperol Spritz is absolutely terrible

AnjellikJuly 8th 2013.

Went to try Grand Pacific on Saturday night after the Courteeners but got turned away for being too casual, Obviously I wasn't orange or WAG enough.

Manc GuyJuly 8th 2013.

Perhaps the Living Venture crew used to frequent 'Henry's' back in the day and they've missed the wine sipping, filofax carrying atmosphere so much, they've decided to recreate it.

AnonymousJuly 8th 2013.

I think that if it wasn't for LV propping Spinningfields up, the area would be a disaster. Purely 9-5, Monday to Friday.

EllieJuly 14th 2013.

Fantastic place - just as Australasia is - ENJOY LIFE - AND STOP MOANING! Manchester is the best City in the world and all Tims' venues just add to it. Elaine

2 Responses: Reply To This...
StephJuly 14th 2013.

I don't know where to start.

Axel LariatJuly 18th 2013.

"all Tims' venues just add to it". They're all the bloody same!

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