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Gordo's Bits 'n' Bobs: June 2014

Round-up from Confidential's Captain Glutton

Written by . Published on June 5th 2014.

Gordo's Bits 'n' Bobs: June 2014

The Unpronounceables At Damson.

To Damson, Media City, where Gordo’s pal and arguably the best sommelier in the North West, George Bergier, is overseeing the final black tie dinner for the, wait for it... La Confrerie Saint – Vincent et des Desciples de la Chante Flute Preux de Manchester. Don’t ask. Basically, it’s a society that bigs up Burgundy wines. Its been going for nearly forty years and the guys over here are all retiring. 

Two wines were shown, a Mercury White, Domaine Faively Clos Rochette and a red, Domain Faively again, La Framboisière. Both were fab. Damson's Executive Chef Simon Stanley and the team delivered an outstanding four-course dinner, with an absolute star: a strawberry Pavlova with vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet. Matched with J.M. Gremillet Champagne Brut Rose, it sang wonderful things to Gordo.

The meringues were a delight, all chewy on the inside, as they should be. So many kitchens get them mortally wrong by overcooking them to powdered dust.

The night didn't end with such success. Gordo, instead of heading back home to Manchester from MediaCityUK, managed to get on the wrong tram to Eccles. Twenty minutes turned into an hour and a half. "What the Eccles!" Gordo bellowed to an empty tram station.

George Bergier Telling LiesGeorge Bergier Telling Lies

Melting MeringeMelting Meringue

Twitter Fun 

Whilst fuming on the tram, one of Gordo’s twitter followers, Nat, sends a message of condolence: “trams take forever… zzzz,” she said. 

Gordo, checking her account, was gobsmacked to see that she had sent a staggering 63,000 tweets. Gordo replies: “I am concerned about you doing 63,000 tweets.” 

Nat replies, with a one fingered emoticon: “*shocked face* I’m what’s known as a ‘comper’, AKA a geek who enters loads of competitions, hence the amount of tweets”. 

Gordo whipped out his calculator. That's over 20 tweets every single day since Twitter was launched eight years ago. Wow. Gordo put back his calculator and realised he'd missed his bloody stop again.

Kate 'The Peach' LeechKate 'The Peach' Leech

Lobsters And The RBG Balcony

The Restaurant Bar and Grill’s balcony is doing great business. Every now and then, the Gaffer, Stephen Walker, comes back from the South of France and issues edicts. Gordo wants him to issue one to expand Piccolinos in Albert Square. 

In the meantime, the Fat One sat down to tuck into the Lobster on said terrace, with Kate ‘The Peach’ Leech. The Lobster was a cracker, moist, melting and all tingly. With the sun out, there are few places in the city that can better RBG's terrace for an all round experience. 

Franco ‘Nosy’ Sotgiu supplied them with an Inka grill a few months ago. The chefs have at least unlearned everything Nosy taught them and the steaks coming out are absolutely spot on. Keep it up team.

Rbg Terrace LobsterRBG Terrace Lobster

Marmite Bacon At Levenshulme Market

These guys came on as advertisers a couple of months ago, so Gordo was asked to go down and do a bit of tweeting. He’s since become addicted to the market. There are a number of truly fantastic food stalls there; Gordo can recommend Bobby’s Bangers for one. He started off with a few slices of streaky bacon and sausages, moving onto marmite bacon. Which is bloody fantastic. 

The coup de grâce was four sausage rolls, unbaked. Gordo took them home meaning to eat one and freeze the other three. He polished them all off within 24 hours. They were fantastic. 

Another favourite is Su Lee, who produces prawn, pork or duck spring rolls to her family’s secret recipe. They freeze really well, buy a few. 

Robinson’s Bakers are on site, always a good bet, especially the Eccles cakes. Gordo’s mum Maureen is something of an expert in these matters and has stated that they are even better than the M&S version. Praise indeed. 

Finally comes the cheese man. He has a never-ending supply of Montgomery cheddar, to Gordo, one of the very best producers. His homemade butter is class as well.

Get your arse down to Levenshulme next Saturday morning. If you spot Gordo, he may well buy you a drink. After he's finished his ninth sausage roll.

Sausage Roll - Greggs Go WeepSausage Roll - Greggs Go Weep

Hope For The Curry Mile

Confidential only promotes people they would spend their own money with. Four restaurants on the Curry Mile have been rejected by Confidential in the past six months alone, ranging from reasons of poor cooking standards to poor cleanliness. So it was with a big yawn that Gordo was asked by the sales team to go and try a newly opened Curry Mile restaurant, Ziya.

Opposite the only restaurant that Gordo rates on the strip, Mughli, operated by Twitter botherer Has, Ziya has been a long time opening. This is due mainly to the owner who suffers badly from OCD. Roy Crossley is your man, who’s day job is Gaffer of a long distance haulage company specialising in the Far East. 

He knows his stuff. 

The first thing Roy did, after introducing Gordo to his Chef, Mr. Khan, was to take him to the toilets. Ooer. Roy is inordinately proud of them. They are immaculate. Then Gordo was taken through the kitchens and down into the storage rooms. Again, immaculate. 

Gordo was impressed, but not half as impressed as he was with Chef Khan’s tuck. It’s blinding. Gordo authorised the advertising account after just one Mushroom Pakora. Gordo then took his companion, The Scot, unannounced the following Saturday to see if it had all been a dream. It was great. There's a few pictures here, it’s a definite Gordo Go.

Ziya Lamb KhormaZiya Lamb Khorma

Pakora By ZiyaPakora By Ziya

Rice Pudding And Mango By ZiyaRice Pudding And Mango By Ziya

Best Steak In Town. 

After the BBC's Restaurant Wars on the TV, you could be forgiven for overlooking Simon Rogan’s second restaurant at the Midland Hotel, Mr. Coopers House and Garden. It has a great bar, and three separate themes to the restaurant, Gordo’s favourite being the leather booth area. 

The key thing is the food, superb quality Rogan dishes, but far more accessible; very much of the starter/main course/pudding format. The point of this note is to say ‘go and eat the steak’. A Rib eye, with a ‘truffle bread and butter pudding’ along with a fabulously sticky, unctuous gravy. 

Go. Now.

Rib Catches Gordos EyeRib Catches Gordo's Eye

Aldo Zilli's Fish Kiss. 

Aldo Zilli Seduction Master ClassAldo Zilli Seduction Master ClassAldo Zilli, Gordo’s drinking buddy and formidable Italian TV chef and newspaper columnist, is at the Ideal Home Show at MediaCity this weekend (6-8 June). He came up to San Carlo a couple of weeks ago to buy the media a drink and show them how to make a pizza, which, of course, Gordo excels at.

If you want to see him at the show (sexy Aldo, not porky Gordo), click here, he's doing master-classes. But don’t let him kiss you. Gordo discovered he likes it too much.

M&S Cheese On Toast

Gordo came across his 'Best Shop-Bought Food Product' for awhile, 'Posh Cheese on Toast’ at M&S. OOOOOooooooh, this is good. 

Get yourself some nearly stale white bread, toast it, spread with Lurpack, then smother the posh cheese spread all over and pop under the grill for two minutes, BOOOOOM. If you’re dead hard, spread marmite after the butter and before the cheese mixture. Lea and Perrins doesn’t go amiss either.

Sexy Cheese On ToastSexy Cheese On Toast

Best Chips 

It’s a bit of a moving feast this one, but up on the roof of Manchester House, the home of Restaurant Wars star Aiden Byrne, the bar snacks are prepared by the team cooking their bums off downstairs to try and win a Michelin star.

Gordo fell in drunk one afternoon and decided to try a burger. Good burger; but the thick cut chips haven’t been bettered this year. Phwoar.

Best ChipsBest Chips

Simon Rogan’s Fera At Claridges 

A long, long time ago, before bloggers became ultra-beings who know everything, Gordo was staying at Claridges. He was full of himself having re-printed The Sunday Times Complete Cookbook, clocking up over 100,000 hardback sales. Gordo had earned himself a fortune, leading to Gordo’s first publishing business. 

Therefore, a suite at Claridges was the order of the day. 

Fattie (very fat then at 21 stone) was bowled over when a butler appeared and put coal on the fire, lit it, took Gordo’s suit away and reappeared twenty minutes later asking if Gordo needed help dressing.  Gordo refused, mouth wide open. 

He returned a few weeks ago as the guest of Simon Rogan for the opening of the magic chef’s new restaurant, Fera. Another great occasion.

Fera is special. Several top courses were woofed down followed by a pub crawl for the rest of the afternoon with Thom Hetherington and Lottie Moore as we waited for the train cheap seats. A couple of the dishes are shown here somewhere. It’s another Gordo Go.

Raw BeefRaw Beef 

Herdwick HoggettHerdwick Hoggett

Best Pudding 

Gordo took Les Sharrocks to the delightful family-run French restaurant, 63 degrees, on Church Street in the Northern Quarter. You, dear reader, should not let the likes of The French, Manchester House and Michael Caines blind you from this little star. The rest of the table concurred; this is up there with the very best in the city.

There is a chocolate pudding that comes as a hollow, spherical ball. Eric Le Chef comes out with it, places it in front of you, then pours hot chocolate sauce on top which melts the roof of the sphere to reveal little balls full of nectar inside.

Tissues, anyone?

Pudding - It's Going...Pudding - It's Going...

...it's gone...It's Gone

Happy Trails,



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Poster BoyJune 5th 2014.

Is this an advertorial...?

5 Responses: Reply To This...
GordoJune 5th 2014.

Poster Boy, this is a Gordo Bits and Bobs. Gordo writes about what the hell he wants to, advertisers or not. If you don't like it don't read it.

Peter CoppingJune 5th 2014.

There was great discussion about this the other day. in the light of that readers should come to their own conclusions about the inspirations of Confidential's contributors.

JonathanJune 5th 2014.

P.S could have done without the misogyny......again.

Poster BoyJune 5th 2014.

Oh Gordo, for such a fat lad, you have very thin skin. The comment was ironic.

AnonymousJune 6th 2014.

Poster Boy, you are helping to spoil the ManCon experience. Can't you just go away?

AnonymousJune 5th 2014.

Didn't see anything inappropriate about that comment. Are we in China now?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 5th 2014.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: In line with Confidentials’ ‘Rant Policy’ we have removed this rant because it breaches our conditions, if the individual that posted this rant continues they shall be banned from posting on this site altogether.

Henry VJune 5th 2014.

Had that dessert at 63 degrees, its really very good.

AnonymousJune 5th 2014.

George Bergier is an absolute star, he is still working with Roger at Sam's isnt he?

AnonymousJune 5th 2014.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: In line with Confidentials’ ‘Rant Policy’ we have removed this rant because it is tedious and unproductive. If the individual that posted this rant continues they shall be banned from posting on this site altogether. Please don't use the rants section for personal vendettas.

MattJune 5th 2014.

That 63 Degrees pud is a copy of one that I had at Ramsay's Petrus. That had the added bonus of a kind of milk foam that the sphere sat in. If you google Chocolate Sphere Petrus, you'll see what I mean. Bloody good it was.

AnonymousJune 5th 2014.

We can all guess what the theme of the removed comments said, and/or questioned I'd say. I'd have to agree though, it's all getting a little bit 'China' on here.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 5th 2014.

It seems to be against the rant policy to challenge the rant policy. Possibly they should put that *in* the rant policy...

AnonymousJune 6th 2014.

If invoking the rant policy starts to get rid of some of the utter wankers who use this site, then so be it. Yay!

AnonymousJune 7th 2014.

Who is 'we all'? I have watched the handful of people who spend most if their time scoring points, the rest of the readers just want know where to go and get the good grub. I would suggest that Confidential charge a couple of quid a week and get shot of the absolute trash that try and take over these pages.

blueant107June 5th 2014.

Them chips look bloody good

1 Response: Reply To This...
GordoJune 5th 2014.

they are

rEddie_brekJune 5th 2014.

Interesting: the 63 Degrees bit is not far off being an abstract of what I wrote the other day... Mine's even called "Not the only French in Manchester"! We disagree on that pudding though... hardcorevaughan.blogspot.co.uk/…/not-only-french-in-manchester.html…

1 Response: Reply To This...
Kit FeberJune 6th 2014.

Decent read.

Simon TurnerJune 5th 2014.

Gordo suggesting to a prolific female tweeter that she should be introduced to a penis? Creepy.

Voice of the Ironing BroadJune 5th 2014.

Robinsons - "a good bet" I don't think so. Not while Trove, Barbakan, Uprising and several others still walk this planet.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
JoanJune 6th 2014.

Robinsons is a great bakery producing bread and cakes that recall childhood years in the north of England, Wales even. When you've had a Robinsons cake you know you've eaten a cake. It helps fill you up. None of that eating a cake and having room for three more nonsense. The Eccles cakes are absolutely wonderful. It also visits the city centre every week.

Ghostly TomJune 6th 2014.

Bought some of their quiches and Eccles cakes last weekend at the market in Piccadilly 'Gardens.' They were delicious....

AnonymousJune 6th 2014.

Agree with Joan and Tom. Robinson's has its place and makes some delish stuff. Get back to your ironing.

Amanda EveryJune 6th 2014.

Kerrist, there's some right whingers on this site. All of the above looked great to me, particularly the curry! Can't stand chocolate, so I'll give that a miss...

Colin SaundersJune 6th 2014.

Ate at Manchester House last week, (fab chips by the way). After eating my wife couldn't stop purring all night - bloody fantastic... still trying to get my head around 'snail caviar' though...

4 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 6th 2014.

You ate your wife?

AnonymousJune 6th 2014.

Colonel Sanders?

AnonymousJune 6th 2014.

Apparently his wife loves being eaten

AnonymousJune 7th 2014.

oooer, tres francaise

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