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L'Entrecote To Open In April

Paris, New York, London....Manchester. Salad and steak frites restaurant finds the right home, at last

Written by . Published on February 10th 2012.

L'Entrecote To Open In April

FOODIE FANS, the King Street revolution continues unabated. First Jamie and now Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecote.

Yep, Paris is on the way. 

Despite the economy, after a good year in 2011 for openings it appears that 2012 isn't fighting shy either.

Here's the official press release about a late April opening. 

'Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte, the epitome of French charm and a true Parisian bistro in style, is set to open on King Street in Spring 2012.

'When Monsieur Gineste de Saurs founded the original Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte in Paris 52 years ago, little did he know that his Parisian eatery would be replicated in London, New York and now Manchester.

'This convivial restaurant boasts a distinctive dining experience in that there is no menu and a no reservations policy. Diners are invited to come and enjoy one simple dish – a green salad starter tossed with mustard vinaigrette and sprinkled with walnuts, followed by the restaurant’s signature steak-frites, with an accompanying secret sauce.

The menu (the salad and steak-frites) has a fixed price of £21 which includes VAT.

'The steak, which is cooked blue/rare/medium or well done, is brought to the table in two stages (with one half held back to keep it warm) so it can be enjoyed at its best and is served with more freshly prepared frites, hand chipped in-house to the identical dimensions as those in Paris.

'A small selection of hand-picked wines accompany the meal and there is a selection of cheeses and a dessert list with profiteroles, meringue and other ice cream confections, all freshly made on the premises.

'Customers can be in and out within the hour – perfect for lunch time diners – and although you might find a queue at busier times, the queue never lasts long and is all part of the restaurant’s unique dining experience.

'The interior echoes every aspect of the original Paris venue, with the same classic French brasserie interior including banquette seating, cheerful paintings of Venetian market scenes, closely spaced wooden tables covered in colourful cloths and topped with white paper, mirrored walls and low lighting.

'The menu (the salad and steak-frites) has a fixed price of £21 which includes VAT.

'The key to the success of Le Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte is the quality of the ingredients and the great care that is taken in its consistent preparation and service. The steaks are carefully sourced from British suppliers specialising in grass fed, traditionally matured beef reared by farmers who care about their animals. The meat is aged for a minimum of four weeks before cooking.'

Opening Hours (the final time is for last orders): Mon–Thurs: lunch noon–2.30pm; dinner 6pm–10.45pm. Fri: lunch  noon–2.45pm; dinner 6pm–10.45pm. Sat: lunch 12.30pm–3.30pm; dinner 6.30pm–10.45pm. Sun: lunch 12.30pm–3.30pm; dinner 6.30pm–10.30pm

Address: 84-86 King Street, Manchester, M2 4WQ, www.relaisdevenise.com

84-86 King Street

The building that will host L'Entrecote was built in 1841-2 to the designs of Richard Lane for the Manchester and Salford Savings Bank.

It was partly rebuilt in 1904 by Charles Heathcote for Sun Insurance Co. Recently it was an Armani outlet. There are some lovely details including laurel wreaths in the frieze up high.

A word on Richard Lane. He was the tutor of Alfred Waterhouse who would become one of Manchester's greatest architects designing the Town Hall.

Lane has several buildings surviving in the central metropolitan area including The Friends Meeting House and the old Salford Town 

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L'Entrecote's Lovely King Street BuildingL'Entrecote's Lovely King Street Building

The sort of interior Manchester can expectThe sort of interior Manchester can expect

The MealThe Meal

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44 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

tblzebraFebruary 10th 2012.

Love it, love it, love it.

Hate it when buildings are empty and looking sad.

KrKyFebruary 10th 2012.

Wow what's happening on King Street? This is interesting news. Makes the place a real North West destination. A Northern hub with Jamie's and Room.

Martin FryFebruary 11th 2012.

Thank you for regurgitating a press release.
However, having dined at the Paris eaterie regularly for the past ten years I am delighted that it is coming to Manchester. I do hope they import the same grumpy waitress's that are such a pleasant change from the formulaic chains ie big tongued chef pasta factories.

1 Response: Reply To This...
KrKyFebruary 11th 2012.

Are you the guy from ABC?

Martin FryFebruary 11th 2012.

No, I'm from Jo Boxers

Cheryl GairFebruary 11th 2012.

I think I will definitely have to pay a visit!

gimboidFebruary 11th 2012.

Maybe I'm going strange in the head from being stuck indoors too long, but I think I'm in love with that waitress.

1 Response: Reply To This...
CastromofoJanuary 2nd 2013.


GordoFebruary 11th 2012.

I used to go to the original when I lived in Paris. Loved it.

CBFebruary 12th 2012.

Gimboid, I think you'll find I fell in love with her first....

Chris Thomasson shared this on Facebook on February 12th 2012.
Ste AtlasFebruary 13th 2012.


paulFebruary 13th 2012.

Not for people with kids then

1 Response: Reply To This...
avoFebruary 13th 2012.

Surely kids can eat steak and chips?

DaveFebruary 13th 2012.

£21 - that's cheaper than Café Rouge! Mind you Café Rouge (along with Pizza Express) are the chains that actually serve fairly good food.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Dan McGFebruary 13th 2012.

There's nothing good about Cafe Rouge.
Cannot wait for this, however. Its this kind of simplicity that has been missing from Manchester for too long.

Lorraine ByrneFebruary 13th 2012.

Didn't Cafe Rouge close a couple of months ago?

3 Responses: Reply To This...
SandraFebruary 14th 2012.

This place is nothing like Cafe Rouge, I think it will be a big hit

CobbydalerFebruary 18th 2012.

Only the one in Spinningfields...

Duke FameMarch 14th 2012.

How do you know it will not be like Cafe Rouge? It's a chain, it does steak and chips in a pseudo French setting. In the absence of tasting the food, it looks pretty similar to Cafe Rouge.

AnonymousFebruary 13th 2012.

things looking really good for King Street, wonder is Rosso will pull their socks up on the back of this & Jamie's Italian openings??

grangeFebruary 13th 2012.

£21 is just for the steak n frittes , or for the starter , steak n wines ? Not clear but sounds interesting

AnonymousFebruary 13th 2012.

wow, if Manchester is getting all giddy and excited by a bloody Jamie's Italian and L’Entrecote, then i'm glad i made the move to London when i did, but i guess you can a bit sick of Nando's and Greggs

3 Responses: Reply To This...
NiceladyFebruary 13th 2012.

Too embarassed to leave your name along with your stupid comment!!

SandraFebruary 14th 2012.

This smacks of somebody who goes to Nando's and Greggs...obviously can't leave their name for fear they get found out haha!

AnonymousFebruary 24th 2012.

Oh dear. So you have moved to London. (where you belong) You can be wonderful down south. You stuck up fool. Us down to earth, friendly people up here think things like this ARE good. Why wouldnt we. ? Its called choice. a decent choice of venues to pick from on a once quiet street is a good thing right ? You dont know tohugh do you as your now rolling with the bigboys. Laughable

AnonymousFebruary 13th 2012.

I loved the one in Paris walnut salad steak frittes and wild strawberries to finish. Super wine always a lovely (long) afternoon lunch.

Helen Ramsbottom shared this on Facebook on February 13th 2012.
StutheblueFebruary 13th 2012.

Now we know why Carlos is coming back. Two more restaurants for him, and at a price he will be able to afford after all his fines.

AnonymousFebruary 14th 2012.

It's sort of a retro 'Paris ' place of 40 years ago. Read the stuff taken from the website carefully, They dont do reservations and in Marylebone it is overcrowded and you have to queue. When In London I go to Black and Blue on Wigmore Street to share a cote de boeuf with a mate, ...not rushed better value and full service. There is no good 'everyday' steak place in the Manchester CC

Sandra NultyFebruary 14th 2012.

I cannot wait...I will be a permanent fixture there.

AnonymousFebruary 16th 2012.

@Nicelady @Sandra not really, my name is Gareth and i couldn't give 2 shits what you think... Yes i have eaten at Nandos, the food is shit, and shockingly I have eaten at Greggs once and was very ill the next day so you know "fool me once".

However, my comment is true... people are going giddy over two bloody chain restaurant opening up, is ridiculous! Does Jamie even cook in the kitchen?? No! So WHAT is to get excited about? the building? lovely! Just buy his Italian book and most of the recipes are in there, in fact any chef could do that and slap "Jamies" on the front door? In fact, i had dinner at a friends house last week, and he cooked from a Jamies book, so i'll just call him Jamie from now.

It really should just be called "Italian".....

@Anonymous Yes Black & Blue is something special, only been to the one at Borough market but top notch

4 Responses: Reply To This...
Jonathan SchofieldFebruary 16th 2012.

Crikey calm down folks. As for you dear Anon, it's called people loving new stuff and nothing to do with only having Nandos and Greggs. Anger is such a strange response.

AnonymousFebruary 17th 2012.

Hi Jonathan, I'm not the one who started name calling.

I just pointed out a very valid point, that the people will get all giddy over a bunch of cookie cutter chain restaurants opening when local restaurants and pubs are going to the wall everyday....

It must be so hard to run a small restaurant/pub/cafe etc, and when everyone (i.e media outlets) is banging on about chain restaurants instead of championing the smaller guys and girls, that will just make it even harder..

even restaurants that people think are independents are actually owned by a restaurant group or chain.. i'm just saying.... and Nandos and Greggs are just the easiest to have a cheap shot at, as they are IMHO "shit"

FoodbabyMarch 12th 2012.

I think your "thank God I made the move to London" is the comment that is grating on people. Manchester's food scene is awesome, and its only getting better, its all about choice.

Duke FameMarch 15th 2012.

Anon, you are wrong, a Greggs stottie is one of the wonders of the world, don't embarrass yourself.

Wall-EMarch 14th 2012.

A shame that jamies is out the door for mediocrity and sole always seems quiet for one of the best city centre restaurants. Will try lentrecote though.

Isabella JacksonMarch 14th 2012.

"Manchester's food scene is awesome". I must live in a different city then

Jonathan SchofieldMarch 14th 2012.

Seriously Isabella, do you ever have a non-sarcastic or non-scathing word to say? Yea you must be living in a different city if you can't find anything to enjoy.

avoMarch 14th 2012.

Most of the reviews of this place from the London bloggers seem to indicate that the place is, at best, mediocre. Average quality steak hiding under a strongly flavoured sauce. The only good thing is seemingly the fries.

AnonymousMarch 20th 2012.

That waitress is fit!!!!!

Paul ParsonsJune 27th 2012.

I've eaten at the London establishment twice now.
It is a very simple but hugely successful formula. One fixed menu, using the finest steak done to ones own preference.
The last time I dined there, it was a Monday evening, I arrived at around 8.30 and had to queue for around half an hour. This is not a complaint as the place was full and such is the popularity of this formula, people were prepared to wait. In my mind, that is a positive testament to the popularity of this restaurant and what I believe is a great and successful formula.
I'm looking forward to dining at the Manchester establishment.

shiveringgoatAugust 28th 2013.

Closed. Another Manchester crash and burn.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Jonathan SchofieldAugust 29th 2013.

Shivering Goat don't be ridiculous, remarkably few places have 'crashed and burned' in the last three years. Venues that can't adapt to the market suffer, hence L'Entrecote's closure.

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